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Seminar at the House of Commons
A seminar and a dinner, organized by
improvement of quality of life and
while noted the problems of immigra-
Development Council for Bangladeshis
living of the people of Bangladeshis in
tion suffered by the Bangladeshis in
in the UK (DCfBUK) on 4th of February
the UK.
the past, implored the community.
2010 in the House of Commons will
be marked as an extraordinary and
The event was also addressed by
DCBfUK utilized the occasion to
a meaningful evening for the British
Sarah Ludford MEP, who spoke on the
honour three Bangladeshis for their
Bangladeshis in the UK. The meet-
need for the dimension of European-
outstanding achievements in their
ing started at the Committee Room 14
ness and of availing the opportunities
respective fields: Anwar Chowdhury,
and ended with a dinner party at the
offered by the European Social Fund
Director International Institute FCO,
Members Dining Room of the House of
for education and training. Christine
for public service, Iqbal Ahmed for
Blower, the General Secretary,
business development and Roushnara
National Union of Teachers, who also
Ali as young woman political activist.
The event was chaired by the DCfBUK
addressed the gathering, admonished
Peter Fowler, a former British High
President, Mohammad Monir Hussain,
the British Bangladeshis to join the
Commissioner to Bangladesh, joined
who delivered his welcome speech
noble profession of teaching in order
the His Excellency Dr. Saidur Rahman
and at the very outset of the meeting
to enhance their position and status in
Khan, the High Commissioner of the
introduced the ideals and objectives
the UK, while Kay Carberry, Assistant
People’s Republic of Bangladesh in the
of the event and also the rationale of
General Secretary TUC, in the course
UK in handing over the awards to the
the organization as a sort of non-polit-
of his speech invited the people of
ical umbrella body carrying forward
Bangladeshi origins to join the trade
the developmental aspirations of the
unions in order to secure their pro-
Chair Mr. Monir Hussain concluded the
British Bangladeshis in the UK. The
fessional jobs and positions. Mr.
meeting by paying tribute to all par-
uniqueness of the event was its prob-
Keith Best, a former Chief Executive,
ticipants and invited them for next year
lem-solving approach, as it sought to
Immigration and Advisory Services
2011 at the same time and same place
identify the issue areas that need to be to meet again.
addressed and offer policy feedback
where they require to be redressed.
The event was hosted by Lyn Brown
MP, the Whip of the Government and
supported by Rt Hon. MPs, Stephen
Timms, Minister for Digital Britain,
Mr. Jim Fitzpatrick MP Minister for
Food and Farming. Jastine Greening,
Shadow Minister for London, Rt Hon.
Frank Dobson MP former Health
Secretary, Lee Scott MP, Richard
Caborn MP, John Grogan MP, Brian
Binley MP, Sally Keeble MP. All of them
promised sustained support towards
Mayor suspended over benefits investigation
The Mayor of Camden, Councillor Officially, he remains the Mayor of
Omar Faruque Ansari, has been sus- Camden - the borough’s first citizen
pended from the Liberal Democrat - despite the suspension. Councillor
group after he was arrested by ben- Ansari was voted in as Mayor last May
efit investigators. Council leader Keith and he has been on Camden Council
Moffitt said he would remain sus- since 2006 when he won a seat in
pended until the investigation into Kentish Town ward.
serious allegations was complete.
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