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Issue 65 - tre march 2010:Rail Engineer New Design 22/2/10 10:18 Page 29
march 2010 | the rail engineer | 29
An eye to detail deliver high quality audio
All partitions have been designed without announcements to the
sharp edges to protect passengers against passenger. As well as
injury and will be mounted to the vehicle broadcasting the same
structure, ensuring compliance with the information throughout
static loads, fatigue loads and the train, the audio
crashworthiness requirements. Ergonomic system can make specific
studies have been carried out to determine announcements to
the optimum locations throughout the train individual vehicles. The
for grab poles and hand grips, catering for output level of
standing passengers of differing heights. automated and PA
AVENTRA will predominantly host double announcements can be
seats, with some single seats located at the adjusted automatically
entrance to each saloon. In first class, seats relative to the
are to be leather finished with integral surrounding noise
armrests. Here, sockets will also be provided level, either by
for laptop power. measuring the ambient noise
Interior vehicle lighting is of major level before the
importance to provide a relaxing announcement starts or by
environment whilst delivering important adjusting the level based on
functional performance. AVENTRA uses LED the train’s speed and location.
lighting which delivers significant benefits
in terms of lower vehicle weight, reduced Display system
power consumption and maintenance costs The display system consists of
compared with traditional fluorescent tube LED-type external front and side
systems. displays with TFT screens in the
saloon. Both can display either
Information and entertainment static or scrolling text. The saloon
Bombardier has worked extensively with displays work as a pair of screens
both train operators and focus groups to and can show text information or
help develop its Passenger Information and pictograms as well as high quality
Entertainment System (PIES) for AVENTRA. It video. Content can be varied to
also takes into consideration the Technical include route running information,
Specification for Interoperability for Persons disruption messages, manual AVENTRA will
with Reduced Mobility (TSI PRM) messages and infotainment content predominantly
requirements. The AVENTRA platform can be such as advertisements. Their location Energy saving climate control host double seats,
fitted with passenger WiFi as required. enables information to be available to as In terms of climate control, AVENTRA with some single
Bombardier’s PIES is different to other many seated and standing passengers as features two independent HVAC systems - seats located at
systems as it includes an IP-based Train practical, as well as ensuring those entering one for the saloon and vestibules, the other the entrance to
Control Management System (TCMS) the train can quickly gather details about for the driver’s cab. Energy saving techniques each saloon.
architecture. This facility has featured on the route and destination. have been implemented in the HVAC design
recent projects including the London Using BOMBARDIER Orbiflo to provide up- and control with a view to optimising power
Underground sub-surface line, the Ile-de- to-date information also enables the consumption and fresh air cooling, as well as
France Francilien and the Sprinter Light Passenger Information System to display regulating the internal temperature based on
train for the Netherlands. For the Francilien departure details for station or airport the number of occupants.
project, this has included systems and connections. Another advanced facility is to The saloon system comprises one centrally
multiscreen displays for infotainment. provide advice on seat availability based on mounted HVAC unit located either on or in
An advantage of connecting with the loading, guiding passengers to alternative the roof providing full heating, ventilation
TCMS IP backbone is that it enables the vehicles with more space. and cooling, with supplementary heating
passenger information system to share Once the driver has confirmed the route supplied via low-level convection heaters in
common TCMS functionality including the code, the PIS can generate automated voice the vehicle bodyside to ensure comfortable
route databases, unit position, error or video messages depending upon the temperatures throughout the year.
reporting and unit-to-wayside stage of the route and - on popular tourist Electrostars used two HVAC units and this
communication. The core functions of the lines - is capable of delivering short was also considered for AVENTRA. However,
system are to offer passengers relevant messages - perhaps tailored to highlight the weight saving from the use of a single
audio and visual information about the local attractions - in up to three different unit - in the region of 200kg per car - along
route, infotainment and provide audio languages before selected stops. They can with the simplified roof construction gives a
communications between the driver, crew, also be triggered manually by Operational significant weight reduction of around 30%.
passengers and the Service Control Centre. Control Centre or the driver. Of course, the test of the design will be in
The audio system uses the IP the travelling public’s reaction. Bombardier
network (voice over IP) for is hoping that new orders for commuter
normal operation vehicles will enable the design to prove
and train wires for its worth.
fallback and rescue
mode. Both
methods will
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