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March 9th
Postal Customer
Volume 20 Number 34 March 5, 2010 20 Pages
Hudson Police Captain Donald Breault
Fidele Bernasconi
Indicted by NH’s Grand Jury
by Doug Robinson
nulldsonnulls nullolice Captain, nullnald Breault,
II. null used in this section and nullnullnullnullnull
Fidele Bernasconi, null, of of nullnullnullnulltudents To nullfset
null, was indicted by the nullllsborough nulland
and null nullobtain or enullrcise unauthorinulld
Merrimack, died Friday, February nulleer nullessurenullnullult nullsory null
nullury for nullheft by nullauthorinulld Taking or
controlnullnullincludes but is not necessarily
null, nullnull, at null. nullosephnulls nullspital Committeenullsernulled as a coach
Transfer, contrary to nullnullnullnullnull a Class
limited to conduct heretofore denulled or
in nullshua surrounded by his and umpire for the Babe nullth
nullFelony. Ten nullnull Class a Misdemeanor
known as common law larceny by trespassory
family. null was born March nullaguenullsernulled as member of
informations for Computer nulllated nullfenses,
taking, larceny by connullersion, larceny by
null, nullnull, in Milford, a son of the nullw nullmpshire nullnullernornulls
contrary to nullnullnullnullnull, Inullnullnullnullnullwere also
bailee, and embenulllement.null
the late nullerre and nulla nullibertynull Council nullsory null Committeenullnullfe
nulled against Breault.null
The tenull of nullnullnull, Inullnullnullstates, nullomputer
Bernasconi, null., of Milford. Member, nulldson nullnullnullost nullnull
The tenull of the nullnullnullnullnullstates, nullheft by
nulllated nullfenses nullnullperson is guilty of the
null graduated from Milford and sernulled as nullost nullrgeonnullwas
nullauthorinulld Taking or Transfer. null
computer crime of misuse of computer or
nullgh nullhool and attended listed in nullommunity nulladers of
I. nullperson commits theft if he obtains
computer network information whennull
nullrtheastern nullinullersity. null nullericanulland nullhonulls nullo in
or enullrcises unauthorinulld control onuller the
Tnullnull he person knowingly or recklessly and
was a nulleteran of the nullmy. nullerican nulloliticsnull worked with
property of another with a purpose to deprinulle
without authorinulltionnull
Fraternally, he was a life member the nulldson nullolice nullpartment
him thereof. continued to page 12- Captain Indicted
of the nulldson nullnullnullost nullnull and the nullomotions Boardsnull
and had sernulled as nullost nullrgeon. sernulled on the Board of nullrectors
null was also a member of the and was nullce president of the
nulldson nullerican nullgion, nullost Task Force on nullicide nullenullentionnull
null. chaired the Trafnull Committee of
St. Francis Students Present
Mr. Bernasconi was a Contracts nulldson Chamber of Commerce
nullministrator for Bnull for null and was instrumental in getting
years hanullng retired in nullnull.
Fidele Bernasconi
on Endangered Species
nulluartnulls Corner started and
From nullnull-nullnull he also owned completed on timenullrenullnulled the submitted by Jean McNeill
and published the Hudson~Litchfield News. In nulldson nullonomic nullnullelopment Corporation, null. Francis of nullsisi nullhoolnulls fourth-
nullnull the nulldson Chamber of Commerce selected was nominated to negotiate for the nullpartment grade class had an nulldangered
the Hudson~Litchfield News as Business of the of Transportation, was one of the original Charter nullecies presentation at the end of
Year. In nullnull while still working full time for signers of the nulldson nullmeowners nullsociation, nullanuary. nulludents were responsible
nullnders nullnullnull he also sernulled as a Town Councilor. sernulled as a member of the nulldson Chamber of for selecting an endangered species,
nullter sernullng three years, illness forced him to continued to page 8- Fidele researching that species, and creating
resign from the Council, but he continued sernullng an album all about it. Then, the
nulldson through the Hudson~Litchfield News. student had to present their photo
Fidelenulls character and personality was to help album in front of the class. nullarents
others and he was the type of citinulln who liked were innullted and animal crackers and
to get innullolnulled immediately in town affairs - no nullice were pronullded. The students
matter where he linulled. null was innullolnulled with many ennullyed the process of enullloring the
different organinulltions and ennullyed local, state and research, learning interesting facts,
federal politics. and presenting their albums. It was
Many of his accomplishments and organinulltions a wonderful, culminating actinullty
that he was innullolnulled with includenullbeing selected to wrap up their science unit. Mrs.
as Citinulln of the Year in nullnull by the nulldson Mcnullill would like to thank all the
Chamber of Commerce, nulltstanding nullolunteer of parents who attended the enullent, and a
nullnull by nullnullernor nulludd nullegg, sernulled as a Town thank-you goes out to the students for
Councilor-at-nullrgenullsernulled on nulldsonnulls Connullct doing a fantastic nullbnull
of Interest Committeenullformer nullanning Board
member, former member of the nulldson-nulltchnullld
nullcohol and nullug nullsory Committeenullformer null
member of Cnullnullnullnullitinullns of nulldson nullainst
nullug nullusenull founded and chaired the Citinullns of
nulldson nullpreciation Committee which recogninulld
citinullns for their nulloluntary good deedsnullformer nulln
nullader, Cub nullout nullack null, nulln null nullst president Fidele Bernasconi with US Representative nullarlie Bass at
a Hudson nullamber nullwards Dinner
Sometimesnullwhen a friend is gonenullthe most meaningful thoughts are simple words that someone might say about the one
we have lostnull nullsther nullnullraw called me on nullonday and saidnullnullnulle have lost a very special mannullyou knownullFidele would nullst
nullmp in with both feet and get things done for the communitynullnull
nulls his replacement as nullditor and nullublisher of the Hudson~Litchfield Newsnullhe left me with some very large shoes to nulllnull
both with the paper and in the communitynull nullood-byenullmy friendnulland know we will continue to make you proud of the paper
you guided for null yearsnull
Fourth-grade students presenting their endangered species
AHS Principal Says Thank You
by Andrew Renzullo shy. nullt nullst selectmen or state representatinulles.
This week, I will be saying good-bye to a friend nullbody was too big. nullnulld call a gonullernor or
of many decades. Fidele Bernasconi passed away senator without hesitation, and would usually get
to Highway Department
last Friday. Many knew him as the former publisher through. null would do it not nullst to complain or
of the Hudson~Litchfield News, others as a Town criticinull, but to offer help or adnullce. If they didnnullt
by Doug Robinson
Councilor, and still others as the public-spirited know who he was before, they knew afterwards.
For the last null years, nullnullrne nullgh nullhool nullincipal, Bryan nullne, has been enullressing his
community leader once named Man of the Year. nullenenuller a friend passes, we remember
thanks to the nulldson nullghway nullpartment by pronullding a hot chili
Menull know him as a friend and mentor. incidents as snapshots in an album. I remember
lunch, complete with drinks and corn bread, for their dedication and
Fidele was not a tall man, but by his deeds and the perennially unsuccessful deer hunting trips,
hard work.
actions, he was the biggest man I enuller knew. null especially the one where Fidele got lost in the
nullur highway department works really hard. I hanulle been cooking
was that kind of guy who would not tolerate a swamp. I remember enullery fall spending a nullturday
for them for the past null of my null years here at nullnullrne,nullstated
wrong or an innullstice to another, especially if the making cider in his garage. I remember our times
nullne, who was dressed in a blue apron and placing dishes into the
nullctims were the powerless. If someone had a at the Hudson~Litchfield News, when we bought
problem, they called Fidele. nullile most people the paper, and especially the one and only time
nullt only did
would curse the darkness, and some might be we broke our policy of not endorsing a political
nullne pronullde
branulle enough to light a candle, Fidele would start a candidate because a sitting nullecutinulle Councilor
the meal,
bonnullenull null one was too small to help, nothing too sided against nulldsonnulls purchase of the water
he also
big to take on. company nulle endorsed his opponent, who won
Make Your Vote Count!!
To Fidele, community was enullerything. Fidele bignull But mostly, I remember the dinners Fidele,
had that special gift of making connections with nulliscilla, Faith, and I would hanulle as we closed out
people. If the town of nulldson or a charitable a week at the paper. nullter we sold the newspaper,
organinulltion needed something, theynulld call Fidele. they continued, but much less frenullently. The last
Marilyn McGrath
nullnulld try to nulld someone to donate something to was in nullcember.
up the
nulll the need. null would usually succeed. That he To his family, Faith and I enullend our thoughts and
Hudson Board of Selectmen
dishes after
would work tirelessly for the benenull of nulldson and Area Newspaper Group 3x3 prayers. nulld to his family, I also enullress my thanks
its residents was an understatement.
his special
for hanullng shared Fidele with enulleryone who knew
Tuesday March 9, 2010
Fidele belienulled that those in political ofnulle him. null was truly one-of-a-kind and we all will
guests at
needed to hear from citinullns, and he was not miss him.
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Bryan Lane serves his corn bread to a tableful of Highway Department workers
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