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Automation will install its Jol was himself a vessel plan- structure and transaction-based
Autostore TOS at the Mesaieed ner and for some years has been pricing. Another vendor is talking
Terminal in Qatar and Russian soft- on the SMDG group that devel- to customers about spreading the
LXE extends Trux
802.11 a/b/g + Bluetooth radio,
WWAN connectivity and an
ware house Ant Technologies has oped the BAPLIE message (which licence fee payment over time us-
IP65 rated enclosure. The Förj is
installed its first container terminal defines the position of containers ing a time/throughput formula.
larger, with a 12.1in touch screen
system at Eurosib-Terminal in a vessel) and says that by talk- TSB is taking another approach
Shushary Distriport. ing to this group, Esoware was able and developing Internet-based ap-
terminal range
and outdoor screen option.
MSC Home Terminal in
to “take out all the things we don’t plications to prepare to provide its
Antwerp has chosen LXE VX9
Cost and size need.” Esoware software is not de- CATOS TOS via the SaaS business
LXE has released two updates to Förj vehicle-mount units for its
Larger terminals often require a ref- signed to handle a 2M TEU ter- model with an ASP partner. It is
its “Trux” line of rugged vehi- straddle carriers. The terminal
erence site of 1M TEU or more, a minal or automation, but to allow considering per transaction pricing
cle-mount computers: the VX8 recently replaced its aging nar-
reference in specific functionality a smaller terminal to implement a or a monthly flat rate based on ca-
Kärv and VX9 Förj. Both incor- row band network with a 2.4
(such as crane automation) and TOS with appropriate function- pacity or a charge based on a com-
porate sharper LED backlit dis- and 5 GHZ Wi-Fi network and
want to deal with a TOS vendor ality at a reasonable cost over time. bination of throughout, operational
plays, Intel Atom and Core 2 launched a proactive mainte-
they see as big enough to be com- workflow and service scope.
Duo processing speeds and mo- nance system to allow straddle
mercially stable and able to provide Core database TSB says it is in discussions with
bile radio connectivity into rug- carriers to be monitored re-
regional support - a combination The Esoware TOS, called Step II, is several terminals handling below
ged and versatile mobile per- motely.
that can rule out all but two or three a “core” database around which 200,000 TEU annually and that the
sonal computers. A joint management/docker
players. Others have learned from other applications can be added as concept has appeal. As well as lower
The new models are aimed team drew up a shortlist of three
experience that they are highly un- needed. One of the key success fac- cost, the SaaS model relieves ter-
at applications that need full vendors and tested different units
likely to win these projects, regard- tors with this approach, however, is minals of data security and on-site
Microsoft Windows computing for ruggedness, readability and
less of how competitive their price the terminal’s ability to plan ahead application support, but high qual-
power in a mobile environment
MSC Home Terminal is installing the
compatibility with the straddle
is, and often do not bother to bid. for a phased implementation. ity broadband is essential.
to optimise application and net-
VX9 Förj in its straddle carrier fleet
monitoring system before select-
Hogia Terminals, for example, From his experience at Salerno, ZES is also taking a different ap-
work management compatibility. ing the VX9 Förj. Around 120
is a sizeable company with a staff Jol says the ongoing support costs proach with a soon-to-be-launched
The Kärv comes with Atom 1.6 processors, up to 2GB of RAM, a units will now be installed across
of 500 and is well known in Swe- of “full scale” systems are something product called Navis Argo, aimed
GHz or Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz 10.4in touch screen LED display, the straddle carrier fleet. ❏
den, but did not bid on the terminals really have to consider directly at the small terminal mar-
Gothenburg tender, which is un- carefully. With Cosmos, which ket. Navis Argo is designed to lower mibia handled around 280,000 cost issues with smaller terminals little as they choose. Southport
derstood to have required an au- Salerno used at one point, support cost with an application that is TEU last year and has signed a con- by allowing them to purchase li- installed JMT in 2002 at a re-
tomated stacking crane reference. costs could sometimes hit €30,000- configurable, but not intended to tract to implement SPARCS N4 cences to limited functionality. ported cost of US$125,000.
In the smaller terminal market, 40,000 per month, which was sim- be customised at the code level. at a cost of around US$1.7M. Batumi International Container ZES’s decision to effectively
however, price is more of a factor ply not sustainable. Argo is preconfigured for Terminal in Georgia, for example, create different versions of its
and there is a huge difference in Esoware believes there is room Microsoft Windows and SQL Unique strategy licensed Tideworks’ Spinnaker SPARCS N4 TOS for different
the cost of software. Esoware BV is in the market for a TOS designed server and has functionality to A defined “small terminal” prod- planning system without licens- sized terminals creates a point of
an example of a new vendor that for terminals of up to 700,000 exchange EDI and manage gate, uct is somewhat unique as a strat- ing its Mainsail TOS. difference in the market as most
claims to offer a TOS for 50% less TEU/year or so that can be im- yard and vessel processes with egy in the TOS market. Robert Similarly, Jade Software has vendors are pushing the message
than ZES. The company was plemented for €300,000-500,000, configurable business rules, but Inchausti, vice president of prod- two customers handling in the that all customers get the same
founded last year by Dutch soft- including any customisation that does not include optimisation al- uct marketing for ZES, points out 15,000-25,000 TEU/year range - product regardless of size.
ware developer Copas, which de- might be required. gorithms and is not designed to that Navis already has more “small Southport in New Zealand and Jade’s biggest customer is DCT
veloped software for the Gallozzi Evidently there is and Esoware be used with other optimisation terminal” installations than any Everett in the USA - using its JMT Gdansk, which is emerging as a
Group, purchased the rights and has won a contract to install its products such as Navis Prime other software vendor, but it does TOS. Both use the same version Baltic hub and is on track to han-
then redeveloped it in Java. TOS at the new terminal in Great Route. Two options will be avail- not have the dominance in this of JMT as larger terminals, but it dle 400,000-450,000 TEU this year.
Esoware is headed by Frans Jol, Yarmouth, UK, operated by PSA able - a basic system and a second market that it is building with is priced to fit the requirements By contrast, over 200 terminals use
who was formerly general manager International. version with more advanced yard large terminals. of the terminal. “While they are SPARCS and SPARCS N4, rang-
with Salerno Container Terminal, planning, vessel planning and ra- Taking the Scandinavian mar- small, their needs are lower and ing from very small to very large
part of the Gallozzi Group. Jol says Less cost, less TOS? dio data terminal capability in- ket as an example, Hogia has sev- they can get by with single stage facilities with full yard automation.
Esoware has kept cost down by re- With fewer large greenfield op- tended for terminals handling over eral container terminal customers gates, a few EDI messages, low cost A “scaled” product at a lower
ducing functionality. Its marketing portunities, more TOS vendors are 50,000 TEU/year. and has recently signed new ter- graphical RDT support, web ac- price might have more appeal to
pitch is to compare a TOS to buy- now considering how to broaden ZES is targeting a price of un- minals in Sodertalje (Sweden) and cess for their client invoicing and smaller terminals than a much
ing a car: the Ferrari is the best car, their appeal to smaller terminals. der US$100,000 for the basic sys- Risavika (Stavanger, Norway), but manual yard and ship planning,” “bigger” application, such as
“but you buy what you can afford.” CMC of India, which has recently tem, including a pre-configured re- general manager Johan Hogsved says Jade’s Dave Quennell. SPARCS N4, which is designed
Most terminals, he adds, need only won contracts with the Mangalore lational database and installation/ says Hogai has never encountered Access to functionality is con- to support a wide variety of tech-
about 10% of the content of some and Cochin Port Trusts, is looking set up costs. By way of compari- Navis bidding as a competitor. trolled with a licence key and cus- nologies most small terminals are
applications. at a “more staggered” licence fee son, the port of Walvis Bay in Na- Other vendors have addressed tomers can license as much or as not even considering. ❏
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