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17 Executive Drive, Suite 1, Hudson, NH 03051 880-1516 Fax 879-9707 www.areanewsnullounullconull newsnullreanewsnullounullconull
Hudson Regular Meetings & Events
Community Events Community Events School Activities
Friday, March 5 Saturday, Anullil null Monday, March null
null and nuller Coffee Clubnull Rec. Center, 9 – 11 a.m., every Tuesday. The nulltchnullld nullomennulls Club will present a The nulldson nullwanis will be holding Campbell nullgh hool null will hold a mandatory
nullnullrne Booster Club , Alvirne Library, 7 p.m., first Wednesday.
“Meet the Candidates” Night at Campbell an nulldoor nullard nullle at nullwanis nullll, null nullring nullarentnullthlete nullorts nulleting in the
nullgh nullhool, beginning at nullp.m. in the Melendy nullad, from nulla.m.-nullp.m. For more auditorium at nullp.m. nulll students interested
nullnullrne nullouchdown Clubnull Alvirne Library, 7 p.m., first Monday.
schoolnulls auditorium. The enullening will offer information, call nullrm Cloutier at nullnullnullnull, in playing a nullring nullort at Campbell, and
nullerican nullgion nullost null nullnullunullliary , Legion hall, 7 p.m., first Monday.
nulltchnullld residents an opportunity learn or e-mail their parents, must be in attendance. nullly
nullwana Club, New Life Christian Church, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., Wednesday. (from Sept. more about each candidate running for a those who attended the fall or winter sports
23–May 26) Open to children age 3 to grade 5. For info or to register: 598-9000. Town ofnulle, and hear their nullews as well on information meeting will be enullused.
Beekeeping nullsociation , Rec. Center, 7:30 p.m., first Saturday.
pertinent issues. nullch candidate will present
Topics that will be discussed are pre-season
a brief statement describing their background Thursday, March null renullirements, physicals, and tryout dates. If
Board of nulllectnulln , Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 7 p.m., first, second, and fourth
and reasons for running for ofnulle, after The nulldgers Memorial nullbrary will hold you hanulle any nullestions, please call nulloach
which a nullestion-and-answer segment nullaper nullechninulles nullorkshops on the nullst null or nullohn Fichera at nullnullnullnull.
Budget Conullittee , Town Hall, 7:30 p.m., third Thursday.
will begin. The enullening will be moderated Thursday of each month from nullnull-nullp.m.
Greater nulldson Business Networknull Valentino’s, 142 Lowell Road, Friday mornings, by nullohn nullgan. nullsidents will be able to and nullnullnull p.m. nullarn how to make all
Saturday, March null
8 a.m. For information, contact Mike Falzone at 320-8020. submit nullestions for specinull candidates and kinds of crafts out of paper. The March null
Come see the wackiest community enullent of
Cable nullility Conullittee , Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 7 p.m., third Tuesday.
for all candidates running for a particular pronullct will be distressed paper techninulles
the year at the nulldson nullacky nullynullics null
ofnulle. Interested candidates who hanulle not to make new paper look old. The workshops
Kentucky Derby nullylenull which will be held at
Consernullation Conullission , Town Hall, 7:30 p.m., third Monday.
yet indicated their desire to participate may are open to teens and adults. nullease pre-
the nullnullrne nullgh nullhool nullm. nullors open
nulleet nullsernulle nullsociation , VFW Post, 7 p.m., third Thursday.
contact Candidates nullght chairwoman, register at nullnullnullnull.
at nullp.m., and the derby begins at nullp.m.
nullree Monulles , basement of the New Beginnings Child Care Center, Hudson, 6 p.m. Call Maureen nullscelles, at malascellesnullrodigy.
Cheer on your fanullorite team of teachers,
Reverand David Bailey 895-9534 for more information. net or nullnullnullnull. nullfreshments will be
administrators, police ofnullers, nullenullhters, or
nullriends of nullnullrne nulle nullckey , Alvirne High School, 7 p.m., every other Tuesday.
sernulled by the nulltchnullld nullomennulls Club.
Meetings recreation staff. These teams will compete
in eight cranull enullents that will leanulle you
nullriends of nullnullrne Music , Alvirne Band Room, 7 p.m., first Thursday.
Saturday, March null
Tuesday, March 9 chuckling for daysnull Come in your fanullorite
There will be a meeting of the nulltchnullld
nullriends of nullnullrne nullinullnulleanull Alvirne Library, 6:30 p.m., second Thursday of the
General Election Day nullnullease remember to nullentucky nullrby hat. nullinulls will be awarded
nullstorical nullciety at nullp.m. at the nullstorical
nullotenull The polls will be open from nulla.m. to in senulleral categories. Tickets will be sold at
nullciety Building, nullnullCharles Bancroft
nullriends of the nullbrary of nulldsonnullNnull nullgers Menullrial nullbrary , 194 Derry Road,
nullp.m. the door.
nullghway, nulltchnullld. nullw members are
7 p.m., third Tuesday, every other month (except June – August)
Saturday, March null always welcome. Saturday and Sunday, March null and null
nullriends of nulldson Natural nullsources , Town Hall, 7 p.m., second Monday. The nulldson nullerican nullgion nullost null, The nullth nullnual nullnullrne nullgh nullhool
Thursday, March null
GnullC nulldson Conullunity Club , Checkers Restaurant, 7 p.m., first Wednesday.
null Central nullreet, nulldson, will hold a Cabaret nulleekend will be held on nullturday,
Kelly nullyottenullcandidate for null nullnate , will
Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner from March null, at nullp.m. and nullnull p.m.nulland
GnullC nulldson nullunior Club , George H. & Ella M. Rodgers Memorial Library,
be speaking at the meeting of the nulldson
nullnullp.m., with Karaoke by the nulladow nullnday, March null, at nullp.m. This yearnulls
7 p.m., second Wednesday. nullpublican Club , which will be held at the
following the meal, from nullp.m.-midnight. theme is nullhen nulldio nullas nullng,nullfeaturing
nullnnah Dustin nullilternulls Guild , Hudson Community Center, 9 a.m., first Monday
nulldgers Memorial nullbrary in nulldson at
nullall donation renullired. The public is performances by the Concert Band, Choral
(except June through August)
nullp.m. This enullent is open to the public and
welcome. nulloups, and nullanull Band with music from
is your chance to begin forming an opinion
nulldson ea Monull Clubnull , 10 a.m., Last Wednesday (except December) the nullnull and nullnull. There is a small cost for
Saturday, March null about the candidates who will be on the
tickets, and they are anullailable through Mrs.
The nullnull nulldson nullunior nullomannulls Club ballot.
nulldson Boy nullout nullroop nullnull Hudson Community Center, 7 p.m., Wednesdays.
nullbbie nullellette at nullnullnullnull. For more
will hold a Breakfast with the Easter Bunny
information, please nullsit
nulldson Boy nullout nullroop nullnull Wattannick Grange Hall, Thursdays, 7 p.m. at the nulldson Community Center, null nullons
Religious Events
nulldson Cub nullout nullack null nullnullnull Hills Garrison Cafeteria, third Tuesday, 7 p.m.
nullnullenue, from nullnullnullnulla.m. nulll children
nullstorical nullciety
must be accompanied by an adult. Come
Monday nullnullednesday, March nullnullnull Seminars & Courses
, Alvirne Hills House, 7 p.m., fourth Wedneday.
ennully eggs, bacon, pancakes, baked goods,
nullint nullthryn nullarish, acut nullnull nullad, nulldson,
nulldson nullons Club , Valentino’s Restaurant, 6:30 p.m., second and last Monday.
nullednesday and Thursday, March null and null
and more. nullnulle fun with kidnulls crafts, face
is pleased to host the Franciscan Friars of
The nulldson nullolice nullpartment is sponsoring
nulldson nullnior Council on nulling actinullties , Community Center, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., painting, and pictures with the nullster Bunny.
the nullimitinulle nullsernullance, who linulle and
the nullnull Drinullng nullfety nullogranull . The class
every Wednesday and Thursday. nulloceeds will be used for a nullint pronullct
work with the poor in the greater nullwrence,
will be held in the nullne nullabury Community
nulldsonnullitchnullld nulltary , Hudson SAU Building, 7:30 a.m., every Thursday.
with the nulldson Community Club to plant
Massachusetts area, as they present a nullnten
nullom, nulldson nullolice nullpartment, null
nulldson nullited nullccer Club Board Meetings
a butternull garden at Benson nullark. For more
Mission on March null null and null. Mass
, Hudson Police Community Room,
Constitution nullinulle, nulldson. The class is two
7:30 p.m., second and fourth Wednesday.
information, contact Carol Braunull at
and Mission Talk will be offered at nulla.m.,
days consisting of four hours of instruction
and again at nullp.m. each day. The Mission
Kiwanis, Kiwanis Hall, 7 p.m., first and third Monday. (If Monday is a holiday, call
on both days. It will be held from nulla.m. to
theme will benullnulltaying nulld-centered in a
883-0374.) Now through Saturday, March null
noon on both days. There is a reasonable
Me-centered culture.null nullmeditation on the
Knights of Colunullus , St. Kathryn Parish Hall, 7:30 p.m., first Wednesday.
The nullnullrne Music nullpartment is currently
cost for nullnull members and for non-
nullassion of the nullrd will be ginullen on nullnday,
preparing for the annual Cabaret nullow to
members. This course is designed especially
nullbrary nullrustees , Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 7 p.m., third Wednesday.
March nullat nullp.m., with nullmentations and
take place the end of March, and is looking
for drinullers age null and onuller. nullarticipating
Benediction as well. nulluninulle component
nullons Club of nulldson Bingo , Kiwanis Hall, 4 p.m., second Saturday.
for photos. This yearnulls theme is nullhen
indinullduals will learn how to anulloid trafnull
of the Mission will be a “Confessnullnullhonnull”
Marine Corps nullague , VFW Hall, 7:30 p.m., last Tuesday.
nulldio nullas nullng.null nullme of the featured
hanullrds and may be eligible for auto
with priests anullailable in the church for
Monulle Night , Hudson Community Center, 7 p.m., first Friday of the month (October to
music will be from nullII. They would like
insurance discounts nullor more information,
confessions from nulla.m.-nullp.m. on March null
to display photos of men and women in
contact your insurance agentnull Class sinull
null and null from noon-nullp.m. on March null and
uniform with any nulldson connection. If you
will be limited, so contact Master nullatrol
Nashuanulludson nulloastnullsters , Nashua Public Library, 6:30 p.m., first and third
from nulla.m.-nullp.m. on March null. For more
hanulle photos you would like to share, you
nullnuller, nulloseph nullebeke, at nullnullnullnull, enull.
information, nullsit
can send them the photo, and they will scan
nullnull, to resernulle your seat todaynull
Nottinghanullnullest nullons Clubnull Hudson Police Department Community Room,
and return it to you. nullease be sure that your
Sunday, March null
7 p.m., first and third Tuesday.
name and address are included with your
null. nullthryn nullarish, nullnullacut nullad, nulldson,
Sports & Recreation
nullen nullace nullbconullittee , Town Hall, 7 p.m., fourth Thursday. photos. You can also send a scanned photo
will host the nullindle City nullngers , who will
nullanning Board , Town Hall, 7 p.m., first, second, and fourth Wednesday.
to They would like
present nullhe nullnullen nullst nullords of Christ.null
Saturday, March nulland null
to hanulle these photos by March null. nullotos
The performance will begin at nullp.m.
nullgistration will be held for the nulldson
nullcreation Conullittee , Rec. Center, 6:30 p.m., second Thursday.
can also be mailed tonullnullnda nullilcrantnull
nullmission is free and all are welcome.
nullcreation nullring nullccer nullnull nullason at
hool Boarnull d , Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 6:30 p.m., first and third Monday.
nullChagnon nullne, nulldson.
the Tabernacle Church nullm, nullute nullnull
wnull er nullility Conullittee , Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 5:30 p.m., second Thursday.
nulltchnullld. nullgistration will begin at
nullnull a.m., and a player enullaluation will be
nullns of the nullerican nullgion , Legion Hall, 8 p.m., first Monday.
held from null-null a.m. Boys and girls ages
nullake off nullnullnullnull ounds nullnsiblynull First Baptist Church, Tuesdays, 3:45-4:15 p.m. for nullnullcan play. nulle offer a uninulle sinullweek
weigh in, and 4:15-5:00 p.m. for the meeting.
program mentored by nulldson nullited nullccer
nullot nullaygroup , Rec Center (Merrifield Park during summer months), 9:30 a.m., every
Club nullnullCnullstate licensed coaches. For
Thursday. more information, nullsit www.hudsonsoccer.
nullrustees of the nullrust nullnd , Town hall, 3:00 p.m. fourth Thursday.
org, and click on the nullec nullccernulllink on the
left side of this page.
nullnullnullnull unullliary , VFW Post, 7 p.m., second Monday
nullnullMennulls nullunullliary , VFW Post, 7 p.m., first Monday
Saturday, March null
The nulltchnullld nullnullnullsenal baseball team
nullater nullility Conullittee , Town Hall, BOS Meeting Room, 5:00 p.m., third Wednesday
is hosting the Fifth nullnual Conulldy Night
nullattannick Grange, Grange Hall, 7:30 p.m., first and third Monday (889-5575)
Did you know this newspaper fundraiser. The null. nullatricknulls Celebration
nullning Board , Town Hall, 7:30 p.m., second and fourth Thursday
can be read online?
Comedy nullght is presented by nullugh nullot
nulloductions, featuring nullm Colliton, Tyler
Order some of your favorite photos, and even* access
Boeh, and a third comedian. The show will
our advertisers with a simple click of the mouse.
be held at Talent nullll, located on nullood
wk null nullay, nullst off nullbunullernulle nullnullenue in
nulltchnullld. nullors open at
Litchfield Regular Meetings & Events
*advertiser must have a web address
nullnull p.m., and the show will begin at
nullp.m. Tickets are anullailable at the nulltchnullld
Board of nulllectnulln , Town Hall, 7:00 p.m., Mondays; second and fourth Monday (June
Town Clerknulls ofnulle, or by contacting Bill
– August)
anull y at nullnullnullnull. nulloceeds will benenull the
nullnullnulltchnullld nullsenal nullbaseball team, null
Boy nullout nullroop null , Litchfield Community Church, 7:00 p.m., every Monday during the
school year.
Did you know?
who will also be tranulleling to Cooperstown,
, to participate in a week-long baseball null
Canullbell nullgh Booster Club , Campbell High, 7:00 p.m., second Wednesday.
enullerience called Cooperstown nulleam nullark.
Consernullation Conullission , Town Hall, 7:00 p.m., first Thursday.
Did you know this newspaper
Saturday, March null
nullire Departnullnt nulleting , Station House, 7:00 p.m., second and fourth Wednesday.
can be read online?
The nulldson nullat nullnullnullftball team will
nullriends of nullron Cutler Menullrial nullbrary , Library, 7:00 p.m., third Monday. (except hold a Dianullnd Dreanull Conulldy Night
January & July)
The Hudson~Litchfield News
nullndraiser to benenull the teamnulls participation
Girl nullouts nullult nullolunteers , Litchfield Service Unit, Litchfield Middle School, Art
can now be read in its entirety at
in the nullamond nulleams nulltional
Room, 6:30 – 8 p.m., second Wednesday. Anyone interested is welcome. Innulltational. The enullent will be held from
nulldsonnullitchnullld nulltary , Hudson SAU Building,7:30 a.m., every Thursday. Order some of your favorite photos,
nullnull-null p.m. at the nullngs Court, nullnullCentral
nullreet, nulldson, and will feature a comedy
nullbrary Enullents :
and even *access our advertisers
show, dinner, heads and tails, a rafnull, and
nullbrary nullrustees , Library, 7:00 pm., second Monday.
with a simple click of the mouse.
a silent auction. For information, or to
nulltchnullld ea Garnull den Club , 7:00 p.m., second Wednesday, email
*advertiser must have a web address purchase tickets, contact Mimi at nullnullnullnull, for location.
or by e-mail at
nulltchnullld Budget Conullittee , Campbell High, Media room, 7:00 p.m., fourth Thursday
of the month.
nulltchnullld nullons Club , Litchfield Middle School, 7:00 p.m., second Thursday.
Hudson~Litchfield News at 17 Executive Drive, Suite One
nulltchnullld nullpublican Conullitteenull Litchfield Tech Park, 480 Charles Bancroft Hwy,
7:00 p.m., third Thursday. For info, call 424-5487.
Editor in Chief: Len Lathrop
Errors: The liability of the publisher on account of errors in or omissions from any advertisement will in no way
nulltchnullld nullonullnnulls Club , Litchfield Middle School, 7:00 p.m., second Tuesday. (July &
exceed the amount of the charge for the space occupied by the item in error, and then only for the first incorrect
August at member’s homes)
insertion. Advertisers should notify management within three (3) business days if any error occurs.
nullanning Board , Town Hall, 7:00 p.m., first Tuesday.
Michael Falzone • Brian Marrocco
Deadline for all materials is due Tuesday at noon, prior to Friday edition.
The Area News Group prints “Letters to the Editor” on a space available basis, with preference to non-frequent
nullcreation Conullission , Talent Hall, 7:30 p.m., second and fourth Tuesday.
Denise Dolloff • Cindy Hansberry writers. Requests to withhold a writer’s name will be honored at the discretion of the editor. Letters more than 600
words will be returned to sender.
nullcreation Departnullnt actinullties :
880-1516 • Fax: 879-9707
Any article, “Letter to the Editor,” “Thumbs,” or advertisement appearing in Area News Group papers are the sole
nullhe Club at nullnullnullternullchool nullnullsory Board , Litchfield Middle School, 6:00 p.m.,
opinion of the writer(s) and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the staff or ownership of the newspaper. We
reserve the right to edit or refuse ads, articles, or letters deemed to be in bad taste.
last Monday, every other month during school year (Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May)
Published by Michael Elizabeth & Moore, Limited
nullning Board , Town Hall, 7:00 p.m., second Wednesday.
An Area News Group publication.
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