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Rupert rides recession
The Canadian port of Prince
ports seek
Rupert in northern British Co-
lumbia lifted its container volume
to 254,528 TEU in 2009, an in-
hub status
crease of 45.8% over 2008.
The port is continuing to Japan’s Hanshin ports - Osaka,
build its position as a gateway to Kobe, Sakai Semboku and
the US and Canadian market, Amagasaki Nishinomiya Ashiya -
with 70% of its inbound business have asked the central govern-
US-bound and the remaining ment to designate them as an in-
30% destined for eastern Canada. ternational strategic container
Export containers accounted for hub.
109,365 TEU, of which 70,588 The Ministry of Land, Infra-
United Arab Shipping Line (UASC) has started to call at Yilport, in Turkey’s
TEU were empties. structure, Transport and Tourism
Izmit Bay,.The first call was made by the 750 TEU HENRIKE SHEPERS
While the growth in container (MLIT) and the Democratic
towards the end of last month, as part of UASC’s new East-Med Feeder
Service (EMF1), calling at Port Said, Ambarli and Yilport on a weekly basis.
business is welcome, it has all come Party of Japan (DPJ) are in the
“We are able to serve our different customers without berthing delays and with
on two-weekly calls from the process of selecting hub ports for
a high level of productivity,” stated Yilport’s general coordinator Mustafa Erkanat
CKYH alliance and the port is international container shipments
keen to add more lines. to enhance the global competi-
“I am confident the container tiveness of Japanese ports.
terminal will continue to grow, The council in charge of pro- Big plans for ports
and that will mean a third ship- moting Hanshin’s ports is com-
ping line, possibly a fourth. but
The port of Prince Rupert is doing well, but needs to diversify its customer base
prised of port and administration
the timing of that depends on a officials across Osaka and Hyogo
in Bangladesh
number of factors,” said CEO Prince Rupert, however, is coal, grain and other commodi- prefectures as well as Kansai busi-
Don Krusel. pushing on with its plans to add ties and its total cargo volume in ness executives. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has enue generation will more than
At the moment there is no 800m of berth and 1.5M TEU in 2009 lifted 15% to 12.17 Mt, in- The council’s proposal called outlined the Bangladeshi govern- double when usage is increased,”
shortage of port capacity on the total capacity with the second dicating that the port “has sailed for Japan to have two interna- ment’s plans for a massive sea, river she said, adding that earnings will
US West Coast or in Vancouver, phase project, which is now esti- safely through the receding glo- tional hub ports - one in the east and inland port modernisation pro- be increased further when neigh-
BC where TSI has just opened a mated to be completed in 2014. bal economic storm,” according to and the other in the west - to gramme, in addition to the con- bouring countries are allowed to
third berth at Deltaport. Prince Rupert also handles an official statement. improve logistics efficiency. struction of a new deepsea port. use the two seaports.
The proposal called for the Hasina told the Bangladesh Detailed design work on the
Hanshin ports, with the most ad- Parliament that Chittagong and proposed new deepsea port, to be
Pelindo II in contracts row
vanced container terminals in the Mongla ports will be prepared for built on Sonadia Island, has already
region, to serve as Japan’s inter- use by neighbouring countries started, Hasina said, and overseas
national hub in the west. The through the construction of new funding is being sought.
Kadin, the Indonesian Chamber der to boost handling rates and not in the best interests of local
council also suggested that container handing facilities, the A new container terminal will
of Commerce and Industry has productivity and eliminate berth shippers and importers.
Hanshin ports should establish purchase of modern equipment be built at jetties 11-13 at
asked state port operator waiting times. The displaced op- Pelindo II has also come up
stronger economic ties with other for both ports and an extensive Chittagong and a computerised
(Pelindo) II not to terminate the erators will still be able to under- with a contingency plan to deal
Asian countries. dredging programme. container terminal management
contracts of 19 conventional ter- take handling activities, but “un- with strikes by 500 contract IT
The Ports and Harbours Bu- The government also plans to system will be put in place. The
minal operators at Tanjung Priok der the control of Pelindo II.” and clerical workers at JICT.
reau said the submitted plans will construct new river ports at government also plans to seek a
when they expire on March 15 However, Kadin’s spokes- They say they have been work-
be evaluated according to the Noapara, Bhairab-Ashuganj and private operator to run the New
(13 contracts) and in June (the woman Carmelita Hartoto said ing for 15-20 years for JICT on
ports’ geographical and physical Barguna, a new inland container Mooring container terminal.
remaining six). that the port authority should take outsourced rates that are much
features as well as how their goals terminal at Pangaon and to upgrade “Radiation detection equip-
PT Pelindo II’s president Jose account of the positive contribu- lower than JICT’s wage scales,
and policies compare with other facilities at the dry ports at Teknaf, ment will be installed at
Richard Lino stated that the port tion that the stevedores have pro- despite the company’s huge
ports. Specifically, they need to Hili, Banglabandha and Bibirbazar. Chittagong Port under the US
authority intended to take back vided during the contract term. profits. JICT has threatened to
have a daily service on the trans- “Only 40% of the capacity of Megaports Initiative to prevent
control of the operations, in or- Just ripping up the contracts was sack strikers.
pacific route that moves 200,000 Chittagong and 10% of Mongla smuggling of nuclear and radio-
TEU a year by 2015. port is currently being used. Rev- active goods,” Hasina said.
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