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Maine Coastal News
Volume 23 Issue 3 March 2010 FREE
A typical downeast dragger.
EASTPORT – On 18 February another drag- Perry died on the clam flats of Cobscook Bay.
ger with two crew members went missing and 23 January 2010 the scallop dragger MISS
was feared lost off Campobello Island. A PRISS was lost in Cobscook Bay. Fortu-
search by the Coast Guard only turned up the nately, Captain Kirby Schenk and the crew of
Bible of one of the crew members. This the NASTY TWO rescued Captain William
brought the total to 10 fishermen and one Feltner Jr. of Lubec; and crew members Carl
tourist lost off , what is becoming known as, Sizemore of Eastport and Evan Matthews of
the Lubec-Cobscook-Campobello Triangle Whiting. 18 February 2010 the scallop drag-
since 2006. ger WHOLE FAMILY from White Head Is-
A chronology of events: 18 August land sank off Grand Manan and lost was
2006 the scallop dragger BRAIDEN G went Captain Harold Cossaboom and Cory
down between the Wolves and Campobello Cossaboom.
with the loss of Captain Wade Gallagher of A survey needed to take place to deter-
Campobello. His crew member, Andre mine what the underlying factors were in
Mallette, was saved by U. S. Coast Guard at these losses. Were these losses caused by
station Eastport. 2 December 2008 normal bottom landscape, or lost hulls and
Kristopher Fergerson, a wrinkler, was lost on gear? Fishermen and their families in the area
the mudflats in South Lubec. It was thought needed answers as did the Maine Marine
that he had become overtaken by the tide at Patrol, who had been tasked with the job of
The dive team of the Maine Marine Patrol and Maine State Police with Maine Marime
night. 24 March 2009 the dragger ALL informing families of the loss of their loved
Patrol Specialists.
AMERICAN of Rogue Bluffs was lost in ones. Captain Robert J. Peacock II,
Cobscook Bay. Captain Loran Lank of Lubec Passamaquoddy Bay pilot and owner of nar and NOAA’s expertise and a request was was fitted for operation and would be as-
and crew member Logan Preston were lost. 8 TruFresh, stepped to the plate. Anyone who sent to NOAA for their assistance in late sisted by a Maine Marine Patrol Boston
September 2009 John Albotin, a tourist, is has tried to deal with the bureaucracy on any October 2009. In less than 24 hours a team was Whaler. Both boats had previously been
washed off the bar at Head Harbor Light and level local, state of federal, knew that this was put together and arrived at Eastport on 2 involved in surveying for the proposed LNG
dies, either from drowning or a heart attack. not going to be an easy task. It was not long November. The first major hurdle came when terminals. The MEDRIC was fitted with an 8
His wife attempted to rescue him, but could before e-mails and telephone calls began to it was discovered that some very important x 16-foot construction office trailer, three
not save him. 20 October 2009 the urchin run the gauntlet. Soon Peacock was getting and much needed NOAA equipment for this generators, and a porta-potty. Another
dragger BOTTOM BASHER is lost in an idea of what he needed and people and survey was on a destroyer off the East Coast. hurdle was that the surveying needed to be
Cobscook Bay claiming three lives. Lost were government agencies began getting in- Numerous calls were made and this equip- completed that week because the NOAA
the boat’s new owner Joe Jones of Trescott; volved. The basis of this operation would be ment was quickly air lifted to Mayport and team had a prior commitment the next week.
Daryl Cline of Machiasport and Norman to survey the bottom around Cobscook Bay then onto Norfolk where it was then loaded in On 2 November the Maine Marine
Johnson of Cutler. Between 10 and 14 No- to see if there were any underlying issues. To a pickup truck bound to Eastport.
Continued on Page 6.
vember clammer Arthur “Skip” Calder of do this effectively you need a side-scan so- At Eastport the pilot boat MEDRIC II
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