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Marseilles: Rhône barge container encouraged shippers and local
traffic increased by 44% last year
Staying on the rails
chambers of commerce in the re-
gions to come up with their own
June, but has been delayed by ad- The GPMs have taken over re- traffic over Dunkirk and the port, solutions, coordinated by a new
ministrative problems. Once these sponsible for their internal rail today served by four operators - association, Objectif OFP, chaired
are resolved, it could add 7 Mtpa networks from RFF. Marseilles, for SNCF, VFLI (SNCF affiliate), by Jacques Chauvineau.
to the port’s traffic. example, has announced invest- Veolia (Eurotunnel) and ECR - Eventually more than 25
Traffic at Le Havre fell by 8.5% ments of €250M-€300M over the has contracted all maintenance Opérateurs Ferroviaires de Proximité
last year to 74 Mt, with liquid bulk next 10 years to improve its 110 and switch operations at its 200 could be established. The first re-
(mostly oil) down by 7% to 45.6 kms long network, with the aim km long network to Eurotunnel. gions off the mark were Le Morvan
mt. Crude imports and fuel ex- of increasing rail’s share of inland Following on from the Voies and the Pyrénées Orientales.
ports (to the USA) are set to fall distribution to 30% by 2013. des Huttes, the port is planning The first OFP involving a sea-
even further this year as Total is The port also aims to contract to electrify more track. It is also port is called NaviRail Atlantique,
cutting production at its local re- bulk throughput increased by 7%, some of the 800 direct and ancil- a shorthaul rail operator for switch lobbying RFF to complete elec- which is owned by GPM de La
finery by 25%. On the other hand, led by imports of diesel oil. Grain lary ,jobs affected by the closure, services. Rail had 13.7% share in trification of the Dunkirk-Calais Rochelle (51%) and SNCF
the final permitting for the export traffic increased by 9%. On the site will likely be converted to 2008, but last year intermodal rail line, to provide a seamless freight Géodis (49%). The first trains
planned Antifer LNG terminal the other hand, forest products an oil products depot, but this dipped by 25%. Naviland Cargo link through the Channel tunnel. should be rolling by April, linking
should be obtained this year. traffic fell sharply and container would save only 25% of the traffic. introduced a new link with the branch lines in Poitou-
Container traffic fell by 10% traffic fell by 15% in unit terms to Iron ore and coal imports fell Gevrey (near Dijon), but several Enter the OFP Charentes with SNCF’s national
last year to 2.2M TEU, with the 121,000 TEU, despite a 6.2% in- from 22.7 mt in 2008 to 12.8 Mt direct services (Rotterdam, In recent years SNCF has increasingly freight network at Tours.
fall in tonnage being 11% to 22.1 crease in Africa o/d container traf- last year, due to reduced steel pro- Clermont-Ferrand, Strasbourg) abandoned “single wagon” and The next OFP will likely be
Mt. Port 2000 (1400m total quay fic. The port’s river traffic increased duction at the ArcelorMittal mills were suspended. branch line services in the regions, in the Auvergne. It will be co-
length) accounted for 1.1M TEU, by 16% to around 5 Mt. in Dunkirk and in the Lorraine. A new rail terminal with five with the result that many shippers no owned by a logistics company
reckoned to be 80% of its capacity. GPM de Rouen plans to in- General cargo traffic fell by 6% train-length (750m) tracks has longer have a rail option. belonging to Groupe Combronde
vest €350M in 2010-5, says Man- to 15.1 Mt: ro-ro (Norfolkline) entered service in Le Havre, where Recognising that SNCF’s eco- (30%), SNCF Géodis (15%), re-
Port 2000 phase 2 agement Board director Hervé was down by only 2% to 12.5 mt Naviland Cargo has introduced a nomic imperatives may be at odds gional hauliers (40%) and two
Giles Fournier, chairman of the Deiss. Most of this (€185M) will (550,000 trailers and HGVs); and two pairs/week link with Gevrey. with broader environmental con- leading shippers, Michelin and
Supervisory Board of GPM du be used to deepen the channel to lo-lo container traffic (NFTI, Rail has a 50% share of inland siderations, the government has Danone (15% together). ❏
Havre, has announced that phase the sea at Le Havre. The private mostly) was down by just 1% to
2 of the Port 2000 complex - six sector is also committing heavily. 212,000 TEU (there was a spec-
more berths on a 2100m long dia- Katoen Natie is investing €130M tacular 16% increase in through-
phragm wall quay) is going ahead in a logistics centre at the port’s put in December)
Investment boost for barge mode
on schedule. Excavation and downstream Radicatel facility; The outlook for NFTI re-
dredging contracts were awarded Holcim is committing €50M to a mains uncertain and rumours that Container barge services on the pacity. Gennevilliers, the most im- capacity) and Bruyères-sur-Oise.
to Soletanche-Bachy, Atlantique new cement plant and distribu- APM Terminals wants to pull out River Seine are estimated to have portant site accounting for 90% The latter will have an initial ca-
Dragage and Boskalis. tion centre; Sea-Tank Rouen is will not go away. The terminal transported 120,000 TEU in 2009, of the traffic today, will get the li- pacity of 30,000 TEU/year, which
Ro-ro traffic, strongly influ- investing €35M, mostly for food- hopes to win Moroccan reefer compared to just 17,500 TEU in on’s share. can be increased by 50% by 2015.
enced by new car trades, fell by grade liquids storage and distribu- import business this year and two their first year. A sum of €28.3M is earmarked
25% last year, but the port has been tion; and Total is investing €25M intermodal rail shuttles are in plan- Service pioneer Logiseine has for the terminal to double capac- Enter Gron
boosted by a new agreement with in a logistics centre for lubricants. ning as well (Strasbourg, Paris). been joined by a number of other ity to 215,000 TEU. About half Meanwhile, CCI de l’Yonne has
KIA, which is transferring busi- Despite the problems, the port re- operators - Maersk, RiverShuttle, will come from the Port of Paris opened a €5M multimodal plat-
ness from Antwerp. This year Badly hit tained its financial stability and GPM Marfet, MSC and Carline. Push and the balance from the opera- form at Gron, near Sens, on the
11,000 KIA autos will be shipped Proving that no good turn goes de Dunkerque was able to pay a “divi- barges of up to 350 TEU are in tor, Paris-Terminal. A new barge- River Yonne, which flows into the
in from Korea by Eukor. unpunished, Dunkirk, which years dend” of €6.5M to its main share- regular service between Paris to-shore crane will be installed. Seine downstream of Paris. A
In December the port was ago achieved the goals of the 2008 holder - the government. Gennevilliers, Rouen and Le Ha- Since last July Gennevilliers weekly barge link with Le Havre,
awarded ISO 28000 security cer- national port reform law at key Supervisory Board chairman vre, while smaller motor barges of has been linked to Novara via Gennevilliers and Rouen, will
tification by DNV. It claims to be facilities, was the worst hit of all Jean-Luc Vialla has given the green up to 90 TEU operate on the (Torino) with a three pairs/week commence in the Spring and traf-
only the second port in the world France’s leading sea ports last year. light to a €46M investment pack- Upper Seine, Oise and Marne. intermodal service, providing op- fic is expected to build up to 10-
to achieve this (after Houston). Traffic fell by 22.5% to 45 Mt. age in 2010, half of which will go Shippers have adapted to barge portunities for barge/rail transfers 20,000 TEU/year.
In the Autumn, Total shut on completing and commission- distribution of consumer durables for containers over Le Havre. The location is of particular in-
Rouen on the up down its Dunkirk refinery, repre- ing the first phase of the new LNG to the Paris market. Containerised Capacity at Limay terminal terest to shippers in Burgundy -
Bucking the trend, overall mari- senting on an annualised basis a terminal. At the end of last year waste services are also important. will be tripled to 30,000 TEU and exports of Beaujolais Nouveau, for
time traffic at Rouen increased last loss of 10 Mt of throughput and the port was awarded ISO 9001 The Port of Paris is preparing two new platforms will come on example, along with electric ca-
year by 2.8% to 23.3 Mt. Liquid €15M of ship dues (20%)! To save certification. ❏ new investments to increase ca- line this year, at Evry (10,000 TEU bles, metal tubes, etc. ❏
30 February 2010
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