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Pushing ahead despite doubts
NCC. However, port assets are a
major part of FESCO’s cash flow
and the offer was rejected. In fact,
FESCO continues to build its own
The Commercial Seaport of Saint
The pace of investment in Russian
FESCO’s spokesman Stanislav terminal network. Late last year its
Petersburg (MTPSP) is the new- Varanyan said his company’s posi- TransGarant affiliate increased its stake
est entrant to the container han-
container ports has slowed down,
tion reflected the downturn in the in StroyOptTorg (SOT) dry port in
dling segment in north west Rus- container market and that open- Khabarovsk from 51% to 98%.
sia. The group, comprising First,
but there is still activity, despite
ing ULCT in 2009 would be pre- Khabarovsk is the RFE’s nodal
Second, Third and Fourth
the disagreements within NCC
mature and add to overcapacity in centre, located at the crossroads of
stevedoring companies and serv- the market.FESCO has restruc- the Trans-Siberian and Baikal-
ice affiliates in its home port, now tured its liabilities and already fro- Amur railways and close to the
operates as International Transport to four 50t SWL panamax cranes month of 2009. Traffic at its zen its merchant fleet and rolling Vladivostok-Khabarovsk federal
Holding UCLH BV. and 10 50t SWL RTGs from NUTEP Novorossiysk facility stock expansion programme. motorway and the Amur river, the
In February 2008, a Dutch- Konecranes. Ground handling reached 12,192 TEU in January, FQ and Eurogate believe in natural frontier with China.
registered company, Universal equipment is coming from an- 6.5% up on the figure in January ULCT and there are customers Transgarant acquired the 51%
Cargo Logistics Holding BV other Finnish company, Cargotec, 2009. No figures are yet available who are prepared to transfer busi- stake in SOT from the regional
(ULCH) acquired most of the which is supplying 12 Kalmar from N-trans/GPI, but Petro- ness to the new facility from Saint branch of Russia’s state property
shares (97.01%) in MTPSP and its TR618i terminal tractors and one lesport has been receiving weekly Petersburg. However, relocating fund back in 2006 and since then
affiliates from the then owners Jysk Kalmar DCF 90-45E7 ECH mast calls by Maersk since October. cargo flows might simply transfer had invested more than US$40M
Stalindustri AS (a Danish affiliate truck. The 4 x 4 tractor spec was FESCO’s financial problems the overcapacity problem. in the renewal of its storage facili-
of Russian steel maker NLMK) chosen to ensure tractive effort in have continued to put a cloud over Even though the market ties and infrastructure.
and Chupit Holdings. MTPSP harsh winter conditions. the future of NCC’s purpose-built picked up in the second half and Earlier this month Transgarant
and all its affiliates were subse- container terminal at Ust-Luga especially in the last quarter, some obtained the necessary permit
quently incorporated into a new On the way back? (ULCT). The first phase of the analysts belive that capacity at from Russian Railways’ transport
Dutch holding, International Container traffic in all Russia’s facility was supposed to open last ULCT will not be needed for agency to handle containers at
Transport Holding UCLH BV. seaports is estimated to have fallen year, but FESCO froze its invest- another 3-4 years. Meanwhile, the SOT and TransGarant’s investment
As previously reported the by 32% last year to 2.5M TEU - ment, which led to a public spat new MTPSP investments will ex- programme includes a new CY Rostock-built Liebherr mobile harbour
new container terminal is located the figure for 2006 - but is show- with NCC’s other shareholder, acerbate the short-term problem. with a static storage capacity of
cranes coming off AURA in Ust-Luga
on the area occupied by Fourth ing signs of recovery. NCC has First Quantum (FQ). FESCO and 2200 TEU. The container termi-
stevedoring company and is set to reported that throughput at its FQ each hold a 40% stake in Buy out FESCO? nal could attract additional busi-
Kundzinsala (“King’s Island”).
open this spring, with Alexander FCT operation in Saint Petersburg ULCT, in which US$160M has Last month, according to ness of up to 25,000 TEU/year.
The €55M first phase (110-
Shcherbinin as director. The ter- reached 76,403 TEU in January already been invested. Germany’s Kommerzant, FQ offered FESCO No decision has been taken on
130,000 TEU) terminal is due to
minal is being equipped with up this year, 20.7% more than the first Eurogate holds the other 20%. US$440M for its 50% stake in handling systems, but it looks like
enter service in 2012, with capac-
a choice between RTGs and reach
ity rising gradually to 500,000
stackers. Looking ahead, reefer
TEU on completion of phase 3.
plugs may be installed.
NKT’s executive director
Your partner in rental solutions
So far only a relatively small
Mikelis Lapse has acknowledged
part of the 10-ha SOT site has
that fundraising is problematic.
been developed. Nadezhda
Latvian banks are not capable of
Timokhova, an analyst with
funding such large-scale undertak-
Metropol investment company in
ings and foreign lenders are scep-
Ask for details
Moscow, believes that Transgarant
tical, too, because of the state of
has made a long-term commit-
the Latvian economy.
ment in the hope that import
NKT would be sited on a 160-
cargo flows will pick up again.
ha plot leased for 45 years from
Certainly, Denis Stolypin, SOT’s
Riga Free Port by NCC. The
chairman, believes that the facil-
project was initiated in 2006 by
ity is best placed to become the
FQ in association with Kundz-
region’s principal multimodal and
insalas Parks, a vehicle of Latvian
distribution centre.
businessman Ivars Millers.
In any case the legality of the
RFE consolidation project is in question. It was
FESCO also increased its influ-
shelved in 2008 following a rul-
ence in the Port of Vladivostok by
ing by the Latvian Constitutional
acquiring a 51% stake in
Court to ban Kundzinsala indus-
PortPasService (PPS). The pur-
trial development for the sake of
chase was made though FESCO
environmental protection.
affiliate the Merchant Seaport of
The Free Port is keen to see it
Vladivostok (VMTP), already the
go ahead, however. Today Baltic
port’s biggest stevedore.
Container Terminal (BCT), the
PPS has 3000 m
of transit
former Soviet operation now
sheds and 15,000 m
of open stor-
owned by Italy’s Mariner SpA has
age, some of which is used for cars,
a monopoly on lo-lo container
500m long rail approach lines, a
handling in Riga. The facility has
Alexander Bellstraat 7, 3261 LX Oud-Beijerland
ro-ro ramp, a 500m long quay
been handling NATO containers
P.O. Box 1569, 3260 BB Oud-Beijerland
The Netherlands
with five portal cranes of up to
transiting through Russia and
Phone: +31(0)186 - 620930, Fax: +31(0)186 - 615160 10t lifting capacity and a floating Central Asia to Afghanistan. crane capable of lifts up to 100t.
Previously VMTP had pur-
More in Ust-Luga
chased a 51% istake in Vladivostok
MTPSP also controls UPK, a
Automobile Terminal, the RFE’s
multi-purpose/ro-ro terminal in
biggest car terminal, which had
Ust-Luga, and the Port of
been set up in 2007. VMTP also
Taganrong in the Russian sector
increased its interest in the Femsta
of the Azov Sea. Last October,
shipping agency from 4% to 56%.
MTPSP transferred two 32t Sokol
VMTP’s spokesman Aleksey
(“Falcon”) double level luffing
se DCs instead of O
Dovbysh said that the acquisitions
portal cranes from the company
for r
Loading by one push in and unloading by one pull outby one pull out
emarkable sa
were made “to consolidate the
grounds of First stevedoring
port’s core assets...our develop-
(Berths Nos 23 and 39) to UPK.
ment strategy is based on integra-
Three Sokol cranes had been
tion in order to maintain long-
transferred by MPSP to UPK in
term competitiveness in both do-
the same way in October 2008.
mestic and regional markets.”
For the short coastwise trip, the
Last year, volumes handled by
cranes were shipped fully-erect by
Actiw LoadPlate meets customer demands for quick and safe loading of standard
VMTP increased by 4.9% year
integrated tug/barge and river-sea
cargo space: sea containers, trailers...
on year to 6.205 Mt. The figures
vessel operator Volgo-Baltic Logis-
This solution is highly suitable for loading diffi cult cargo that is hard to containerise, or easily damaged, by was made up of 4.206 Mt of ex-
tics, which is part of Russia’s
conventional methods or that require special shipping containers. Long items: timber, steel plates, tubes, ports (mainly metals and coke), North West Shipping Company.
and profi les are easily handled by Actiw LoadPlate. It smoothly loads project deliveries of varying sizes,
978,600t of imports and 1.204 Mt
Phase 2 of the Yug-2 multi-
lengths, and weights.
of domestic coastwise shipments.
purpose terminal is scheduled to
Taking into account the fa-
open in 1Q/2010, said Maksim
LoadStrip is a clever accessory for the unloading of cargo loaded
by Actiw LoadPlate. It enables quick and effi cient unloading from
vourable situation of Asia Pacific
Shirokov, director general of Ust-
standard cargo space at standard trailer dock doors and platforms.
markets, VMTP’s production di-
Luga Company. Up to now Yug-
Unloading with LoadStrip is possible by normal fork lifts, terminal rector Sergey Lopunov is confi-
2 has operated as a ro-ro terminal
tractors or modifi ed unloading platforms.
dent that export shipments will
only, but last December three new
increase this year. In the container
Liebherr mobile harbour cranes,
See us at stand C10
sector, VMTP handled 227,978
two LHM 320s and one LHM
TOC Europe 2010
TEU last year, including 85,644
280, were shipped to the facility,
TEU of coastwise shipments.
fully-erect from the assembly plant
in Rostock, on board AURA.
r fur

Riga outcome? The new equipment will al-
Sales reps wanted.


i Contact MD Reijo Viinonen at
The disagreement between
low the terminal to handle con-
+358 207 424 830 or FESCO and FQ also raises a ques- tainerised and general cargoes. On
tion over the future of the NKT
build-out, still scheduled for 2012,
container terminal project at the
Yug-2 should have a capacity of
entrance to Riga harbour on the
4.7 Mtpa. ❏
28 February 2010
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