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RisGa to
ZPMC sells first
Triton tests the water
be tested
auto terminal
China International Marine Con-
tainers (CIMC) and coatings
on RTGs
manufacturer Valspar have teamed
up to carry out the successful ap-
plication of a new waterborne pro-
The Port of Felixstowe is to test tective coating system on a produc-
the RisGa fuel reduction system tion run of 100 x 40ft high cube
from Control Techniques, part of containers built for Triton Con-
Emerson Industrial Automation, tainer International at CIMC’s
to be supplied as a retrofit pack- Taicang plant.
age on some existing RTGs. The product of five years of re-
The trial is part of a commit- search and development, Valspar’s
ment by Hutchison Ports (UK) Aquaguard single component, two-
Ltd to cut carbon emissions at its coat, waterborne system is touted
Triton is planning to perform more trial applications with Valspar’s Aquaguard
three sites, Felixstowe, Harwich as an alternative to two component,
and London Thamesport, by 10% three-coat, solvent-based, zinc-rich exposure to harmful amines, iso- zinc-rich paint system - but we saw
during 2010. As well as the RisGa coatings predominantly in use in cyanates, solvents, lead or chrome, no problems with the system.
retrofit, new RTGs on order for the container industry today. Valspar adds. “In our laboratory tests,
Felixstowe South from ZPMC According to Jack Bostock, One of the paint lines at the Aquaguard performed as well as, or
will be fitted with the Eco-RTG Valspar vice president of sales, the Taicang factory has been modified in some cases better than, current
system from Siemens. water-based coating system reduces to facilitate the application of coatings and we’d like to get more
RisGa was developed specifi- solvent emissions by more than waterborne coatings. CIMC says units into service to fully analyse
cally by Control Techniques to 75% compared to the current mar- that the modifications allowed the field performance of this prod-
provide a fast RoI (typically 1-2 ket standard coatings. Aquaguard to be applied in a pro- uct. Plans are for Triton to perform
years, depending on local diesel ZPMC has signed a “framework ZPMC’s automated terminal test In place of zinc and epoxy resin, cedure similar to that for solvent- more trial applications with Valspar
fuel costs) for operators of diesel- agreement” with the Tangshan
facility on Changxing Island
Aquaguard contains proprietary borne coatings and good quality of Aquaguard,” Williams said.
electric cranes, such as RTGs or Caofeidian Industrial Zone Ad- polymers and state-of-the art anti- the paint film to be achieved. CIMC, which has been study-
mobile harbour cranes. ministrative Committee to install two berths with a total capacity corrosive materials that chemically “Until now, we haven’t seen a ing waterborne coatings and their
When the crane is idling, the its zero emission automated con- of 750,000 TEU. The first phase bond to the metal substrate and waterborne coating product that suitability for use on high-speed
diesel generator automatically tainer handling system at a new of construction will see two cranes prevent corrosion by restricting was capable of application in a con- container production lines since
goes into stand-by mode. How- terminal in the port of Caofeidian, supported by six lifting trolleys water and oxygen permeability tainer factory environment,” said 2003, says the application of quali-
ever, the operator is able to retain Hebei province. that run on elevated rails and six through the coating. John Williams, director of engineer- fied waterborne coatings across the
auxiliary power at the right level A full-scale pilot of the system automated RMGs. Valspar says laboratory tests ing for Triton. “I admit to being entire container manufacturing in-
for lighting, radio, telephone, PLC, has been on display at Changxing In a statement, ZPMC said the have shown that Aquaguard pro- somewhat sceptical when Valspar dustry would result in a 90% re-
aircon/heating, etc. Island since late 2007, but ZPMC order marks the transition of its vides corrosion resistance that is approached me with a non-stand- duction in the use of Volatile Or-
Based on results in Spain, fuel had not been able to convince sev- energy saving, high efficiency, all- consistent with, or better than, ard product - no zinc and a two- ganic Compounds (VOCs), or
use during idling was typically re- eral terminals that it is a better electric automated terminal tech- existing solvent-borne coatings. coat system rather than a three-coat around 125,000t of VOCs, per year.
duced from 15 l/h to 7.1 l/h after option than automated RMGs. nology from “the experimental The product has passed IICL test
RisGa was fitted. Control Tech- As previously reported, SSA stage to the product stage.” It said requirements at the KTA-Tator
niques estimates an overall saving Marine surprised the industry late that Caofeidian will achieve a laboratory in the US and scored
over the whole cycle of some 20%. last year when COO Ed DeNike “sensational effect” in pushing the 65 to 70 points in the corrosion Cronos takes UES
As previously reported, Italian announced that the company was international and domestic termi- evaluation cycle.
crane maker OMG (MGM) considering the system for two nal handling industry towards a An added benefit is that
worked with Control Techniques berths at Pier J in Long Beach, low carbon era. Aquaguard coatings weigh 43% less
Intermodal fleet
to retrofit 12 Reggiane RTGs at where it needs to reduce the la- ● Although ZPMC’s parent, than zinc-rich coatings, which
Marvalsa, Valencia, 10 RTGs (five bour costs associated with its China Communications Con- translates into less weight on con- In the latest round of consolida- UES Intermodal fleet was ex-
Kalmar RTGs and five Paceco RTG yard. struction Company, has not yet tainers, lightening the overall load tion in the container leasing in- cluded from the transaction and
España Transtainers) at ATM Bil- The Caofeidian agreement released its 2009 results, it an- and reducing fuel use and cost. dustry, Cronos Ltd has take over UES will now focus on the leas-
bao, and two Kalmar RTGs at means that the first installation will nounced to the stock exchange The waterborne product also the management of the majority ing of specialised equipment in
OPSCA Las Palmas. be in China, where it is normally that on preliminary estimates eliminates costs associated with a of the 220,000 TEU operating line with its long-term strategy.
In 2005, another Spanish op- thought that relatively low labour ZPMC’s net profit fell by 60-70% third coat, removes pot life concerns lease fleet that was previously Prior to the takeover by
erator, APM Terminals Algeciras, costs leave little incentive for this last year. It said both demand and and mix ratio mistakes, decreases managed by Hamburg-based UES Cronos, the predominantly KG
was the first in the world to adopt level of automation. Caofeidian price had fallen in the wake of waste and minimises disposal haz- Intermodal AG. fund-owned UES Intermodal
the Siemens Eco-RTG drive. will install the system in 2011 over the financial crisis. ards, odour issues and employee The deal moves Cronos up fleet had been marketed alongside
three places in the leasing com- that of its majority shareholder
pany rankings to seventh position GVC (HK) Ltd under the UES
with a combined owned and man- International (HK) banner. It is
Efficient handling of most
aged fleet of over 650,000 TEU understood that GVC will con-
of standard, reefer, tank and dry tinue to manage and market its
types of dry bulk cargoes.
freight special containers. fleet of around 250,000 TEU in-
The specials component of the dependently.
Ship to shore, shore to ship
in no time at all.
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