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Kingfisher ups ad campaign
Kingfisher lager is once again of a popular Indian dish in vibrant
sending out the message that colours. A Kingfisher bottle is inte-
it is the best lager to accom- grated into the designs to show that
pany Indian cuisine. A new Indian food and Kingfisher Lager are
campaign, aimed at com- made for each other.
muters aged between 25-45
who regularly eat Indian According to a spokesman for
food in restaurants, will run Kingfisher, “We believe the campaign
during February and March will curry favour with those who love
on billboards in key loca- eating Indian food and those who work
tions in South Eastern train in the Indian restaurant business, who
stations and on the London should make sure to stock up to meet
Underground. the increased demand for Kingfisher
at this time.”
There are six different poster
designs, each with the name
Stop and search under terror laws ‘unlawful’
An Asian restaurant worker recently abandoned after the European Court of issued a warning that the scope of the
reported to Spice Business that he Human Rights (ECHR) said it breached stop and search law could have seri-
has been stopped by police a number the right to privacy. It was ruling on a ous implications for discrimination,
of times while he returns from work case brought by two Britons who were especially as statistics show black and CY
late at night. They interrogated him but subject to so-called Section 44 stops Asian people are disproportionately
then let him go, as they could not find outside in east London in 2003. Kevin stopped.
anything wrong. However the recur- Gillan and Pennie Quinton were also
ring incidents have left him shaken. awarded more than £30,000 compen- The Home Office has said it is ‘disap-
sation, raising the prospect that police pointed’ with the ruling and is looking
Leaders within the curry industry could now face further challenges to appeal. The powers will remain in
have expressed concern over such from individuals stopped under the place pending that appeal.
incidents, which have been happen- power. ECHR said the powers were
ing with increasing frequency over the “neither sufficiently circumscribed nor Nonetheless, Indian restaurant staff
past few years. They feel that, while subject to adequate legal safeguards coming out of work late at night now
police have to safeguard public safety, against abuse”. has reason to hope for less ‘intimida-
and have every right to stop and inter- tion’ by police. Spice Business would
rogate people at any time if there is a The Court rules that the law was a be interested to hear of readers’ expe-
reason for it, but feel strongly that they violation of Article 8 (right to respect riences with ‘stop and search’ to see if
should not stop people randomly with- private and family life) of the Human the ruling is having an impact.
out any real cause. Rights Convention. The court also
Under the Terrorism Act 2000, officers
can stop and search anyone in a des-
ignated area without having to show
reasonable suspicion for doing so. The
policy, which saw more than a quarter
of a million persons being stopped last
year, has led to accusations the police
are abusing the power to stop anyone,
including protesters or photogra-
phers, under the guise of preventing
But the tactic may now have to be
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