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London restaurant reopens after blaze
hit directly by the fi re, with cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper.
but suffered tremendous Other treats from the grill, which is
water fl ood damage, fol- situated in the middle of the open plan
lowing the efforts of fi re- kitchen, include king prawns, scallops,
fi ghters to get the blaze squid and stone bass in a cumin, cinna-
under control. mon and clove sauce and Basmati rice
with Welsh lamb and spices steamed
Head chef Azadur Rahman in a sealed pot.
has created a new menu
in honour of the reopen- Decorated with Italian tiles, soft
ing. Starters on the menu leather and Oriental rugs, the down-
One of London’s best-known Indian
include charcoal roasted stairs bar is also reopening with a new
restaurants, The Red Fort, has recently
potatoes fi lled with raisins, cashew, look.
reopened after it was destroyed by
fi g and royal cumin; grilled monkfi sh
a fi re that swept through the Soho
marinated with saffron and cardamom
area last July. The Red Fort was not
and Scottish venison skewers spiced
Bangla TV chairman found guilty of fraud
The chairman of Bangla TV, Feroz female employees from Halifax Bank observance of a court ruling involving
Khan, has been found guilty by a of Scotland. In return for a lucra- these conspiracies Feroz had to appear
jury at Leeds Crown Court of con- tive bribe these two women copied in Leeds Crown Court in the last week
spiracy to defraud in connection with the personal data of the depositors of January 2010. I am all the happier
an investigation into the theft of nearly onto a CD and supplied it to Feroz. with this ruling of the court because all
£850,000 from the high street bank, After they got this CD, Feroz and his the hard work of the economic crime
HBOS. In all it is alleged that eight British Pakistani accomplice, via tele- unit of the Yorkshire Police, crime
people were involved in the scam. Six phone banking, transferred money prosecution service and the prosecu-
of them pleaded guilty and are already from some account holders to real tion council of Leeds has borne fruit.”
serving a jail sentence. Feroz did not and false accounts. As soon as these
plead guilty and so the legal process unusual transfers totaling £850,000 The police offi cer warned all those who
took around three years to reach its were discovered by the computerised are thinking of cheating bank deposi-
conclusion. security system at HBOS, the Crown tors that this incident sends a clear
Prosecution Service and Yorkshire message that the economic crime unit
The court is due to announce sen- Police jointly started the investigation. will trace them and not rest until those
tence on Feroz on March 5 this year The two bank employees, in course of guilty have been brought to justice.
.However there are indications that the court hearings, pleaded guilty and
Feroz may seek to appeal against the lost their jobs. One of the main wit-
verdict. nesses in this case was Feroz’s one
time colleague Syed Shamsul Haque,
It was said in the court hearings that the founder and Managing Director of
Feroz and his accomplice, in collu- Bangla TV. He said, “It is very unfor-
sion with two employees of Halifax tunate that a stalwart of the Bengali
Bank, hacked into the data of bank media is being sentenced by a court for
clients and embezzled £850,000. The immoral transaction.”
bank authorities discovered this scam
and reported it to police. After a pre- Mr Peter Langham, deputy sergeant
liminary investigation the Scotland in the Yorkshire police department
Yard Financial Crime Unit fi led a case and chief investigator in the enquiry,
against Feroz who was arrested in described its details to Channel S. And
September 2007 and later set free on expressed satisfaction at the court
bail. ruling. He said, “The economic crime
unit of Yorkshire police had been
The detailed court report indicates investigating this case of embezzling
that Feroz and seven others made a Halifax bank and its West Yorkshire
secret pact with two British Pakistani based clients since the end of 2006. In
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