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ICTSI services largest
Three vie for
container vessel
The Port of Hamburg will choose three
International Container Terminal Services, 3,614 TEU MOL THAMES, which is longer investors from the 12 who have submit-
Inc. (ICTSI) recently serviced the largest than APL BAHRAIN at 289m loa. ted proposals for its Central Terminal
vessel to dock in the Philippines, the 4,330 MICT can accommodate four to six Steinwerder (CTS) site. Planning to re-
TEU, 260m loa APL BAHRAIN, which called vessels at one time at its 1300m quay and develop this existing port area in the cen-
at two terminals: New Container Termi- capacity and facilities are being expanded tre of the port is now in the final stages.
nal-1 (NCT-1) in Subic Bay Freeport, and with the ongoing Berth 6 project set to As is well-known, the redevelopment
the flagship MICT Manila facility. add another 375m of berth and 14 hec- was previously designated Container Ter-
The vessel was making its maiden voy- tares of back-up. Eight Noell RTGs were minal Steinwerder, but the sharp down-
age from the Hanjin Subic shipyard and recently delivered for the project and three turn in container traffic last year led to a
made special calls first at NCT-1 and then cranes will be stationed along the new quay. rethink and the huge site may now have
MICT, before proceeding to Hong Kong. more of an industrial vocation (bulk and
Previously the largest vessel serviced by APL BAHRAIN at New Container Terminal-1 logistics) as well as dedicated container
MICT was a special call in 2007 by the at the Subic Bay Freeport facilities.
A high ranking adjudication panel from
the political side, the chamber of commerce
and companies and associations under the
lead of the port authority (HPA) will, by
the end of this month, select three inter-
ested parties from a list of 12 candidates
that expressed an interest. An official an-
nouncement is due on 3 March.
The contract will for the first time in
the port’s history include the entire cost
for the infrastructure as well as the su-
perstructure, including construction of
new quay walls. The area extends over
125 hectares - the same size as the new
Shipping lines, construction compa-
nies and investment houses, from Ger-
many, the UK and the Far East expressed
an interest. Proposals include energy gen-
eration through wind and solar power.
HPA went as far as to exclude one
candidate that planned a feeder terminal
designed with the help of the Bremen
Institute for Sea Transport, on the grounds
that the plans had already been presented
to the public.
Container traffic at Hamburg fell
25.1% last year to 71.2 mt, with a 28%
fall in unit terms to 7.01M TEU. Overall
port tonnage was down by 21.4% to 110
mt, with imports down by 24.2% to 62.2
mt and exports down by 17.4% to 48.2
mt. The port’s leading operator, HHLA,
whose own results were reported earlier,
has announced the closure of its TCT
Tollerort terminal.
Claudia Roller, chairwoman of the
port’s marketing association, stated that
the negative trend has bottomed out and
the port is headed for moderate growth
this year, but not everybody seems to be
Speaking at his ruling CDU Party’s
New Year’s Eve reception, Ole von Buest,
the city’s Mayor and Prime Minister of
the state of Hamburg, argued that the
port could no longer afford to go it alone
and needed to cooperate with the
Bremen Seaports and Wilhelmshaven in
order to compete successfully against
This represents a sea change in Ham-
burg’s position, although the port’s earlier
strategic decision not to take part in the
JWP Wilhelmshaven project (where a ten-
der process is under way for a 5000 m
service centre) has so far not been ques-
tioned and the main strategic focus remains
the deepening of the Elbe Fairway.
Itochu eyes
Japan’s Itochu Corp has submitted a pro-
posal to Vietnam’s Transport Ministry to
build a US$165M deepwater container
port at Haiphong in a joint venture with
state-owned Vietnam Shipbuilding Indus-
try Group (Vinashin).
According to Vietnam media reports,
the project would include two container
terminals at Haiphong, which is currently
limited to handling vessels of only 700-
800 TEU due to draught restrictions.
The Vietnam Maritime Administra-
tion has already proposed building a con-
tainer port with 11 berths stretching to
2,700m in the northern city. It is unclear
if the Itochu project is part of these plans.
The news comes shortly after the
US$1B, 1,600 hectare Vietnam-Singapore
Industrial Park opened in Haiphong, the
third of its kind in the country.
10 February 2010
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