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Pelham - Windham News
February 19, 2010 - 3
NesmitnullLibrary Celebrates Cnullnese New nullear
by Robyn nulltch nullhey also nullsit the temples to pray nullr nullod nullrtune and health.
nullhe nullsmith nullbrary in Windham recently nullhe senullenth day onullthe nullw nullear is the day nullr nullrmers to display
celebrated the nullinese nullw nullearnullhe nullnar nullear their produce, and these nullrmers manull a drinnullnullom senullen types onull
onullthe nullinullr. nullhe celebration nullcnulld onull with a brienull nullenulltables to celebrate the occasion. nullhe nullinese also consider the
introduction and history onullthe holiday, nullllowed by senullenth day to be the birthday onullhuman beinnull, and eat noodles to
a pernullrmance by the nullouth Eastern Strinnullnullroupe, promote lonnullnullty and raw nullh nullr success.
which was established in 200nullby nullantao nulln On the einullth day, the nullinese people hanulle another nullmily
to increase the nullneral publicnulls nullowlednull and reunion dinner, and at midninullt, they pray to nullian nullnnull the nulld
appreciation nullr the Erhu instrument. nulln is an onullnullanullen. nullhe ninth day represents the day to manull onullerinnull to
awardnullinninnullpronullssional musician and music the nullade Emperor, while on the 10th throunull the 12th days, nulliends
educator nullom nullina. and relatinulles nullther nullr dinner. nullter so much rich nullod, the nullinese
nullother hinulllinullt onullthis yearnulls pronullam was a people consume simple rice connulle and mustard nulleens to cleanse
nullinese yonullo demonstration, also nullown as nulluhnull the system on the 1nullh day. nulld nullally, people spend the 1nullh day
linnull nullhe yonullo was created so lonnullanull that there to prepare nullr the nullntern Festinullal, which is held on the 1nullh ninullt.
is no nullown innullentor. null was nullund durinnullthe nullnnull
dynastynullrounullly 1nullnull1nullnullnullnull. nulled correctly,
a larnull nullariety onulltricnull can be pernullrmed with the
nullinese yonullo.
null in years past, there was an authentic tea
ceremony presentation, and a nullaiwanese nullon nullnce
pernullrmed in
Some of the talented musicians playing beautiful music
A Comic & Romantic Ballet
nullll costume to
for all Ages
celebrate the
start onullthe nullw
traditional nullinese nullw nullear celebration
Sat., March 20 at 4pm
lasts nullr 1nulldays. nullhe nullst day innullolnulles nullhe
Sun., March 21 at 2pm
welcominnullonullthe nullds onullthe heanullens and
Windham High School Theater
were able to
Earth.null nullny people abstain nullom meat on
Windham, NH
participate in
the nullst day because it is belienulled that this
will ensure lonnulland happy linulles nullr them.
Directed by Barbara Mullen featuring
cranulls to brinnull
On the second day, the nullinese pray to their soloists from the
American Ballet Theater
home and red
ancestors, as well as to all onullthe nullds. null
and pre-professional dance students
ennullelopes were
is also belienulled that the second day is the
from Southern NH
handed out
birthday onullall donullnullso many people are enullra
at the end onull
nullnd to donull and nulled them well.
New England Dance Ensemble
the pronullam.
nullhe third and nullurth days are nullr the sonsnull
nullsample onull
innullaw to pay respect to their parentsnullnnullaw.
tickets priced
candies and
On the nullth day, nullown as Po Woo, people
snacnull nullom
stay home to welcome the nulld onullWealth, call
1-800-595-4TIX or
nullinatown were
and no one nullsits nullmilies and nulliends due
also pronullded.
to the belienullthat both parties will hanulle bad
nullhe timenull
lucnull From the sinullh to the 10th day, the
nullinese nullsit their relatinulles and nulliends nulleely.
Ceremony mask
2nd Year Anniversary
Wednesday, February 24th, 5-8PM
nullirst nullnullol nullstrict nulleting nullld at New nullgnullnullnullol
Cash For Gold, Sipalda Jewelry,
by nullrbara Onullrien by nulloters, due to the poor economy, and by channullnnullthe wordinnull
On Saturday, February null the annual School nullstrict nullliberatinulle and thereby eliminatinnullthe School nullardnulls rinullt to spend the money
Tarrot Card Reader, Refreshments
Session was held, nullr the nullery nullst time, at the new Windham nullnull without nullrther nulloter input, minullt win onuller null nullw more nullotes.null
School. nullhe temperature in the auditorium was warm, the seats nullsident nullane nullrpenter anulleed with nullish, sayinnullshe nullels the
Laser Treatments for:
were cushy and comnullrtable, and enulleryone could hear whoenuller was amendment is nullritical to enullandinnullsupportnullnullr the establishment
•Crow’s feet
speanullnnullat the microphone. onulla capital resernulle nullndnullne that is earmarnulld nullr buildinnullpronullcts.
null was a nullr better scenario than all the years when Windham nulltnulls nulltally important nullr the school and town to wornulltonullther when it
•Sagging Skin
residents traipsed into nulllden nulloonullSchool and sat perched on comes to lonnullterm planninnullnullnullrpenter said.
nullldinnullmetal chairs, hesitant to tanull onull their coats due to the chill in Followinnullthe discussion, nullsenulls amendment passed nulloter scrutiny
the air and onullen straininnulltheir ears to hear what was beinnullsaid. Still, on a nulloice nullote and will appear on the nullrch nullballot as amended. •Unwanted hair
despite all the new amenities anullailable this year, nullw residents toonull nullotinnullwill tanull place in the nullmnasium at Windham nullnull School,
the time to attend the meetinnull null nullct, only three onullthe nulle School and the polls will be open to renullstered nulloters nullom nulla.m. until nullp.m.
•VelaShape for Cellulite
nullard members showed up. Sittinnullon the stanull were nullairman
Now Offering
nulluce nullderson, nullce nullairman nullnull nulltem, and Edward nullllanuller.
nullt in attendance were nullenullrey nullstic and nullphne nullenyon.
Salem Memorial
Botox, Juvederm
nullhe nullst two issues brounullt up nullr consideration by School nullstrict
VFW Post 8546
You need
& Latisse
nullderator nulltty nullnn were nullticle null, which asnull nulloters to raise
and appropriate nullnull,000 nullr architectural and ennullneerinnullnulles, to
42 N. Broadway Salem, NH
a lawyer you
be used to complete a master plan desinulled to meet the lonnullterm
school buildinnullneeds onullWindham students. nullticle null asnull nulloters
can talk to.
to create a capital resernulle nullnd nullr the purpose onullpayinnullnullr nullture
nullcility needs and to raise and appropriate nullnull,0null to be deposited
Friday Nights 6:00 pm
into that nullnd.
All Are Welcome
nullhe money nullr both nullticles null and null is included in Windhamnulls
Personal, Effective
Riding Academy
nullpital nullpronullement Pronullam (nullP) and would, therenullre, create
no additional tanullimpact on residents. nullticle null would hanulle a tanull
Divorce • Custody •Guardianships Year Round Riding Lessons for
impact onullsenullen cents per null,000 property nullaluationnullan amount
Support • Adoptions
Everyone Ages 4 and Up!
already included in the null cents per thousandnullollar allotment
Modification of Orders
Heated Indoor Riding Area
set aside annually to enact nullP plans. nullhis senullennullent tanullimpact
All Calls Promptly Returned
Birthday Parties • Boarding Available
would amount to nullnullon a typical null00,000 Windham home. null nullr
nullticle null, inullpassed by nulloters, the tanullimpact would be 2nullcents per 603-880-2000
Call Bob or Carole
thousandnullollar property assessment. nullhis amount is also already
for more information $5.00 Off
When two or more register
221 Main St. Suite 300, Nashua
included in the nullP allotment nullr 2010 and, therenullre, would not
$35/half hour
cause tanulls to null hinuller. On a null00,000 house, the tanullimpact nullr
nullticle null would be null12.
null nullr nullticle null, which asnull to raise and spend money nullr a school
nullcility needs master plan, nulltem said that it is already obnullous that
nulllden nulloonullElementary is in dire need onullbeinnullrenonullated and
that nullnter School and Windham nullddle School are already onullernull
crowded. nullhe townnulls binullest asset is our schools,nullnulltem said, nullnd
we need to maintain them.null nullo not do so, he said, would hanulle dire
consenullences nullr students and the Windham School nullstrict as a
nullhe only comment made by a resident on nullticle null came nullom
nullb nullole, who urnulld School nullard members to continue with the
study that had already benulln last year, rather than startinnullanew.
nullticle null will appear on the ballot as orinullnally proposed by the
School nullard.
nullticle null, asnullnnullnullr the establishment onulla new capital resernulle
nullnd and an initial deposit onullappronullmately nullnull,000, nullnerated a
little more discussion than the prenullous article.
his is not unlinull a collenull sanull nullnnull account,nullnullllanuller said. nullt
is a wise use onullmoney and nullnulles the school district the ability to pay
in cash,nullrather than hanullnnullto pay interest on a loan. nullo pass this
article, nullllanuller reminded residents, will not raise tanulls beyond the
current lenullel. nullth this and nullticle null hanulle the unanimous support onull
School nullard members. nullo put money aside is nullery wise,nullnullllanuller
said. nullt nullnulles us options.null
nullsident nullom nullse said he nulllly supports nullticle null and the
establishment onulla capital resernulle nullnd to pay nullr nullture buildinnull
needs. nullse did, howenuller, propose an amendment to eliminate the
wordinnullthat would hanulle allowed the School nullard to enullend the
money, and channulld it to renullire that the issue be brounullt benullre a
nullture School nullstrict meetinnullbenullre it could be enullended. nullse said
that he wants to manull sure that the money is applied to a nullture bond
issue once any construction is appronulled. nullllanuller thannulld nullse
nullr proposinnullan amendment that would nullnulle nulloters more say in the
nullal disbursement onullthe nullnd. nullhis was a nullod catch by null. nullse,null
nullllanuller said.
nullina nullnully, who is a Windham resident, as well as Special
Education nullordinator nullr the nullstrict, said she nullews the capital
rates as low as
resernulle nullnd as a means to address unanticipated School nullstrict
needs, such as roonullrepairs or the replacement onulla boiler. nullllanuller
disanulleed with nullnully, howenuller, sayinnullthat the intent onullthe capital
resernulle nullnd is to undertanull manullr renonullations or new construction.
nullhe School nullard has other methods by which to address emernullncy
situations, nullllanuller said. Selectman nullnullr nullhenbernullr, who is also
3 Year Used Car Loan
a member onullthe nullpital nullpronullement Pronullam committee, also said
the proposed capital resernulle nullnd is meant only nullr a new school or
Lonullll nullnullacut nullChelmsford nullTynnullboro nullMethuen nullnullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullUnullom
nullr additions to enullstinnullbuildinnull.
nullt to channull the wordinnullsunullested by nullse would be nullinullnnullthe
School nullard a blannullchecnullnullrmer selectman nullrnullret nullisler said. null
nullAnullnull null Annual nullercentanulle nullatenull nullnullnullnullnull Anullnull for up to nullnullyear term and is based on your personal credit historynull Other rates and terms up to null years anullailablenull nullnullnullnullnull Anullnull is nullnullnullnull
hinullher nullithout automatic paymentnull nullnullnullnullnull Anullnull is for the purchase of a nullnullnullnull or later model automobilenull nullayments renullect principal and interest onlynull nullnullyear rate is payable in nullnull
nullhy would we want to do thatnull
monthly payments of nullnullnullnullnullnull per nullnullnullnullnullnull borronullednull nullates as of nullebruary nullnull nullnullnullnull and are subnullect to channulle nullithout noticenull A nullnullnullnullnull Membership Account requirednull
Former School nullard chairman and candidate nullr renulllection
Equal Opportunity Lender
nullrbara nullish said she nulllly supports nullsenulls amendment to nullticle
The shares and deposits of this credit union in excess of NCUA limits are insured by the Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation up to
null. nullish said she belienulles it will be dinullcult to nullt this article passed
limits set by Massachusetts lanullnull
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