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Pelham - Windham News
February 19, 2010 - 9
nullrategic Plan in Progress for Planning nullpartment
by nullrbara Onullrien easier nullr customers to use. nulle are wornullnnullto come into the onullce in person. Plans are also beinnullcrossnullrained in nullarious aspects onullthe nullb.
nullura Scott, Windham Economic nullmmunity streamline the process,nullScott said. nullhere hanulle underway that could allow residents andnullr his is parnull amount so that wornulldoesnnullt nullst stop
nullnullelopment nullrector, told selectmen that she been a lot onullchannulls to this department durinnull denullelopers to submit applications online. nulle durinnullperiods onullillness or nullb nullacancies,nullScott
belienulles that stratenullc planninnullis necessary to the past couple onullyears, enullen benullre she was are wornullnnullhard to impronulle customer sernullce and said. nullpartment employees are enullited about
manull sure that enulleryone is on the same panull. hired to wornullin Windham, Scott said. access,nullshe said. the crossnullraininnull she said. nullhey all want to
Scott met with town onullcials on February nullto While Scott said she wants to tanull a holistic Scott emphasinulld that the Economic learn new snulllls.null
discuss her plans nullr the department onuller a threenull nullew onullpotential denullelopment in Windham, nullmmunity nullnullelopment nullpartment is not null an attempt to increase the enullciency onullthe
year period. Scott toonullon the nullb onullthe newly tanullnnullinto account all aspects onullthe process, loonullnnullto manull any manullr purchases within the department, Scott also said that nullarious nulles,
created Economic nullmmunity nullnullelopment there are no plans to add more stanull members or to nenull couple onullyears. such as those retained by the planninnullboard,
nullrector last year. She was orinullnally hired as the rewornullthe enullstinnullnullster Plan. nullother aspect beinnulldenulleloped by stanull nullninnullboard onulladnullstment, buildinnullinspection,
Planninnullnullrector last sprinnull replacinnulllonnulltime One onullthe manullr issues that Scott said the members is a business nullsitation pronullamnullne or code ennullrcement are beinnullreornullninulld
director nullnulled nullurner. department is addressinnullis to manull many onull that will strinulle to assist enullstinnullbusinesses in and crossnullenullrenced. Scott also wants to
nullcordinnullto Scott, the dranull onullthe plan she the procedures anullailable online. nullsidents are manullnnullthe most onulltheir locations and sernullces enhance relationships between these indinulldual
presented to selectmen was denulleloped with input encouranulld to access the departmentnulls Website to beinnullonullered. departments by conductinnullnullint wornullhops.
nullom all stanull members. nullhe main emphasis is to download certain nullrms, renulllations, and mappinnull nullso, members onullthe Economic nullmmunity
manull the community denullelopment department innullrmation so that it will not be necessary to nullnullelopment nullpartment are in the process onull
Weddings & Engagements
Blair Lambert
nullllie nullalnullne nullnullan nullssenger
nullennifer Barcnullrd
nulleffery Parent
nullnull and nulludy Falnullne onullnulltchnullld announce the
Craig Lambert
. and nulls. null
ennullnullment onulltheir daunullter, nullllie Falnullne, to Sean
. and nulls. null
nullbert nullmbert onull
nullssennullr, son onullnull. nullan nullssennullr onullEire, Pnull and
wrence and null
nulldson are pleased
nulls. nullryann nullssennullr onullWest nullnnis, null.
nullura nullrchard
to announce the
nullss Falnullne nulladuated nullom Southern nullw
ennullnullment onull
Weddings & Engagements
nullmpshire nullinullersity. She is employed by the nullshua
announce the
their daunullter, nullair
School nullstrict as a human resource specialist.
ennullnullment onull
nullmbert, to nullenullery
. nullssennullr nullnull aduated nullom nullnullrne nullnull School.
their daunullter,
Parent, son onullSandra
null is employed as a contractor.
Parent onullnullshua
y 1, 2010 weddinnullis planned.nullnull
nullrchard, to
and nullo Parent onull
ainullnullmbert, null
son onullnull. and
null. nullmbert is
nulls. nullnaud and nullonora nullmbert onullSalem.
a 200nullnulladuate
nullss nullrchard nulladuated nullom nullnullrne nullnull
onullnullnullrne nullnull School. She attended nullw nullmpshire
School in nulldson. She is employed by nullnullm
nullmmunity nullechnical nullllenull in nullshua. She is currently
Primary Pacnullnullnnullin nullshua as a nullality
employed as a Prenull teacher at nulluntry nullar Preschool in
nullmantnull Leary nullRyan nullitnull
. nullmbert nullnull aduated nullom Salem nullnull
. Pnull arent is a 2001 nulladuate onullnullshua nullnull School. null
. and nulls. nullb and nullbi nullary onullnulltcnull hnullld School and nullnchester nulloc nullech. null is
is currently employed by null nullnanullment nullc. in nullshua.
announce the ennullnullment onulltheir daunullter, Samantha employed by nullohnson nullntrols as a nullnullnull
nullnullrch nullweddinnullis planned at the nullrrisnullPelham nulln
nullary, to nullan Smith, son onullnull. and nulls. nullian and nullntrols Pronullct nullnanullr.
in Pelham.
Susan Smith onullnulltchnullld. nullSeptember 2null 2011 weddinnullis planned.
nullss nullary is a 200nullnulladuate onullnullmpbell nullnull
School and a 200nullnulladuate onullnullsser nullllenull. She is
currently employed by nullitednullalth nulloup.
Katnully null nullspres
. Smith wnull as a 2000 nulladuate onullnullnullrne nullnull School
and a 200nullnulladuate onullnullnuller nullllenull. null is currently
employed by nullinulls nullltrum.
Ricnullrd NnullCastle
nullSeptember 2010 weddinnullis planned.
nulls. nulleanne nullspres nullchaud onullnulldson is pleased to
announce the ennullnullment onullher daunullter, nullthy null nullspres,
to nullchard null nullstle, son onullnulleryl nullmay nullstle onullWindham,
and the nullandson onullthe late null. and nulls. null
nullchard nullmay onullnullwell, null.
null. nullspres
41 Range Road, Rte 111• Windham, NH • 603-893-7155
aduated nullom null
nullnullrne nullnull
School in 1nullnull
nullntley nullllenull
in 200nullwith
a bachelornulls
denullee in
Free Toss Bouquet
with M
and will receinulle


of this Ad.

her nullnullnullom
Free Wedding
nullbson nullllenull in the sprinnullonull2010. She is
currently employed as an accountant with nullttite WWiitthh t thhisis a add rreeceive
nullcrowanulle nullrporation in nullelmsnullrd, null. 50 FREEEE l ilnineded e ennvveelloopes
. nullstle is a 1nullnullnullnull aduate onullnullacut 110000's's o off s sttyylleess tto choosee ffrroom
nullnull School in nullacut, null. null attended the Onnee Week Delivery
nullinullersity onullnullssachusetts, nulladuatinnullin 2002
and 200nullwith both bachelornulls and masternulls
denullees in Electrical Ennullneerinnull null is currently
employed as an Electrical Ennullneer at nullytheon
PRINTING Delahunty
nullmpany in nulldonuller, null.
null nullunullst 2010 weddinnullis planned in
(A Division of Rogers Pool)
null erhill, null.
150 Middle Street, Lowell Ma.
N U R S E R I E S & F L O R I S T
(978) 454-5517
Packages available to fit every bride.
We Can help.
Wi th Your We dding Plans.

Where the Sky is the limit.
√ Tents
√ Tables

√ Chairs
Award Winning Cuisine

√ Chocolate Fountain
Butlered Hors d’oeuvres
√ Arches
√ Candelabra White Glove Dinner Service
Private Server for the Bridal Party
Package pricing available. Please
call for details and reservations.
T a y l o r R e n t a l
1 1 8 D . W . H w y
Gracious Ballroom with ceiling to
Landscaped Bridal Garden...
Nashua, NH 03060
floor windows featuring meandering walkways, cascading fountain and granite benches, a latticed archway and a softly lit gazebo.
Did you turn
Since 1981 2 Miles North of the Pheasant Lane Mall
A Bridal Coordinator to attend to your
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he happenings around town.
“Good for the Community”
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the local stuff you
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the local stuff you
“Good for the Community”
y Meadow Country Club • 6 Mountain L

to get the scoop.
urels Drive • Nashua, NH 03062 • 603.888.9000 •
need to know.
to know.
Conveniently located on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border.

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