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Terex positions itself “centre stage”
Dual branding is consistent
with existing practice. TPE also
embraces Terex-PPM reach stack-
Terex Port Equipment (TPE), part
A much-expected restructuring of the Italian business
ers made at Montceaux-les-Mines
of the Terex Cranes segment of in France. This facility also makes
Terex Corporation, has an-
units has been announced, along with a new “Terex”
general purpose mobile cranes and
nounced the restructuring of its broadly comes under Terex
Italian port equipment manufac-
branding strategy for all the former Fantuzzi-Noell lines
Cranes. In addition, Terex-Fuchs
turing operations - Fantuzzi and hydraulic cranes have a niche role
Reggiane Cranes & Plants. “The to the Monfalcone plant. Most of in ports, but this brand is part of
restructuring is necessary to en- the property at RE was outwith Terex Construction Equipment.
sure the long-term success of the the terms of the sales and purchase The XOCT contract, contin-
business for its team members, deal and remains in the hands of ued Ostermann, “is a clear signal
customers and suppliers,” said TPE. Fantuzzi Immobiliare. that our products meet the needs
“We believe the key to our In addition, the RE headquar- of our key customers and that our
success going forward is to put our ters will be cut back and the pay- management efforts of the last
current and future customers at roll at Fantuzzi’s Lentigione plant months are being recognised. We
the very centre of our work,” said (mast trucks, sideloaders and reach have already transferred consider- Thomas Ostermann (standing, right)
TPE’s president Thomas stackers) will be cut “to align the able expertise from Terex to the attended the XOCT RTG contract
Ostermann, who is based at the head count with market demand.” port equipment business and will
signing in person, to underscore the
Terex Cranes plant in Zwei- It is understood that 171 jobs will continue this process to improve
transition to TPE. The contract
brücken, Germany. go at RE and 30 at Lentigione. At our products even further.
documents were signed by XOCT’s
“During the last few months the time of writing, negotiations
deputy general manager Zhu Lishui
“I strongly believe that the
(L) and Terex Noell China’s deputy
we have been speaking to custom- are ongoing to qualify for support port equipment experts we are
general manager Zhu Hengyao (R)
ers around the world in order to under the cassa integrazione
Terex-Reggiane ship-to-shore crane being shipped to Naples from Monfalcone
bringing together at Terex Cranes
understand fully their needs. In straordinaria wage support scheme. are a very powerful asset that will wide) 1 over 5 x 9ft 6in high
addition, we are constantly re- TPE argues, as before it China for 10 Terex Noell RTGs and their low TCO. All the same, reach its full potential when com- (18.1m lift height). The spreader
viewing existing processes and Fantuzzi Group’s management with Xiamen Ocean Gate Con- marking the importance of the bined with the Terex management is all-electric type. The drive sys-
improving them when we believe argued, that the restructuring fol- tainer Terminal Co Ltd (XOCT). transition to TPE, Ostermann at- system. We expect to see increased tem is based on the latest Siemens
doing so benefits our customers.” lows an industrial logic - focus- There are already >60 Noell tended the signing ceremony in demand for TPE as we increase converters (Sinamics Simotion D)
ing heavy port equipment manu- China RTGs in operation at vari- Xiamen and thanked XOCT for our activity in the market again.” with dc bus architecture. Hoist
Spare a thought facturing at a waterside location ous container terminals at Xiamen its confidence in Terex Port The new RTGs are rated at speeds are 23/52 m/min, trolley
A good example, continues (Monfalcone) with immediate Port and nobody doubts their Equipment, an unfamiliar name in 40.5t SWL under single lift speed is 70 m/min and gantry
Ostermann, is spare parts. With the access to a load-out quay and quality, the ease of sourcing locally port crane markets. spreader and stack 6 + 1 (23.47m speeds are 30/90 m/min. ❏
expertise that had been developed optimising manufacturing flows.
at Terex Cranes, the new TPE
management acted quickly and Logistics headache
improved their availability signifi- The RE plant is located inland and
cantly. Moreover, a significant re- cranes have to be disassembled af-
duction in delivery times for ter testing and pre-commission-
equipment has been achieved. ing before being shipped in pieces
See us
On the procurement side, TPE by road to the port customer in
says that the supply situation is Italy, for local re-erection and
Stand E44
back to normal. “We have met commissioning, or to Monfalcone
with all our suppliers and agreed for erection and shipment by
on payment terms, which received barge (coastwise delivery) or ship.
wide support,” said Ostermann. Apart from the extra erection
“Production material is now be- costs associated with production
ing delivered smoothly, and we are at RE, shipping crane sub-assem-
satisfied with the positive work blies by road from an inland loca-
that we have accomplished work- tion in Italy is a logistical night-
ing with our suppliers.” mare and it is very hard to co-or-
dinate shipments so they arrive at
No surprise destination in good order. Night
The restructuring package is hour travel “windows” are very
hardly a surprise - the former restrictive and traffic police in the
management of Fantuzzi group various provinces of Italy often
had been trying to get changes have different and sometimes con-
past the unions for years. Terex it- tradictory requirements.
self was open about the problems The changes also follow an
it saw in the Italian operations economic logic, says TPE - “adapt-
when the deal to buy Fantuzzi ing fixed costs to the cost absorp-
Noell group was first announced tion capability of the current and
in August 2008. It finally acquired medium term activity level. The
the business in July 2009, after a aim is to achieve more efficient,
year of haggling that enabled it to flexible and competitive opera-
achieve a lower price as the credi- tions through economic cycles.”
tor banks became increasingly There are two drivers. The first
desperate for a solution. is the extent to which the Italian
No restructuring notices about units, like other equipment manu-
Noell Mobile Systems in Germany facturers, are affected by the glo-
or Noell China (majority stake) bal economic downturn. The
have been issued, but none are ex- other is the extent to which they
pected. In August 2008, Terex stated had lost business as suppliers and
that the non-Italian businesses were customers lost confidence because
well-run and profitable - “if it ain’t of Fantuzzi group’s well-publi-
broke, don’t fix it.” cised financial problems going
The question is whether TPE back several years to when it over-
can force the Italian changes reached itself in the rail-mounted
through. As part of a US-based container crane market.
multinational with net sales of
US$9.9B in 2008 (albeit the min- A long haul
ing equipment division has since Terex appears to be in the ports
been sold to Bucyrus), it has no market for the long haul. All TPE
particular loyalty to Italy. In fact equipment will be sold under the
Terex has certainly been taking a Terex brand, although brands with
tough line there. In December it strong brand equity could con-
issued redundancy notices to all tinue for some time, probably
45 workers at the Terex Comdeil paired with the Terex name. The
tower crane plant in Cusano Fantuzzi name may disappear - at
Milanino and the plant has since least from some markets.
closed. Some production has been A Reggiane superpost-
transferred to Friuli. Panamax crane just shipped to
CoNaTeCo in Naples sports the
Monfalcone push Terex and Reggiane logos.The
Port crane production in Italy 50t SWL, 50m outreach and 40m
could be transferred to Noell lift height crane was shipped coast-
China, although that does not ap- wise from Monfalcone in fully-
pear to be on TPE’s agenda. It erect mode, on a barge towed by
seems to want to build on meas- two tugs from Rimorchiatori
ures painfully and only partially Napoletani. The crane is due to
tried by Fantuzzi after it acquired enter service this month after fi-
an erection facility in Monfalcone. nal testing and commissioning. A
The biggest step is to cease second identical crane is due to
manufacturing activity at the clas- arrive from Monfalcone in March.
sic Reggio Emilia (RE) plant of At the start of this month, TPE
Reggiane and transfer production announced a new contract in
February 2010 35
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