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Records broken in National Curry Week
Kumar came out on top with a Lal
Maas, a fiery hot dish from the north
of India. Andy Varma’s Murg Handi
Lazeez was rated the second best
classic dish.
More awards were showered on the
famous family-run Southall restau-
rant, Brilliant. Having won its third
British Curry Award in a row the res-
taurant was named Best Customer
restaurant by the National Curry
Week. Organiser, Peter Groves says,
“If anyone doubts why they are mul-
tiple award winners just try visiting
the restaurant to realise why it is so
popular. Even in a time of recession,
The Cobra beer-sponsored National on BBC Radio 4 and though this
revenues have gone up by 30%.”
Curry Week, held last November, fea- attempt didn’t quite measure up to

tured a number of record breaking World Record standards, it proved
To celebrate National Curry Week vis-
events as part of a programme that quite a feat for the head chef of Bombay and Birmingham
raised money for The Curry Tree. This Bicycle, Sanjeev Gurung, assisted by
City Football Club teamed up to
is a new charity set up to alleviate the Kunal Mehta, group head chef of V8
develop a very special ‘Blues’ curry.
plight of the malnourished and poor in Gourmet, Europe’s biggest Indian res- brought in play-
South East Asia. taurant group.
ers James McFadden and Franck
Queudrue to help produce a curry in
The winner of one of these events, the Another National Curry Week event
a cook-off, where Franck’s curry was
Samosa Speed Challenge 2009, was sought to find the most innovative
chosen by a panel of judges. Fans were
Nirmala Chudasama, who prepared signature dish. Top in this competi-
able to name the chosen curry via a
a total of 80 samosas in only 10 min- tion was in fact Kunal Mehta, with
competition on,
utes at Tiffinbites, St Paul’s, in London.
Gulu Anand of Brilliant in Southall was
second with 50 samosas in the same

Poppadom Express broke last year’s
world poppadum tower record in a
friendly competition between City
councillors and parliamentary can-
didates Royston Smith and Jeremy
Moulton. They joined forces with
Steve Fry and Rashmi Chande from
Southampton and Fareham Chamber
of Commerce to take on the challenge.
The competition was won on behalf of
Poppadom Express by the City Council
team who obliterated the restaurant’s
record of 230, a national record in
2007, as well as the current UK record
of 282, by piling up 450 poppadoms
into a static tower. A special trophy
will be presented to the City Council in his Lobster Kedgree. Runner-up was
with the winning entry dubbing it “The
January. Ashwani Kumar, from Mango Lounge
Blue Queudrue”. The curry was pro-
in Windsor who served a rice crusted
duced in association with Birmingham
king prawn martini. A competition was
restaurant, Lasan, which was recently
Bombay Bicycle’s World Poppadum also held for the best classic signa-
crowned best local Indian restaurant
Tower Challenge of 144 was featured ture dish and in this category Ashwani
by Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word.
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