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Big trucks - new developments
s briefly reported last month, DCF450-12 FLTs, equipped with electro- 800-2000mm wide and 250-300mm
Cargotec has introduced two magnets, were delivered to MultiRio/ thick, with a maximum mass of 36t. At
“streamlined” reach stacker mod- StahlLog, affiliates of the Multiterminais regime up to 5 Mtpa will be exported
els, designated DRF420L and DRF450L. group. The nominal rating of these ma- from the slab mill to the US and Europe.
“Up to now Kalmar machines have been chines is 45t on the forks at 1200mm LC,
at the high end, but we also need to cater and they have a residual capacity of 37t Algerian order
for applications that are not so heavy or under the attachment. Cargotec also recently signed an agree-
intensive,” explained Mikael Persson, VP, Cruz confirms that the electro-mag- ment for 10 Kalmar DRF450 reach stack-
reach stackers and EC handlers. nets were supplied by Woko Magnet in ers with with DP World Djazair, a joint
When Kalmar and Sisu merged, the Germany. These are the same make as fit- venture between DP World and the state
new Kalmar company offered its Swed- ted to the Svetrucks at the mill so are of Algeria. The machines will be deliv-
ish-built ContChamp as its “high end” clearly a TKS specification. The Svetrucks ered before the end of March. They have
reach stacker and the Sisu ContMaster as are additionally supplied, however, with an SWL of 45t in the first row, 30t in the
a machine for customers who did not hydraulic clamps from Elme. second row and 15t in the third row.
require such a high level of sophistica- As previously reported, the slabs are “Cargotec is proud to be a close part-
tion. It did this to protect market share. either 20ft (6m) or 40ft long and can be ner of DP World,” said Paul Michon, Kalmar slab-handling FLTs with Woko electro-magnets for Multiro/StahlLog in Brazil
To that extent, therefore, Cargotec is
going back to this “dual approach,” al-
though Perssons says the new models are
based on the current ‘F’ series Cont-
Champ platform. Core components in-
clude a Cummins engine, a Dana gear-
box and the Spirit Delta cab.
Persson says that the 420L/450L ma-
chines are aimed at terminals, including
logistic operations and DCs, with medium
capacity and average operational require-
ments. They have an “optimised” stand-
ard specification and an “optimised”
number of optional fittings to provide a
low TCO. They are aimed at increasing
market penetration for reach stackers as
containerisation spreads.
Both the machines are top handlers
only and can stack up to 5 x 9ft 6in high
in the first row. The 420L, on a 6m wheel-
base, has a capacity of 42t, 25t and 11t
and the first, second and third rows re-
spectively. The 450L is on a 6.5m wheel-
base and lifts 45/30/15. Although not
disclosed, the machines are probably shod
with 18.00-25 tyres, rather than bigger
and more expensive 18.00-33 covers. The
latter are generally fitted to machines re-
quired to have an SWL of 35t in the sec-
ond row and a high level of stability to
ensure fast handling.
Broader appeal
The DC market is interesting, but
sideloaders and low height 4-wheel strad-
dle carriers provide more flexibility as
they can access sheds and warehouses
more easily. It may well be the case, there-
fore, that Cargotec wants to increase pen-
etration in the mainstream ports market.
For example, a number of terminals
use reach stackers rather than mast trucks
mainly for driver visibility reasons, but
they use mast truck stack configurations
so there is no second row stacking.
Cargotec declined to put any figures
on the “discount” price of the 420/450L
compared to regular ContChamps, or
which competitor(s) it is targeting. How-
ever, it is worth noting that Terex Port
Equipment now controls two reach
stacker lines, Fantuzzi and PPM, that be-
tween them enjoy broad market support.
Terex has just announced measures to cut
costs at its Italian plants (see p35). One
420L is currently on test with an unnamed
customer “outside Sweden.”
Other new Cargotec business for
Kalmar front lift trucks includes a DCF
90-45E7 ECH mast truck for the new
container terminal being opened in Saint
Petersburg this spring (see p28). The unit
has an SWL of 9t and can lift 1 over 7 x
9ft 6in high. It is being supplied along
with 12 TR618i 4 x 4 tractors.
Steel handlers
Last year Cargotec supplied four Kalmar
heavy FLTs to Multirio/StahlLog, the
operator of the load-out quay for steel
slabs produced at the new TKS slab mill
in Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil. As pre-
viously reported the heavy FLTs in the
mill itself were supplied by Svetruck,
while Hoist is providing the FLTs for the
US import terminal in Mobile, Alabama.
All these FLTs are fitted with electro-
magnets and some are also provided with
hydraulic clamps (WorldCargo News, Sep-
tember 2009, p40). The solution adopted
by Steinweg for the European import ter-
minal in Rotterdam is not known. We
previously incorrectly reported that the
Brazilian export quay was being equipped
with Kalmar reach stackers.
Fernando Cruz, head of sales,
Cargotec Brazil, states that four Kalmar
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