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Hyster has launched the new H25-32XM and is claimed to optimise fuel consump- if the load is through the front axle.
heavy mast truck series
tion and minimise fuel costs accordingly. Both the TS-9972 and TS-9973W are
As previously reported, Taylor has in- 6.5m wheelbase machines. The TS-9972
vative reach stackers on the market.” troduced a new reach stacker line and this is a regular laden container handler and
Last October Konecranes Lifttrucks is now made up of three models. The big- the TS-9973W was primarily aimed at
announced an order from DP World gest is the TS-1068, on a 7m wheelbase. the growing wind power industry, al-
Djazair for 11 reach stackers, and that was It can stack containers weighing 38.5t up though it is suited to a number of appli-
reported in the December 2009 edition to 3-high in the second row; for the 4th cations. It is equipped as standard with a
of WorldCargo News. In May and June 2009 tier capacity is 30.8t. Second row capaci- 3-point hook attachment. On all three
Konecranes Lifttrucks had delivered six ties increase to 42.2t and 32.6t if (op- models, all the machine controls are in-
reach stackers and five ECH Mast trucks tional) front support jacks are deployed. tegrated using solid state controllers and
to DP World Djazair. These are toplift ratings and Taylor has J1939 CANbus technology.
Other business for Konecranes not released any ratings for a bottom lift Taylor has also launched a new range
Lifttrucks in 2009 included an order from attachment or second rail handling. US of LPG-powered, cushion tyre trucks on
Maersk CFS in Chennai for two “envi- second rail load centres are often 6.5m 24ins (600mm) LCs, designated XC se-
ronment-friendly” reach stackers. The two (257ins). This LC distance is normally the ries. There are nine trucks in the range -
4531 models (45t first row up to 5-high, one used by reach stacker suppliers for six on 80ins wheelbase, two on 88ins and
Cargotec’s director, global key accounts. have them as one of our worldwide cus- 31t second row) are fitted with third row stacking and the toplift rating one on 98ins, and capacities are from
“We have been serving their needs for tomers. The machines on order are touted Konecranes’ Eco-Drive system. This cal- for the TS-1068 in the third row is 27.2t 18,000 lbs to 35,000 lbs. Width overall is
more than 20 years, and I am pleased to by Cargotec as “presently the most inno- culates the fuel efficiency of the machines, up to 3-high with jacks deployed, or 20.4t just 56.5ins. The engines have CANbus
engine diagnostics and, to facilitate service
access, the “hang-on” counterweight can
be taken away just by removing one bolt.
A powerful
Egypt job
Just now there is a tender out for two 45t
reach stackers, five 65t tractor/trailer sets
rAnge of
and two RTGs in Port Said. Both CVS
Ferrari and Konecranes Lifttrucks are
known to have supplied reach stackers
into the Egyptian market recently. For
premium trucks
example, CVS Ferrari delivered five
model F479 machines to Port Said Con-
tainer and Cargo Handling Co last sum-
mer, while Konecranes won an order for
two EC reach stackers (and six RTGs)
from Damietta Container and Cargo
Handling Company last October. CVS,
through local dealer Albarajoub Engineer-
ing, also recently delivered two F479s and
two F42 FLTs to SPC in Port Sudan.
Hyster forks out
Hyster has launched a new range of 25-
32t FLTs and dedicated container han-
dlers. The new H25-32XM range com-
prises nine new models, three of which
are “ultra compact,” explains Antoon
Cooijmans, big trucks product manager
for Hyster Europe. “They are all designed
to offer a unique blend of high produc-
tivity, reliable proven components, fuel
efficiency and outstanding driver com-
fort in the ports or in heavy industry.”
The range includes four FLTs
(H25XM-12, H28XM-12, H30XM-12,
H32XM-12) at 1200mm LC. The three
ultra-compact models (H25XMS-9,
H30XMS-9, H32XMS-9) at 900mm LC
are designed for operation where space is
at a premium, with wheelbases of between
3.655m and 3.935m. There are two new
container handlers (H28XM-16CH,
H32XM-16CH) with a dedicated car-
riage for the container spreader.
All new models offer the QSC8.3
Cummins diesel engine. The powertrain,
says Hyster, ensures increased dependabil-
ity for long periods of peak power op-
eration with protection for the engine and
the 3-speed transmission. The trucks can
operate in ambient temperatures from -
18 degC up to +50 degC.
SMV Reach Stackers (10 to 45 tons) Your complete cooperation partner
All the machines, continues
Cooijmans, are fitted with load-sensing
For optimal handling of empty and loaded container and trailers For over 50 years Konecranes Lifttrucks have worked closely together
hydraulics, estimated to provide average
in terminals and ports, at multi-track railways and on barges and with the industry to be able to offer unique, powerful and customised
fuel savings of 5-15% over a whole shift
as well as greater driver comfort. Operat-
for industrial handling of steel, concrete and other heavy loads.
trucks and stackers. Our trucks are optimally adapted to Your business.
ing speeds can be adjusted to suit the re-
This is one of the factors that make us to a leading manufacturer when
quirements of a specific application.
SMV Fork Lift Trucks (10 to 60 tons)
you have high demands on performance, productivity and quality,
For added flexibility the FLTs have a
with lowest low life-cycle cost and environmental impact. “dual function” carriage - a hook-style
The market’s most extensive series of big fork lift trucks. design that enables fast exchange between
Strong trucks that provides an effective handling of wood, The SMV trucks have many innovative solutions as standard:
forks and attachments such as a coil ram.
paper, steel, concrete, rock, machines and containers. unique “box-type” chassis, load-sensing hydraulics (power-on-demand),
Sideshift and fork-positioning functions
efficient lo w-emission engines (high torque / low fuel consumption) and
are featured as standard, and include two
SMV Container Trucks (8 to 45 tons)
fork-positioning working ranges for wide
a new generation of driver cabins with improved ergonomics and lowered
“in-to-in” or “out-to-out” working range
noise level.
Few manufacturers can offer the same high performance and
of the forks. The robust mast has a “6-
roller” construction (claimed to be
such a wide range of specialised trucks as we do: from speedy Konecranes Lifttrucks, part of Konecranes, a globally leading supplier
unique) for heavy lifts up to 6.2m high.
empty-container trucks to strong full-container trucks and of lifting equipment, cranes, servicing and maintenance services,
The Hyster “Vista” cab is fitted, pro-
compact RoRo trucks. appr. 7,500 employees, with operations in over 70 countries. viding “excellent all-round visibility, ex-
cellent comfort, outstanding ergonomics
and a low noise level.” The doors feature
upper and lower glass panels to enhance
sideways visibility. The convex, curved
“The mosT producTive LifT Trucks And reAch sTAckers rAnge ever”
design of the front screen means that the
front corner pillars of the cab can be po-
sitioned relatively far back, to increase
visibility of the load and operating area.
Maintenance requirements are kept to
a minimum with features such as oil-im-
mersed brakes and increased service in-
Konecranes Lifttrucks AB, P.O. Box 103, 285 23 Markaryd, Sweden
tervals of 500h contributing to lower
Phone +46 433-733 00 Fax +46 433-733 10 E-mail
overall operating costs. The cab tilts to provide wasy service access. ❏
34 February 2010
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