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Stena to invest £200M in Loch Ryan Guaymas container
Following approval of a Harbour and supported by the lower deck
Empowerment Order (HEO) by linkspan. The fender will be ad- terminal tender
the Scottish Parliament, Stena Line justable for different vessel types
has announced that it will build a and will act as a guide to fix the
A tender for the concession to Meanwhile, BN Americas has
new ro-pax facility on a 28 acre vessel’s position. An automatic
build and operate a container ter- reported that API Tuxpan in the
site at Loch Ryan in Scotland, two mooring system designed for ro-
minal at the Port of Guaymas in north of Mexico’s Veracruz state,
miles north of the existing pax vessels will be installed along
Mexico’s Sonora state is sched- will also receive offers for a con-
Cairnryan terminal. the pier. This will comprise sev-
uled to be launched this month. cession to develop a new multi-
As well as a shorter Irish Sea eral automooring devices, each
The Guaymas Port Author- purpose terminal this month. The
crossing, says Stena, the purpose- consisting of a vertical moving
ity (API Guaymas) originally contract involves building and
built port will save driving time unit and two hydraulic cylinders
tendered the project in Novem- operating a 51,520 m
cargo ter-
as it will avoid town centre traffic to create the mooring force.
ber 2008, but the process was minal with a capacity of 90,000
and provide easier access to and TTS will also design and build
scrapped after both companies TEU/year. The tender is ex-
from the port. The new port is also an elevated passenger walkway, con-
participating in the bidding pected to be awarded in March.
closer to Scotland’s Central Belt. necting the ships to the terminal
withdrew their offers. Eight companies are report-
Left to right: Stena Line managing director Gunnar Blomdahl, Scotland’s First
Construction work is anticipated
The terminal’s first phase, in- edly interested in operating the
Minister, Alex Salmond and Stena Line’s chairman Dan Sten Olsson launch
area. The walkway will consist of
to take around 20 months. The de-
cluding dredging and the pro- terminal, including Riberas de
the new Stena Line ferry terminal at Loch Ryan
four fixed sections together with an
velopment complements the new elevating gangway and hoisting
vision of equipment, will require Pantepec, which operates the
£37M terminal that Stena Line with the option of bow approach justable ramp will be elevated by platform, operated by hydraulic
private investment of around port’s storage facilities and is
opened in Belfast in 2008. given within the flexible solution. means of hydraulic cylinders cylinders. The hoisting platform
Peso500M (US$37.7M), an API owned by port operator SSA
Stena has awarded the contract Both linkspans will be operated mounted onto the lower-deck will include a telescoping pod that
Guaymas official said. México and international freight
to design and build the whole ship- by means of hydraulic cylinders linkspan. A lifting ramp will be will rest on the vessel in free-float-
The container terminal will services firm Braniff.
to-shore interface for the port, in- housed in fixed towers, one each hinged to the adjustable ramp and ing mode and will be continually
have an initial capacity of 100,000 An earlier tender for the ter-
cluding linkspans, fenders, auto- side of the linkspans. rest on the berthed vessel. The surveyed by a PLC. There will be
TEU/year and will cover 55,387 minal was launched and can-
moorings and an elevated walkway, The three-lane lower deck upper deck linkspan will offer the guide towers on the pier, which will
m2 of government land with di- celled in March 2008, after bid-
to TTS Port Equipment AB. linkspan will be 24m long and the possibility of movement along the act as a support structure for the
rect access to the Ferromex rail- ders complained about unfair
The adjustable upper and upper deck linkspan will comprise ship to maximise the port’s flex- hoisting platform. The total opera-
road to Nogales, Arizona. competition.
lower deck linkspans will be de- a 25m long concrete wedge, to- ibility in vessel accommodation. tional window of the entire walk-
signed for use by a variety of ro- gether with steel fixed access A stop and positioning fender way will be around 6m in height
pax vessels using a stern approach, ramps and movable ramps. An ad- will be installed onto the bankseat and 23m along the quay.
Gothenburg on the way
to landlord status
The Port of Gothenburg’s three Volumes have started to recover, although
newly-established operating com-
it may still be some time before
panies - for lo-lo containers, ro-ro
Gothenburg can persuade private
other than cars, and cars - began
operators to bid for the concessions
operations at the start of this month.
As previously reported, the port though volumes fell overall we have
opted to change its status from an fared well compared with many
operating port to an outright land- competing ports.”
lord port and these three sectors for The second half of the year was
cargo handling were selected for also brighter than the first half in
corporatisation, to be followed by the ro-ro sphere, with 504,000 units
a private sector tendering process. handled during the year, a fall of
“The task of establishing the 19% on 2008. Foreign trade in ve-
new structure has gone exremely hicles was the freight category that
well and we have already noted fell most. In 2009, just over 157,000
considerable interest from opera- vehicles were handled, a fall of 42%
tors throughout the world,” on the year before. During the first
claimed the port’s chairman Sven half of the year the figure was 58%
Hulterström. and so even in the new vehicles
The process leading up to ten- segment there was a slight recov-
dering can now commence al- ery during the latter half of the year.
though it is not possible to say The rail shuttle system built up
when new operators will be in by the port, together with rail op-
place. “We are unable to say at erators and shipping lines, has
which point the external opera- proved to be successful even in
tors will take over,” said Hulter- times of recession. This mode of
ström. “It is vital that we enter into transport has been strong and rail
concession agreements with the volumes in 2009 totalled close to
right operators and this process 366,500 TEU, a 7% increase on the
could take time.” previous year. The proportion of the
In its landlord role, the munici- port’s total freight volumes attrib-
pally-owned port authority will utable to rail transport continues to
continue to own the land and in- increase. Around half of all contain-
frastructure and thus retain control ers to and from the port are now
Leading port operator in export/import market of Russia
over the port and its future devel- moved inland by rail - the highest
opment. share of any port in Europe.
Location at the strategic gateways of Russian North-West and Far East
The port experienced a fall in ● Port of Stockholm AB (SHAB)
Impressive portfolio: Petrolesport, VSC, Moby Dik, Yanino, Vopak E.O.S.
traffic during 2009, although a re- has decided to appeal a regional
Links to major Russian commodity exporters
covery was noted during the sec- court decision to ban the develop-
Investments in rail, inland depots
ond half . Despite the recession, the ment of a new container terminal
Significant reefer and cargo care capability
proportion of freight transported by at Nynäshamn, some 60 kms south
Customised solutions rail continued to increase and broke of the city of Stockholm. In De-
Strategic partnership with leading international companies all previous records. cember the Nacka District Court
Ample capacity and growth potential in major Russian port clusters
During the first half of the year, of the Environment ruled against

container traffic was down by 10% SHAB’s plans for the green field
in unit terms compared to the first deep water port and logistics com-
half of 2008. However, volumes plex at Nynäshamn Norviudden.
recovered slightly in the second half The court’s decision was a blow
and for the full year around 818,000 not just for SHAB, but also for
TEU passed through the port, 5% Hutchison, which signed a 25-year
down on the year before. contract that involves it running the
“We noted an improvement existing inner city facility at
during the second half of the year. Frihamnen until such time as phase
It was not a major upturn, merely 1 of the new container terminal is
a hint of an increase, stated Magnus ready and cargo operations at
Kårestedt, the port’s CEO. “Al- Frihamnen can cease.
6 February 2010
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