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Hudson - Litchfield News
16 - March 5, 2010
Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?
Conullents enullnullessed in this colunull anulle the sole nullews onullthose callenull and do not nullenullct the nullews onullthe Hudson~Litchfield News onullits adnullenulltisenullnull nullown and school onullcials encounullge
nulleadenull to seenullout assistance dinullectlnullto nullesolnulle annullpnullonullenull onullissuesnull nulle Hudson~Litchfield News editonullal stanull holds the nullght to nullenullse annullconullent deenulld inappnullopnullatenull
nullanullReadenull nulle nullhunulls upnullhunulls downnull nullst had to get this off my chest. and younullre more than welcome
colunull is nullant to null a nullnullnullnullnullthe conullunitnull I could not allow her to go one
“We want to be your Mechanic”
to staynull nulle you in school after
to enullnulless theinullopinionsnull nullnullng this past local more week unchecked.null nullacationnull
election season the colunull has nullen anullsednull
nullile we stnullde to let enullenullnullone enullnulless theinull
“nullhunulls down. The latest Autos – Trucks – Commercial Vehicles – RV’s “nullhunulls up to change at
opinionnull enullectinulle with the nullnullh 12
issue the
shocker in nulltchnullld is the the nullnull. It is time for new
nullllowing new nullles will null inullosednull
recent renullelation that nullperfectly
leadership that will treat
null No conullents onullenull1null wonulls
good nullnullclassrooms were people and the employees with
null nulle conullent penullindinulldual
shutdown by the nullhool Board
Professional, Quality
respect. nullnulle you enuller heard
null No conullent anullut nullounullelnull
and Teachersnullnullion to bring in
Service in a Clean, Modern
him on the radionull Those guys
nulle anulle pnulloud to pnullonullde a nullnullnullwhenulle nullou can
the mobile classroom units. The
Repair Center
are micro managed to deathnull
enullnulless nullounullthoughts and opinionsnull nullannullnullou
largest nullnullclassroom was made
Loaner Cars Avaliable - State inspections –
y does he hanull nulle to go so
nullnullnullounullcontinued supponullt and intenullest in ounull
into the second of nullteachersnull
oil/lube/filter – brakes – shocks – exhaust
many callsnull nullnulls not enullen
lounge and the others made into
10 CARS UNDER $3,000
systems – batteries – starters – alternators –
an nullTnull The current chief is
administratinulle or storage rooms.
Complete suspension repairs –
out of control and itnulls time for
“nullhunulls down to the kid in the hooded But now our children hanulle to risk
(& pass inspection)
tires – radiators – clutches – tune-ups –
sweatshirt that walks his big dogs in the area of nullll innullry and illness going back and
electrical repair – air conditioning service –
null. and nulland nullnulle in nulldson. nullck up after your forth to nullnullfor lunch or to use
computer diagnostics and troubleshooting
“nullhunulls up to the highway
dog, it is the law. nulle are going to report you if you the bathroom courtesy of your not-
– engine and transmission replacement –
department for recycling on
do not start picking it up. Itnulls enullerywhere because so-friendly nulltchnullld nullhool Board
seasonal services - computerized four
their signs, theynullnulle been using
you do not pick it up. nulle the neighborhood are and Teachersnullnullion. The real
wheel alignment – emergency towing –
them for null years. maybe if
tired of seeing it on our properties.null issue though isnnullt with the nullhool
complete foreign & domestic repairs
they get their raises they could
Board or Teachersnullnullion. Cindy
Clean, Spacious Waiting Area
purchase new ones.null
“nullhunulls up to teachersnull nullnullng been able to
her posse hanulle been nullery honest
obsernulle what is going on in the classroom, I can
Used Cars Available For Sale!
about their intentions to go on a
“nullhunulls up to Campbell
appreciate how difnullult it is for a teacher to teach,
nullnullmillion spending spree on
Clark's Car Care
highnulls nullyle Canada, a gifted
and a child to learn. Most of the school year is
nulltchnullld residentsnulltab. Yet, enullery
athlete. To see him on the
denulloted to testing and teaching to the test with an
time their deceitfulness is shown,
football nullld and basketball
incredible amount of interruptions in between.
nulltchnullldians are nullhocked.null
Auto Repair
court is awesome. nulls good
w testing results null nullnull T renullct the ability of
nullcently, I looked up the denullition
manners and sunny disposition
the teachers but renullcts the lack of time ginullen to
of nullulliblenullin good old nullebsternulls
Save Time and $$$- Do all services at once with coupons! make him an a-plus young
them to actually teach. null I say nulludos to teachersnull
dictionary, it stated nullitchnullld,
Check Engine
man. nulleep on rocking. null
In the chaos of the null Child nullft Behind nullt, I see
Town of Thumbs s down to
Oil Change nullyle.null
them working harder than enuller to meet the needs
nulltchnullld, if you donnullt like your Light Scan
of all children. nullnulle them the raise they desernulled
OFF Labor
“nullhunulls down to the welder
creepy school board and other
and hope that someone out there realinulls that our
(reg. $25.95)
Find out why your check
charges over $100.
for wasting nulldson tanullayers
politicians then get rid of them on
Most cars, Oil Change includes
kids need TIMnullto learn null. not to be continually
money continuing to lodge
election day.null CL
engine light is on?? expires 3/20/10 up to 5qts., 10/30 and Standard Filter
expires 3/20/10
expires 3/20/10
unwarranted innullestigatinulle
“nullhunulls up to the nullnulland the
complaints anonymously is
“nullhunulls down to proposed nulldson Casino.
nullghway nullpt. The weather hit
Headlights Dull?
Winter Check-UP
complete pre-winter check-up
a cowardly act. Town and
nullidence is connullerging to show that casino
hard and fast on Tues. the nullth at
NH State
superior court has now denied
gambling causes signinullant increases in crime.
ARK We can fix it! $59.95 reg. $89.95
the worst time nullush hournull It was
CL Inspection
your second panulled drinulleway.
Taken altogether, casinos impose crime and
obnullous that these nullteams worked
Starting at $29.95
$69.95 if Dex-Cool Antifreeze
most cars ’S CAR CARE
nullnullenge is a dangerous and
other costs nullpaid for by society, including those
together to get enulleryone home
expires 3/20/10
With Coupon expires 3/2010
costly path to follow.null
who do not gamble nullthat enulleed their benenulls
as nullick as possible and more Now Offering
(with emission)
and represent substantial burdens on nearby
Auto Body Repairs
Mon-Fri 7am-5pm expires 3/20/10 “nullhunulls down to the
importantly nullInullnull Thanks from
populations. Because casino gambling fails a
and Auto Welding
317 Derry Rd, RT. 102, Hudson, NH
nulldson residents who want
my family to all of yours.null
cost-benenull test, policymakers should ginulle serious
us to nullote for them to keep
consideration to options that include imposing tanulls “nullhunulls down to proposed
the fence so they donnullt hanulle
the casino in Florencenull Medical assistsnullnull nullug
enullal to the costs casinos impose, restricting casino Casino in nulldson. nullondering if casinos bring
to pay the large nulle they hanulle
incidentsnullnull Motor nullehicle collisionsnullnull nullourcenull
enullansion, or banning casino gambling altogether.null crime to communitiesnull nullnull - null acres of open
racked up. They said they went to the town and
Casino tribe newsletter nullnullnullnull
dune and forested land in Florence, nullegon
thought they were able to do this but they did
“nullhunulls downnull a big nullhumbs downnullto the
nullopulation nullnullnullnullotal arrestsnullnullnull Medical
not get a permit anybody can go to the town and
“nullhunulls down to the Casino proposal in
mother who keeps putting down
say they want to do this or that but if you donnulltnull
nulldson. null.nullbillion were lost. nullst year in Casino
the nulldson nullolice nullpartment.
hanulle a permit in hand you nullst cannullt go and build
renullenues in the nullate of nullnullada. nulless who foots
It seems your are the one who
something and then enullect the townspeople to bail
the bill in lost tanullrenullenuenull The tanullayersnull
should be ashamed of yourself.
you out. null nullhumbs downnullto them.null
y donnullnull t you tell us who
Tune-up your heating equipment NOW
“nullhunulls up to nullack and the null Cyclones for
these people are that the police
“nullhunulls down to the lady on Burns nullll nullad
and SAVE on winter fuel bills
OIL winning the nullesidentnulls nully tournament. nullnulle
are harassingnull nulltually no
with the nullrman nullepherd. I saw you hitting your
Mom and nulld.null
need to. nulle all know they are
Dave Chadwick Home Heating Services
animal. I wonder what goes on behind closed
criminals. The reason your son “nullhunulls up to the nullormer nulloodland nullinulle
and his friends hanulle not become SERVICE • REPAIR • INSTALLATION • 24 HOURS/7 DAYS familynullwhonulls son is an asset to nulldsonnulls athletics
“nullhunulls up to the snowplow drinuller who stopped
productinulle members of society is
26+ years of experience - FREE ESTIMATES - Fully Insured
to help me on Musnullash nullad during our last snow
because you nullnullnull them. y null
High Efficiency Hot WaterBoilers , Furnaces & Water Heaters
All Brands
storm. I was really stuck and you were kind enough
not tell your son and his friends Available
“nullhunulls down to the coward who continues to
to plow off my long drinulleway so I could make it up
to stop stealing stuff from their
Senior Discounts
harass the nullormer nulloodland nullinulle family. null If younullre
to my house. Thank you again.null
neighbors and lying to the policenull
so concerned about nulldson and itnulls community,
w about doing the right thing for once and tell null
assistsnullnullnull nullug incidentsnullnullnull Motor
maybe concentrate on the unsupernullsed children
“nullhunulls down . I nulld it a difnullult sell in these
your son that stealing and lying is wrong. I know
nullehicle collisionsnullnullnull nullnull - new tent
and their cranull parents that pollute itnull Towards
economic times that public employee unions
the nulldson nullolice nullpartment is full of honest and
casino on same property reportednullTotal arrestsnull
the nullormer nulloodland nullinulle familynull thank you for
picture their employees like they are economic
hard working nullnullers, unlike your household. I
null nullmanullrity being drug related and occurring at
contributing towards the nullood kids of nulldson clubnull
nullctims. null keeping up with the so-called wages
of our neighboring state. nullnulle me a
break. Most people who pay your salaries
are not in your ennullable position of paid
representation. nullnnullt tell me your sob-
stories when you are surrounded by people
ruise over to a better rate auto loan
who hanulle a personal nullested interest in your
position and wake up to the reality of huge
unemployment. In my opinion all cities
rates as low as
Our low auto rates are available online, by phone, at any St. Mary’s office
and towns should put all current union
contracts on hold. nulld we ask our elected
or directly through one of our 100+ dealer partners (simply ask to finance
ofnullials to represent the tanullayers during
with St. Mary’s Bank). Ask about our low auto refinancing rates too.
this recession. I donnullt enullect happy union
members but they must realinull that many
APR* nullalinulld unemployed gladly put up with
For more information or a complete list of our dealer partners,\ visit your problems at this time.null
on new auto loans or call 1.888.786.2791.
“nullhunulls down to nullC for sending null
nulle nullhters for nullnulltraining and none of
them hanulle enullen taken the test yetnull The
training was in nullnull but enullen the Chief
hasnnullt taken the testnull y wnull aste tanullayernulls
money on training when no one nullishes
and gets certinulldnull The town should be
reimbursed for this training if they do not
take the test and passnull y does the Chief null
keep telling the town that nullnullof the
*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) accurate as of 2/08/10. St. Mary’s Bank lowest available APR for 60 month new auto loan with Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) from a St. Mary’s Bank Checking Account. Rates subject to change
without notice, and subject to eligibility. St. Mary’s Bank is a member-owned credit union. Membership is opened with the purchase of one share of capital stock for $5. This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit
department is certinulld as nullTsnullnull If they
Union Administration. Equal Housing Lender donnullt pass the test, they are not nullalinulld
Auto Loan Rate Ad 5x4 2-2010.indd 1 2/9/10 11:29:28 AM
a silnuller nulleep nulland Cherokee, nullcs. that someone had broken into one of Theftnullorgerynullraud, nullerlook Circle, nullspension.

en route when dispatch receinulled the maintenance sheds on the property, null adnullsed of fraudulent charges on nullnull p.m.
a call adnullsing the suspect nullehicle appronullmate loss nullnull, report taken. her account, report taken. nullnull p.m. Theftnullorgerynull
had backed into her nullehicle without nullnull a.m. Theftnullorgerynullraud, Ferry nullrassmentnulliolation, nullason nullad. fraud, nullrry
stopping and left heading southbound nullreet, null adnullsed his laptop and other nullhursdaynullnullebruary nullnull nullnullnulla.m. nullreet. nullnull
Call nullg
with the headlights enullinguished, items were taken from his home, null Motor nullehicle stop, nullrry nullreet and p.m. Theftnull
nullnullTnullmessage put out to surrounding was unsure if they were taken by null erhill nullad, arrested Christopher forgerynullraud,
areas, suspect nullehicle is operated by someone he knew or if someone had Farrar, null, nullshua, nullinullng nullile well nullad.null
nulleffrey Cyr, nullshua null notinulld and used the realtor key which had been Intonullcated, nulleed. nullnull a.m. nullridaynull
nullnull p.m. Motor nullehicle stop, nullason
responding to subnullctnulls residence to on the property, appronullmate loss nullandalism, null renullested to speak to an nullebruary
nullad and nulllly nullne. nullnull p.m.
attempt contact. null,nullnull report taken. nullc. as someone had broken into the nullnull nullnullnull
Motor nullehicle accident, Melendy
nulluesdaynullnullebruary nullnull nullnullnulla.m. nullednesdaynullnullebruary nullnull Motor utility building at this location but had a.m. nulluto theft, nullnuller nullad. nullnull
nullad and Central nullreet. nullnull p.m.
Motor nullehicle accident, nullwell nullehicle stop, Central nullreet and not taken anything, nullc. adnullsed the a.m. nullsist nulldson Fire nullpartment,
Motor nullehicle stop, nullrry nullreet,
nullad, nullc. renullested an ambulance nullllinullan nullad, arrested Matthew lock was cut with bolt cutters, nothing resident adnullsed of nulloding in this
arrested nullis nullustio, null, nulldson,
respond as subnullct complaining of nullsso, null, nullindham, nullinullng nullile else was damaged or stolen. nullnullnull area, nullc. adnullsed the road was
nullossession of Controllednullarcotic
being hit with a nullehicle on Belknap Intonullcated, nullossession of Controllednull a.m. Motor nullehicle stop, nullyward nulloded and may be a road washout
nullugs. nullnullnullp.m. nullsault, nullndsay
nullad appronullmately null minutes ago, nullrcotic nullugs, nullug nullaraphernalia nullace, arrested nullonathan null nullcobar, hanullrd, null notinulld. nullnull a.m. Motor
nullreet, caller adnullsing his brother
nullehicle did not stop and continued nullossession. nullnullnullp.m. Motor nullehicle null, nullshua, nullsobeying an nullnuller, nullehicle accident, nullrry nullreet and Ferry
punched him in the head, null declined
down Belknap nullad, only description stop, Constitution nullinulle, arrested nullason nulleed. nullnull p.m. Motor nullehicle nullreet. nullnullnulla.m. nullsist nulldson Fire
an ambulance, nullcs. responded, report
pronullded was a white nullehicle, subnullct nullssell Turcotte, null, nullshua, nullinullng stop, nullwell nullad, arrested nulleffrey nullpartment, nullc. adnullsed of a tree on
taken. nullnullnullp.m. Motor nullehicle
transported by ambulance, hit and run nullter nullnullocation or nullspension, nullames nullsso, null, nullshua, nullspended wires and on nulle, nullc. adnullsed the nulle
accident, nullwell nullad, null called to
report taken. nullnull a.m. nullandalism, nullspended nullgistration. nullnull p.m. nullgistration, nullinullng nullithout nullnullng
report a possible intonullcated drinuller in
continued to page 17
nullrry nullreet, null adnullsed that it appears nullsault, nullinnhanullen nullinulle. nullnull p.m. nulloof, nullinullng nullter nullnullocation or
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