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Dear Editor Dear Editor Dear Editor

I have been following the intriguing Indian curry has become by far the There is a lot of hullabaloo about Indian
story of the Midlands Curry Awards. favourite ethnic cuisine in Britain, curry in Britain, which has become by
Firstly there was the allegation that the thanks to the hard work of the 10,000 far the country’s favourite ethnic food
organisers had been misappropriat- Indian restaurants all over UK. Lasan for eating out. It has even relegated
ing charity funds, which prompted the Restaurant in Birmingham translated British home cooked food to the back
two presenters to pull out of the event. this statistics into an award when it seat.
Then there was the fact that Mr Jabbar won the best local restaurant of UK at
of the Lasan Restaurant, which won the Gordon Ramsay’s F Word. But the food served in the UK’s Indian
both British Curry Awards and Gordon restaurants is watered down to match
Ramsay’s F Word award, alleged that Gordon Ramsay himself tasted food in the British palate. The British would
the Midlands Curry Awards were many of the restaurants that entered be more fascinated by the food that is
charging money for entering the com- the competition. He spoke to custom- eaten in a typical middle class home
petition. Then, as a last nail on the ers in the restaurants and learnt how in India or the chats sold on the street
coffin, Enam Ali issued a writ for copy- passionate they are. Gordon reflected sides. Only a few top grade restau-
ing his famed British Curry Awards. on the huge number of restaurants rants in London where the chefs have
closing down in the past 18 months been educated and trained in the most
Enam Ali has taken the British on the back of the recession. This had prestigious institutes and 5 star hotels
Curry Awards to such a height that taught him one thing, the value of the in India dabble with these, and that
David Cameron, the leader of the customer – customer is the king. The is the reason why they are the most
Conservatives, graced it with his pres- last 12 months have removed the snob successful.
ence as chief guest and in his speech factor of food and that is why Gordon
Volume 35
praised the entrepreneurial and family did not invite the top, fancy £90 a head Thousands of Indian restaurants all
August | September 2009
Spice Business
values of Asians in UK that has under- restaurant, but those serving food at over UK who are churning out run
The only independent voice
for the industry
pinned their success and their invalu- under £25 a head. of the mill meals day in and day out
Where Sold
able contribution to this country. should venture out and try the myriad
It is worth recalling that the British indigenous varieties that can be tasted.
Monde Selection
I call upon all Indian restaurants to Curry Awards showed the way to
Pub for a pound
unite in ostracising such impostors rewarding the best restaurants all Yours Sir Trevor McDonald
OBE will host the 5th
and save the British curry industry over the UK, and selected Lasan previ-
annual British Curry
House opens in
from possible disgrace. ously as the best in the region at the R. Abraham
Canary Wharf
2009 awards. The Awards are truly a Chelsea
Yours sincerely trend setter.
Please do write in. We very much ap-
Mohd Nayeem Yours sincerely
preciate your valued views, concerns and
aspirations involving the curry industry.
Bristol Though, unfortunately we cannot publish
Hafiz Ahmed
all the letters for limitation of space.
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