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14 - February 19, 2010
Community Sports
nullnullastics nulleanull Have Strong Shonullng
Blue Devils nullrounce nullest
subnulltted by nullathy Robertson-nulluter
The Gymnullen Gymnastics girlsnullcompetitinulle teams made a strong showing at the nullctional nullet on
by nullris nullite
nullebruary nullin nullw. The girls took their place on the podium throughout the awards ceremony, proudly
The nulllem girlsnullbasketball team took care onullbusiness
taking home nullstnull secondnull and thirdnulllace prinulls nullr the team.
last T
hursday night, nullebruary null, in an allnullmportant
The nullctional nullet does not award a team placement. nullstead, the girls work toward achienullng a total
contest against the nullsiting nullnchester West nullue
score onullnull.null all around in order to adnullance to the nullate nullet in nullrch.
nullights, who entered the game winless on the season.
Congratulations to the nullllowing area gymnastsnull
The nullue Denullls onullerpowered the nullights in all aspects
Community Sports
Lenullel null
onullthe matchnullp on their way to an assertinulle nullctory,
nullylee Tommasi onullnulllem placed second on beam, third on bars and nullor, and second in the allnullround
nullnullnull With the regular season winding down, the win
with a score onullnull.null
was crucial nullr positioning in the Class L standings as it
Chrissy DePamphilis onullWindham scored a nullnullon nullault nullr nullurth place, and nullalinulld nullr states with a
impronulled nulllemnulls record to nullnull
The Denullls went to work early, putting together a
nullnnah nullnahan onullWindham placed second on bars, and nullalinulld nullr states with a null.null allnullround.
nice minullonullonullense and denullnse in the nullst nullarter to
Delaney Cunningham onullWindham placed nullurth on nullault and beam, and nullalinulld nullr states with a
set the tone. The strong start ganulle them a ninenulloint
adnullantage at the end onullone, nullnull. nulllem maintained
nulldney nullldridge onullWindham placed nullst on nullault and scored a total allnullround onullnull.null.
its balanced attack in the second, holding West to null
Lenullel null
points while netting null on the onullensinulle end. With their
nullenullndra nullsone onullWindham swept the awards nullr her age group, taking nullst place on nullault, bars,
tenacious play, the Denullls arrinulled at a commanding nullnull
beam, and nullor. nulle also won the allnullround with a total score onullnull.null.
null halnullime lead.
Gabriella Palermo onullnulllem took nullst place on nullault and bars, second on nullor, and third on beam. nulle
nullrom there, nulllem kept a comnullrtable cushion
won the allnullround nullr her age group with a total score onullnull.nullnull
throughout the entire second halnull null increased its
nullarlett nulluter onullWindham took second place on beam, third on bars, and nullished second in the allnull
adnullantage in each onullthe nullal two nullarters, impronullng
around with a total score onullnull.nullnull
its nullnulloint halnullime lead to null by the end onullthe game.
Tori nullpes onullWindham took third place on bars and beam, and nullalinulld nullr states with a null.nullnullallnull
The nullue Denullls placed three scorers in double
nullures nullr the night. nullen nullnullowski dominated the
Rebecca nullath onullWindham
paint to lead nulllem with null points, while guards Gina audreuil
won nullst on nullor, second on bars
and beam, and nullalinulld nullr states
with a null.nullallnullround.
Paige nulltler onullWindham placed
third on beam with a score onullnullnull
and scored a null.nullnullallnullround.
Lenullel null
nulldison nullcPhee onullnulllem
photos courtesy onullnullundr
placed second on nullault, beam, and
nullohana Rodriguenulluses a drop step to get by a nullest
nullor, and nullst in the allnullround
defender in the low post
with a score onullnull.nullnull
Lindsay nullnullei onullWindham
placed nullst on nullault and bars,
Righini and nullra Galnulln patrolled the outside
second on nullor, and second in the
to score null apiece. nullanda nullaudreuil and nullm
allnullround, with a score onullnull.nullnull
LaRosa each drained two threenullointers to nullish
with senullen and sinullpoints, respectinullely. nullinulla
The Gymnullen Gymnasticsnull
Connors contributed sinullas well.
competitinulle girls team is coached
nulleph Long and nullohana Rodriguenullcame onull the
by nullad Coach Ruth Licata and
bench to chip in with nullur points each, and nullelly
assistant coaches nullen Corsetto and
Gym nullen Gymnastics GirlsnullCompetitinulle Team
nullorrest added two. nullellynullose nulllan and nullerry
nullberlynn Ginullord.
White also contributed to the winning enullort by
grabbing rebounds and playing solid denullnse. The
nullue Denullls look to make a latenulleason push to climb
SalenullSaints Roundup
in the standings as they get set to host Enullter on
nullriday, nullebruary null. Tipnullnull is scheduled nullr nullp.m.
subnulltted by nullracey Durnulle andon Pnull ainulla and nulleksei Lanullentyenullcombined in net

nullftnullnullelly nullorrest gets ready to pass it onull
The nullst halnullonullthis weekend nullr the nulltes ended nullr the shutout. nullea nullngsley, Eric Denullelice, nullson
in a nullnulltie against nullthuen. nullson Drouin nullaley, and Thomas Denullelice each scored goals, with
recorded another hat trick, while nullendon assists credited to Patrick nullre and nullcente.
The PeeWee team null played
two games on nullturday. null
the nullst game nullr the day, the
nulllem PW null beat nulllrose
by a score onullnullnull nullter a
scoreless nullst period, nulllem
got the scoring going in
the second with Connor
nullCurley, Chad Desautels,
and Danny Dononullan. Two
more goals were added in
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the third period nullom nullad
nullock and Desautels.
for Your
nullor their second game
onullthe day, the PeeWee null
lost to nullshua, nullnull nullter
spotting nullshua three goals
in the nullst period, nulllem got
to work and scored three
nulleenullee 2 Goalie nullick Sturgess makes the sanullenullwith Cam nullenkins looking on in game against nullinchester
goals in the second and three
goals in the third, but it wasnnullt
nullnks scored the other goal, with assists by Drouin, enough as nullshua scored the game winner with null
nullnks, and nullake Wrobel. Patrick Cohen, Danulld nullsen, seconds lenull on the clock. nulllem got goals nullom Dom
nulltt Gilliland, and nulloey Carney made another solid nullunullese, Ryan nullntbleau, Dononullan, nullCurley, and
We are on the web,
denullnsinulle enullort. Ryan Denullmone displaying his catnullike Desautels nullnull nullock, Desautels, and nullunullese were
renullnulls in the net, nullrcely denullnding nullom the nullthuen credited with assists.
so you could
attack. The second nullints PeeWee team lost to Winchester, null
The second game onullthe weekend was a tough loss to null in their only game nullr the weekend. Dustin nullngsley
nullshoba, nullnull Drouin started onull the scoring with a pair scored both nulllem goals, with assists going to nulligail
be, too!
onullgoals null seconds apart in the second period. nullck Lagos and nulloey Goudey.
Peters put one home in the third, and nullnks notched a The one game nullr the nullntam nullteam ended in a
powernulllay goal in the third. nullsen nullnded onull nullshoba shutout against nullshua, nullnull nulltt nulllaby had a nullery
in the net. strong game between the pipes and recorded another
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null their only game onullthe weekend, the nulluirt null shutout. Ryan Day got the lone goal nullr the game,
as well as in the newspaper.
team beat nullshoba, nullnull The nulluirt null played a pair assisted by Ryan nulladley.
onullgames this weekend, with their nullst ending in a tie The nullntam null played two games onuller the weekend,
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against nullrth nulldonuller, nullnull nullchael nullcente scored a but both were losses nullr the kids. The nullst game against
goal, assisted by nullacob nullckman, and nulln nullrkorian also nulloneham ended in nullnull with Dawson nullrrill getting the
tapped one in nullom nullnter nullaley. lone goal with a shot nullom the point. Their second game
Now that’s MORE FOR THE MONEY. The second game was a shutout against nullawam, nullnull was a late one on nullnday night, losing to Enullerett, nullnull
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nullrlsnullnullnullastics Finishes
Regular Season Strong
by nullris nullite
The nulllem girlsnullgymnastics team wrapped up its regular season on
Tuesday, nullebruary null at nullshua nullrth nullgh nullhool. The nullue Denullls
nullced Donuller, nullshua nulluth, and host nullshua nullrth, and earned
a team allnullround onullnullnullnull to go nullnullin the meet. The Denullls nullst
barely edged nullrth, who came in second with a nullnullnull while Donuller
and nulluth registered a nullnullnull and a nullnullnull respectinullely. The three
nullctories pushed nulllemnulls nullal dualnulleet record to nullnull.
nullnior captains nullireen nullrata and Taylor nullatti were the only nullue
Denullls to place. nullrata swept all competitions as she accumulated an
allnullround score onullnull.null nullr highest scores came on the beam and
nullault, grabbing an nullnullin both enullents.
nulle also recorded an nullnullon the
nullor and an nullnullon the bars. nullatti,
meanwhile, took second place on the
beam with an nullnull
With the end onullthe regular season,
nulllemnulls nenull competition will be
at the Class L nullet on nullturday,
nullebruary null. The nullue Denullls will
host the enullent at nulllem nullgh nullhool.
The day will hanulle two sessionsnullthe
nullst one starts at nulla.m. and the ea News Gr
ea News Gr
second begins at nullp.m.
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