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Kaohsiung drops notch
berth will open in June and the fourth
before the end of 2010. Three more berths
will be added by 2014, increasing the ter-
minal’s annual capacity to 4m TEU.
in box port rankings...
Taiwan’s increased inter-Asia trade
links have outstripped the capacity of
Keelung in recent years, leading to sup-
Container throughput at the Port of to handle processed goods shipped across port facilities being built at the nearby
Kaohsiung declined by 11.34% to 8.58M the Taiwan Strait, while negotiations with sites of Taipei and Suao.
TEU in 2009, pushing it one place down Wan Hai and OOCL about the space they ● Reflecting improving relations with
in the world container port rankings to will need are under way. China, Taiwan has approved plans to build
13th position. In 2013, the KHB will reclaim 50 hec- a bridge from its Kinmen group of is-
Nevertheless, Kaohsiung saw smaller tares next to Container Terminal 6 to lands to mainland China. The 5.3 km
declines than those in Singapore, Hong expand the zone and turn Kaohsiung into bridge, spanning the neighbouring Little
Kong and Shenzhen due to the growing a logistics hub. Kinmen and linking with China’s Fujian
direct cross-strait trade with China. Elsewhere in Taiwan, two more berths province, will cost US$178M and be
After direct shipping was allowed in will open this year at the Taipei Port Con- completed in 2016.
2008, Taiwan‘s top three box carriers - tainer Terminal (TPCT), which is de-
Evergreen, Yangming and Wan Hai - have signed to ease congestion at Taiwan’s
Kaohsiung’s throughput fell11.34% last year,
started using Kaohsiung again, instead of northern port of Keelung. TPCT’s third putting it13th in the box port rankings
ports in northern and central China.
Yangming and Wan Hai each saw their
throughput at Kaohsiung grow over 10%
to reach 1M TEU in 2009.
Meanwhile, figures just released show
that Taiwan’s container traffic is beginning
to recover to pre-financial crisis levels this
year. The top three ports - Kaohsiung,
Taichung and Keelung - saw a recovery in
container volumes in January, with
throughput at Kaohsiung up 23.7% year-
on-year to 765,840 TEU, Taichung record-
ing a 29% increase to 109,800 TEU and
Keelung up 37.79% to 144,300 TEU.
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The Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau
(KHB) plans to build a 38.8 hectare zone
as a delivery hub and a free trade port
on land to be acquired from Tang Eng using the Yard Tractor MT 25/30 YT
Iron Works and hopes to lure three com-
panies - Hon Hai Precision Industry Co,
Wan Hai and Hong Kong-based Orient
Overseas Container Line (OOCL) - to
the zone.
Hon Hai has already expressed inter-
est in setting up a goods delivery centre Hanjin
takes over
from APMT
APM Terminals (APMT) and Hanjin Pa-
cific Corporation (HPC) have entered
into an agreement whereby Hanjin Pa-
cific will take over APMT’s facilities at
Piers 76 and 77 in Kaohsiung and com-
bine them into its current operations at
the adjacent Pier 78.
To ensure a smooth transition, with
no disruptions to service, the two com-
panies will cooperate for three months.
Hanjin is scheduled to take over the man-
agement and operations of the consoli-
dated facilities on 7 May.
The move has been approved by the
Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau (KHB) and,
according to a joint APMT/Hanjin state-
ment, is in line with KHB’s Port Master
Plan to integrate container terminal op-
erations at Kaohsiung.
“Over the next few months, the newly
expanded Hanjin Pacific terminal will be
gearing up to serve some of the most
important shipping lines in the world,
including Maersk Line. The new opera-
tions at Kaohsiung will be fully opera-
tional by the second quarter of 2010 and
will double the handling capacity of ex-
isting HPC services,” said GS Choi, CEO
of HPC and executive vice president and
CEO of Hanjin’s terminal business unit.
“We are also excited about our new
state-of-the-art terminal operations sys-
tem that is being implemented by
Cyberlogitec, driving new levels of effi-
ciency in the physical operations on the
• cost efficient
terminal,” he added.
Pier 78 occupies 19 hectares and has a
berthing line of 320m with a depth of 15m
• powerful and robust
alongside. Installed capacity, based on strad-
dle carriers, is estmated at 600,000 TEU
and in 2008, the last year for which figures
• fast and flexible
are available, Hanjin handled around
420,000 TEU there. Pier 76/77 occupies
20 hectares, with a berthing line of 675m.
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Integration will be helped by the fact that
this is also a straddle carrier operation.
In 2008, Maersk Taiwan exchanged its
operations at Piers 118/119 for the
For more d etails: www.mafi .de – sales@mafi .de
Hyundai Merchant Marine berth at Pier
75, adjacent to 76/77; last July Maersk
closed down Pier 75.
February 2010 7
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