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Hudson - Litchfield News
4 - March 5, 2010
The Word Around Town...
Letters to our Editor
null readers in nulldson and
nulltchnullld, you must be saying, nullast
paper before electionnullhether it is March or
null ember, nulln will be asking enulleryone to go nullote.null Yes,
younullre correct. nullnull Tuesday is nullection nully for the towns. null, please go
nullote. More than enuller before, the citinullns in our towns, our state, and our
nation need to take back gonullernment. nullust across the border, nullott Brown
showed people that change could be had if we nullote.
The second issue relates to gaming in the nullate of nullw nullmpshire. null
news from Concord continues to present a budget that is in trouble and
new renullenue sources all pointing to the tanullayer, the nullestion becomes,
nullhy is gambling so wrongnull
In a state that was nullst in selling lottery tickets, and that has been
controlling and selling all linullor in its state since nullnull, can gamblingnull
gaming get at least fair renullenue by the residentsnull
Currently, the gonullernor has appointed a nullming Commission to
pronullde him with input. nullwenuller, that group seems to be stacked to
tell nullnullernor nullynch what he wants to hearnullhat gambling presents
problems and isnnullt good for our state.
nullw nullmpshire people hanulle an opportunity to nullin a forum
for input on the Internet. This forum spun out of a meeting held
on nullturday, February null, in null locations across the state. This
forum is hosted by e-nullmocracy, a non-pronull organinulltion based in
Minnesota, which hosts online citinulln dialogue on community and nullays to nullpronulle
for the proper usage. The nullehicles should be reduced because the
would be used for nulle department pronullcted enrollment would be on
police issues nullttpnullnull-democracy.orgnull
the nullire Departnullnt
business and appropriate limits would the borderline for an enullra class. In
This online forum will be open until late March, when a nullal report
be placed on personal usage. The these such cases, I belienulle it is better
will be submitted to the nullnullernornulls study commission on enullanded I prenullously introduced myself,
Command nullehicle has some special to be onuller than under because trying
gaming. nullsit the home for nullw nullmpshire Community Connullersation
and ganulle some of my certinullations,
enullipment that may be needed to nulld the funds for a position or two,
at httpnullnullorums.e-democracy.orgnullroupsnullh.
and my past work enullerience in the
at different calls as well as being if not included, would be difnullult.
This is importantnullhile the meetings were held at null locations,
nulle sernullce. I would like to ginulle you
the mobile ofnulle of the Incident wenullnull er, I belienulle if a position is not
some of my ideas for impronullng the
only roughly nullnullpeople attended across the state. Check out the
Commander. There is a need to keep needed, the Board should not allow
nulltchnullld Fire nullpartment.
towns of Berlin, Concord, Conway, nulleene, nullconia, nullbanon, nullttleton,
the Command nullehicle in town as this money to be spent.
The budget is nullery important to all
much as possible. nullf a member of the nullhool Board,
Manchester, nullortsmouth, nullchester, and nulllem. I was at nulllemnullthere
tanullayers and I will work to lower
The current nullenullhters in nulltchnullld would you hanulle nulloted to support
were appronullmately null people there. That leanulles only nullnullat all the other the current operating budget. The
are a great group and desernulle a lot of the special education resernulle fund
sites. department can do a much better nullb
praise and thanks for the nullb they do. addition warrant article this year, and
It is important that our towns in the southern tier be heard from. nullming
of managing its money, while still
They also desernulle to be treated with whynull
can hanulle a manullr impact on your tanullrate, especially with a part of this
maintaining the lenullel of protection
respect and hanulle as much knowledge null, I would not hanulle supported
legislation being a casino in nulldson and a nullacinonullin nulllem. nulle need the
renullired to protect life and property.
and training as possible, pronullded to the resernulle fund warrant article.
I would work to pronullde a higher
renullenue and the new nullbs that will be seen if this legislation passes.
them in order to perform their nullb. nullile I belienulle that it is nulle to ask
lenullel of communication and co-
nullt innullolnullednullnullote and nullsit, and letnulls start to
They need to be innullolnulled at many the residents of nulltchnullld to support
operation among town departments,
different lenullels of the department. increases of a ginullen resernulle fund at
take back our gonullernment.
area nulle departments, and other
nulle spent a lot of money to send certain points, this renullest seems to
gonullernment agencies. It is a known
appronullmately null percent to null be ill-timed, due to the combination
fact that there is a certain amount of
percent of our department to the of the state of the economy and the
tension between the nulle department,
nulltional Fire nullademy in Maryland current balance of this fund.
other town departments, and
each year for three days. y null nullhere would you side with
other area nulle departments. This
cannullt we re-purpose those funds to respect to a yes or a no nullote on this
needs to stop. nulle must nulld the
bring that same national lenullel of house bill nullnull. nullould nulltchnullld
common ground that will form a
training into nulltchnullld for the entire nulloters be allowed to establish a tanull
better relationship with enulleryone. It
department, and open it, as anullailable cap or not allow a tanullcap.null
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will be my goal to create a better
to area departmentsnull Is this the only From what I understand about
ennullronment of communication and
national training anullailablenullare other this bill, it seems that this is not a
co-operation. nulle must all work
options anullailable to get more for our nullestion of whether or not towns
together pronullding the residents of
moneynull y donnullnull t we work out hanulle the right nullother towns hanulle
nulltchnullld the most protection, co-
a program that trains and certinulls already done this nullbut nullst a
operation and unity that we can.
our nullenullhters to the nenull lenullel, clarinullation as to whether towns
There is a need to protect the
Firenullhter IInull should hanulle the right. null to
town from potential liability suits. In
There is much room for
enullery business, enullery organinulltion,
impronullement in the operations of
whether I belienulle in a tanullcap for
nulltchnullld or not, I do not. I grew
and most enullery town there are
the department, which I will work
written policies, rules, and operatingnull
toward, using all anullailable options
up in Massachusetts where there is
something called nullroposition nullnullnullnull
operational guidelines. There is a
and personnel. I will also seek out
nullery limited amount of guidelines
other persons of the nulle sernullce Your
which limits the amount a budget
can grow each year. null course, this
We Can help.
for the nulle department a
community to pronullde added input
nullles and policy are currently
and assistance. It is all about “Thumbs”
can be onullerridden each year by the
nulloters. I belienulle in nulltchnullldnulls form
Wi th Your We dding Plans.
dependant on the person or incident,
communication, co-operation, and of town gonullernmentnullwe the nulloters
√ Tents
and are nullerbal, not written. There
using as many anullailable resources as are allowed to modify and form
needs to be written guidelines for

possible to pronullde the most to our our spending using the deliberatinulle
? consistent, enullal and fair treatment
an residents and citinullns at a reasonable sessions and elections to shape our
√ Chairs to employees and residents. The
cost. I feel that nulltchnullld desernulles spending.
√ Chocolate Fountain
Did you
written guidelines would pronullde
more. I hope this answers some of the
√ Arches
accountability and responsibility. It
thoughts put forth by the community.

will also help to protect the town and nulleslie esnullnull nullundon nullnulltchnullld
null I hanulle said, please participatenulln
nulle department from possible legal
Friday, March null at Campbell nullgh
action. I would create an enullcutinulle
hool, the nulltcnull hnullld nullomennulls Club
board for handling of all discipline
Package pricing available. Please
will present nulleet the Candidatesnull
and connullcts of interest, which would nulldressing
call for details and reservations.
T a y l o r R e n t a l
nullght and I urge you all to attend or
1 1 8 D . W . H w y
result in fair and uniform resolutions areanewsgroup
watch. This is another opportunity for
Nashua, NH 03060
each time.
nullestions fronull
you learn about each person running
Fire department nullehicle usage
ound null nullown
for ofnulle. nulld please get out and
Since 1981 2 Miles North of the Pheasant Lane Mall
would be renullewed. I would place
nullote on March null
controls to pronullde the accountability nullith less than a week left until
the elections, I wanted to address
Minull nullschi nullnulltchnullld
some nullestions that hanulle been asked
Using the latest dental technology for your comfort!
in other forums in the medium that
would reach the most people.
nullhen the proposed nullnull-nullnull
school budget was renullewed, there
How do your dentures feel?
was much about the potential
Melissa nullobin
for deep cuts in the nullnull-nullnull
for nullhool Board
Many adults are looking for relief from shifting,
budget if the nullate funding drops
signinullantly. If such cuts were It is with honor that I write in
ill fitting, or loose dentures. There
renullired to miniminull the increase in fanullor of Melissa Tobin, a potential
tanulls, there was agreement that the representatinulle on the nulldson nullhool
are alternatives. Call and ask about personnel costs would be likely areas Board. I hanulle known Melissa
our Denture Implants .
to reduce. If a proposal to increase for almost sinullyears and I hanulle
class sinulls at the lower lenullels or to grown to admire her not only as
There are many options available reduce class offerings at the nullgh an enullremely dedicated mother to
for a better fit, customized
hool lenullnull el, were put forward by her two young girls, but also as a
the nullministration or a nullhool Board dedicated teacher to many young
to your personal situation.
member, would you recuse yourself people in Massachusetts. nullr nullast
for that discussion and nullote, if your enullerience in educating todaynulls youth
Please call our office to
children would be affected by such a will pronulle critical to her position
schedule an implant consultation
proposalnull on the nullhool Board, and the same
I would not recuse myself from commitment and enthusiasm she has
with Dr. Joseph Columbus this discussion and nullote. If I did for her students will transcend to that
that, I may as well not be running position as well.
for a position on the nullhool Board null I hanulle watched Melissanulls
High Tech Dentistry
Dr. Dori Columbus is now accepting patients
because, since I hanulle children in children grow onuller the past senulleral
at It’s Best!
for phase I (early treatment) and phase II the system and am a tanullayer, enullery years, I hanulle admired her ability to be
orthodontics. We also offer the clear
discussion about a school program a working professional while carrying
• Laser Tooth Preparation
or funds would impact me in some a minimum of null hours a week,
• One Visit Crowns
alternative to braces, Invisalign where your way. This could be said of the and being such a presence in both
• Digital X-Rays
new smile is created with the most innovative
other committees in town as well. of her girlsnulllinulles. nulle has pronullen
nullperson runs for a town position to enulleryone that knows her that her
• New 3D Digital
technology – because of the impact that decisions family is the most important thing in
Panoramic X-Ray
a series of clear
hanulle on them. nullong these lines, her life. null such, her dedication to
there were nullestions about the the nullery district that will educate her
Little Extras:
aligners that are
number of teachers in the nullnull-nullnull children will pronulle unmatched. It is,
budget for nullst and second grade howenuller, with all nulldson students
• DVD/CD Players in Treatment Rooms
custom-fit to
and whether or not the numbers that she remains so diligent in
• Headphones • Refreshments your teeth.
• Outside Financing Information Avail.
continued to page 5
• Courtesy Insurance Processing

all now for
Dr. Joseph V. Columbus
your orthodontic
Combined O
Dr. Dori Lang Columbus
30 Y
ears of Experienc
Chris Pascucci
Litchfield Budget Committee
e ac
cept • Common sense approach to budget preparation
edit as
• Fiscally responsible representation
a payment
option. for all Litchfield taxpayers
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