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PrimeLINE scores
Singamas warns of
with Hamburg Süd
“significant loss”
Based on a preliminary assessment TEU of standard dry freight units,
Carrier Transicold’s PrimeLINE
units with the lowest cost of own-
by its management, container 13,049 TEU of reefers, 22,357
reefer container machinery pack-
ership, the German carrier asked
manufacturer Singamas has warned TEU of dry freight specials and
age, equipped with a Copeland
Cambridge Refrigeration Tech-
of a “significant loss” in its 2009 893 TEU of tanks.
digital scroll compressor running
nology (CRT) in the UK to con-
results compared to the US$4.5M The company is expected to
on R134a, has come out top in
duct operational trials and labo-
profit the company made in 2008. announce its audited 2009 finan-
terms of energy efficiency in in-
ratory tests on all refrigeration
The world’s second biggest cial results next month.
dependent laboratory analysis and
units and energy-saving software
container manufacturer after China Meanwhile, the official
operational trials commissioned
solutions on the market.
International Marine Containers Xinhua news agency has reported
by Hamburg Süd.
“Carrier’s PrimeLINE unit
(CIMC) said it had suffered severely that CIMC recorded a loss of
Seeking to qualify refrigeration
proved to be superior when it
in the global downturn. “The fi- US$100M in its container manu-
Hamburg Süd has added 3,000 40ft nancial and economic turmoil con- facturing business last year. CIMC
high cubes equipped with PrimeLINE
tinued from the second half of 2008 manufactured 55,000 TEU in the
machinery to its reefer fleet
into 2009 [affecting] export trade first half of 2009, of which just
from China, which has in turn af- 4,500 TEU were standard dry
comes to efficiency compared to
fected container demand and the freight containers. Figures for the
other manufacturers,” said Martin
group’s revenue and profit,” second half of the year have not
Schoeler, deputy director, logistics
Singamas said in a statement. been released but total production
technology, at Hamburg Süd.
Nevertheless, the company said in 2009 is expected to be no
As a result of CRT’s finding,
its specialised container and logis- higher than 150,000 TEU, com-
Hamburg Süd has upgraded its
tics businesses remained on track pared to 1,561,700 TEU in 2008.
reefer fleet with 3,000, 40ft high
and China’s export performance ● CIMC is continuing it pro-
cube containers, built by China
has been improving. “The group gramme of diversification by buy-
International Marine Containers
implemented cost control measures ing a 75% stake in Friede &
(CIMC) and fitted with
and continued its focus in expand- Goldman United (F&G), a US-
PrimeLINE machinery.
ing its product mix by developing based naval architecture and ma-
“With the increase in fuel prices
more higher-margin specialised rine engineering firm for the off-
over the last two years, the indus-
containers,” the company said. shore drilling market. The acquisi-
try changed a lot,” Schoeler said,
Unofficial figures show that tion is aimed at helping Singapore-
explaining that energy consump-
Singamas manufactured just based Yantai Raffles Shipyard Ltd,
tion issues have become “more
86,600 TEU last year, compared which CIMC acquired in Novem-
important from the cost side, from
to 567,400 TEU in 2008. The ber 2009, to improve its design ca-
the environmental side and from
2009 output comprised 50,301 pability and win more orders.
the customer side, because they are
looking at that in more detail.”
While Hamburg Süd is one of
the top five reefer container car- Obituary
riers worldwide, its refrigerated
service comprises a proportion-
It is with deep sadness that we
ately larger part of its business than
report the death of reefer con-
any other container line -15% of
tainer industry pioneer Paul
its containers are refrigerated. “We
Klinge on February 5th, 2010,
are very reefer driven,” said
at the age of 88.
Schoeler, adding that with so
After various youthful busi-
much of its business dependent on
ness adventures starting in 1944
refrigerated trade, total cost of
and including running a gallery
ownership of refrigerated contain-
in Copenhagen and selling dam-
ers is especially important.
ask tablecloths in New York, Paul
“The lower the energy con-
Klinge established Paul Klinge
sumption, the smaller the carbon
A/S in Denmark in the early
footprint you generate, so that’s also
1960s and built the company
an important factor,” Schoeler said.
into an international business
“When compared to the in-
concern with more than 25
dustry average, these 3,000
companies and 1000 employees, Marine, which was itself taken
PrimeLINE units are expected to
producing a wide range of prod- over in 1993 by US major
save enough energy over their life
ucts from security systems to ice Thermo King Corporation.
of operation to avoid approxi-
making equipment and machin- The Langeskov plant was closed
mately 70,000t of carbon emis-
ery used in the food manufac- in 2004 after Thermo King
sions, equivalent to removing
turing industry. shifted production to a new
more than 1,000 cars from the
Paul Klinge A/S entered the plant in China.
road over the same period,” said
reefer container business in 1976 In his later years, Paul Klinge
John Mandyck, Carrier’s vice
when the company was ap- was involved in many projects,
president for sustainability and
pointed European agent for including importing fruit and
environmental strategies.
transport refrigeration equip- vegetables from Egypt, selling
ment manufactured by York flower coolers to supermarkets
Refrigeration in York, Pennsyl- and manufacturing plastic bins.
vania. Shortly afterwards, the first His legacy to the reefer con-
York reefer container units were tainer industry lives on through
supplied to Maersk Line and the Klinge Corporation, which
company was subsequently ap- continues to manufacture spe-
pointed as worldwide agent for cialised reefer machinery and
York equipment. gensets for commercial and
So successful did the com- military applications in the US
pany’s agency activities become under the ownership of his eld-
that in the early 1980s, Paul est son Henrik.
Klinge A/S took over the pro- Paul Klinge’s contribution
duction of York machinery in to Danish business has been rec-
the US and in 1984 the manu- ognised by his receipt of both
facturing operation was shifted the Danfoss Prize and King
to a new plant in Langeskov, Frederik IX’s Recognition
Denmark, under the name Prize for meaningful contribu-
Klinge Cool. At the same time, tions to Danish exports.
Klinge Corporation was set up He also received a Lifetime
in the US as a spin off from the Achievement award for services
transport refrigeration equip- to the reefer container indus-
ment department of York Re- try at the Intermodal Transport
frigeration. & Logistics show held in his
Over the next seven years, home city of Copenhagen in
Klinge Cool container machin- 2004. Many in the industry will
• Reduce your large Reach Stacker / Straddle Carrier fleet with cost effective Sidelifters
• This will reduce Equipment, Maintenance and Insurance costs
ery units were supplied to best remember him for his hos-
Maersk, Evergreen, Cosco, pitality at numerous trade
• Improve Your Business Productivity and Revenue
Samskip, Tropicana and many shows around the world, where
other leading international con- he revived many a flagging visi-
tainer lines from production fa- tor with a large glass of Danish
cilities in Denmark, Hong Kong Gammeldansk.
and the US. Paul Klinge is survived by
In 1991, as Paul Klinge ap- his wife Else and children
proached his 70th birthday, the Henrik, Birgitte, Soren and Pe-
Klinge Cool facilities in ter to whom we offer our sin-
For further information contact us at Tel: +61 2 9517 9411 Fax: +61 2 9517 4233
Langeskov were sold to Sabroe cerest condolences.
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