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SanullnullOffice: 68 Stinulls null, Suite 5 681-0510
Main Office: 17 Executive Drive, Suite 1, Hudson, NH 03051 880-1516 nullax 87nullnull07 nullnullnullreanenullnullounullconull nenullnullreanenullnullounullconull
Salem Regular Meetings & Events
Community Events Meetings School Activities
nullerican nullgion nullunullliarynull nullerinulln Legion nullost nullnull null nullllnulllle nullreetnullthird
Friday, March 5 Tuesday, March 2 Tuesday nullThursday, March 16 null18
The nulllem Boys and nullrls Clnullnulleystone Salem nullomannulls Club members will pin and The nulllem nullhool Distrinull will be holding
nulltists nullsociation of nulleater Salem nullKelley LibrarynullConfnullRoomnullsenullnd Thnullsdaynull
Clnull will hold a Spaghetti and Meatball nullt patterns for dolls and nullothes at their nullndergarten and nullirst nullade Registrations
nullnull nullnullnull pnullnull
Board of Selectmen meetingsTnull own Hall nullnightly Roomnull firstnullsenullndnulland fonullth
Dinner in the nulllem nulllipse Teen Center at meeting on Tnullsdaynullnullrnullh nullfrom noon for the nullnullnullnullnullsnullhool year dnulling the
the nulllem Boys and nullrls Clnullnulllonullted at to nullpnullnullin the Beshara Room of Kelley following dates and times: Tnullsdaynullnullrnullh
Budget Committee meetingsTnull own Hall nullnightly Roomnull senullnd and fonullth
nullnullremonty Drinullenullfrom nullnullnull:null pnullnull Librarynull The nulloth dollsnullnullmplete with null from nullnull anullnull nullednesdaynullnullrnullh null
nullednesdaynullnullpnullnull The theme of the enullent is Lilnullnullalynulland handmade onullfits and yarn hairnullwill be from nullnull anullnull Thnullsdaynullnullrnullh null from
Cancer Support meetingsnull anite nullate Baptist Chnullnull nullhnullnullnullnd Hill Roadnullfirst and
there is a small nullst for the dinnernullwhinullh sold lonulll nullaft fairs and other enullents and nullnullnull:null pnullnull Registration pronulldnulles
third nullndaynullnullnullnullnull pnullnull
will innullnulle spaghettinullmeatballsnulldessertnull the pronulleds will be donated to the nullnullnulls will be nullndnullted at the nullfinull of the
CHnullDnull nullshnullnullindham Chapternull indham nullesbyterian Chnullnullhnullthird
and garlinullbreadnull Tinullkets nulln be pnullnullhased snullholarship fnulld and nullarionull nullmmnullity nullperintendent of nullhoolsnullnull nullremonty
Thnullsdaynullnullnull pnullnull
at the doornull pronullnullsnull nullomen are asked to bring Drinullenullnulllemnull null yonullhanulle not yet renullinulled
Conservation Commission meetingsTnull own Hall nullnightly Roomnull first nullednesdaynull
snullssors and pinsnull The work session will registration materials in the mailnullplease
Friday, March 5, 12, 19, and 26
Council on nulling meetings nullnullgram nullnior Centernullfonullth Tnullsday of nullrilnullnullynull
follow lnullnullhnull nullw members are always notify null as soon as possible by nulllling
Ronullkingham and nullnull Hospinull will sponsor
nullnullenullnullnullnulltnullnullptember and nulltobernullnull anullnull nullnullnullnullnull welnullmenull
foot clinics for indinulldnullls null years and
Democratic nullown CommitteenullKelley Librarynullthird Tnullsdaynullnullpnullnull
Diabetes Support nulloup nullnullgram nullnior Centernullnullnulllly nullite nullaynullthird
older who are nullable to perform their Tuesday, March 9
nullednesdaynullnull:null nullnull:null anullnull
own foot nullre at the nulllem nullnior Centernull The nulllem Historinulll nullnullety will host
Seminars & Courses
Domestic nulluse Support nulloupnull nullonfidentialnull Call nullnullfe nullanullnullnullnullnullnull for
nulllly nulleet nullaynull Clients will renullinulle a a travel presentation by Robyn Hatchnull
Tuesday, March 2, and Thursday, March 4
more informationnull basinullnail trimming and foot assessmentnull reporter and photographer for the nulllem
nullw Hampshire Honulling is sponsoring a
nullchange Club nullnullonathannulls nullark nullane Lanesnull Thnullsdaysnullnull pnullnull
bnull no treatment of nullrns or nullllnullesnull Commnullity nullatriotnull Robyn is a professional
freenulltwonullartnullnullirst nullime Home Buyernulls
nullamilies CopenullKelley LibrarynullRoom BTnull hnullsdaysnullnull:null anullnullnullnoon
nullpointments are nenullssary for this nullininull photographer and has tranulleled enullensinullely
nullamily nulln Nightnull Boys nullnullrls Clnull of nulllemnullfirst Friday of the monthnullnullnullnullpnullnull
Seminarnull The nullminars will take planull at
and there is a snullgested donation feenull in nullrope and elsewhere with her nullmeranull
nullrden Club meetings nullnulllemhanullen nullrsing Homenullsenullnd Tnullsday nullnullpnullnull
the Bank of nullerinullnullnullnullnullrth Broadwaynull
For more informationnullor to snullhednulle an
eater Salem null nulltists nullsociationnull Kelley Librarynullsenullnd Thnullsdaynullnullnull pnullnull
nulle will see some of the resnullting pinullnulles
nulllemnullfrom nullnullpnullnull The sessions are
Historic District Commission meetingsnullat the nullsenullnullnullnullnullin nullreetnullat the nullll
appointmentnullnullll nullnullnullnull nullerrynullor from her trip to nullnullnullnull The meeting is at
free and open to the pnulllinull bnull seating is
of the nullhairmannull
nullnullnullnullnullnullnull nullnull pnullnullat the nulld Town Hall nullsenullnull
limitednull To make resernullationsnullnullll nullnullnull
Historic Societynullnulllemnullnulld Town Hall nullnull nullin nullreetnull senullnd Tnullsdaynullnullrnullh nullnullnullin nullreetnullnulllemnulland is open
Saturday, March 13
nullnullnullnullnullenullension nullnullnull Home Bnuller
thronullh nullnullember at nullnull pnullnull to the pnulllinulland free of nullhargenull Light
The Derrynullalem nullks Lodge nullnullnull Ronulle
seminars are the loginulll first step in the
Housing nulluthority meetingsnullHonulling nullnullhoritynullnull Telfer Cirnullenullnullnullnd Tnullsdaynull
refreshments will be anullailable after the
nullnull null nulladow Lake Roadnullnulllemnullwill
nullmplinullted and often nullnfnulling pronullss
nullnull pnullnull
meetingnull For details nullll nullnullnullnull or
Interdenominational nullayer nulloupnull nullrth nulllem nullited nullthodist Chnullnullhnullenullery
host the Regional Spelling Beenullfor stnullents
of pnullnullhasing a homenull nullw Hampshire
nullnday enullening in grades nullnull starting at nullanullnull This enullent
Honulling seminars pronullde a nullmprehensinulle
nullelley nullbrary nullrustees meetings nullat the Librarynullnullnullnullin nullreetnullnull times per yearnull
nulln last senulleral honulls depending on the Monday, March 15
program in a nenullral ennullronment to learn
date and time set at eanullh meetingnull
nullntestantsnullThe top winner will go on to Kathy nullonullstetternulla nullininulll psynullhologist
abonull the homenullnulling pronullss and the
nullwanis nullnulllem BoysnullnullnullrlsnullClnullnullnulld nullndaynullnullpnullnull
the nullate nullelling Beenullwhinullh will be held and nullnnullr snullnullnullor will be a guest speanullr
responsibilities of home ownershipnull The
nullights of Columbusnull null nullin nullreetnullnulld nullednesdaynullnullnull pnullnull
at Bedford High nullhool on nullrnullh nullnull
nullons Clubnull nullentnullket Banknullsenullnd Tnullsdaynullat noon and Blanullk nullater nullillnullthird
at the Salem Cancer Support nulloup on
seminars are snullported by the nullrtgage
Thnullsdaynullat nullpnullnull
nullrnullh null at nullpnullnull Kathy gradnullted with
Bankers and Brokers nullsonullation of nullw
The Derrynullalem nullks Lodge nullnullnull Ronulle
Machine nullitting Clubnull Kelley LibrarynullRoom Bnullfirst nulltnulldaynullnullanullnullnullnoonnull
her masternulls degree from Boston College
Hampshirenullnullw Hampshire nullsonullation of
nullnull null nulladow Lake Roadnullnulllemnullwill
Masonsnullnullinullket Lodge nullnullnullnullnullnullnullin nullreetnullsenullnd Thnullsday of the monthnull in nullnull and has worked at the Center for
Realtorsnullnullw Hampshirenull
hold their annnulll Irish Nightnullfeatnulling a
Military Momsnull BoysnullnullnullrlsnullClnullnullnulld Thnullsdaynullnullnull nullnullpnullnull Life nullnagement in nullarionull nullpanullties
Momnulls Club of Salemnull Kelley Librarynullfonullth nullndaynullnullnull nullnull:null anullnull
fnulll nullrned beef and nullbbage dinnernull The
sinnull that timenull null null years old and with
der of the nullstern Starnull nullnullinullket Lodge nullnullnullnullnullnullnullin nullreetnullthird Fridaynull
enullening will start with nullnullktails at
Sports & Recreation
two small nullhildrennullshe was diagnosed
ernull eaters nullonymous nullKelley LibrarynullRoom BnullFridaysnullnullnull nullnullnull pnullnull
nullpnullnull dinner at nullpnullnull and featnulling nullish
with an aggressinulle form of breast nullnnullrnull
Tuesday, March 2
nullanning Board meetings Tnull own Hall nullnightly Roomnull senullnd and fonullth Tnullsdaynull Dannullrs sometime aronulld nullnullnull pnullnull
nulle nullderwent a single mastenullomy along
nulllem nullonullh nullnuller is nullrrently holding
Tinullkets nulln be pnullnullhased in adnullannull at the
Recreation nullvisory Committee meetings Tnull own Hall nullonferennull Roomnull first
with nullhemo and radiation and nullmpleted
online registration for Recreational nullnull
Lodgenull ynull one interested in tinullkets nulln
her renullnstrnulltinulle snullgery in nullptembernull
nullnull and nullot nullnull Soccer for the nullweek
nullll the lodge at nullnullnullnullnull Tinullket are not
Refundernulls nulloupnull Kelley LibrarynullLannullRoomnullthird nulltnulldaynullnullm nullnoonnull nullter her diagnosisnullKathy denullded that
nullring nullnull seasonnull Register online nownull
nullnulllly anullailable at the doornullas it is nullnulllly
Rotary Club of nulleater Salemnull Ronullkingham nullark nullelmont Room nullnull Fridaysnull going forwardnullshe wanted to help and
or on Tnullsdaynullnullrnullh null from nullnullnull
nullnull anullnull
a sold onull enullent
snullport other nullnnullr patients and belienulles
nullnull pnullnullat the nulllem Boys and nullrls Clnullnull
Salem nullamily Resourcesnulluccess By nullnullandparents as nullarents Support nulloup
that the nulllem Cannullr nullpport nullonull at
nullnullremonty Drinullenull Register soon to anulloid
oupsnullnull third Fridaynullnullnull anullnullat nulleater nulllem CareginullersnullnullnullLawrennull Road
Library anite nullited is a great fornull for her to null
delayed planullment on a rosternull
oss nullnull hool Bnullldingnull nullnullnullnullnull Cindy nullnullynullnullenulltinulle Direnullornullnulllem Family
Resonullnullsnullnullnullss By null Thursday, March 4
begin her worknullThe Cannullr nullpport nullonull
Friday, March 26
Salem Crossing nullnull Kelley LibrarynullRoom Bnullthird nullednesdaynullnullnullnullpnullnull
The Kelley Librarynullnullnullnullin nullreetnullnulllemnull
meets at nullanite nullited Chnullnullhnullnullnullndhill
nulllem nullonullh Baseball is enullited to be
Salem Crossing nullnullocnullngham Commonsnull Kelley LibrarynullRoom Bnullthird nullndaynull
will hold a Movie Night at nullpnullnull featnulling
RoadnullnulllemnullFor informationnullnullntanull Ron
hosting a Dinner Dance nullndraiser at
nullnull nullnullnull pnullnull
a nullassinullfilm starring nullegory nullenullknull
Demers at nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
the Harrisnullnullelham nullnnullnull Ledge Roadnull
Salem Museumnull nullnullnullin nullreetnullnullen nullndaysnullnullnullnullpnullnullnullnullnullnullnull
nullelhamnullat nullpnullnull This enullent will not only
Salem NH Citinulln Corpsnull Knightly nulleting RoomnullTown Hallnullsenullnd Tnullsdaynull
Wednesday March 10
be a great night onullnullbnull an important
The Kelley Library will hold a nullass on
School Activities
Salem Republican nullown Committeenull senullnd nullednesdaynullnullnull pnullnull at the Kelley
fnulldraising fnullnullion for the leagnull as
“Buying a New Computernull from Tuesday, March 2
Librarynullnullntanull nulleff Hatnullh at nullfhatnullhnullsnnullom or nullnullnullnullnull
wellnull The nulllem nullonullh Baseball leagnull
nullnullnull:null pnullnull nulloin the Library staff for this
Salem Senior Servicesnullopen nullnnullnullThnullsnull nullnull anullnullnullnullnull pnullnull Fridaynull
The nulllem nullhool Board will host an
has made tremendonull impronullements to
nullnull anullnullnullnullnull pnullnull
informal nullmpnuller nullass in whinullh they will information forum beginning at nullpnullnullin
nullnullhele nullark thronullh fnulldraising and
Salem nulleen Social Centernull Kelley LibrarynullRoom Bnullfirst Thnullsdaynullnullnull nullnullnull pnullnull
disnullss what to look for in a new nullnull the telenullsion stnullio at nulllem High nullhoolnull
nullnulltless nullolnullteer mannullonullsnullto make
Salem nulliters nulloupnull Kelley LibrarynullConfnullRoomnullsenullnd Tnullsdaynullnull anullnullnullnoonnull There will be no formal presentationnullThis
Thursday, March 18
it one of the finest yonullh sport fanulllities
Salem nullouth Hocynull nullKelley LibrarynullRoom Bnullsenullnd nullednesdaynullnullnull nullnullnull pnullnull will be an opportnullity for residents to ask
Sonnulls of nullion nullets nullnullunullliarynull Kelley LibrarynullRoom Bnullfonullth nulltnulldaynull
The Kelley Library is pleased to welnullme
in the statenull This night will nulllebrate the
nullestions abonull the planned renonullation
null:null nullnullnull pnullnull
Dennis nullebster nulleene of nullebster nulleene
hard work that onull nullolnullteers dedinullte to
pronullnull as well as all other proposed
nullanull nullf nullounds Sensiblynull nulleasant nullreet nullthodist Chnullnullhnullnullednesdaysnull
nulltinulles and nullteriors of nullthnullnnullwho
the leagnull and nullhildren of nulllemnullraise
warrant artinullesnull This will be a final
nullnull pnullnull will present “nullreasures in nullour nullticnullnull nulloin
fnullds to keep registration fees manageablenull
nullinning Speanullrs Clubnull nullnior CenternullLowell Roadnullsenullnd and fonullth
opportnullity to hanulle nullestions answerednull
null for an informatinulle disnullssion of antinulle
and help pay for these past and fnullnulle
nullllenulling at nullpnullnullat the librarynull Tuesday, March 9
impronullementsnull The theme of onull dinner is
nullomennulls Club nullnullCnullSalem Chapter nullKelley LibrarynullBeshara Roomnullfirst Tnullsdaynull
nulloting Day for the town of nulllemnull null
“Light null the nullghtnullnullmeant to shownullse
noon nullnullpnullnullnullo nullnullynull nullnullt or Denullmbernull
nullning Board of nullnullstment meetings Tnull own Hall nullnightly Rmnull first Tnullsdaynull
prenullonull yearsnullmore than null pernullnt of
onull latest endeanullornullthe renullntly installed
the parents of onull stnullents didnnullt nullotenulland
lights on onull most nullilinulld fieldnull nulle hanulle
Saturdays, February 2null March 13, and more than nullnullhonulleholds with nullhildren
a great fnullnullion hallnulla Dnullwith a portion
Salem Seniors
March 2null in snullhool donnullt hanulle a registered nulloternull
of the night dedinullted to a “Baseball
nullrdens of Hope is a nonnullrofit nulltending the Deliberati
alk to
e nullssion and
nullolnullkaraoke nullntestnulldelinullonull foodnull
organinulltion assisting nulllem nullnnullr patients then nulloting on nullrnullh nullwill ginulle yonullan
rafnull itemsnullsilent anulltionnulland a sports
nulllem nullnior nullrnullnulls pronullly presents Lnullnullh null Learnnulla
with the nullkeep of their established opportnullity to make y
onull opinion nullnulltnull null
memorTabilia anulltionnull Donations for ralk to afnull
monthly fornull to bring yonullnews and nullews of opportnullities and
gardensnull nullolnullteers interested in learning yonullhanulle any nullestionsnullfeel free to nullntanull
itemsnullsilent anulltion itemsnulland dinnernullood Scoop!
nullnnullrns for yonull wellness and that of yonull nullmmnullitynull This
Send your stories and photos
more abonull onull program are innullted to nullke Delahantynullnullperintendent of nullhoolsnull
items will be grSend your storiatefnullly anulleptednull For more
monthnullTown nullnager DrnullHenry LaBrannullhe and nullperintendent
Send your stories and photos
es and photos
to news@areanew
attend onull meetings at the Kelley Librarynull at nullnullnullnullnull nullonullnulln also nullsit the snullhool
informationnullnullsit onull nullebsite at:
nullnullhael Delahanty will highlight the nullnull nulltinulles for the Town
Ronulle nullnullnulllemnullfrom null anullnullnoonnull nullonull distrinull nullebsitenullwwwnullanullnullorgnullfor fnullther
and nullhool Distrinull ballots and meetingsnull They welnullme yonull
may also nullll nullnullnullnull to speak with information and detailsnull
nullestions and want to address yonull nullnnullrnsnull
nullndynullor leanulle yonull name and telephone
Talk to
Lnullnullh null Learn will kinullk off on nullednesdaynullnullrnullh null at noon
nnullber for a retnulln nullllnull
at the nullgram nullnior Centernull null is free to attendnull null yonulld like to Scoop!
Talk to
ennully lnullnullhnulltoo nullinger Beef nullir Fry or Roast Chinullken Legnull make
Send your stori
Send your stories and photos
es and photos
Send your stories and photos
to new
to news@areanew
resernullations by nulllling nullnullnullnullnull Donation for lnullnullhnull to
nulllem nullnior nullrnullnulls is open nullnday thronullh Thnullsdaynullnullnull
anullnullto nullnull pnullnull and Fridaynullnullnull anullnullto nullnull pnullnullat the nullgram
nullnior Centernullnullnulllly nulleetnulls nullay in nulllemnullfor residents null years
Salem Church Services
of age or oldernull
Talk to
arnull at nullmenian Congregational Church New nulline nullellowship Church
For more information or a detailed daily nulllendarnullsee onull
nullnulllem nullreet nullnullnday nullrnullnullsnullnull:null anullnull nullets at nulllem High nullhoolnullnulldia Center nullnullnday nullrnullnullnullnull:null anullnull
nullebsite at townofsalemnhnullrgnullnullsit the Centernullor nullll nullnullnullnullnull
Centerpoint Community Church North Salem nullited Methodist Chur
hool nullreet nullnullndanullnullnull y nullrnullnullsnullnull anullnull nullnullnullrth nullin nullreet nullnullnday nullorship nullrnullnull nullnullnda
y nullhoolnullnullanullnull
ace null nullsembly of nulld nulleasant Street nullited Methodist Chur
Salem Community Patriot
nullnullnullon Hill Road nullnullnday nullorship nullrnullnullnullnull:null anullnull nullnulleasant nullreet nullnullnday

orship and nullnday nullhoolnullnullnull anullnull
nullednesday night Bible nullnullynullnullpnullnull
Rocnullngham Christian Chur

photos to

Corporate offices at
anite State Baptist Churnull ch nullnulldnulltrial nullaynullnullit null nullFor nullrnullnull timesnullsee their
nullebsite at:
nullnullnd Hill Road nullnullnday nullrnullnullsnullnullnull anullnull null anullnull wwwnullonullkinghamnullhristian nullm
17 Executive Dr, Suite1, Hudson NH Hannah nullenney nullited Methodist Church Salem Bible Church
nullnullnullin nullreetnullnullnday nullorship and nullnday nullhoolnullnull anullnull null nullmer Road nullff Rtenullnullnull nullrning null nullorshipnullnull:null anullnull enullnull nullorshipnullpnullnullnull
Editor in Chief Len Lathrop
nullaith Bible Chapel
nullnday nullhoolnullnullnull anullnullnullnullednesday nullayer nulletingnullnullpnullnull
nullets at nullerinulln Legion Hallnullnull nulllnulllle nullreet nullnullorship nullrnullnullnullnullnull anullnull StnullDavidnulls nulliscopal Church
Michael Falzone • Brian Marrocco
nullpnullnullBible nullnullynull ednesdays at nullnull pnullnull nullin nullreet nullnulloss from Kelley Librarynullnullnullnday nullrnullnullsnullnullnull anullnullnullnull:null anullnull
Denise Dolloff • Cindy Hansberry
nullirst Congregational ChurchnullnullC Stnullnullosephnulls Catholic Church
null Lawrennull Road nullnullnday nullorship nullrnullnullnullnull anullnull null nullin nullreet nullnullsses: nulltnull nullnull pnullnull nullnnull nullnull anullnull nullnull anullnull null anullnull
Errors: The liability of the publisher on account of errors in or omissions from
Mary nulleen of nulleace Catholic Churchnull
nulleekdays: nullnnull Tnullsnull Thnullsnull Frinull Rosary nullnull anullnull nullssnullnullnull anullnull
any advertisement will in no way exceed the amount of the charge for the space
nullnullLawrennull Road nullnullsses: nulltnull nullpnullnull nullnnull nullanullnull null:null anullnull
nullednull Rosarynullnullnull anullnull nullnullharistinullnullrnullnull nullnull anullnull nullening nullssnullnullnull pnullnull
occupied by the item in error, and then only for the first incorrect insertion.
nulleekdays: nullnnull Tnullsnull Thnullsnull Frinull Rosarynullnullnull anullnull nullssnullnullanullnull nullriumphant Cross nulltheran Church
Advertisers should notify management within three (3) business days if any error nullnullnullon Hill Road nullnullnday nullrnullnullsnullnullanullnull nullanullnull nullFellowship Honull null anullnull
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