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THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, February 25, 2010
by mal Fuller
shotgun and tried to steal
Contributing Writer
a car, holding a mechanic
(I believe) at gunpoint.
My last article touched Paul Frazer, the current
on a number of topics, but police chief of Braintree,
the drive by wire segment Massachusetts, says that
that was related to the he can’t explain the theory
well publicized Toyota re- behind her having been
calls, produced the most released at the time or the
reader feedback. It would shooting and subsequent
be an understatement for incident or the shooting
me to say that the concept having been ruled “ac-
of drive by wire makes cidental.” Years later, in
many Weirs Times read- 1993, a package contain-
ers edgy. One reader from ing two pipe bombs was
Alton asked how widely mailed to the home of Har-
adopted brake and/or vard Professor and Boston
steer by wire systems have Children’s Hospital Doc-
become. Before I could tor, Paul Rosenberg. Dr.
answer, I had to update Rosenberg noticed the
myself. My research indi- bomb like make-up of the
cated that brake by wire package and called police.
has the most momentum, Good old Ms. Anderson
already appearing in a was said to have been
few Mercedes and Toyota a suspect in that case.
models. Steer by wire is However, in the years to
still in the pre-production follow, no one has ever
phase of development. been arrested in connec-
The Mercedes brake by tion with the pipe bomb
wire system has already
Here’s a solution that Malzy came up with to protect Diablo from head injury whenever
been recalled it would ap- his failing eyesight causes him to collide with immovable objects! My needling of the people
See RamBLing on 24
In the news this week is members. It now comes
Professor Amy Bishop An- to light that in 1986, Ms.
derson, who, it is alleged, Anderson shot her then
shot dead three Univer- 24-year-old brother dead.
sity of Alabama faculty She then went on with the
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