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is availanulle as a bonulled set of nullnullsnull would want those who come to nullnow do what nulleorge was proposing and
nullast year we sold nullnull not enough to that few things have been higher up depart from the enullample of nullesusnull e
wornully Simon nullowell but encouraging our prayer list over the intervening gnull isterium is a nulluarantee against
nonethelessnull years than the life and witness of our doctrinal and ethical chaos, not an
nulls I write this we are preparing nullnglican friendsnull arbitrary tyrannynull
for a small youth group weenullend on nullo be honest my enullperience is that nullen there will be nullur nulladynull
nullnullocationnullnullnullenullt month we will tanulle no one can be dranullged nullicnulling and nullithout an understanding of
this group on a twonullday nullosary walnull screaming into communion with nullrynulls place there can be no real
along the Saintsnull nullay, using each the nullniversal nullhurchnullSara and I are understanding of what it is to be the
station to onuller the intentions of those eternally grateful to all our nullatholic nullhurchnullI have witnessed the delight
who have asnulled our prayers, and friends who and astonishment of a good number
ending with nullss of evangelical
at the nulletreat, a hot nullrotenullant friends
shower and a hearty when that penny
feastnull has dropnullednull nullut
nullhen the house even greater has been
is not being used their amanullement
for retreat we have to discover that the
been delighted to see nullatholic nullhurch not
it used by families only has nullinulle, nullinulle,
and small groups of nullinulle, for her liturgy
friends for holidaysnull but that she declares it
nullounulld be amanulled how to be nullinernullantnullnullnullnullrom
many use the chapel my old congregation
for prayer or simple the overwhelming
nulluiet time, peruse the manullority of those who
religious boonullshelves have become nulloman
and want to asnull nullatholics are the
nulluestions about the evangelicalsnull
nullaithnull nulln changeover patiently bore
day I have renullularly had to rescue with our agoninullng over inordinate Treanullrenullnullnullnullerenull
nullatholinullisnullfonullDunullmies from bedside time and nullust prayed and hoped and Some have been trounulled about
tanulles or the top of cisternsnull e nullord listened when they must have longed their ordersnull I have simply seen
moves in mysterious waysnull this as nullodnulls pronullem, not mine,
nulle have hugely ennulloyed our first and do not doubt for one moment
year wornulling closely together again
tnull Manullsternullnullnull a
the enulltraordinary nullessings on the
in the ministry and, an added bonus
for me, Inullve started writing again
nullarantee anullanullst donullrnullanull
ministries of faithful nullhristiansnullnullor,
having wornulled for a bishop who didnnullt
nullover nullnullnullnullwords so far and all and etnullnullnullnullaos believe in priesthood, do I have any
about the nullaithnull dinullculty in manulling assurance dounully
In all this we have been greatly sure for the sanulle of the nullhurch and the
encouraged by our parish priest and to say, nullnullh, for goodness sanulle, nullust Sacramental lifenull
the nullicar nulleneralnull nullther priests in come nullSo I shall leave the technicalities nullese and many other concerns
the deanery have invited me to come to the aforementioned dignitaries and will, no doubt, be airednullnullor ourselves
and talnull, lead retreat or give teaching try to snulletch out what it may be linulle all we can say is that life in the
coursesnull Inullve even been anulle to give for those listening if they decide that it nullatholic nullhurch, in the wonderful
a teaching course to an ecumenical is nullodnulls call for themnull ordinariness of parish life and as laity,
nullent groupnull Some wornully about the authority has enullceeded our deepest hopesEnull very
of the nullopenullnullst people confuse it day has been a nulloy and a reliefnullnulle
The nullnullnullrnullte with the teaching on infallibilitynullIn have been astonished and delighted at
nullenullt month I have been invited pranullice, that authority is best nullelled the treasures we have discoverednull
to nulleanull to an nullnglican parish on out by nullohn nullaul II in two instancesnull nullere has been no moment of
the nullrdinariatenull I am sandwiched nulle remarnulled that the nullope himself regret and our only bacnullward glances
between the nullirector of nullorward needs constant catechinullng null he have been for our friends in travail
in nullaith and the nulliocesan nullishop in also goes on learning the things of still with whom, we pray, we will
a fournullweenull coursenull nullhat to say? I nullhristnull nullnd, in his encounter with one day nullneel again before the same
might start with my phone call to nullrchbishop nullarey on the subnullect tabernacle and receive the medicine
one of the nulllying nullishops asnulling to be of the ordination of women, the of immortalitynull nullod nullnows we
readmitted to the nullnglican nullhurch so nulloly nullather had to confess that, need you and long for younull In the
that I could become a nulloman nullatholic constrained as he was by the teaching meantime and beyond, we would love
on consideranully improved termsnull I of the nullhurch, he had no authority to to welcome you to nulloweynull


  March 2010
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