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UK Dredging (UKD) to operate of 13m, deemed adequate at the planned for the Berendrecht dock, gramme, it is expected that ships
on the open market, mainly for time. However, container ship sizes which is planned to be operational with a draught of 15m will be able
maintenance dredging in UK/ have since increased dramatically by 2014 if construction gets the to leave the port and clear the es-
Irish waters, although the contrac- and that figure is now less impres- go-ahead this year, will also have tuary on one tide, although tim-
tor has undertaken dredging for sive, particularly as Rotterdam will a sill depth of 17.8m. ing will be crucial to take advan-
the Port of Rotterdam. have a 20m depth at its new The dredging will take the tage of the 4m-5m tidal variation.
The company, which operates Maasvlakte dock areas. present tide-independent draught The dredging contract will be
six small dredgers designed specifi- Although Eddy Bruyninckx, limit from 11.9m to 13.1m. Un- carried out jointly by Jan De Nul
cally for small port access and CEO of the Port of Antwerp, as- der the terms of the treaty, this and DI. They will each contrib-
dredging close to quay and lock serted that “this is not the end of means that the Scheldt will be ute one medium size trailer suc-
walls, tenders for maintenance con- our deepening programme,” the deepened to 14.7m as the Dutch tion dredger. Jan De Nul will
tracts for ABP’s 21 ports. It usually negotiations were based on the require a generous under-keel dedicate the 4000m
wins them on the basis of experi- original 13m depth. clearance of 12.5% on the Scheldt. II for this project, which is ex-
ence and plant availability, allow-
Jan de Nul’s 4000 m
trailer suction dredger the Scheldt
It proved impossible for the Following the dredging pro- pected to take 15 months. ❏
ing it to offer a competitive price. port to increase this, even though
years. It was able to do so on the ● February 2001 - MoU signed an extra 2m dredging would have
State support Belgian side of the border, but the ● March 2002 - Second MoU had little or no effect on the en-
The €100M cost of the deepen- approval of the Dutch, who con- ● March 2005 - Third MoU! vironmental impact. It would have
Rising from the sea
ing of the Scheldt in Dutch wa- trol the Scheldt estuary, has proved ● December 2005 - Signing of also been considerably more cost-
ters, finally set to get under way, elusive. Ostensibly Dutch reti- four Scheldt Treaties effective to undertake the extra The dredging and reclamation rive every two weeks. In total, 5
will be fully met by the Port of cence was based on “environmen- ● December 2007 - Dredging in deepening in one stage. of the Maasvlakte II site at the Mt of new stone are needed. An-
Antwerp, even though the dredg- tal grounds,” even though the Western Scheldt (Belgian area) Some observers in Antwerp southern tip of the port of other 2 Mt from the existing, but
ing is outside its jurisdiction, in a Dutch themselves are undertak- ● August 2009 - Dutch Council take the view, now that the Dutch Rotterdam is one of the most now redundant, Maasvlakte sea
different country and will benefit ing the largest dredging project in of State postpones license to have allowed the dredging to go ambitious and extensive port defences will be recycled.
a Dutch por, Terneuzen. Europe, at the Maasvlakte! dredge the Scheldt ahead, that the port has lost some projects under way worldwide. The stones are an essential part
Antwerp’s programme may The timetable for the project ● January 2010 - Dutch go-ahead of the initiative to push for fur- In all, some 1000 hectares will of these hard sea defences, which
seem modest in comparison with explains Antwerp’s frustration. for Scheldt deepening. ther dredging to the 14.5-15m be reclaimed, using 240M m
of will be 3.5 km long and be built
London Gateway, requiring the re- ● January 1995 - Deepening ● February 2010 - Dredging starts draught level that would give full spoil dredged from designated sites on the northwest side of
moval of some 7.7M m
, but it has Treaty signed in Western Scheldt (Dutch area). tide-independent access for large up to 20km away in the North Maasvlakte II, where the waves are
required a far longer negotiation ● June 1997 - start of dredging in container ships and justify the sill Sea, plus a further 30M m
that most powerful.
period, very little of which was Western Scheldt Low level depth of -17.7m on its Berend- will be dredged from existing PUMA has devised an inno-
due to hydrographic conditions. ● September 1999 - MoU be- In 1995 the Port of Antwerp had recht and Zandvliet main locks on Maasvlakte port basins in the vative design for these defences,
The port has been pushing to tween Dutch and Belgian govern- requested of the Dutch authori- the right bank. process of deepening them to - comprising a stony dune to a
deepen the Scheldt for over 15 ments approved ties a depth for the Outer Scheldt The new Left Bank lock 20m NAP (Normal Amsterdam height of NAP + 14m with a 20-
Water Level). The total area of the 135mm thick covering layer of
site will cover some 2000 hectares, rubble, a so-called cobble beach
of which half comprising port plus a block dam to a height of
basins, waterways and sea walls. NAP + 2m constructed on the
Construction of Maasvlakte II slope of the stony dune.
started last year with the establish- The waves break on the low
ment of a small curved island some block dam, thereby protecting the
3 km from the present coastline stony dune or cobble beach as they
marking the base seawalls of are hit by a much lighter swell.
Maasvlakte 2. This island, at the Total length of the sea defences
most westerly point of the site, will will be around 11 kms.
gradually be reclaimed towards the
existing Maasvlakte. The project Deep wall quays
will be undertaken by the joint After the reclamation of the first
venture vehicle PUMA, formed port sites, a start will be made on
by the two Dutch dredging con- building the quay walls for the
tractors Boskalis and Van Oord. future container terminals, to al-
Currently the two companies low the first container ship berth
have seven trailer suction dredg- to be available by 2013.
ers working on the site, deliver- A deep wall method will be
ing 2.5M m
/week. The fleet in- used to build the main quay walls.
cludes Van Oord’s latest new- This involves casting and shaping
building delivered in January, the the earth-retaining concrete wall
31,200 m
VOX MAXIMA. This is the in the soil. The same construction
largest trailer suction dredger to method was used recently to build
be built in the Netherlands and is the quay of the Euromax termi-
part of Van Oord’s €1B 2007-11 nal. The barge feeder quay walls
investment programme. are designed as steel combi-walls
- ie a combination of tube piles
Rock and hard place and sheet piling.
A start cannot be made on build- After completing the outer
ing the hard seawalls in the north contour and sand bodies for the
until the sand body of the new port sites, the next step will be to
outer contour provides sufficient create the infrastructure bundle.
protection. The first step will be This strip of bundled line infra-
to dismantle part of the existing structure will provide access to
dam of 40t concrete blocks, for Maasvlakte II. The bundle consists
later reuse in the new seawalls. of a two-track railway line, a main
In January, the first ship carry- road, a secondary road, a cycle path
ing granite stones for the hard sea and space reserved for pipelines.
defences for Maasvlakte II dis- The infrastructure bundle will
charged some 87,000t at a dedi- be constructed almost in its en-
cated mooring area on the west- tirety, but the closure in the outer
ern side of the Yangtzehaven on contour will be kept open as long
the existing Maasvlakte, built spe- as possible. This way Maasvlakte
cifically by the PUMA contrac- II will remain accessible for equip-
tors. The self-discharging bulk car- ment and materials.
riers moor here on dolphins and The infrastructure bundle can
discharge 90,000t of stone within be extended after the closure is
36 hours to the storage site, some shut. The northern Maasvlakte
1.5 km from where the hard sea will then be accessible via the new
defences is under construction. outer contour. It will then be pos-
During the next two years, a sible to dig through the
self-unloader will discharge Yangtzehaven to open Maasvlakte
around 90,000t of stone will ar- II to shipping. ❏
Trailer suction dredger and bulldozers busy at Maasvlakte II
42 February 2010
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