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Cargotec restructures to secure the future
Kalmar container spreaders and
Hiab XS cranes.
The MAU plot occupies a to-
tomers were postponed, although
argotec presented its au- with the €32M underlying oper- that the dip for Hiab started in tal of 45-ha and the intention is
dited 2009 results early the report notes that the Asia Pa- ating profit reached in 4Q/09. 4Q/07, because of the marked that it should eventually take over
this month in Helsinki. cific region was more active than With restructuring costs remain- slowdown in US construction and all series production carried out
Order intake for the year came to elsewhere. Demand for terminal ing smaller than anticipated in the housing starts, whereas for Kalmar in Tampere, although it may be
€1.828B, 51% down on the fig- tractors and FLTs was also down, same period, the full year operat- the recession hit in 4Q/08. Coun- some time before the more com-
ure for 2008 (€3.769B). At the end due to lower industrial production ing profit turned positive. try and regional offices have since plex lines - straddle carriers and
of 2009 the order book stood at and reduced DC activity. been reorganised and cross-train- ro-ro/heavy industrial tractors -
€2.149B, 30% down on the cor- Cancellations of orders for ma- One company ing has been introduced for Hiab can be transferred there.
responding figure at the end of rine cargo handling equipment As previously reported, during the and Kalmar sales and service staff, Cargotec previously stated that
2008 (€3.054B). Sales for the year have so far remained at moderate course of the year Cargotec starting in northern Europe. it wants to concentrate on R &
were down by 24%, to €2.581B. levels. Various orders received by merged the Kalmar and Hiab busi- D, technical development, and
In 4Q/09 orders received totalled MacGregor worth €175M were nesses globally into a single busi- Investing prototype manufacturing and test-
€464M (€633M in 4Q/08) and cancelled during the course of the ness area, Industrial and Terminal I & T is also making strategic in- ing at Tampere. In due course it
sales were €669M (€924M). year and removed from the order (I & T), run by SEVP Pekka vestments. It is 18 months into will be looking to sell off most of
2009 order intake for book accordingly. Vauramo. All the MacGregor ac- another 5-year contract for the historic Valmet production site.
Macgregor and Kalmar was down tivities and brands are consolidated Kalmar RTCHs from the US “The issues at Tampere are the
The Cargotec elephant (from Hiab)
by 41% and 59% to €569M and Silver lining? into the other division, Marine, Army (worth up to US$385M) high cost of labour, the age of the

is now the universal mother brand
738M respectively, but this has “There were many positives in run by SEVP Olli Isatalo. and all production is at the RT factory and its inland location,
to be set againt the record high 2009 despite the difficult market “We can’t really say we have Center in San Antonio, Texas, which means high transportation Bromma is being reorganised. The
order intake for both these brands situation,” said Cargotec’s presi- noticed an upturn yet,” said where capacity has been increased costs to get heavy and outsize side that manages Kalmar line
in 2008. At €525M, new order dent and CEO Mikael Mäkinen. Vauramo, speaking in London last and 200 new jobs created. pieces to the ports for export,” said spreaders (ie attachments for reach
intake in 2009 was down by 22% “Thanks to successful deliveries of month. “We think we are bump- Cargotec has also invested Vauramo. “The new role we en- stackers, ECH trucks and straddle
for Hiab, whose markets were in marine cargo handling equipment ing along the bottom.” €25M in phase one of a new visage for Tampere requires a new carriers) will gradually be ab-
recession for the whole of 2008. we achieved an excellent result in Last year 2200 jobs were cut multi-assembly unit (MAU) for I and smaller facility.” sorbed into I & T, but the Bromma
For Kalmar, the obvious prob- the marine business. Our cash flow from the Cargotec workforce and & T in north western Poland, close crane spreader line will continue
lem in 2009 was the decline in strengthened throughout the year. the payroll stood at 9600 at the to the ports of Szczecin/ Branding to be run separately.
global container traffic, resulting In addition, our streamlining of end of the year. Hiab shed 1180 Swinoujscie and the German bor- Cargotec has been moving to po- The distinction is necessary, in
in lower equipment usage rates operations and development of posts, Kalmar 900 and MacGregor der. The MAU is scheduled to sition itself as the major brand, order to show Bromma’s OEM
and hence reduced replacement our [common] supply set-up pro- almost 300. Most retrenchments open in June this year and will with Hiab, Kalmar and customers that compete against
and new demand. Many invest- gressed as planned.” were in Sweden and Finland. initially be used to assemble MacGregor as “daughter brands.” Kalmar STS and RTG/RMG
ment decisions by Kalmar cus- Mäkinen said he was satisfied Cargotec previously disclosed Kalmar 2 x 2 terminal tractors, These former companies’ own cranes that Bromma is at “arm’s
brands - eg Siwertell (Mac- length.” Bromma will continue its
Gregor), Bromma and Ottawa distinct R & D, technical devel-
(Kalmar), Multilift, Moffett, etc opment and prototype production
(Hiab) also have to be protected. and testing work in Sweden and
(The Nordströms name was pre- series production in Malaysia.
viously dropped in favour of Marketing and sales, after-sales and
MacGregor Bulk). service in all markets will also be
Vauramo disclosed that kept separate. ❏
CPS upbeat about prospects
Formal results on “Safeport” tech- the supply is severely constrained.
nology from Cargotec Port Secu- Demand, particularly for medical
rity (CPS) are due to be presented diagnostics, has risen to around
to the US government this month. 65,000 litres/year, while supply is
This follows the latest round of around 20,000 litres/year and the
testing on CPS’s spreader- price has risen to US$20,000/li-
mounted radiation detection sys- tre from just US$100/litre a few
tem under the supervision of US- years ago.
DOE’s Oak Ridge National Most of the stocks of 3HE are
Laboratory, conducted last De- held by the US government. ironi-
cember. These evaluated its abil- cally, one portal-mounted RDS
ity to detect gamma and neutron supplier is reportedly in default of
signatures in specially configured a USG contract because it cannot
and highly shielded containers. obtain supplies of 3He.
CPS’s president Troy Following its first commercial
Thompson states that the technol- sale of a spreader-mounted RDS
ogy has dramatically exceeded to Lockheed-Martin in Charles-
ANSI detection requirements ton last year, CPS has supplied its
under the most difficult shielding first mobile RDS to another US
scenarios. He makes the point that port. Its mobile systems can be in-
CPS uses Lithium 6 to detect neu- stalled on trucks or work boats.
trons, instead of Helium 3 (3He). The DHS Approbations Bill for
While DHS intended to use 3He 2010 includes an allocation of
for scanning shipping containers, US$200M for RDS equipment. ❏
Konecranes is cautious
Konecranes has reported that or- €128.8M, 4Q/09 sales were
ders in its “heavy lifting” sector down by 41.4% on 4Q/08.
(heavy industrial/process cranes Total orders received by
and all port equipment) totalled Konecranes in 2009 were down
€425.1M in 2009, 38% down on by 34.7% from €2.067.1B to
the 2008 figure of €686M. Or- €1.348.9B. As noted, at
der intake fell clearly for all €425.1M, the heavy lifting or-
product categories globally. der book was down by 38%.
The order book was down Standard lifting order intake was
by 15.8% at year-end 2009, from down by 39.8% and service or-
€420.2M to €353.8M. Sales de- der intake by 24.3%.
creased by 27.3% from €659.4M Despite a slight pick-up in
to €479.1M. The decline in sales industrial output in the second
was across all product segments, half of 2009, Konecranes expects
while port equipment including the uncertainty to continue.
at lift trucks declined the most. Demand for maintenance serv-
Operating profit before re- ices is expected to remain stable
Marc structuring costs of €2.7M was or increase gradually should ca-
€36.7M (€53.6M in 2008) and pacity utilisation at customers’
the operating margin 7.7% continue to improve.
(8.1%). Profitability was nega- The demand for new equip-
tively affected by substantially ment is expected to remain gen-
lower volumes especially in the erally on a low level, and to suf-
ports business unit. High qual- fer from overcapacity at custom-
ity project execution helped to ers’. Price competition is likely
maintain good profitability in to remain. The year 2010 began
the process cranes unit. with a thinner order book than
Significantly, at €131.4M or- the previous year. Konecranes’
der intake in 4Q/09 was up by forecast is that sales in 2010 will
42.6% on 3Q/09 and by 12.9% be lower than in 2009 and it ex-
on 4Q/08. Port equipment sales pects operating profit in 2010 to
were boosted by a limited be lower than in 2009 before re-
number of single large orders. At structuring costs. ❏
36 February 2010
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