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Salem Community Patriot
February 26, 2010 - 11
Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?
Conullents enullressed in this colunull are the sole nullenull onullthose callers and do not renullct the nullenull onullthe nullea Nenull Group or its adnullertisersnull Tonull and school onullcials encourage
readers to seek out assistance directly to resolnulle any problenull or issuesnull The nullea Nenull editorial stanull holds the right to renullse any conullent deenulld inappropriatenull
“nullhumbs up nulldown nullnull nullementary that grandfathered safety nullolations do not satisfy nullnsistently is well informed and presents the to be nullednull These nullarionull Town nullployees and
hools needs impronull nullements and not an enullreme nullrrent safety nullde standardsnulland onull snullhools fanullsnull Despite the lanullk of snullport from others on nullolnullteers donnullt desernulle this abnulle from all thesenull
makeonullernull nullether yonullhanulle nullhildren or nullntain many grandfathered safety nullolationsnull nullrtain artinulles he refnulles to rnullber stamp things “nullnnullrnednullnulltinullnsnull null yonullnullre so mnullhnullrnull for
grandnullhildren in the snullhoolsnullit is nullsafe and null is the interested nulltinullns nullsiting the snullhools and makes nullrtain the nulloters are informed and a position or go the nullolinull nullademynull nulll three of
nullhealthy for onull nullhildren to learn in these regnullarlynullworking in the snullhoolsnulland taking the aware of what is going onnull nulleat nullob nullephen and yonullnull“papersnull shonulld stop rnullning this senullionnullnull
dilapidating and nullamped bnullldingsnull Remonulle the time to get more informationnullwho really know yonull nenull term on the Bnullget Committee will be
“nullhumbs up to nullsnullnullanullettenull Her timing to
asbestosnullrenullamp for additional nullassrooms and whatnulls going on and nullnnullt help bnull be nullnnullrned enullen betternull
bring this issnull to the snullhool board may not hanulle
take the safety measnulles whinullh innullnulle monullng abonull older snullhools that donnullt meet nullrrent nulldesnull
“nullhumbs up to Dianne nullanullette for showing been idealnullbnull nullapplanull her nullnullage to take on
the main offinull to the front of the bnullldingnull nullith nulleople owe it to themselnulles to get the fanulls on
the snullhool board for what they arenullspendersnull null the snullhool boardnull nullen is there a good time to
that being saidnullwe do not need a new gymnasinull the nullndition of onull snullhool fanulllitiesnull nullsit a
Thnullbs downnullhowenuller to the snullhool board if tell someone yonullare doing a bad nullbnull This matter
in onull snullhoolsnull Children spend nullnullmonths onull snullhool near yonulland talk to the staffnulland nullew
they had ginullen the plan more than a null minnulle has been trinullalinulld by the snullhool board bnull shenulls
of the snullhool year indoors dnulling null and nulldonnullt information and pinullnulles at wwwnullnullsalemnullnull
thonullhtnullthey too nullnulld see it does nothing to rightnullthis is bnull a symptom of an enullen bigger
find it nenullssary to bnullld this nullstly enullense for orgnull nullke an informed denullsionnulland nullote on
solnulle the problemnullit does howenuller innullease onull problemnullwe need a new snullhool board and we
the Renulleation Department to nulle when they need nullrnullh nullhnull
tanulls and not by only nullnullthat is on top of the need them nownull nullr snullhools are the way they are
it eithernull nullwonulld like a new kitnullhen howenullernull
“nullhumbs up to nullenulle Campbellnullnullrl nullrrow nullnullnulltanullinnullease from the town bnullget and benullnulle the money for maintenannull was spent on
itnulls not a nenullssitynullitnulls a wantnull nullwonulld also like
and nullat Hargreanulles for doing their best to gnullrd the null innullease from the snullhool sidenull nulloters “wantsnulland not on “needsnullso now they nullme to
to nullmment on the letter titled Renullpes for nullals
the townnulls pnullse stringsnull nullnulle linulled in nulllem for need to nullderstand the snullhool board will say null the tanullayers to finullthe mess they hanulle madenull
and nullhools by nulleter nullrgannull nullnullnullrgannullnull
null years and nullknow we hanulle to nullhange with the anything to nullnnullnnull yonullthe plan is a good onenull nulle nullnnot finullthis mess nulltil we get a new snullhool
nullmpletely get it and nullrespenull yonull snullport of
timesnullbnull townspeople are hard pressed to keep nullfortnullately by the time we see the real prinull board who nullres more abonull the nullhildren and less
artinulles null null null nullnullnullbnull my hnullband works in
panull with spendingnull nullith state aid nulltnullnulllem tagnullmost wonnullt be able to afford to stay in nulllemnull abonull the stipendsnullnull
Law nullfornullment and has not had a raise in null
mnullt nullme null with enullra moneynullespnullmoney for nullake null nulloters get onull yonull shonullels here nullmes
yearsnull The state nullntinnulls to tell the Lonulll that
benefits for town employeesnullwith the lionnulls share another nullnow nullbnulldonnullt fall for
there is no money in the bnullget for a raisenull nullr
going for polinull and fire pensionsnulletnull nullmonulle itnullnullote down the snullhool artinullesnull
health insnullannull nullntinnulls to rise and the nullst
to delete nullnullnullnullfor sinullmonths for a depnully itnulls timenullnull
of linullng is on a steady nullimbnull null nullnullnulld nullote nullnull
fire nullhiefnullnullnullnullnullfor ninenullonths for a totally
on null null null nullnullnull nullwonulld bnull we hanulle to fonulls
“nullhumbs up to all who oppose
ineffenullnulll nullde enfornullment offinullr and nullnullnullnull
on warrants at home that nulln not be fonulld on a
the onullerspending and ridinulllonull
for sinullmonths for a polinull nullerk was defeated at
plan the snullhool distrinull is offeringnull
the nullrnullh nulltown meetingnull The manullrity rnulled
nulle they kiddingnull nullst tanullayers
so now the only way to rid onull
hanulle not had raisesnullsome are
town of this enullense is to try
quality secondhand clothing, toys, baby gear and more
nullemployednulllosing their homesnull
and remonulle the money at ronulld
and the snullhool board wonulld
two of town meetingnull Herenulls
hanulle yonullbelienulle the only thing
Winter Clearance
hoping for a good tnullnonull to
that will make nulllem better
defeat this nullnenullssary enullensenull
is renonullating the elementary
This is the time for town
snullhoolsnull How abonull nulltting the
employeesnulland their nullions to
tanullayers a break so we nulln pay
step null to the plate and ginulle
onull tanullsnullkeep onull homes and maybe get the “nullhumbs down to all the people of nulllem who
tanullayersnulla bit of a breaknull Hanulle
nullhannull to send onull kids to nulllem nullhools nenull think that their nullhildrennulls and other nullhildrennulls
es 3/15/10 they no shamenull
yearnullyonull plan will not help anybody enullept ednullation is far less important than a bnulllding
“nullhumbs down to the nulllem yonullselnullesnullitnulls the wrong plannullthe wrong time nullgradenull nullgradnullted in nullnullbefore nullindham leftnull
hool Board for not enullnull en and shonulld be nulloted down at the ballotnullnull and this is when yonullpeople shonulld hanulle been
603-952-4760 356 S. Broadway (Rte 28) Salem, NH
applying for the state aidnull
“nullhumbs down to nullatrinulla Corbettnull Her
worried abonull the bnullldingnullwhen we almost
How nulln yonullpromise nullnull
nulleadershipnullof the snullhool board has bronullht
lost anullreditation benullnulle of too many stnullentsnull
reimbnullsement when yonullhanulle
“nullhumbs downnullto the nulllem snullhool board for
null to where we are todaynullsnullhools in need of
the library not being big enonullh or well enonullh
no applinulltion in at the statenull nullote nullonullto the
asking null the tanullpayernullto ginulle a nullipend to the
things and no money to spend on those needsnull
stonullkednullnullD :gasp: test snullres were atronullonullnull
null million dollar bondnullitnulls time to sharpen some
Board of nulllenullmen null for raising onull tanullnull nulland
withonull tapping into the ponullkets of the tanullayers
anted nullam nullinformed if the test snullres hanull nulle
pennulllsnull nullhnullbs nullnullto Dianne for bringing this
nenuller enuller lowering themnull nulld for that yonullask
onnull againnull null planningnullno sanullngnullno fnullnulle
nullhangednullbnull maybe yonullwonulld pnull two and two
problem to the nulloternulls attentionnull nulle so this is
null to ginulle the selenullmen a hand onull while they
nullsionnull To leanulle her on the board is to allow this
together and realinull that the old tenull books need
how parents who bring nullnnullrns to the nulleadersnull
sit banullk and nullst others away that work for free
to nullntinnullnull nullen thonullh we ginulle the distrinull
to gonull nullwas nenuller nullite satisfied with what null
of the snullhool distrinull are treatednull nulle time for
doing nullmmnullity work for the needy null They all
millions eanullh yearnullwe donnullt maintain onull
was learning in those books and nullnullnulld tell they
some new leadersnull
forgot that they them self work nullnd hanulle a pay
bnullldingsnullwe donnullt plan ahead more than the nenull
were onull of date thennullbnull being a stnullent nulldidnnullt
nullhenullk nullming innull null its easy to raise onull tanulland
“nullhumbs up to Dane Hoonuller for nullhool bnullget seasonnull null is obnullonull that things will only
really nullrenullnow that nullnulle been in nullllege a few
nullst stones at the nulloornullonly one nulllenullmannullnullat
Boardnull His nullews are those of all of nullnullteanullh onull be worse if she is left on the snullhool boardnullnull
years nullam thoronullhly nullnnullrnednull There are some
of null obnullonullly that like ednullation and some
Hargranulles got null and said he did not want the
kids better so when they leanulle nulllemnullthey nulln
“nullhumbs down to nullhannel null what is the point
who donnulltnullbnull it shonulld be null to date ednullation
stipend pay raise nulland he always donates his to
nullmpete with their peersnullthanks to the present
of rnullning the same nulldeo enullery null minnullesnull
the poor or the town null The rest take it with both
hool Board and nullnull atrinulla Corbett as the leadernull
Do yonullbelienulle nulltinullns nulln only nullderstand
hands null null the end we do hanulle a nullote nullnd make
we hanulle some nulltnullhing null to donullnullwonulld like a
something if we are nullndonullrinatednullwith repeat
“nullhumbs down to the people who keep
it nullnullt this timenullnullme onull and nullst yonull nullote in
refnulld on my stipend pleasenull
of the same nulldeonull Do yonullbelienulle if yonullplay
nullhnullbs downingnullthe liberalsnull null a repnulllinulln
“nullhumbs down to nullatrinulla Corbettnull Her it enonullh times it will pass at the ballotnull nullonull
nullam ashamednull nullonullare trnully linullng null to the
nullolitinullan likenullpersona and are wasting onull tanulldollars rnullning the nullhannel
medianulls enullenullations and when yonullsay nullanull
nullolitinulllly nullrrenullnullpresentation null why not pnull some nullalnullble nullntent into yonull
things like nullnullnullwill be taken by the Tea nullartynullnull
on Tnullis not going to get programmingnulllike things the snullhool nullhildren are
it really makes all of null repnulllinullns that want
her nullotes as a matter of fanullnull innullolnulled innull null is another enullmple of how the
nullhange in the gonullernment seem like yonull nullt
nullnsidering her banullkgronulldnull snullhool distrinull wastes tanullpayer dollarsnull
all of null are insanenullnot all of null are going to null
she nullnulld be better informed
planes into nullnullbnullldingsnulland not all of null like
“nullhumbs down to nullatrinulla Corbettnulls disnullssion
on the issnullsnullnull
the rest of yonull Banullk off and let them hanulle their
on nullyber bnulllyingnull y do ynull onullneed to wait
opinionsnullthey will see in the elenullions this fall nullst
“nullhumbs up to nullatrinullk for legislation to nulleate a polinullynull nullgood
how mnullh they hanulle trnully failed the people and
117a Main Street, Salem (Salem Depot Plaza)
Hargreanullesnullhe is honest and administrator and snullhool board shonulld antinullpate
how far they hanulle yet to fallnullnull
does enullnullly what he says the needs of the distrinull and there shonulld already
he will for the nullotersnullwe be a polinully to address nullyber bnulllyingnull nullonullare
“nullhumbs down to Diane nullanullettenull Tenullbooks
are blessed to hanulle him as a snullposed to denullelop these polinulles not wait for
are not nulled the same way in nullassrooms now as
New O
Buy 3 heel repairs get the 4th FREE
With Coupon. Offer good thru 3/31/10 nulllenullmannull others to tell yonullwhat to donull nulle need strong
null years agonull nullnullents do not nulle that nullbook
“nullhumbs up to Dianne
leaders who nulln nulleate polinullesnullnull
as their entire sonullal stnullies gnulldenull null yonullknew
anything abonull snullhoolsnullednullation or teanullhingnull
“nullhumbs up to the nulllem nullhool Board for
nullanullettenullthank goodness there “nullhumbs down to nullerry Kilgnull Kramernull The
yonullwonulld realinull that now teanullhers nullilinull
doing its homework and proposing a fisnulllly
is one parent onull there who is branulle enonullh to website is not helping the nullnullenulllinulle and learnnull
senulleral resonullnulls to nullnuller all areas in sonullal
responsible plan for renonullating onull snullhoolsnull They
stand null against the nullstablishmentnullnull nullam amanulld Fnull to read bnull a waste of time and energynullnull
stnulliesnull Fnullthermorenullhas history nullhangednull null
hanulle done a fabnullonull nullb of addressing all the
at how the nullery people she pays with her tanull
“nullhumbs up to those who are smart enonullh
there new information abonull the Cinulll nullar that
needs of onull elementary snullhools nullthe proposed
dollars to teanullh her nullhildrennullnullnsistently try to
to know a dnullb renonullation plan when they see
nullnnullt be fonulld in that booknull y not nulle that null
plans are nenullssary to finullonull ailing infrastrnulltnullenull
anulloid the issnulls she brings nullnull By the waynullmy
itnullnullote null to spending nulltil the distrinull nulln get
tenull for nullnullhanged information and spend the tenull
meet nullrrent safety nullde renullirementsnulland ginulle
nullhild also had that same booknullsame nullassnullsame
it rightnull nullending money foolishly is what got
book money on nulldated mapsnull Tenullbooks nullst
onull kids an appropriate learning ennullronmentnull
yearnullsad bnull trnull nullm glad she spoke null for all
nulllem here in the first planullnullspending money
a fortnullenullwe shonulld nullilinull whatnulls anullailable and
w is the time to take adnull nullantage of this solid
the parents who had nullhildren with this booknullitnulls
wisely is what will get the nullb donenullnullote null to all
nullntinnull to snullplement where nenullssarynullnull
plannullwhen interest rates and nullnstrnulltion nullsts
a shame they let it go so longnull nullthink itnulls time for
artinulles for the snullhool distrinullnullparents that donnullt
“nullhumbs up to my good neighbors in nulllem
are historinulllly lownulland when we nulln still nullalify
some new members of the snullhool boardnullnullatrinulla
like nulllem nullhools the way they are nulln simply
who know we desperately need impronullements to
for the nullnull million in state bnulllding aid to apply
Corbett is obnullonullly “asleep at the switnullhnullfor
monulle to nullssanullhnullettsnull
onull snullhools and anullnulllly show null to nullote to make
against this bond to make it a nullnullnullmillion
onull kidsnullnullam nulloting for Dane Hoonuller and nenull
“nullhumbs down to this paper and the ill adnullsed
pronullnullnull nullnulls like getting three snullhools done for
year it will be time to rid onullselnulles of some more
and slanderonull posts it has printed abonull DC
continued to page null nullThunulls
the prinull of twonull Thank yonullnulleter nullrgannullBob
members and nulllook forward to itnull
nullnleynull The people posting
Bryantnullnullam Berrynullnullat CorbettnullBernie Campbellnull “nullhumbs down to nullnullBryantnullyonullare an
them know nothing and are
and nullke Delahanty for yonull tireless work and enullmple of what nulllem does not need anymore
positioning themselnulles and
New Year- New Insurance- New SMILE!
nullmmitment to doing the right thing for onull ofnullspendersnull nulle are tired of hearing that yonullare
this paper for a nullnulll anullionnull
snullhoolsnull nullemployed and snullport artinulles to spend money null
null nullnullse they are so branullenull
Get the MOST out of your Insurance
“nullhumbs down to those in nulllem who donnullt
nulltil yonullhanulle to work a null hr weeknullyonullnullnnullt
they left onull their namesnull null
Thinking of changing your insurance- This is the time of year when
want to spend any money to renonullate onull
nullderstand the nullst of a dollar and shonulld not be
nullran this papernullnullwonulld stop
snullhoolsnull This is a perfenull enullmple of pennynull
spending onulls on these renonullation plansnull nullote
posting these rants that most
dental insurance selections are made by many people. If your
wise and ponulldnulloolish thinkingnull null will nullst
null to nulltinulle null benullnulle we are earning enullery tanull
of the time do not hold a
confused or unsure what to do- please give us a call
null mnullh less now than nenull year or finulle years
dollar spent and it needs to be spent wiselynullnull
shred of trnullhnull nullonullnullntinnulllly and we’ll be glad to help you understand your coverage options!
from nownulland make no mistakenullwe will pay the “nullhumbs up to nullephen Campbellnull He print them and allow names
prinull if we waitnull nullnulls not smart
to risk onull infrastrnulltnulle failing
Collins Dentistry
or onull nullhildren getting hnulltnull
How many nulliling tiles need Salem Youth Soccer registration for for Children
to fall on peoplenulls heads before
people anullknowledge that snullhool
bnullldingsnulllike the hnullan bodynull
donnullt get better if yonulldonnullt take
TOT (U4) Soccer
nullre of themnull nullr nullmmnullity
At Collins Dentistry
needs to nullme together to finullonull for Children we
Spring 2010 season
believe in prevention
“nullhumbs down to the person
who renullntly nullharanullerinulld
and early treatment.
onull snullhool board as nulleating *registration is for 8 wk spring
alarm regarding the safety of
Preventive & Restorative Care • Orthodontics
onull snullhools nullast weeknulls nullatriotnull
nulling the phrase nullhe sky is REGISTER ONLINE NOW or
• Emergency Appointments Available
• Hospital Dentistry Available • In House Nitrous Sedation
fallingnullnull nullnulle nenuller heard the
snullhool board nulleating any nulldnull
Tuesday, March 2nd from 6:30-8:30 pm
• Computerized Digital X-Rays & Intra-Oral Cameras
alarm or implying that “the sky is
at the Salem Boys & Girls Club in Salem!!
• Saturday Appointments (resuming in Fall) • Healthy Kids
fallingnull This person needs to get
Register soon to avoid delayed placement on a roster.
Come visit our office at 100 Bridge Street, Pelham, NH
her fanulls straight and not distort
what is being saidnull null is a fanull
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