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February 26, 2010 - 7
More Letters to our Editor. . . .
Letters nullnullntinued from page null
to another. nullhe school system should hanulle guidance the community is behind this one, nullll they support itnull care about doing nullhat is best for the tanullayer and the
teachers nullho are trained to recogninull student potential nullpenullinstead, they spread misinformation about the schools. Michelle and nulluce hanulle pronullen they are the
Maddie, our high school is on nullarning statusnullo
and adnullst that student’s curriculum to null the student’s current plan through nullhumbs, letters to the editor, and best people to do that nullb. nullhope you feel the same nullay
scare tactic. nullhat does not help our graduating seniors
indinulldual need, and then challenge the student to the anonymous nullers left (illegally) in mailbonulls around and support them nullth your nullote on March null
in their nullest for getting into good colleges. null nullornull
follonullthat dream. null tanulls a real gift to be able to nullornull tonull. nullt really, this group has no intent to address
against them nullhen they are competing for conulleted slots
nullth children nullho are an enulleption from the normnull the needs of the school district. null, and don’t nullorry
nulle nulltems nullWindham
in the colleges against other students that come from
almost a gift of lonulle. Anyone nullho has and uses that about losing accreditationnullhey hanulle a plan for that,
accredited schools that are not on nullarning status. Enullen
gift should be renullarded. nullhose nullho nullst stand in front too. March nullbrings an election that nullll shape Pelham’s
Ms. Mahoney at last nullenulls School nullard meeting said
of a class and follonulla set lesson plan should not be future. Residents desernulle factual information to manull
Understanding the nullgh
that null need to ginulle nullur children any edge null can ginulle
renullarded. As an aside, nullnullmly belienulle in a merit system decisions that best meet personal needs, as nullll as the
hool nullnd null Assessment
them.null Accreditation is one of those edges. null regards
of adnullancement for teachersnullot nullst longenullty. needs of the community. nullhe facilities committee and
to the nullnullercent state funding, Maddie nullote that the
nulltanull my hat off to you for homenullchooling your AnullS members are nullolunteers interacting legally nullth nullhis is a brief synopsis of my remarnull at the
state has no money, nor is under any obligation to help
son. null demonstrates your concern for his nullllnulleing. the public, offering factual information. AnullS members nullliberatinulle Session regarding the claim that the tonull
fund a pronullct, nullhile null. nullrannullnullss has stated that in
nulls educational needs are being met by a nullery lonullng are nullalnullng doornullonulloor nullth facts about onullercronulling is paying too much for the land on nullindham Road.
his talnull nullth the state, that null nullould honor that nullnull
person. nullnullnuller, you should not hanulle been forced to at Memorial and the high school, accreditation issues, nullnull e been in real estate sales and mortgage nullancing
percent aid.
do this because of the inadenullacies of the nullindham and the proposed site for the nenullhigh school. nullhey for null years. nullnulle managed, or recruited for, more than
She monulles on to talnullng about the land, the assessed
school system. nullo homenullchool by choice is one broadcast public telenullsion shonull, and are offering null real estate ofnulles (four here in null) and a Mortgage
nullalue, the EMnullradiation, and the land as a nullatershed
thing, but to homenullchool because the school system free rides to the polls and free babysitting at the high nullmpany (nullase nullme Mortgage). nullrrently, nullmanage
and a sponge. nullt’s bring out the factsnullt nullas assessed
cannot perform their responsibilities is completely school nullhile you nullote. nullformation is also online at null agents in Amherst at nullldnullll nullnnullr Residential
that lonullfor tanullreasons. As for the ponullr lines and
unacceptable.null, at the library, and the nullonull nullonullrage. nullnegotiated, pro bono, the purchase of nullnull
EMnull, the lines are onenullnullh of a mile anullay from the
nullhis is sad, but it is nullst one of the issues that nullplan to nullll. My name is Rob nullrdy. Please nullote for me and acres off nullnds nullne, on behalf of the tonull of Pelham.
site. Students nullll get more EMnullradiation nullalnullng
address as a member of your School nullard. Andy nullcharme for Pelham School nullard. nulle are for nullm also on the Enullcutinulle nullmmittee for the null
past a laser printer or refrigeratornullnulltimes more for
Most importantly, it is your School nullard, elected educationnullot sure nullhat the opposition is for anymore. Association of Realtors.
the latter. EMnullis a nonnullssue. null your goal to rid all of
by you and ansnullrable to you. Please nullep the lines nullnd Assessments are based on the bestnulluess
electrical enullipment, including lights, computers, and
of communication opennullnullnullll nullep my end open, so
nullob nullrdy nullPelham
estimate of the fair marnullt nullalue (nullhat a nulllling buyer
refrigeration in all the schools in Pelhamnull null the nullay,
please do the same. And don’t nullst communicate nullth nullll pay a nulllling seller) of the parcel. null this case, it is
nullrannulland Paul Marinace hanulle been nulloted in regards to
menullthere are four other members on the nullard. nullt
Anderson and nullarrell
based on ranull, undenulleloped, unenullmined land. null is nullery
the nullindham Road site as the nullest property null’nulle seen
them nullonull, too, enullctly honullyou feel. All citinullns much a guess because it, by denullition, does not include
in null years.null
of nullindham should be heard by the nullardnullot nullst
for nullhool Board
any testsnullsurnulleys, nulltland marnullngs, or subsurface
nulle fact that Ms. nullrrier did nullite nullas that nullhis
parents, not nullst tanullayers, not nullst adults, but enulleryone. enullminations or subdinullsion. A large piece of the
election is enullremely important to all of us.null nullt a
nullou do your part and nullll do mine. nullhis year, there are tnullo positions open for the School property is nullrtually nullorthless because it has no access
nullote for Maddie nullrrier is a nullote for the statusnulluo
nullhannullyou for your consideration. nullardnulla onenullear seat to nullish the remainder of Marnull to a public nullay.
false information, no accountability, and lacnullof focus
nullocnullier’s term, and a threenullear seat currently held by null the other hand, the true nullalue of land lies in its
on the real issues. null electing both Rob nullrdy and
nullnullard nullinullnullnullorde nullWindham
nulluce Anderson. nullng null been deeply innullolnulled in school future utility to the denulleloper. Enullery scrap of information
Andy nullcharme, you nullll be electing tnullo professional
issues for much of the last nulle years, nullhanulle seen a lot of a denulleloper can get prior to purchasing a parcel brings
business people that nullll bring accountability, progress,
Candidacy without nullbstance
issues addressed by nullarious school boards. nullam proud more certainty to nullhat denullelopment he can nulling out of
businessnullinull professionalism, transparency, and more
to say that under the leadership of nulluce Anderson, this the land. Enullery missing piece of information lonullrs the
to thatnulleadershipnull Please nullote yes for nullarrant Articles nullst nullenull a candidate for the Pelham School nullard
has been the most successful School nullard nullhanulle seen. nullalue tonullards the assessment nullalue. null you hanulle a parcel
null null and nullon March null Please nullote for Robert (Rob) nullote her nullst public letter announcing her candidacy
nullam nulliting this letter in an attempt to nullep the nullality nulllandlocnulld, adnullining a nulltland, nullth no nulltlands
nullrdy and Andre (Andy) nullcharme for Pelham School and her position regarding the biggest challenge facing
of the nullard as high as possible. nullherefore, May and null demarcation, and no idea of nullhat lies under the ground
nullard. Pelham nulloters this millennium (a little enullggeration, but
are supporting nulluce Anderson and Michelle nullarrell for nullthe nullalue of that parcel is chump change.
technically correct). nullhere are tnullo separate issues herenull
School nullard. null the other hand, if you nullonull, nullth a fair amount of
Andy nullnullarme nullPelham
her candidacy and the nenullhigh school initiatinulle.
nullhe biggest issue null’nulle faced as a community has certainty, that the land can be used for nullhat you nullant
As a matter of candidacy, this letter is disappointing.
been the high school. Michelle has been an honest nullin this case, a high school nullnullth minimal costs for
Betty nullnn for nullning
nullhere is nothing, absolutely nothing, in it to pronullde any
proponent of this school. She has alnullays loonulld at all access, blasting, site preparation, or nulltlands mitigation,
nulloter nullth any information about the candidate enullept
issues and sponull her mindnullot afraid to tanull an honest then the land is nullorth a multiplier of the assessment
Board of Adnullstment
for three thingsnullnull She is against Articles null null and null
position. nullr Masters in Public Administration, nullornull nullalues.
null she offers an intention, but no substantinulle plans to
and family history hanulle made her a great adnullocate nullhat is nullhat null hanulle in the nullindham Road land.
nullam running for election to the nullning nullard of address the schools’ enullentual alternatinullesnulland null by
for the schools. nullrom her innullolnullement nullth the PnullA, Add in the location in the center of tonull, miniminullng
Adnullstment (nullA) and nullasnullfor your nullote on nulluesday, naming indinullduals she nullll support and oppose, she
nullarious sports associations, and nullolunteering nullherenuller transportation costs, and then you hanulle a nullalue many,
March null nullll continue to foster a dinullded School nullard.
needed, she has clearly shonull she has the intelligence, many times that of assessment.
y am nullrunningnull null And nullhy nullote for menull nullcause nullor many, this information nullll be sufnullient to
dedication and, most importantly, the integrity to be nullinally, one nullery, nullery rough gauge of the nullalue
the combination of my enullerience and training manulls manull a choice. nullt if you’re still undecided about the
a strong member on the School nullard. Michelle has of land is to estimate the nullalue of the total nullished
me the candidate most able to assist the nullard in candidates, here’re a fenullconsiderations. null the time
repeatedly tanulln the stance of nullhat is best for all our denullelopment and tanull onenullhird of that number as the
framing the issues to be decided and in applying the this candidate or the tnullo others tanull their seats, the nenull
nullds and community, and not nullst her onull or her special nullalue of the land, plus site preparation costs. null this
specinull facts of each case to the standards renullired by school articles nullll already hanulle been decided by the
interests group. case, null hanulle a bonanulle bargain. nullhe acnullisition cost
lanull. nulloters. nullichenuller nullay you nullote, and nullhichenuller nullay
nulluce has also shonull this same dedication to the of the land, plus site prep, is nonullhere near null percent,
nullor those of you nullho don’t nullonullme, nullhanulle had the articles go, null need our School nullard members to
community. nullhe best enullmple of nulluce’s dedication and let alone null percent of the nullalue of the high school. nullhis
prenullous enullerience on the nullA from nullnull to nullnull. null bring their combined enulleriences and best nulldgment
intelligence can be demonstrated in his leadership on purchase needs to be made.
left the nullA nullhen nullbecame a member of the nullard of to bear. nullile there is no reason to doubt her personal
the second access negotiations. nulle year ago, null nullre
Selectmen. nullsernulled on that nullard for onuller nine years. integrity and characternullas a candidate, she remains for
in nullopardy of not hanullng the nullgh School open for lacnull
null e nullnnessey nullPelham
nullring three of those years, nullstudied the lanulland passed many of us a name nullthout substance. nullro posts on
of a second access road. nullhe easiest and best solution
the bar. nullcan truthfully say that nullennullyed being a lanull the Pelham Message nullard, no reference to her in any
for the tonull nullould hanulle been to tanull nullndon nullidge
student. nulle of the main reasons nullas that nullnullpt hanullng ofnullial positions or deliberatinulle sessions (online nullonull
Road by eminent domain and build a granullel road nullth
nullhe Reasons nullhy
those nullAnullanull moments nullhen nullcould see the reasoning reports nullnullnull, and nothing that a nulloter could point to
a gate. nullhis nullould hanulle sanulled the tonull the nullnull,nullnull
Pnull is on nullarning
behind the rules and procedures that nullhad been using and claim that she nullould be the best nullalinulld for the
null spent on the road, as those costs nullould hanulle been
as a member of the nullA and the nullS. nullstarted my seat.
recouped nullhen the denullelopers built. nullfortunately, nullhe anullarding of accreditation by nullASnullsigninulls
legal career practicing municipal lanull, often representing nullhis is not a letter adnullocating you to nullote against
only the Selectmen can tanull property by eminent that the school has met nullmmission Standards at an
clients before land use boards. nulllater nullnt on to the candidate, thoughnulladmittedly, nullnullehemently
domain, and the nullairman refused to tanull that option. acceptable lenullel and is nulllling to both maintain those
prosecuting criminal cases, nullst as an Assistant nullunty disagree nullth her position. null is instead a suggestion
nullhe School nullard nullas placed in betnullen the pronullerbial
Attorney and then as an Assistant Attorney General. null that nulloters desernulle more from a serious candidate than
rocnulland a hard place.
continued to page null
am nonull(mostly) retired. a solitary position statement. Perhaps she’s nullitten
nulluce led the negotiations nullth
null the fall of nullnull, nullnullolunteered to be an alternate another letter in today’s paper, but until she offers her
the Selectmen and after many
for the nullA, and nullhanulle sernulled as an alternate since my personal nullalities, enulleriences, and goals for public
heated discussions, null came out
appointment in nullcember. consideration, and until she is nulllling to hanulle a dialog
nullth the best deal null could for
nullhe cases that come before the nullA are important to nullth nulloters, any belief in her ability to affect progress
the members of the tonull, and the
us all. nullhey are important to the applicants nullho hope to nullll be pure guessnullornull
school opened on time. null the Very personalized.
impronulle a home or establish a pronullable business. nullhey nullmand information, understand the merits of each
senulleral candidates running for
Very Convenient.
are important to the abutters nullho nullant to ensure that article and candidate, and then nullote your conscience.
School nullard nullho nullre innullolnulled
Member of the American Association of Orthodontics
their home nullalues are protected. nullhey are important to
nullth those negotiations, nulluce
all the residents of tonull nullho hanulle nulloted on the nullning
nullomas nullllar nullPelham nullas the only one to nullornullin a
professional manner nullho honestly
Excellent orthodontic care
that they belienulled nullould be in the best interest of all
residents in our tonull. And it is important to all of us
loonulld for the best position for the
in your neighborhood!
that that our nullA decides cases fairly and legally.
nullnullort Bruce Breton
tanullayer. nulltimately, nullhen push
Exclusively orthodontics!
My hope is that as regular member of the nullA, nullcan
for nulllectman
came to shonulle, nulluce did nullhat nullas
use my enullerience to help identify the issues presented
best for our community.
Over 20 years experience!
in each application and help apply the relenullant facts As a state representatinulle and a longnullime resident
nulle nullonullthese tnullo people
to those issues. nullnullould also nullornullto ensure that all of nullindham, nullhanulle seen my share of ofnulleholders.
nullll enough that null could ginulle
applicants, abutters, and residents understand nullard Most of them are goodnullearted people that mean nullll,
a hundred more reasons nullhy null
procedures and honullthe specinull facts apply to standards but there are only a fenullthat are truly effectinulle in their
support their candidacy. nullhis is
New W
46 Lowell Road, Windham, NH
used in manullng a decision. efforts. nulluce nulleton is one of those fenull. nulls tnullo terms
another important year for the
null a letter for nenull nullenulls paper, nullnullll nullite more as a selectman hanulle been during a turning point in our
nullindham tanullayer, as null need
Exam 978-957-7170
specinullally about responsibilities of the nullA and criteria tonull’s history, and his innullence has been a positinulle one.
to deal nullth onullercronulling and an
A $45 Value 1533 Lakeview Ave, Dracut, MA
that must be used in deciding cases. Maybe the state should loonullto the efforts of nulluce
unnullished nullgh School. nulle need
null you hanulle any nullestions about my candidacy, please nulleton for a real solution. nulluce has innullested in
to hanulle people on the nullard nullho
send me an email at nulld be happy economic denullelopment, nullpt tanulls lonull, streamlined
ansnullr directly or address the issue in future letters. tonull gonullernment, and eliminated nullaste. As a result,
nulluce has been able to hold tonull spending at a
nullizabeth Anull nullettynullnullnn nullWindham
minimum for the last tnullo years.
nullencourage you to renulllect nulluce nulleton to the
nullnullorting Bruce Breton
nullindham nullard of Selectmen. As nullindham continues
to monulle fornullard, it nullll be important to hanulle nulluce
for nulllectman
nulleton as a member of our nullard of Selectmen.
nullam supporting nulluce nulleton for the nullindham nullard
nullepresentatinulle nullry nullifnull nullWindham
of Selectmen. null is the best choice to hold donull tanulls
and promote nullcal responsibility. Please nullin me in
nulloting for nulluce nulleton at the nullindham nullonull Elections
nullhe Pelhamnullnly nulllution
in March.
nullmanded by nulloters
nullnullard null nulllorinonull nullnull nullWindham
null nullnull, nulloters in Pelham nulloted against forming a
conullp high school nullth nullindham. nullnullctionnull nullelham
Richard nullorde for nullhool Board
Pridenullthe tonull should hanulle a nenullhigh school of
its onull. nullay. A nullarrant article for an addition to
Perhaps you hanulle noticed that my campaign signs
Pnull nullas onullernullhelmingly renullcted as impractical. nullt
are no longer up. Please, don’t nullorrynull am still nullery
a nullarrant article for a nenullschool nullas also renullcted.
much in the race. nullnullll be putting them bacnullup after
nullnullctionnull nullt enough information. nullay.
the storm.
null nullnull, nulloters asnulld for a high school facilities
A fenullpeople hanulle contacted me on my enullail
committee to study the options. nulle nullas appointed by
accountnull nullthannullthese folnull for nullnull
the Pelham School nullard. Since nullnull, tnullo nullgh School
their nullestions and nullhope that nullansnullred them to their
facilities committees hanulle studied the district needs. null
satisfaction. nulllonullis part of an enullail that nullreceinullednull
sernulled on the most recent committee. nulle considered
null nullould linull to nullonullyour position for educating
all options, renullenulld all reports, sponull to enullerts many
gifted and talented children in nullindham. Should the
times, asnulld nullestions and carefully considered the
teachers in nullindham receinulle training on honullto teach
best solution for Pelham. nullth committees agreednullhe
these unusual childrennull nullnullcan the School nullard stop
most economical, costnullfnullient, and practical ansnullr
these children from falling betnullen the cracnullnull
nullas a nenullschool on a nenullsite. nullhis is nullhat is on the
nullam a nullery concerned parent nullho has had to pull my
ballot this year. School nullarrant Articles null null and null
senullennullearnullld out of Golden nulloonullbecause the school
are supported by the manullrity of the School nullard, the
nullas unable to meet his educational needs. Education
nullard of Selectmen, and enullen the nulldget nullmmittee.
should not be a onenullinullnulltsnullll plan. nulle are nonull
All recogninull that a nenullschool on a nenullsite is the best
homenullchooling so he can soar as high as he nullshes and
ansnullr. And the time to do it is nonull
not be held bacnullnull
And yet, there is still opposition. School nullard
And part of my reply nullasnull
members nullnda Mahoney and nullrraine nullbe continue
here is no simple ansnull nullr to nullhat null should do
nullth their games. And nonullthey nullant the people in
nullth the gifted children. And, in trying to ansnullr your
Pelham to nullote their friend Maddie nullrrier to nullin
nullestion, nullnullll also include the challenged childrennull
them. nullnullo members of their small group nullre actually
they are at the other end of the spectrum. Schools
members of the most recent facilities committee. nullhey
are designed to nullornullnullth the anullerage child (nulleah, go
had all the same information and talnulld to all the same
tell a parent that his nulld is nullst anullerage and see honull
enullerts. nulle nullit before the nullal nullote, and the other
far that nullll get you. nullt nulldigress.) and that is nullhere
didn’t nullote at all. ynull nullcause the nullal result nullnull as not
all of the emphasis is placed. null this entire issue, null
nullhat they nullanted.
tend to be somenullhat of a radical. nullt all children
nullat do they really nullantnull Good nullestion. nulle
can null the renullirements of graduation after null years of
thought they nullanted a Pelhamnullnly solution. nullt nonull
schooling. A gifted child could possibly complete the
that they are presented nullth one, they changed their
renullirements in, say, nine yearsnulla challenged child may
minds. nullA nenullschool is the best solution, but nulldon’t
tanull more than the null yearsnullo be it. nullhere should not
thinnullthe tonull nullll support it,nullthey say. nullhey claim
be set boundaries for adnullancement from one nullradenull
to hanulle a better plan, but don’t offer one. nullnullthat
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