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THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, February 25, 2010
To Your Health
Presented by LRGHealthcare
To Screen or Not to Screen: That is the Question
large, institutionalized NH., just off the rotary on
T_he American Cancer Society estimates that in 2009, there were more
“T_he American Cancer Society has been quite strong in their position that women should continue to get
dreariness. Rte 3. Call 603-279-0080
than 192,000 new cases of breast cancer identif_ied in the United States.
regular clinical exams, and that they should begin annual mammograms at the age of 40. While statistically,
“People feel very con- for a private tour. You can
the odds of cancer occurring in younger women may be lower, there are many women who have been
tended and relaxed here,” visit them online at www.
Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women in the
diagnosed with breast cancer while in their 40’s, or even as early as their 30’s. Many of us know someone—a
said Thorndike. “Both meredithbaycolonyclub.
United States, but when caught early, it is treatable.
friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker—whose life has been saved through early detection.
members and staff.” org.
“Dealing with a fam-
For many years the American Cancer Society has recommended that all
“LRGHealthcare stands by the American Cancer Society in encouraging women to begin clinical exams at the
ily member with memory The August 20, 2009
women over the age of 20 should have a clinical breast exam by a doctor
age of 20, and mammograms at the age of 40,” says Witkin. “And if you still have questions, talk with your
loss can sometimes put a issue of The Weirs Times
or nurse every three years; and that once a woman reaches the age of 40,
doctor. Please don’t let a controversial new guideline discourage you from getting a simple screening that
family into a crisis mode,” also featured an article
clinical exams should increase in frequency to once each year, and
could save your life.”
Chandler said. “We are a on Meredith Bay Colony
annual mammograms should begin. T_he guideline was widely followed
Digital Mammography is now available. Please call today for an appointment: Women’s Imaging Center at wonderful alternative to Club. It is available online
throughout the healthcare community.
Lakes Region General Hospital - 527-2992 • Franklin Regional Hospital - 934-2060, ext. 350 that crisis.” at www.TheWeirsTimes.
Caring for Women, 734 Main Street, Laconia - 527-1855 • Caring for Women, 96 High Street, Laconia - 527-1855. com.
But in October, 2009, a government task force came out with new guide-
Meredith Bay Colony
lines that lef_t many women confused. In their report, the U.S. Preventive
Club is located at 21 Mile
Services Task Force advised that most women should wait until 50
Point Drive in Meredith,
before beginning to get a mammogram once every year or two. T_he
report also said that the benef_it of mammography for women over the
age of 75 is unknown, and that the value of breast exams by doctors is
Lakes Region
Mon - Sat
T_he new guidelines did stir up controversy, but they should not
overshadow the value of early detection, explains LRGHealthcare Breast
Nutrition Center
Closed Sun
Health Educator Ginny Witkin, RN. “It is not unusual for new studies to We’ve got the ingredients for Good Health!
be released, and guidelines to be questioned,” says Witkin. “In fact, that
is a good thing, as it encourages us to always evaluate new information
Members of The Gardens are led through their daily exercise session by Christy DeMark
to ensure we are utilizing best practices in healthcare. However, there is
of member services.
• Natural Organic Foods • Supplements
nothing in this new information that indicates that we should change
• Organic Meats & Produce • Organic Body Care
• Gluten Free Foods • NH Made Products
tHe gaRdens from 11
Dollars and Sense
Another service avail-
• Organic Wines & Beer • Books, Cards & Candles
able to members of The
Cost should not be a barrier to any woman in our community getting
Gardens is the Wellness
a mammogram. Medicare, Medicaid, and most other insurance
Center which offers every-
Rte 25 • Meredith Shopping Center • 279-4165
plans cover mammograms. There are also programs in our thing ranging from blood
community to help women access regular mammograms. For a pressure testing to podia-
limited time, through a grant from the National Cancer Foundation,
trist visits to flu shot clin-
mammograms and breast ultrasound services are available free to
ics. There is also a beauty
women in our community who meet financial guidelines!
shop on the premises with
their own hairdresser and
Call 527-7000 today for more information!
a full service spa where
a member can get their
nails done, enjoy a relax-
ing massage or an invigo-
rating facial.
Other activities with-
in Meredith Bay Colony
Club are also available to
members of The Gardens
if they choose to partici-
The lounge area at The Gardens provides a relaxing area
pate. Local artisans from
where members can enjoy a movie or the calming videos of
around the area give fre-
fireplaces or seasonal scenes.
quent workshops. An ex-
pert on Nantucket Basket
making was scheduled for pocketbook and peace of Dragonfly
the weekend. mind.
The question most any “We are about $1,000 a
family will have when it month less than other fa- & PLANT SANCTUARY
comes to choosing an as- cilities,” Chandler noted.
sisted living facility for a “Of course, the further
Master Herbalist & Chef
family with memory loss south you go, Concord
Herbal Medicine & Dietary Health
is the cost. The Gardens and below, the more ex-
Consultations, Herb Classes,
reasonable rates, along pensive it becomes.”
Apprenticeships, Whole Foods Cuisine
with the personalized Having 24-units gives
Cooking Classes, Organic Garden
Nancy Ferguson, LMT, NCBTMB
care they provide, make
Design & Wild Plant ID Services
The Gardens more of a
Call: 455-9361 or 603-934-3961
24 Mitchell Place, Laconia, NH • 528-4764
it affordable in both the small-town feel than a
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