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Trish rigdon richard Tapia kimberly davenport Becky heye aW yne graham
which was presented in January,
Exxon, and he retired from Rice Citing several of the installations bers, Heye has a reputation for
includes a $4,000 prize.
in 2001. the gallery has housed, the article her belief that all employees are
“The importance of Pete finished: “It’s definitely worth involved in the advancement of
Vail’s discoveries to the oil ex- wandering onto campus to see individuals and the good of the
Vail Presented with Penrose ploration industry is illustrated who Davenport brings in next.” university as a whole.
Medal by the support of a dozen ener- The board also recognized
gy companies, led by ExxonMo- baseball coach Wayne Graham
Rice University earth scientist
bil, who underwrote last year’s
Owls Baseball, Humanities’ Heye
and the Rice baseball team for
Peter Vail has been awarded
Vail Fest symposium, a three-
Earn Board Kudos
their remarkable season, which
the Penrose Medal, one of the
day meeting at Rice to honor ended with Rice’s first national
world’s highest honors in the
Pete’s life and work,” said De-
field of geology.
At its quarterly meetings, the Rice
championship in any sport.
partment of Earth Science chair
Vail, the W. Maurice Ewing
University Board of Trustees rec-
And the field isn’t the only
Alan Levander, the Carey Cro-
Professor Emeritus of Ocean-
ognizes staff members who have
place the team was successful. It
neis Professor of Earth Science.
ography, received the award
made significant contributions to
boasted a 3.297 cumulative team
Organized by Vail’s colleague
November 2 at the 115th An-
the university. During its October
grade point average for the spring
Professor Andre Droxler and
nual Meeting of the Geologi-
meeting, the board acknowledged
2003 semester and a G.P.A. of
his former student Vitor Abreu,
cal Society of America. The
Becky Heye, assistant dean of
3.196 for the academic year.
Vail Fest was attended by more
Penrose Medal, the highest
humanities, along with baseball
Many of the players were selected
than 300 scientists from around
honor given by GSA, was es-
coach Wayne Graham and the
to all-American academic teams
the world.
tablished in 1927 by R. A.
Rice baseball team.
and conference academic teams.
In awarding the Penrose
F. Penrose, Jr. The medal is
Heye earned accolades for her
Eight players were selected in
Medal, the GSA has recognized
awarded in recognition of
dedication to the overall improve-
major league baseball’s first-year
that Vail’s discoveries rank
eminent research in pure geol-
ment of the School of Humani-
player draft at the beginning of
among the most important in
ogy for outstanding original
ties. In addition to performing
June. Junior pitcher David Aards-
earth science of the 20th cen-
contributions or achievements
her duties as assistant dean, she
ma went in the first round as the
tury—on par with the discover-
that mark a major advance in
has spent the last three years or-
22nd overall selection to the San
ies of potential causes of mass
the science of geology.
ganizing, training, and hiring de-
Francisco Giants. Vincent Sinisi
extinctions of the dinosaurs and
Vail introduced the concepts
partment coordinators and other
followed in the second round, go-
aspects of the theory of plate
and applications of sequence
key staff in the school.
ing to the Texas Rangers.
tectonics. “The effects of his
stratigraphy in 1977, when he
“If a department doesn’t
The board also honored Gra-
work have been felt far beyond
published a groundbreaking
have a good coordinator, there
ham, who was selected national
the bounds of energy explora-
theory that described how glob-
are going to be problems,” she
coach of the year by Collegiate
tion,” Levander said.
al sea-level changes throughout
said. “Especially in humanities.
Baseball and was inducted into
Earth’s history had left char-
The departments are small, and
the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame
acteristic patterns in stratified
the coordinators often are the
in November.
Davenport Named Best Curator
rock formations worldwide. In
only administrative position.
reported by Jade Boyd, ellen chang,
addition to developing the con- The Houston Press named Rice
So the departments rely heavily
and Lindsey fielder
cept of sequence stratigraphy, Gallery director Kimberly
on them. And they need to be
Vail, who worked at Exxon from Davenport the best curator in
trained properly.”
1965–86, also pioneered the Houston in their Best of Houston
Heye’s skills led to a cam-
application of sequence strati- edition last fall. “She transformed
puswide effort, creating ACT, a
graphic principles to hydro- a moribund institutional space into
training program for all adminis-
carbon exploration. He joined a venue for dynamic site-specific
trative staff at Rice. As a mentor
Rice’s faculty after retiring from installations,” the article stated.
for less-experienced staff mem-
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