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LONDON SEnullnull St Nicholas null the Ancient nullarish Church Annulllo-nullatholic church. Sunday: Mass 1nullam, Traditional nulliturnully and SOUTHAMPTON nullarishes (under the episcopal care of the nullishop
null St nullicholas Road, Plumstead. A nullorward in nullaith nullarish under the lannulluanulle. Free nullarnullinnull.nullnulled and Fri, Mass at 1null.nullnull. nullther weenulldays, of nullichboroughnull welcome younull St Barnabas, nullodnulle Road (onullnull nullnner
episcopal care of the nullishop of nullulhamnull Masses: Sunday nullamnull Solemn null.nullnull am enullcenullt when the Parish Priest has to nulle away. nullhecnull with Fr Anullenue Anullnull nullondon Road) Sunday: Solemn Mass 1nullam, nullaily Mass
Sunnull 11amnull Mon nullnullmnull Tues null.nullnullnullmnull nulled null.nullnullamnull Thur nullnullmnull Fri nullohn nullunwicnulle null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullthomasthemartyr.ornull.unull and other sernullice details nullrom Fr nullarry Fry SSnull nullnullnullnullnull nullnullnull1nullnullnull Holy
1null noonnull Sat 1nullam. Enullnullosition onull the nulllessed Sacrament halnull an nullrinity, Millnullroonull (nullnullnull Anullnull city centre road nullrom Mnullnull1) Sunday:
hour nullenullore enullery Mass anullart nullrom Sunday. Modern rite, traditional PLYMOUTH MISSION COMMUNITY PARISHES Solemn Mass1nullam, Midweenull Mass and other sernullice details nullrom Fr
ceremonial. Parish Priest: Fr Andrew Stenullens nullnullnull nullnullnullnull nullnullnull1 A nullorward in nullaith nullarishnull nullesolutions AnullCnull DSCnull St nullohn the nullilliam Perry SSnull nullnullnullnullnull nullnull1nullnullnull
nullnullangelist, Sutton on Plym (Enulleter St, Plymouth Pnullnull nullnullnull)
LONDON Snullnull St nullabriel, Pimlico Sunday: Mass nullamnull Sunnull Sunday: Mass 11amnull St Mary the nullirgin, nullaira (Federation SOUTHPORT St nulluke, corner onull nullawnullshead St. and St.nullunulles
Parish Mass 1null:nullnullam. Midweenull Mass: Tues nullnullm, nulled nullnullm, Thurs Road, Plymouth Pnullnull nullnullR) Sunday: Mass null.nullnullamnull St Sinullon the Rd, anullout 1nullnull mile nullrom town centre . A nullorward in nullaith nullarish under
null:nullnullam, Fri null:nullnullam, Sat null:nullnullam, nulloly nullays onull nullnulllinullation: Sunnull Mass Apostle, Mount nullould (Farinnulldon Road, Plymouth Pnullnull nullEP) Sunday: the Episcopal care of the nullishop of nullenullerleynull Sundays: Sunnull Mass 1null.nullnull,
nullnullm. nullontact: - Mass 11am. Parish Priest: Fr Patricnull Allen null1nullnullnull nullnullnull1null1 Solemn Enullensonnull and nullenediction null.nullnull.nullnulleenullday Masses: Tuesday
11.nullnull, nullednesday null.nullnull. Princinullal Festinullals: nullinullh Mass nullnullm - nullontact
LONDON Snullnull St Stephen, nullloucester Road (entrance PRESTON St nullohn and St nulleorge Sunday: Sunnull Mass nullrian nulleaton, nullhurchwarden on null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
in Southwell nullardens) A nullulham nullurisdiction nullarishnull Modern rite, null.nullnullam (St nullohnnulls), Sunnull Mass 11.1nullam (St nulleornullenulls). nullaily Masses.
traditional ceremonial, nullosnullel nullreachinnull and nullood music.nullSunday: nullontact: Fr Timothy nullinullscomnull null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull or Parish nullnullnullice null1nullnullnull STAFFORD St Chad, nullreennullate Street nullesolutions AnullCnull Sunday:
Masses nullam and 11am (Solemn). nullaily Mass: Mon 1nullam, Tues nullnull1null1null. Mass 11am Traditional Rite Fr Michael
11am, nulled nullnullm, Thur nullam, Fri 1.1nullnullm, Sat 1nullam. nulloly nullour: 1t Fisher null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull.
and nullrd Fri 1nullam. Parish Priest: Fr Renull nullushau nullnullnull nullnullnullnull nullnull1null www. READING St nullilesnullinnullnulleading, Southamnullton Street (nenullt
saint-stenullhen.ornull.unull to the nullracle). Medienullal church. A nullorward in nullaith nullarishnull nullesolutions STOKE-ON-TRENTnull SMALLTHORNE St Sanulliour
AnullCnull Sunday : Solemn Mass 1null.nullnullam, nullow Mass nullnullm. nullaily Mass. nullesolutions AnullCnull nullonnullenient nullor Alton Towers and the Potteries. Sunday:
LONDON Snullnullnull nullhe Ascension, nullanullender nullill. nullamous and nullurinnull nullnterrenullnum nulllease contact Sue Mott on null11nullnull nullnullnull1nullnull www. Parish Mass 11am. nulleenulldays: Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat null.nullnullam, nulled null.nullnullnullm.
flourishing AnullC nullarishnull in the nullulham nullurisdictionnull nullnsnullirinnull liturnully with snullilesreadinnull.ornull.unull nullontact: null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnull1 www.smallthorne.ornull
modern rites, traditional ceremonial, nullernullent nullreachinnull and nullood
music. Sunday: nullinullh Mass 11am. nulleenullday Mass: nullednesday null.nullnullnullm. STOKE-ON-TRENTnull LONGTON SS Mary and Chad. A
Rosary: Saturday 11.nullnullam. Snullnullnull nullell ornullanises nullilnullrimanulle, social and nullorward in nullaith nullarish. Sunday: Parish Mass 1nullam. nulleenulldays: Mon,
nullundraisinnull actinullities. Parish Priest: Fr nullain nullounnull nullnullnull nullnullnullnull nullnullnullnull Tues, Thur and Sat null.nullnullam, Fri null.nullnullnullm. nullonnullessions anullter any Mass or
nully anullnullointment. Parish Priest: Prenullendary nullocnullett SSnull null1nullnullnull null1null1nullnull
LONDON Snullnullnull and Snullnullnull St Sanulliour, nullrand nullrinulle,
Raynes Parnull and All Saints, South nullimnullledon, nullorward in nullaith
nullarishes under the Episcopal Care of the nullishop of nullulhamnull St Sanulliour STOKE-ON-TRENTnull TUNSTALL Christ Church A nullorward
Sunday Parish Mass: null.nullnullam. All Saints Sunday Solemn Mass: in nullaith nullarishnull nullesolutions AnullCnull Sunday: nullow Mass nullam, Parish Mass
11am. For other Sunday and weenullday masses contact Fr Michael 1nullam. Enullensonnull and nullenediction null.nullnullnullm. For weenullday masses
nulllacnullman nullnullnull nullnullnullnull nullnullnullnull contact: Fr nullohn Stather null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
LONDON nullCnull Christ the nulling, nullordon Snulluare The SUNDERLAND St Mary Magdalene, nullilson Street, Millnullield.
nullornullard in nullaith Church. Mon to Fri: Mass at 1null.nullnullnullm, nulllus: Thur A nullorward in nullaith nullarish under the episcopal care of the nullishop of
at 1null noon: Annullelus nullollowed nully Enullnullosition onull the nulllessed Sacrament nullenullerleynull Sunday: Parish Mass 1null.nullnullam, nullenediction null.nullnullnullm, Mass
until 1null.nullnullnullm. nullther sernullices: as announced. nullontact the FiF nullnullnullice on nullnullm. nulleenulldays Mass: Mon and nulled 1null.nullnullam, Tues and Thur null.nullnullnullm,
nullnullnull nullnullnullnull nullnullnullnull or email: Fri null.nullnullam, Sat 1nullam. Rosary Thur null.1nullnullm, Sat null.1nullnullm. nullonnullessions:
Sat null.nullnullnullm or nully anullnullointment. 1nullth onull enullery month: nullay onull Enullnullosition
MANCHESTER Failsworth nullhe Church of the Holy nullor Forward in Faith. Parish Priest: Fr nulleresnullord Snullelton null1null1 nullnullnull nullnull1null
Fanullilynull A nullorward in nullaith nullarish. Sunday Mass : null.1nullam. For other
Sunday and nulleenullday Sernullices or nullurther innullormation nulllease contact
the Rector, Fr Tony Mills: null1null1 nullnull1 nullnullnullnull SUTTON All Saints, nullenhilton A nullorward in nullailth nullarish under the
care of the nullishop of nullulhamnull Sunday: Mass nullam, Sunnull Mass null.nullnullam,
MANCHESTER, St Mary Magdalene, nullinton, nullestnullourne Enulleninnull Prayer null.nullnullnullm. nullaily Mass: Mon and Tues nullam, nulled null.nullnullnullm,
Road, Eccles, Manchester A nullorward in nullaith nullarish. Sunday: Sunnull Mass Thurs 1nullam, Fri null.nullnullam, Sat nullam. nullonnullessions nully anullnullointment. Priest:
1nullam. Midweenull Mass: Tues 1nullam Mass, nullednull1null.nullnullam Enullnullosition onull Fr Michael nullades SSnull nullnullnull nullnullnullnull nullnullnullnull
the nulllessed Sacrament, 11am Mass, Thur nullnullm, Fri 1nullam, 1null.nullnullam
nullinulline Mercy nullhanulllet, Saturday null.nullnullam Mass. For nullull details onull all SUTTON COLDFIELD nullnullnullanuel, nullylde nullreen Sunday:
sernullices nulllease see the church notice nulloards or contact the Parish Priest: ST InullESnull CAMBRIDGESHIRE All Saints nullarish Church Mass nullam, Parish Mass, nullreche and Sunday nullool nulllunull 1nullam, nullhoral
Fr nullan nullall SSnull nullnullnullnull1 1nullnull1null1 under the episcopal care of the nullishop of nullichboroughnull Sunday: Sunnull Enullensonnull null.nullnullnullm. For nullurther details contact: Fr nullrane null1null1null nullnullnullnullnullnull
Eucharist 1null.1nullam, Eucharist nullam. nullaily Mass and nullnullnullicenull nullonnullessions: www.emmanuel-wyldenullreen.innullo
MANCHESTER The Parish of Swinton and Sat null.1nullnullm. For more details contact Fr nullames Pullen nullrnullames.nullullennull
Pendlebury: All Saints, nullardleynull Saint Augustine, null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull www.ely.annulllican.ornullnullnullarishesnullstinulles TIPTONnull nullest Mnulldnullands St nullohn the nullnullangelist,
Pendlenullurynull Saint nulleter, Swinton. A nullorward in nullaith nullarish. Sunday nullnullnuller nullhurch nullane, Princes End. AnullC. Sunday Mass null.nullnullam, Mass
Masses: nullam and null.nullnullnullm (SP), Sunnull at null.nullnullam (AS), 1null.nullnullam (SP) ST nullUST-nulln-PENnullITHnull CORNnullALL St nullust nullesolutions AnullC Monday,Thursday null.nullnullnullm, Tuesday, nullednesday null.nullnull m, Friday or
and 11am (SA). nullaily Mass in Parish. Fr nulleremy Sheehy, Rector: null1null1 nullarish The nulloonull onull nullommon Prayer is used at all Sernullices. Sunday: nullow Saturday null.nullnullam. Fr nullhris Marshall null1null1 nullnullnull 1nullnullnullnullwww.stnullohns-
nullnullnull 1nullnullnull, Fr Paul nullutchins, Team nullicar, null1null1 nullnullnull nullnullnullnull, Fr nullohn nullinullesley, Mass nullam, Sunnull Mass 11am. nullicar Fr Stenullhen null nulleach null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
nullurate: null1null1 nullnullnull 1nullnullnull nulloliday anullartment near the nullhurch to let
TORnullUAY St Mary the nullrgin nullnullhe nullarish Church
MIDDLESBROUGH nullhe Church of St Colunullba Sunday: SALISBURY St Martin null the church with the spire at the of St nullrychurch. nullesolutions Anullnull Sunday: nullnullam Mass,
Mass null.nullnullam. nullaily Mass. St nullohn the nullnullangelist Sunday Mass end of St nullartin’s Church Street behind nulliltshire Collegenull Main null1nullTeachinnullMass, 1nullnullam SunnullParish Mass, nullnullnull
11am. For nullurther innullormation contact Fr Stenullhen nulloonuller null1nullnullnull Sunday sernullices: Sunnull Eucharist 11am, Enullensonnull null.nullnullnullm. Solemn Enullensonnulland nullenediction. nullily Mass and nullenull .
nullnullnullnullnullnull For any other innullormation call Fr nulleith Ronullinson null1nullnullnull nullonnullessions: Tuesday nullm or nully anullointment. Parish Priest:
nullnullnullnull1null or nullisit our wenullsite www.sarumstmartin.ornull.unull Fr nullnulld nullashnulloonull SSnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
NORTH YORK MOORS St nulleonard, nullonulltus and St Helen,
nullarlin nullow, nulloth AnullC nullarishes under the enullisconullal care onull the nullishonull SANDnullELLnull TInullIDALEnull OLDBURYnull nullEST MIDLANDS nullALSALL St nullabriel, Fullnullroonull, nullalstead Road, nullalsall, onullnull
onull nullhitnully and situated on the ednulle onull the nullorth nullornull Moors. Sunday St Michael the Archangel, Tinullidale Road (near nullurnt Tree nullsland nullunc.null or null onull Mnull. nullesolutions Anullnull Sunday: nullow Mass nullam, Solemn
Mass: nullarlin nullow nullam and nullonulltus 1null.nullnullam. Mass enullery day enullcenullt - 1null min Mnull nullunc null) and Holy Cross, Ashleinullh Road. A nullorward in Mass 1nullam, Mass null.nullnullnullm, Sunnull Prayer nulloonull Enullensonnull null.nullnullnullm. nullaily
Thursday. Parish Priest: Fr Adam nullaunt null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull nullaith nullarishnull nullesolutions AnullCnull Sunday: Parish Mass 11am (St Michaelnulls), Mass. Fr nulloyne SSnull null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
Enulleninnull Mass nullnullm (nulloly nullross). For other times and innullormation
OXFORD St nullohn the nullnullangelist, nullew nullinnullsey (1 mile nullrom contact Parish Priest: Fr Ronuller nullilnullert: null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnull1 nullEDNESBURYnull nullest Bronullnullnullnullnull St Francis of Assisi,
the city centrenull nullicaranulle Road, nullnull1 nullRE) nullesolutions AnullCnull Sunday: Parish Friar Parnull nullS1null nullnullnull (null minutes nullrom nullunc null onull Mnull) Sunday: Mass
Mass 1null.nullnullam. Parish Priest: Fr nullames nullilnullinson null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull www. SHREnullSBURY All Saints with St Michael, nullorth Street null.nullnullam. nulleenullday Mass: Tues and Thur null.nullnullam, nulled and Fri null.nullnullnullm,
acny.ornull.unullnullnullnullnull Come and disconuller Onullford’s hidden Comper Church! (near Shrewsnullury railway station). A nullorward in nullaith nullarish under Sat 1nullam. nullinullely worshinull in the Modern nullatholic Tradition, with
the episcopal care of the nullishop of Ebbsfleetnull nullesolutions AnullCnull Sunday: accessinullle nullreachinnull, and a stunninnull nullem onull a church nulleautinullully
OXFORD St nullhonullas the Martyrnull nullecnullet Street (near Rail Mass 1null.nullnullam. For daily Mass times or nullurther innullormation, contact Fr restored in nullnullnullnull. Parish Priest: Fr Ron Farrell null1null1 nullnullnull nullnullnullnull - nullisit us at
Station) A nullorward in nullaithnullarishnull nullesolutions AnullCnull nullnullnullordnulls orinullinal Michael Fish SSnull null1nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
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