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F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 0 i s s u e n ° 1 4
N e w s l e t t e r o n 3 D I C , T S V , W L P & E m b e d d e d T e c h n o l o g i e s
“… Silicon interposers are currently single-sided relatively
for TCE matching or additional functionality in the
form of power routing and passive components.
expensive interconnection media compared to other comparable
Other than these segments, widespread adoption
density PCB-based technologies …” according to Ted Tessier,
isn’t expected.
FlipChip International
Fan-in WLP market growth
Yole estimates that fan-in WLCSP now accounts
The application space is limited to high-end should provide improved 3D functional integration for more than 6% of all IC packages worldwide.
products for large silicon interposers, according potential, the added costs of z-axis processing will Growth of WLP-type packages is expected to
to Beyne, like those with integrated functionalities likely provide significant cost obstacles relative to continue, with the general consensus in the
such as ESD, RF, power-conversion modules. other options. If anything, silicon interposers will industry being that it will likely reach between 15 to
“… Silicon interposers are currently single- likely contribute to a higher rate of fine-pitch flip 20% of the market within the next decade.
sided relatively expensive interconnection media chip usage at pitches below the practical pitches
compared to other comparable density PCB-based of laminate and other substrate technologies— Interestingly, Tessier believes that chip embedding
technologies …” according to Ted Tessier, FlipChip typically 100µm pitch or less.” WLP will displace wafer-based fan-out technology
International options like RCP and eWLB due to the very broad
Widespread adoption will occur only if the 3D supply base for high-density PCBs.
Tessier doesn’t expect to see widespread packaging solutions without an interposer are
adoption of silicon interposers in the foreseeable found to take longer time to develop and an interim And Strothmann expects that penetration of these
future. “Silicon interposers are currently single- solution is needed, says Stepniak. Otherwise, it’s advanced markets will continue to be limited,
sided relatively expensive interconnection media a cost adder that will be targeted for elimination. but given the rapid increase in form factor driven
compared to other comparable density PCB- products, estimates it may comprise as much as
based technologies,” he explains. “Although Kress believes that interposers will be used for 15% of all IC packages in the next few years.
there may be some niche opportunities for them certain applications, but aren’t likely to be adopted
in high-performance packaging applications, the across the board, and will contribute only a small Emerging WLP technologies
costs involved will be prohibitive. There has been amount to fan-in WLCSP usage.
considerable industry mention recently in the area Will the success of fan-in WLCSP pave the way to
of TSV-based double-sided silicon interposers. And Strothmann sums it up: Silicon interposers further development of emerging 3D stacking with
Though such double-sided silicon substrates have market segments wherein they add value TSV? Or fan-out WLCSP technologies?
ssec single wafer
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solid state equipment corporation
Established 1965
Solid State
Equipment Corporation
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