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Through W hTohe ’s WshaoLLyporT
— Karim Al-Zand
— Cheryl Matherly
— Lisa Meffert
— Doug Natelson
— Trish Rigdon
In the News —
Richard Tapia
— Peter Vail
— Kimberly Davenport
— Becky Heye
— Wayne Graham
Shepherd School’s Al-Zand Wins Al-Zand received his bachelor can universities were selected to The ADVANCE program pro-
Composing Competition of music degree from McGill Uni- participate in the program from vides three types of awards: indi-
Karim Al-Zand, assistant profes-
versity in 1993 and his PhD from hundreds of applicants. The grant vidual fellowships, institutional
sor of composition and theory
Harvard University in 2000. In recipients will use the experience awards, and leadership awards.
at the Shepherd School of Mu-
1998, he won the Salvatore Marti- to promote internationalization ADVANCE seeks to support
sic, was selected as the recipient
rano Composition Competition for on their own campuses as well as new approaches to improving
of the second annual Raymond
his string quartet. His most recent in Japan. the climate for women in U.S.
and Beverly Sackler Music
commissions have been from ALEA To use the experience to benefit academic institutions and to
Competition Prize. The inter-
III, the New England Conserva- Rice, Matherly is co-directing the facilitate women’s advancement
national award includes a prize
tory Camerata, and Houston’s Or- next Global Technology Leaders to the highest ranks of academic
of $20,000 and is sponsored by
chestraX. As a pianist, Al-Zand has Symposium, a program that will leadership.
the School of Fine Arts at the
performed in jazz settings and has take students to Singapore and For Meffert, the invitation to
University of Connecticut. The
directed and composed for an 18- Tokyo in March. She also has been participate in ADVANCE was
competition supports and pro-
piece ensemble he formed in 1995. asked to deliver a seminar for the something of a milestone, mark-
motes aspiring composers and
He currently is pursuing several Japan–America Society of Hous- ing the 15th time she had been
the performance of their new
areas of music theoretical work, ton about current issues in Japa- tapped for NSF grant review
musical works.
including research on jazz and im- nese higher education. panels or invited workshops.
Al-Zand’s piece will premiere
provisation-related topics. “I also have drawn on this ex- “Reviewing the work and
this spring at the University of
perience when advising students ideas of peers is something all
Connecticut–Storrs. A second
participating in international edu- academics are asked to do,”
performance will take place at the
Fulbright Takes Matherly to Japan cation programs,” Matherly said. Meffert said. “But having served
university’s Stamford campus.
In 1996, she also received a on an ADVANCE review panel
Cheryl Matherly, assistant dean
“I feel very privileged and
Fulbright grant to attend the once before, I can say that the
of student affairs and director of
honored to have been awarded
IEAP in Germany. experience stands out, primarily
international opportunities, spent
this year’s Sackler Prize,” Al-
because the program is making a
a month in Japan as a Fulbright
Zand said. “It’s a tremendous
real difference.”
Scholar through the International
Meffert Appointed to NSF’s
opportunity for me, and I’m Education Administrators Program
very excited to be writing for (IEAP) this past summer.
Natelson Awarded Prestigious
such an accomplished performer During her visit, Matherly
Lisa Meffert, an assistant profes-
Science and Engineering
as James Ackley.” toured universities and high
sor of ecology and evolutionary
Al-Zand wrote a proposal for schools to learn more about
biology, served on this year’s grant
a concertino for trumpet and Japan’s education system. She
review panel for the National Sci- For the second year in a row,
also submitted his works to be also participated in cultural activi-
ence Foundation’s ADVANCE one of Rice’s junior faculty
considered for the competition. ties and attended briefings with
program. members has won an acclaimed
His proposal was chosen among various government officials and
ADVANCE aims to increase the and highly competitive Pack-
50 entries. The multimovement meetings with Japanese interna-
participation of women in the sci- ard Fellowship in Science and
piece will be 15 to 18 minutes tional education professionals to
entific and engineering workforce Engineering.
long and is being written for a learn about education, society,
by increasing the representation and Doug Natelson, assistant
solo trumpet and a small cham- and culture in Japan.
advancement of women in academic professor of physics and astrono-
ber group. Only six people from Ameri-
science and engineering careers. my and electrical and computer
Winter ’04 47
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