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Free yard planning tool
K software developer Vehnet is to most port and terminal applications, this is a better value proposition than try-
offering a free Advanced Yard which are sold with an enterprise appli- ing to calculate the total cost of owner-
Design Optimiser (AYDO) tool cation licence. The huge outlay of a spe- ship of an ERP application.
that lets terminals create a two dimen- cialist ERP application is simply too much By offering AYDO for free, Vehnet aims
sional yard map to use as a starting point for many smaller facilities and Jones be- to give terminals a useful tool that gets them
in investigating yard optimisation with its lieves that as a software vendor, Vehnet thinking about ways to improve yard plan-
new application, Advanced Yard. “should fit in with how our customers ning. The first step is to have an accurate
Vehnet claims to be the leading de- get their revenue.” yard map, which usually requires a costly
veloper of finished vehicle supply chain Charging a fee per unit handled low- survey. With AYDO terminals can use a
management systems and its flagship ers the initial cost and means the soft- Google earth image to generate a 2D yard
product, iTracks, is used at over 70 loca- ware cost is a revenue line item to ac- map that is accurate to within a foot or
tions across Europe, North America and countants, outside of the capital budget. two and use the features in the application
Asia. A key component of iTracks is yard It also means the customer can measure to start exploring the benefits of different
planning functionality, which Vehnet has the benefit of the software immediately yard layouts. Terminals are free to use the Vehnet is offering a free downloadable application that terminals can use to create a 2-D yard map
decided to cross-market into other indus- in operating costs and Jones is confident yard maps in brochures, websites etc. ❏ and begin exploring yard planning options
tries, including ports and container ter-
minals, as Advanced Yard.
Managing director Steve Jones says fin-
ished vehicle supply chains are extremely

long and complex and Vehnet has devel-
oped a great deal of technology for inte-
grating the supply chain “leg ends” with
automated yard planning systems to make
the yard process more efficient. Advanced
yard leverages that development to target
businesses wanting to move beyond sim-
ple “in and out” inventory control and start
to reduce per unit yard costs.
Vehnet is not targeting yard planning
at large container terminals, but considers
Advanced Yard to be ideally suited to mixed
ro-pax and ro-ro applications, breakbulk
and general/container terminals, distribu-
tion centres and cross dock facilities.
Vehnet’s value proposition is to use
software to reduce yard handling costs.
With Advanced Yard management tools,
terminals can manage the yard in the same
way that businesses manage manufactur-
ing; optimising processes, planning
workflows and, importantly in the port
environment, matching labour levels to
actual work requirements. Studies with
its automotive handling customers have
shown that Vehnet achieves at least a 15%
reduction in operating costs “and typi-
cally much more than that,” says Jones.
For ease of implementation, Vehnet has
designed Advanced Yard to manage 90%
of yard processes “out of the box,” with
configurable options for site-specific re-
quirements. Jones says Vehnet has to rec-
ognise that yard planning “is not the fo-
cus of the IT department’s world” and
minimising implementation time is an
important factor.
Price is equally important and Vehnet’s
“per unit” pricing structure is different
DASH7 on
the move
The DASH7 Alliance, a group promot-
ing a standard for wireless sensor networks,
has announced a certification programme
for products and services under the ISO Severe Environments
18000-7 standard.
One of the objectives of DASH7 is to • Flexibility in temperature extremes
address ambiguity in ISO 18000-7 and de-
and rigorous applications
velop protocols for interoperability that the
ISO standard lacks. The new testing and
certification programme will be run by
Highly Engineered
MET Laboratories, which will also certify
other labs as DASH7 certification centres.
• Cables for festoon and reeling systems,
DASH7 has identified addressing cable track and flexing applications
interoperability as “absolutely critical to
the widescale adoption of wireless sensor
Unique Technology
networking,” says president Patrick Burns.
True interoperability is likely to be a sig-
• New generation designs for
nificant boost to the development of e-
seals and RFID technology in container
today's crane cable systems
monitoring/security applications, which
require sensor networking. Global
Ambiguity and interoperability issues
around ISO18000-7 have led some manu-
facturers to use other protocols. The
Starcom Systems Triton tracking device, for
• orldwide W wire and
example, uses the ZigBee transmission pro- cable companies
tocol to allow security devices to mesh on
featuring BIW
Draka Cableteq USA Draka Industrial Cable GmbH
the vessel or in the container yard.
22 Joseph E. Warner Boulevard Dickestr.23 42369 Wuppertal
and Draka
Compared to Zigbee, DASH7, which
North Dighton, MA 02764 USA Germany
operates in the 433MHz range, has six times
Industrial T: (800)333 4248 T: +49(202) 296 0
the range and penetration through obsta-
Fax: (888)201 8280 Fax: +49(202) 296 2000
cles. It also has the significant advantage of
RF wakeup, whereas ZigBee sends signals
on a timed schedule, which uses more bat-
tery power. ❏
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