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BBC doesnnullt do God
nullellnullnullade telenullision and radio progranullnulles about religion
attract large audiences and address crucial subnullectsnull
so why are there so few of thenullnullasks Nnullnullenullnullnullnullnullenull
t is ten years since first I raised the issue of religious listeners and viewers are given facts and opinions which will
broadcasting in the nulleneral Synod of the nullhurch of help them to thinnulland consider issues of faithnull
Englandnull e noticeanulle dinullerence this time was the level
of opnullosition evident on the secular websitesnullnulle secular nullrectnullnullenullranull
humanists, and not nullust the few wellnullnullnown names, have In the Synod debate on null nullebruary I nulluoted the words of
become increasingly anullive in challenging not only Thought the present nullirectornullnulleneral of the nullnullnull nullrnull ompson,
fonullthe Day but the very enullstence of religion in the medianull nullust before he toonullup that postnullnulle said, nullItnulls true that there
is an enormous prevailing prenulludice inside broadcasting
nulltnullt hanullenull about religionnull
nullerhaps this was a response to the greater coverage my nullItnulls not really based on hatred of religion nullInullm sure that
motion attranulled, including the nullnullam slot on nulladio s null enullsts to some degree as well nullbut therenulls a presumption
nulloday and a full page in the Indenullendent, as well as the whole that religion is boringInull nullm in favour of mandating religious
debate being shown on nullnullnullnullarliamentnull programmes on television because itnulls the only way of
nullne accepts that there is bound to be onullsetting the prenulludice and manulling sure
a range of views on an issue of this nullindnull
I was called to defend my position on
tnull nullternullanullonull tnull
that religion, which is a big part of many
peoplenulls lives nulland goodness nullnows a big
the web which led me succinctly to state nullnullr nullanullnull nulls nullnulle part of our world nullis representednull
some factsnullnullver the past twenty years
snullnnullnullnnull nullor tnull nullture
nullnulleligion is pretty interesting and it
the proportion of the output on the nullnullnullnulls is by no means obvious that religious
general television channels, nullenullcluding
onull our natnulln
programmes get tiny audiencenull Itnulls an
nullews, nullarliament and nullhildrennullsnullwhich enormous, growing topicnullItnulls a mistanulle
is classified by the nullnullnullitself as religion, has halnullednull at is to assume that religion is naturally something nullust apnullealing
a factnullIt is also a fact that, when asnulled, more than nullnullof to a minoritynull nullnullot nullust on nullunday, Inullnull, null nullune nullnullnull
people in this country describe themselves as nullhristiannull
nullur culture is imbued with nullhristianitynullour national Renullnullnullnullnulltnull
institutions are founded on nullhristian principlesnull Every null hope is that nullrnull nullompson will encourage the
month some nullnull million people worship in nullhristian nullnullnullnullrust to commission a proper study of religionnullIts
churches and every year nullnullof the total population enters predecessor, the nulloard of nullovernors, did this the year before
a churchnull they were abolishednullnullat report, which greatly anullrmed
nullhen religious programmes are made to high production the importance of religion on the air, in both news and
standards, enullectively scheduled and well promoted, they programmes, apnullears to have been shelvednull
build audience for a given time slotnull nullecent enullamples nulley also need to aswnull hy nullnullrnull adio gives so much better
include nullon of God, The nullasnullion and A History of nullhnullistianitynull coverage than nullnullnulltelevisionnullnulley also need to consider,
now that Inullnull has lenull the field and nullhannel null has not
Rnulle null nullnullnullnullanullnullnullnull replaced its commissioning editor for religion, whether the
nulldocumentary series broadcast last year on the wornullof nullnullnullshould shoulder greater responsibility for nulleeping the
the nuns of nullelen nullouse achieved the highest nullpenull ciation rumour of nullod alive?
Indenullnullnull for any programme ever broadcast on nullnullnullnull nulltherwise there is a real danger that the creative core of
nullnullnull ocal nulladio religious programmes renullularly attract the nullecialist television programme manullers will be lostnullnullnce
largest audience share of the weeanull nd Good Morning nullunday most had a proper, academic theological bacnullgroundnullthat
has the third highest share of the weenullon nullnullnullnulladio null is now rarenull
nullunday on nulladio nulldraws one million before nullmnull I was prompted to raise the issue again anuller reading the
nulleople are intrinsically interenulled in the human conditionnull letter from the nullishop of nullnchenuller, nulligel nullnullulloch,
It would be wrong were that subnullect not to be covered by to The nullinulles last nulloly nulleenullin which he said that nullnullnull
broadcastersnull eople are also interenulled in moral and ethical television channels nullseem to have overloonulled nullood nullridaynullnull
issuesnull here are such television programmes focusing on nullanulll nullhmed, the new nullead of nullnullnull eligion and Ethics,
standards in politics and finance? In nullritain the interplay promised the aponull nullmately two million listeners in that
of the manullor faiths has huge significance for the future of peanullnulltime interview on the nulloday nullrogramme, which we
our nationnull shared, that whatever might have been said about last year,
nullorldwide, religion plays an increasingly significant role in this year Easter would be a season to savournull
global anullairsInull t is vital to our understanding of international I hope that together we can persuade the nullorporation to
politicsnullnullroadcasters have a responsibility to ensure that prinulle religion in television once morenull ND
March 2010 


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