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Wake up and smell the curry!
kilos of rice. We consume more than a
thousand tons of chicken tikka masala.
With the brains of Gulam Noon, the
enterprise of Kirit Patak and the
energy of Parveen Vasi we don’t just
David Cameron’s famous speech to the Britain. The Hindustani Coffee House
eat a lot of curries, we also export
British Curry Awards is produced here opened in London in 1809. It wasn’t a
them. We are selling our curries all
in full in response to many requests runaway success and in fact it went
over the world including to India and
from readers. You can also watch his bust 3 years later. It took another cen-
speech on Sky TV 814 Channel S at tury before the British Curry industry
10-30 pm on Sunday 28 February 2010 really took off, but today we have some
What I want to say to you tonight is that
10,000 restaurants in this country.
the values that have inspired the curry
They have an annual turnover of £3.5
revolution are precisely the values that
Thank you and what a pleasure it is to billion and around 23 million people
Britain needs today. For me they boil
be here tonight. I am sorry of course eat British curries every year, that
down to just four things enterprise,
that you don’t have the Prime Minister is more money than the British film
family, community and country. Let
here with you tonight. But you know industry took at the UK box office last
me say a word about each. You are all
what. If you put it around, in every one year and it is more people than go to
experts at enterprise - the balti that
of your restaurants, in every one of the premier league football matches
was invented in Birmingham, vindaloo
your customers with all of your great every week.
has gone from being a Portuguese
supporters who knows anything is
dish to an England football supper
possible. So we have become a nation of curry
and when you go into the origins of
eaters and yes everyone has got a
chicken tikka masala I think it’s some-
Look around tonight. We have the finest favourite dish. For me nothing beats
thing to do with chef who was asked
curry restaurants, a record 40,000 the freshly made balti at Khas in
by a British customer to pour gravy
all over a chiken tikka. But
the genius of curry res-
taurants in this country is
they’ve done what all good
businesses do best - inno-
vate, invest, create jobs and
wealth. We need that now in
Britain more than ever and
we need the government
to get right behind you.
That should be in cutting
the burden of regulations
that stifle an enterprise. It
should be making life easier
for you by cutting the rate of
small business corporation
tax. That means I am saying
to everyone thinking of set-
ting up a curry house or
opening a small business,
we will cut tax on the jobs
you create.
I know these are tough times
for the restaurant industry.
I know that some of you are
worried about how to keep
your companies equipped
with the right skills as
Enam has said. So let me
say this. Yes we do have to
nominations, the Oscars of the Spice Chamberlayne Road.
have proper controls on immigration
industry, Enam Ali and all of you. You
and our priority must be equipping the
should be incredibly proud of what you Together we get through in this coun-
large numbers of unemployed British
have achieved. It is exactly 200 years try some 200 million poppadoms every
Bangladeshis with new skills. But
since the first curry house opened in year in this country. We eat 21 million
Enam, as you said, any proper points
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