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8 - February 26, 2010
Community Sports
Blue Devils Continue nullte Season Surge
by nullris onull the nullnullorynullnullnullnull nullenullLaRosa led the nulllem
offense as he ponulled in null points for the gamenull
ard nullimb in the Class L r
The nulllem boysnullbasketball team nullntinnulld its
nullw anks with two allnull null of whinullh nullme down the stretnullh in the fonullth
important wins onuller nulleter and Keene in a span nullarternull The senior nullptain also dished onull senullen
of null honulls last weekendnull The Blnull Denullls nullped assistsnull
Community Sports
their renullrd to nullnullin Class L and nullnullonullerall nulloe nullllant retnullned from an ankle innullry to
as they honuller in the middle of the Class L fieldnull ginulle the Blnull Denullls a steady inside presennullnull
hoping to plnullk the eighth spot for a home playoff snullring null points and grabbing null rebonullds to
game before seasonnulls endnull register a donulllenullonulllenull nulltt Cannone nullhipped
The game at nulleter on FridaynullFebrnullry nullnullwent in with sinullpointsnull
down to the wire before the Blnull Denullls pnullled The following afternoonnullnulllem retnullned to
the Danulls nullmnasinull and
knonullked off Keenenullnullnullnull
2010- 2011
nulllem held a sinullpoint edgenull
nullnullnull at the halfnullbnull broke
the game open in the thirdnull
holding the Blanullkbirds to only
senullen points in the nullarternull
y Chris
The Denullls netted null points of
their own dnulling the frame to
Begin March 12
make it nullnullnullafter threenull
Keene pnull together a nullnull
Janull nullatthews stops on a dime
rnull to start off the final period
to anulloid a nulllacnullird defender
and pnullled within nine with
$1475 Mite • $1725 Squirt-Bantam
fonull minnulles to gonullbnull a drop
with null points and null rebonulldsnull nullnullior gnullrd nulleff
Joe nullallant redirects the shot of a
$1025 Midget Half Season
step laynullp by nullllant followed
nullisser bnullied three trifenullas to snullre nine pointsnull
by a threenullointer from LaRosa
nulleene planuller drinullng to the nullsnullt
while Cannone filled in the gaps for nulllem with
Compare The Value
ignited a nulllem rnull that finally
finulle pointsnullsinullrebonulldsnulland finulle stealsnull nulllem will look to nullntinnull its winning ways
pnull the nullsitors awaynull
LaRosanulls offensinulle enulllosion in the last two on FridaynullFebrnullry nullnullat home nullersnull rinullal
• Competitive Valley Hockey League
LaRosa led all snullrers with
nullntests pnulls his snullring anullerage at nullnull points Timberlanenull The opening tip is snullhednulled for
null pointsnullnotnullhing eight
per gamenullwhinullh ranks senullnd in the areanull He has nullpnullnullas the senullnd game of a nullarsity donulllenull
• 45 game schedule (mites 30 game)* threenullointers in the pronullssnull
drained null threenullointers on the seasonnullpnullting header with the nulllem girlsnullbasketball teamnull The
• Local Games & practices @
He also anullnullnullated eight
him senullnd in the area for that nulltegory as wellnull boysnullteam will tranullel to Connullrd the following
• 2 team practices per week (includes 1 Shared & 1 Full)
assists and fonull rebonulldsnull
nullditionallynullhe owns the highest threenulloint total Tnullsday and then nullme home for senior night on
• Professional skills sessions & goaltending discounts
nullanwhilenullnullllant ranullked
for a single game this season as he hit nine nullersnull Fridaynullnullrnullh null against nullnnullhester Centralnull
• Practice, Game Jerseys, and Socks Included
null yet another donulllenullonullle
nullnullrne on Febrnullry null
• Discounted Pre-Season Camp & Off-Ice Programs (optional)
Visit for Blue Devil nullmnasts nullanull nullourth at State Meet
registration info & tryout schedule
by nullris White on nullanulltnulland nullth in the allnullronulldnull yonullger girls on the teamnullnull
Contact Laurie @ with Questions
nullpenullations were nullrtainly high for nullnior nullnullaptain Taylor Bnulltti grabbed nullnullen of the null athletes on nulllemnulls roster
Tryout Fee $50
the threenullime defending state nullhampion senullenth on nullor and tied for nullth on beamnull nulltnullday had anullnulllly nenuller partinullpated
nulllem girlsnullgymnastinull team nullming into as nullassmate nullnan nullalker finished nullst on in the state nullmpetition beforenull nullith that
this seasonnull Bnull with a downward shift in nullor and nullrd on nullanulltnull Freshman Lillian to nullnsidernullpnullling onull a fonullthnulllanull
the teamnulls enulleriennull lenullel and a nullnullle nullinulleri also tnullned in a solid performannull finish among nullw Hampshirenulls elitenull
of key innullriesnullthe image of snullnullss took on the beam as she tied for nullthnull plnull showing nullnsistent impronullement

a different form this yearnull nulltering last null was the final meet for the nullreers thronullhonull the season may be enullen greater
nullnullterenull nullate
nulltnulldaynulls state meet at nulllem High as the of seniors KiratanullBnullttinullnullalkernulland than winning three nullnsenulltinulle state titlesnull
fifth seednullthe Blnull Denullls onulleranullhienulled nulless Lemenagernull Theynullalong with senior “nullireen and Taylor hanulle been on
their way to a fonullthnulllanull finishnull nullassmate nulless Therianulltnullhelped gnullde a three state nullhampionship teamsnullnullLanullallo
anullnullnullating their highest team allnullronulld yonullg team to be one of the best in nullw enulllainednull “Bnull nullbelienulle those girls will tell
snullre of the seasonnulla nullnullnullnull Hampshire this seasonnull yonullthis is the most snullnullssfnull team wenullnulle
nulllem was in the rnullning for the top spot “They were so snullportinulle of eanullh other hadnull For menullit was the most ennullyable
after its first three enullentsnull The team planulld dnulling the seasonnullnullnulllem nullanullh nullnnie season in onuller null years of nullanullhingnullnullt
senullnd on both beam and nullornulland then Lanullallo saidnull “nulle had a lot of girls from the way the team worked together and
grabbed fonullth on the nullanulltnull The Denullls lost who didnnullt hanulle mnullh of a gymnastinull impronullednullnull
gronulld on the barsnullthonullhnullas they nullme in banullkgronulld nullming into the seasonnull
sinullhnull nulltimatelynullnulllem wonulld fall behind bnull a lot of the older girls helped them
the nullnullor nullnkertonnullrnullnernullp nullnnullhester impronullenull nulle owe it to those seniorsnull
Centralnulland thirdnulllanull Londonderrynull like nullireen and Taylornullwho spent
The Blnull Denullls had two planullrs on their pranullinull time working with the
nullortnullnull nulle-anullronullal
the daynull nullnior
nullnullaptain nullireen
anull null-day rate lonull Kirata tied for fonullth
on the nullor with an
nullnullnulland took sinullh
in the allnullronulld
with a nullnullnull while
freshman nullm
Clonullier finished fifth
on the beam with
an nullnullnull Kirata also
3 South Broadway | Salem, NH 03079 nullme in senullenth on
(603) 898-2153 | Fanull(603) 898-1760 | wwwnullalemnulloonullomnull
beamnulleighth on
nullanulltnulland nullth on
nullatenullare nullnullenullt to nullanulle wnullhout nulltnullenullnullnull are nullnulld onulla null00,000 loanullamounullt, 20nulldownullnullor 30 yearnull
wnullh 2 nullnulltnull, renullltnullnullnull 360 monullthly nullymenulltnullat nullnull16 nullr thounullnull nullrrowednullSome renullrnulltnullnull anulllynull
barsnull nullanwhilenull
Clonullier finished
nullth on nullornullnullth
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y nulln nullthr
for Your
Sam Cloutier
Shireen nullrata
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