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From the Publishers
Moultrie Magazine
This is our first issue for 2010 and it’s hard to
believe that in December, Moultrie Magazine
Locally Owned and Operated
turned 4 years old. We have learned a great deal
during the last few years and continue to learn
Published Quarterly by
more every day. This year, our goal is to continue
Southland Publications, LLC.
to improve our publication with a variety of
P.O. Box 2962
changes in the coming issues. Shae Parker has
Moultrie Georgia 31776
joined our team and will serve as our advertising
(229) 798-2245
and marketing director. For this issue, Heath Croft
serves as both a contributing writer and editor.
Volume 4 Issue 4
Also, contributing photographers in this issue Winter 2010
Heath Dorminey, Publisher
include Rick Lipscomb and Justin Little.
In this issue, we have a great article on a remarkable woman. Recently elected to city
council and working as the supervisor of Culbertson Head Start Center, Susie Magwood-
Thomas strives to improve the lives of those around her. Jana Wiggins, 2009 chairman for the
board of directors of the Moultrie-Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce, has written an
Heath Dorminey
article concerning all the great things that have been going on in the last year in, “It Happens at
Your Chamber.”
Jim Hill
If you have not been to one of downtown’s newest businesses, Beans and Strings, you
should do yourself a favor and try it out. Eric Foster-Whiddon and his wife Vanessa have Editor
done a wonderful job with their new coffee shop. Coffee is not the only thing going on there.
Heath Croft
Music, friendship and much more are all part of Moultrie's latest place to relax and hang out.
Hugh Ward returns in this issue with his “From My Heart to Yours” column, and as always
don't forget to check out the Moultrie homes and real estate section starting on page 27.
Please visit our advertisers and enjoy this issue of Moultrie Magazine!
Heath Dorminey
Until next issue,
Heath Dorminey, Publisher
Justin Little
Rick Lipscomb
Abby Caroline Mims
With the fast pace of the world today, it is
important to stop sometimes and just be still. Contributing Writers
It seems like there is hardly ever any time to
Heath Croft
just sit around with family or friends and take
Justin Little
a break from all that we have to do in our
Jana Wiggins
lives. I took a trip recently with some very
William Ray
close friends of mine. We didn’t go very far.
It was only a day trip. I put aside everything
Hugh Ward
I had going on and allowed myself to go. We
had the best time, and I cannot remember the
Advertising/Marketing Director
Jim “Buck” Hill, Publisher
last time I laughed so much. We talked
Shae Parker
about being kids in Moultrie and going up to Castleberry’s drug store where we
would get some of the best hamburgers we had ever tasted. My favorite things to
get were lemon sours and a bag full of penny candy. We could get a Baby Ruth for
a nickel, 6-cents cokes and comic books for 12 cents. Those were some wonderful
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days, and I am so grateful to have grown up here in Moultrie. Take a moment to
reflect, relax and just enjoy life!
Copyright 2010. Any ideas or opinions expressed in the
Happy Reading!
content of Moultrie Magazine are not necessarily the
Jim “Buck” Hill, Publisher
views of the publishers. All claims, materials and photos
furnished or used are, to the publisher’s knowledge true
and correct. Hence, liability cannot be assumed by the
publisher for errors or omissions.
4 Moultrie Magazine Winter 2010
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