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Hudson - Litchfield News
February 12, 2010 - 19
Hudson Deliberatinulle nulleting Becomes a nullrnullting nullent
negotiations had bronulln down on meeting on nullebruary null the
this contract over the last yearnullboth police union reportedly
parties had agreed to fact findingnull has approved accepting the
which recommended costnullfnulliving contract as amendednullnullnull.
increases for the police department Budget Committee
over its threenullear time framenull Chairman nulled Lussey
with nullro percent in nullnull and a presented nullticle nullnull which
range of three to four and a half regards the operation budget.
percent in nullnull and nullnull. nullither It totaled nullnullnullnullnullnullnull
the Selectmen nor the Budget without the other articles of
Committee supported the article. the Deliberative Session being
Sgt Minull nullsselinnullpresident included in its total.
of the union and a nullnullear nullsident Bruce nullllowell
veteran of the forcenullasnulld for nullestioned why the library
the support of the Selectmen and budgetnullas renullested before
Budget Committee in outlining the Budget Committee
the performance of the men and adnullstmentnullwas over a million
women of the departmentnullthe dollarsnullwhen the final increase
national accreditation rannullng of after the Budget Committee
the forcenulland the service that both adnullstment is roughly
onnulland offnulluty officers provide nullnullnullnull.null. Connie nullensnull
David nullelley and Ed Duchesne collect the secret ballot about the police union contract
to the town. Several other officers Chairman of the Library
who live and wornullin nulldson nullrusteesnullenulllained the budget
are reserved funds collected in prior years for the
sponull to those assembled about the renullcts an estimate of the cost to operate the new
nulldson police force. buildingnullwhich she testified was nullnullpercent
nullticle nullnullmoved with little conversation as it
Selectman Shawn nullasper larger than the old nulllls Memorial Library.
established a capital reserve fund from surplus to
offered his null
treat nulldson ponds for invasive weeds.
nonnullupportive amendment
In a petition warrant articlenullnulleter and nulloanne
stancenullstating by nullllowell
nulldnullewinullpresented their problem with the town
that he could failed when
and their nullnulloot high fence. nullhey asnulld voters
commit the he motioned
for their support in getting the town to cease and
nullD SgtnullMike nullosselin speaks about the police contract
town to the ninenull to reduce the
desist in a lawsuit in nullllsborough Superior Court.
percent increase library budget
by Len Lanullrop
if the Boston area costnullfnull by nullnullnullnull
nullhe nulldson Deliberative meeting opened at
living indenullrose that much. and reallocate
the Community Center on Saturday morning.
Selectman Massey offered an that money to
In the usual fashionnullthe nullnor nullard of the
amendment proposing that the police and
police department presented the colorsnullnullD Sgt.
in years two and threenullboth fire budget.
Charles Dyac sang nullhe nulltional nullthemnulland all
yearsnullincreases be held to three nullhe vote was
in attendance recited the nulledge of nulllegiance.
percentnullafter much debate as by a show of
Moderator nullaul Inderbitnulln enulllained the
to whether you can change hands.
ground rules to the nullnullattendeesnulland that the
an article coming from a factnull nulloters then
meeting would begin with nullticle nullnullas nullning
finding agreement. Selectman moved the
amendments were not part of that particular
nullasper offered the nullote of articles for
the day during the middle of a software
nullen the contract from the nulldson nullghway
the debate on the legality to upgrade and a
Department for the null members of nullSCME local
changing the articlenullnullf we new trucnullfor
nullnull was brought to attentionnullthere was no
never venture into uncharted the highway
discussion and the article was moved to the ballot.
watersnullmost of us would be department
Selectman Massey enulllained that nullticle
living in Europe.nullnull he meeting and a water
nullnulla contract for the nulldson administrative
voted via secret ballotnullwhich tannullr for
and support unionnullafter a nullestion by nullohn
had been renullested by five the fire
Drabinowicnull relates to the recently enacted state
members of the Budget department
law pertaining to the evergreen legislation. nullhe
Committeenullto accept the to the ballot
article was left unchanged.
amended article by null to null. unchangednull
nullhe meeting really got underway as nullticle
w the vnull oters must approve as both had
null toonullthe nullornullwhich is a threenullear contract
thisnulland all other articlesnullon no impact
nullD Detective Sgtnullnullarles Dyac sings the National Anthem Budget nullmmittee Member nullohn Drabinonullcnullrenullcts on the
between the town and the police unionnullas
March null on the rate
as a Budget nullmmittee member stands in respect daynulls events at the close onullthe meeting
recommended in a factnullnder report. nullter
null the nulldson Selectmennulls since there
Scoop’s got your
nullassinulld nulld nullatesnull nullnulleeknullnullnullnull nullr null nullrds or lessnull nullnulleeksnull nullnullnull nullr null nullrds or lessnull Additional nullrdsnullnullnullper nullrd per nulleeknullnullaximum onullnull nullrdsnull nullost and nulloundnulland
rnull ee Beenullads run nullr one nulleek at no chargenull Deadline nullr placement is nulluesday at noon onullthe nulleek you nulluld like the ad to runnull nullou may pay by casnull, cnullcnull nullade out to Area Nenull nullroupnull
or credit card nullaster nullard or nullisa, name, address, phone nullcard innullnullrenullirednullnullno renullndsnull Ads paid by credit card can be nullxed to nullnullnullnullnullnull or Emailed to classinulldsnullreanenullgroupnullomnull
All other ads can be mailed or delivered tonull Hudsonnullitcnullenull News, null nullwenull nulload, Hudson, NH 03051. nullall nullnullnullnullnullnull nullr more innullrmationnull
Buyer Be Aware: null Area Nenull nullroup supplies advertising space in good nullith nullr our customersnull nullonullever, occasionally an advertiser nullll renullire up nullont investment nullom the consumernull We do not
endorse or guarantee these or any advertisers claimnull We encourage you to be a good consumer and do your homenullrk benullre you investnullurchase any products or goodsnull
WE buy junk cars and trucks. NnullnullEnull nullirenullnull- nullnullnullnullY nullnullEnull
Call Pat at Jean-Guy’s in Cnullnullered, Clean, nulleasnulled needed nullr nullck unulland nullnullce nullnullusic nullssnullsnull
Pelham, a N.H. Certified Hardnullnull. Cut, nullnullit, delinullery null nullckanulls tnull
CnullPnullnull Hnulle nullenullir null nullnullnull CnullnullnullCnullnull
nulllessnull intrnull. nullnullnullPre-
Green Yard, at nullelinullered, nullnullnullnullnullnull. cnullmercial and residential
Handyman nullernullcesnullnulltchens, established in nullnull, member
nullhnulll nullnullram, anulls nullnull
null-nullNE Piannullnullernullces,
nullnullnullnullnullnull. areas. Custnuller sernullce skills,
nullaths, nulldditinulls, nullecks, null the nullnullsnullcialinullnnullin
nullnull-nullnullnullnullnull nullnstrument sales and rentals.
nullndy nullnullrnull Certified
enullcellent drinullnnullrecnulld a
nullenullacement Windnullnull, nullality hnulle imnullnullnullements.
nullnullnullE nullnullC, nullnull
Piannullnullechnician. nulluninnull
, Cnull helnullul but nnull nullnull
nullemnullelinnull nullasement
nulldditinulls, decks, remnullelinnull
Hudsnull. nullnullnullnullnullnull
nullenullir, nullenulllatinull, nullnullraisals,
renullired. Earns nullnull nulleekly.
nullemnullelinnull nully nullmall null renullirs, nullranulls, finished
HnullnullN- Nenully rennullnullated
nullend resumes tnullmarnull
nullrnull Prnullects. nullully nullcensed basements, rnullfinnull screen
Call nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nullnullnullnullnullt cleaninnull We
larnull studinullanullrtment in
nullnullnsured, nullree Estimates, call nullrches, nullrmers nullrches,
strinulle tnulldnullthe little details,
nulliet area. nullnullnullnull. Heatnull
nullnull nullean nullnullnullnullnullnull, nullnyl sidinnull hardnullnull nullnulls,
y’nullll be nulleased nullth nullr
hnull nullter included. nullnnullnull
nullnull.tdeancnulltractinnullcnull renullacement nullndnullnull and
Piano Lessons
nullnull-nullnullnull null
cleaninnullsernullce and nullality
nullnull-nullnullnull null
dnullrs, etc. nullenullrences, nulllly 30 years of teaching experience.
null nullrk. Great renullrences,
nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
Cnullnullnull nullnullnullnull insured, nullee estimates.
All levels, ages 5 & up.
nullnullnullCEnull Hanulle ynull nullt
anullrdable nullices. Call Patricia
EnullnullYnullnullG. Plus hnulle Please call the nullalue
Free assesment lesson.
junk hannullnnullarnullnd nullth nnull
at nullnullnullnullnullnull null e-mail Wnullnullnull- nullbdrm hnullse,
nullnull PnullnullPnullNnullNGnull
renullir and maintenance. Hanulle nullessinullals at null nullal-Prnull
means tnulldisnullse null itnull Call
kmackeycleaninnullyahnull.cnull. Wnull hnullkunull, nullcar nullranull,
nullnterinullnullnullerinull, Hinull
a nullestinullnull Just ask. Cnullstructinull nullnullnullnullnullnull.
Call Kei
Paul nullr nullir nullicinnulland nullee
nnull-smnuller, nnullnullts. Nenull
nulluality Wk and Hnull nullesty
nullnullnullnullnullnull 603-598-8037
estimates. nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nullPENnullnullE Cleaninnull nullint and carnullt. nullnullnullnullus
nullnull.builtsnullidinc.cnull Paul’s P.E.nullCarnullntry.
nullesidentialnullnullmercial, utilities, nullnullnullnull.
null a trnull usted cnulltractnull. null
nullne-time cleaninnull nulleekly,
small cnullnullny that nullnulluces
nulluality hnulle imnullnullnullements,
nullnullnullnullnullnullnullG. nullnull
bi-nulleekly, null mnullthly. Nenull
binullresultsnullnullnullnullaintinnull Home Improvement
remnullelinnull interinullnullnullerinull
estimates call nullnullnullnullnullnull.
cnullstructinull and builders
cnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
& Repairs
renullirs, kitchens, basements
nullnull-nullnullnull null
and baths, dnullrs, nullndnullnull,
nullnullnullnullnullnullPnullnull nulled
nullelcnulle. nullenullrences nullnull
nullnullrne nullarmnullHnullY nullr sale.
• Carpentry
years enullerience.
nulltnullnullnullaniel’s Hand-d-nullannull
and mnulle. nullree estimates,
EnullCnullnullnull Wirinnull nullnnullnull nulleathnull Enullired
nullirst Cut, null.null. nullecnulld Cut
• Small Remodeling Jobs
Call nulliane at nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nullnullcialinullnnullin jnulls tnull small
nulllly insured.
nullcensed, nullaster Electrician. Warrantynull nullcan helnull nullnullnullr
null.null. Call nullnullnullnull.
nullr remnullelnulls null cnulltractnulls,
• All Home Repairs
Call Paul at nullnullnullnullnullnull.
Cnullnullete nullrinnullsernullces. cnullsnulle. Call nullnullnullnullnullnull.
• Competitive Prices
nulldditinulls, basements,
and husband-tnulldnulllist. nullinull
nullnullnullnullrthnulledic nullllnullnull
nullebnullahnull Hnulle and nullce
and small, inside and nulltside,
• Free Estimates, Insured
linulltinnullnullns, unullrades,
tnull sets. Nenullnull Cnulltnullnullnullnull
cleaninnull Weekly, bi-nulleekly,
yard-nullrk, renullacement
Call 603 880-5087 cable, nullnulle, snullnd and data
nullellnullnullueen nullnull, nullull nullnull,
mnullthly. Hnullest, reliable,
nullndnullnull nulldnullrs, nullintinnull
netnullrks. nulll jnulls cnullsidered.
nullnnull nullnull. nulliscnullnullemnully
enullcellent renullrences, null
in and nullt. nullully insured.
nullnullCnullnull nullast resnullnse. Call nullana
nullnullW PnullnullWnullG,
nullnullm nullree nulliscnullnullllnullnullnull
years enullerience. nullnsured null
Call nullan, nullnullnullnullnullnull.
Cnullnullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull null
nullrinullenullys- nullnulland unull.
nullrinullnally nullnullnull nullellnullnullnull.
nullnterinull finish nullrk, nullk mnullile nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nulleninullnulleteran nulliscnullnts.
bnullded. Call nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnull-nullnullnullnullnull
Can delinuller. nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nullnullHEnullHandyman and
stairnullys nullr cnulltractnulls null
nullne-time null seasnullal cnulltract.
nullemnullelinnullnullC. Hnulle
hnullenullnullers, decks, basement nullnullnullnullnullnullEW,
nullandinnullnullaltinnullanullailable. nullree
nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnull. nullnullid
renullir and maintenance.
remnullelinnull etc. nullcensed and CPnull nullccnullntinnullnullnullanull
estimatesnullully insured.
Cherry nullleinull nulled, nullressernull
nullnterinull and enullerinull nullintinnull
insured, null yrs. enullerience. nullernullces, nullusiness nullPersnullal.
nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnull-nullnullnullnull
nullirr, Chest and Nnull inullt
Pnullnuller Washinnull nullinished
Call Jnull, nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnull.nullankmcandrenullcnull.
nullnullW PnullnullWnullGnull
nullable. Nenullin bnullnulles. Cnulltnull
basement nullbath, etc. Nnulljnull
nullnull.jacnullscnullstructinullllc.cnull cnull, nullnullnullnullnullnull,
nullnullnull nullellnullnullnull.
take care null ynullr lnullnulled nulle.
Riding Lessons
nullesidential. Call nullch nullr nullee
tnull smallnull nullt us take care null
estimate at nullnullnullnullnullnull.
Can delinuller. nullnullnullnullnullnull
nullisitinnull cnullnullninullshinull,
ynullr nullnulley nullnullnulllist.
nullE PnullNnullNG nullC. Why Prnullessinullal nullernullces at a
errands, nullnullninulltinull,
nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnullnullnullnullnull
nullemnullelnull Paintinnullis nullicker,
14 years of experience.
nulleasnullable Price. nullnullnullnullnullnull
dnulltnull’s anullnullntments, linullt
nullPnull CnullnullEnullnull
cleaner and better bannullnullr the Beginner WANTED
CnullnullNnullnullrnull PnullNnullNGnull
nullEE nullnullnullnull null
hnullsekeenullnnull null just a ride
Custnull nullanulled, nenuller
buck. nullnterinull, enullerinull, hnulle
to Advanced
nullnterinull nullEnullerinullnullnullnull
unnullnted lanull and nullrden
in the cnullntry. nulleasnullable
installed. Can add null subtract
imnullnullnullement. nulluality nullrk
nullality nullrknullnullnulldablenull
enullinullentnullmnullnullers nullnullnullsh
rates, nulllly insured.
tnullfit ynullr kitchen. Cnulltnull
at a nullir nullice. nullully insured,
Hudson cars and trucks, lanull tractnulls,
nullully insurednullnullree estimatesnull
mnullnullersnull snnullnullblnullnullers,
Call nullina, nullnullnullnullnullnull.
nullnullnull nullacrifice nullr nullnullnull
call nullr a nullee estimate.
nullshers and dryers, hnull nullter
nullnull-nullnullnull nullnullnullnullnullnull
Enullcellent renull. nullnullnullnullnullnull
tractnulls, etc., runninnullnull nnull.
nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnull-nullnullnullnull
tanks, etc. Will nullck unull. Call
Call nullnullnullnullnullnull. nullnull-nullnullnullnull
nulltenulle at nullnullnullnull. nullnull-nullnullnullnull
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