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Windham Regular Meetings & Events

Tuesday, February 9 nullnullSundanull y, February null Startinnullnullnday, February null
nullhe Pelham Elementary School Pnullnullwill hold For the month onullFebrnullry we will be nullhe nullindham Recreation nullnullrtment is
American nullgion nullost nullnull nullown Hall, nullstairs, nullnull pnullnull third nullnullsday
a meeting in the Pelham Elementary School celebrating onull nullood for nullines nullogram at the happy to annonullce new nulllates Classes on
Cnullnull , nullindham Presbyterian nullnullch, nullnull pnullnull third nullhnullsday (nully null
Media nullnter at nullpnullnull in which the High Pelham Pnulllic nullbrarynull nullter the holidays, Monday evenings at the nullown Hallnull nullhe
Holt nullnullnullnull)
School Facilities nullmmittee will be speaking the local nullod pantry snullnullrs a tremendonull class will rnull nullr sinullweeksnull nullhe classes are
regarding the three warrant articles on the downtnulln in donationsnull nulle hope that this
Community nullnces , nullindham nullown Hall,
tanullht by a nullcensed Physical nullherapist and
nullpnullnull nullst Friday (nullindham nullcnullnullnullnullnull)
ballotnull nullnd Pnullchase, nullw High School on program will help bolster their snullplies nullrtinulld Pilates nullstrnulltor, who can modinull
nullw Site, and nullnovations to enullsting high and give them the resonullces to keep on enullrcises to meet yonull individnulll needsnull nullwo
Conservation Commission, Planning nullDevelopment nullnnullrence room,
school nullr seventh and eighth gradenull Please goingnull nulll onullthe nullod is donated to the Food
nullpnullnull second and nullnullth nullhnullsday
levels onullclasses are onullerednull Pilates nullvel nullis
spread the word and bring nulliendsnull nullhis is Pantry in town with help nullom the Pelham at nullnull pnullnulland is nullr anyone new to Pilates,
Garden Club, nullindham nullown Hall, nullnull pnullnull third nullhnullsday (enullept
very important to all onullnull, onull children, and nullod nullighbor Fnulldnull nullonullcan bring these as it progresses nullom basic to more advanced
onull commnullitynull donations to the nullbrary anytime in the enullrcisesnull Pilates nullvel null is at nullnull pnullnull and
nullnnah nullstin nullilters Guild , Hnullson nullmmnullity nullnter, nullanullnull nullst
month onullFebrnullry and we will nullrgive any
Sunday, February null
is a nullsternullaced classnull nullhere is a cost nullr the
Monday (enullept nullnulle nullnullnullnullt)
onullstanding nulles nullr items retnullnednull
The New Greeley Singers, a commnullity
sinullweek classesnull nullll Marie nullheodhosi at
nullstoric nullstrictnulleritage Commission , nullrtley Honulle, nullpnullnull second
chornull based in Pelham, will hold a
nullnullnullnull or enullail mtheodhosinullolnullom to
Saturday, February null
nullalentinenulls nully Cabaret nullndraiser at the
register nullr classnull
nullhe nullsmith nullbrary in nullindham will
nullbrary Events null wwwnullesmithlibrarynullrg
Harris’ Pelham nulln, null nulldge nullnull Pelham, celebrate the nullnar nullear of the Tiger null nullr nullthrounull Fnull riday, February null
nullons Club , nullindham Senior nullnter, nullpnullnull nullst and third nullednesday
starting at nullnull pnullnull nullhere is a cost nullr celebration will begin at nullpnullnull Following a Pelham Parks and nullcreation is now holding
(enullept nullnully nullnullnullnullt) nullsitors are always welcomenull
tickets, which inclnulles a tnullkey dinner, with brienullintrodnulltion and history onullthe holiday, registration for the nullnull nulldoor Soccer
nullnullS Club of nullindham, nullll nullr innullnullnullnullnullnull or
a percent snullporting the Singersnull nullranulle this year’s program nullatnulles a pernullrmance nullague , which will be played on nulle
and cash bar will also be availablenullnullables nullr by the nullonullh Eastern String nullronullenull For more Satnulldays, March nullnullril nullat the Pelham
nullanning Board , Planning nullDevelopment nullnnullrence nullom, nullnull pnullnull
eight (null can be reservednull For tickets, mail innullrmation on the tronulle pernullrming, visit Elementary and Memorial School gymsnull nullhe
nullst and third nullednesday
a check or money order to nullw nulleeley their website at httpnullnullonullheasternstringnull leagnull is open to boys and girls, ages nullnullnull
Recreation Committee, Planning nullDevelopment nullnnullrence nullom, Singers, Pnullnullnullnull, Pnull elham, null nullnullnull comnullenullnulltnulltmnull null enullerience needednull nullaches wantednull null
nullpnullnull third nullhnullsday
and they can be mailed to yonullor held at the late nulle will be charged anuller the Febrnullry null
Recreation nullnullrtment activities null
doornull Enullail ngsingersnullmailnullom, or call deadlinenull Players will be added inullspace is
httpnullnullindhamnewhampshirenullomnulleptsnullecreationnulltm Helen at nullnullnullnullnullnull or nully at nullnullnullnull null
availablenull nulleams are a minullonullboys and girlsnull
Selectmen, Planning Department, nullpnullnull Mondays
nullr more innullrmationnull Thursday, February null space is limitednull nulle nullrm per child needednull
Technical Advisory Committee, Snullnullnullilding, nullpnullnull second nullhnullsday
nullhe nullindham Garden Club will host gnullst
Tuesday, February null
Mnullt be age nullas onullnullnullnullnullnullgistration
(enullept nullnully, nullnullnullt, December)
speaker, nullendy nulloth, nullw Hampshire’s
nullhe nullindham nulloman’s nullnull will sponsor
nullrms at onull town hall onullce or print nullrm
nullnull nullekeeper onullthe nullear, to discnulls
a Candidates Night to be held at nullpnullnullin
online (wwwnullelhamwebnullomnullecreation)null
Toastmasters, nullindham Senior nullnter, nullpnullnull second nullednesday
the hownullonulls of backyard beekeenullng null
the nullindham nullown Hallnull nullhe commnullity
nullonullmay also registernullay online at httpsnullnull
nullindham Bible Chanulll nullouth Grounull , at nullapel, nullnull pnullnull nullednesdays
nullhe meeting will be held at nullpnullnullat the
is invited to meet the candidatesnull Each
webtracnullelhamwebnullomnull Forms may be
nullindham Newcomers nullnullriends Club, activities schednulled thronullhonull the nullindham nullown Hall, and will inclnulle
candidate will speak brienull, and a nullestion
mailed or dropped onull at nullnullllage nulleennull
renulleshmentsnullnullhe nullnull welcomes men,
and answer period will nullllownull Moderator
nullhere is a nulle per playernullnullaches meeting
nullindham nullomannulls Club, nullindham nullown Hall, nullnullnullanullnull nullst women, and conullles nullom nullindhamnull For
will be nullncy nullnulllonull nullnullhairs are Patricia
tentatively schednulled nullr March null nullnull,
nullednesday, September thronullh Maynullsecond nullednesday in nullannullry membership innullrmation, visit
Skinner and Mary nullinullnnull nullhe event will be
at nullnull pnullnullin the Memorial canullnullEnullail
(nullnullnullnull, wwwnullindhamwomansclnullnullom)
wwwnullindhamgardenclnullnullom, or call
aired live on nullindham nullmmnullity nullble null
recreationnullelhamwebnullom, or call
nullning Board, nullanning nullnullvelnullConference Room , nullnull pnullnull second Membership nullair Snull nullnnet at nullnullnullnullnull
nullannel nullnull
nullnullnullnull with any nullestionsnull
and nullnullth nullnullsdaynull
Thursday, February null
Pelham Senior Lunch
nullthrounull nullrnull nullnull
nullhe nullsmith nullbrary will host a TanullTalk by
Pelham Parks and nullcreation will hold an
Meals are served at the Senior nullnter,
Easter Coloring Contest nullr children null
Pelham Regular Meetings & Events
nullrvey nullrks , an H nullnullnullock nullanullSpecialist
at nullpnullnull nullhe snullnullct onullthe talk will be
nullnullshnull nullad, Pelhamnull
to age nullnull Participants shonulld color or
nullhanges in the nullanullnullde, nullw Dednulltions
Tuesday, February null nullFriday, February null
decorate the nullrm, which can be printed
Animal Rescue Network of New England, Pelham Police Department
and nulledits nullr nullnullnullnull nullhis is a general
Tuesdaynull Sonull, nullver nullnullions (or
nullom the nullebsite atnullwwwnullelhamwebnullomnull
nullmmnullity Service nullom, nullst Monday, nullnullnullpnullnull
innullrmation workshopnull null is not designed
Hambnullger), Mashed Potatonullravy, Sliced
recreation, or picked null nullom town hall or
the Parks and nullcreation onullce, and retnulln
Budget Committee meeting, Mondays and nullhnullsdays, nullnull pm, visit to provide assistance with an individnulll’s
nullets, nullead, Pnulldingnullopping
wwwnullelhamwebnullom nullr enullct schednulle
personal tanullretnullnsnull nullhe workshop is nullee onull
nullednesdaynull (nullnt) nullnullegetable nullsagna,
it by March nullnull nulle nullstnullrinull winner nullom
each age gronull will be notinulld by Parks and
Conservation Commission, Sherbnullne Hall, nullnull pnullnull second
charge and no prior registration is renullirednull
nullossed Salad, nullalian nullead, Frnullt nullp
nullcreation by nullril null
Thursdaynull nullast nullnullkey, Stnullnullg, nullanberry
Thursdays, Startinnullon February null
Council on Aging, Pelham Senior nullnter, nullpnullnull nullst nullhnullsday (enullept
Sanulle, Potatonullravy, nulltternnull Snullash,
nullpresentatives nullom AARnullTanullnullenullration
Wednesday, February null, Friday, nullrnull null,
nullnully and nullnullnullt)
nullead, nullellonullopping
services will be at the Pelham Pnulllic nullbrary
and Friday, nullril null
nullridaynull nullked Haddock, Potato, nulleen
CTAC, nullown Hall nullnenull nullpnullnull second nullednesday
assisting residents with their tanullretnulln
nullindham nullcreation is pleased to
nullans, nullead, nullmon nullke
annonullce a new program nullr kids ages
GriefShare, grienullrecovery snullport gronull, Mondays, nullnull nullnullnull pnullnull preparationnull nullpresentatives will be at the
nullossroads nullptist nullnullch
library on nullhnullsday evenings nullom nullnullpnullnull
nullnull nulld Science null will be onullering nulln
School Activities
and ednullational workshops nullr yonullh to
nullnnah nullstin nullilters Guild , Hnullson nullmmnullity nullnter, nullanullnull nullst
meeting in the Molly Hobbs meeting roomnull
be held once a month with the nullcreation
Monday (enullept nullnullenullnullnullt) nullheir last day is nullril null nullnullnull nullhis is a nullee
nullnday, February null and Thursday,
Departmentnullnullheir workshops are nullnnulllled
nullstorical Society , Historical Society nullilding, nullnullth Monday
service nullr tanullayers with lownulland middlenull
February null
and handsnullnnull nullhe workshops are nullnullnull
nullights of Columbus
income, with special attention to those null
, nullonullnullHall, nullnull pnullnull nullst nullednesday
DrnullMohr, Principal onullPelham High School,
and oldernull nullll nullnullnullnullnullnull inullyonullhave
minnulles in length and begin at null anullnull nullhere
will condnullt tours of nullelham nullgh School
nullbrary Events nullwwwnullelhamwebnullomnullibrary
any nullestions, or inullyonullwonulld like to make
is a cost per classnull Parents stay, bnull they try
on Monday, Febrnullry null, at nullnull pnullnull and
nullbrary Trustees , Pelham nullbrary, nullnull pnullnull second nullednesday
an appointmentnull
to see inullthe kids can be independent in the
nullhnullsday, Febrnullry null, at nullanullnull
workshopnull nullo register, contact the nullcreation
nullm To nullm, nullossroads nullptist nullnullch, every other nullhnullsday, nullr
Saturday, February null nullnulle at nullcreationnullindhamnullwHamps
innullrmation, contact nullndy at ckynullrnullhotmailnullom or nullnullnullnullnull
Friday and Saturday, nullrnull null null null, and null
Sunullrvisors of the Checklist for the Town of
nullindham High School’s inanullnullal mnullical
hirenullom or at nullnullnullnullnull Space is limited,
nullnull (Moms nullnullring Moms Snullport), Pelham Pnulllic nullbrary, Molly
nullelham will be in session nullr additions and
Onnull nullon nullnullttress will be pernullrmed
and prenullegistration is renullirednull
Hobbs nullom, nullnull nullnullnullnullanullnull First Monday (nullless it’s a holiday, then
corrections to the checklist nullom nullnullnullnull
second Monday)null pelhammomsclnullnullahoonullomnull
in the nullindham High School anullitorinull
anullnullin the commnullity room at the Pelham
Saturday, February null
on March null null null, and null at nullnull pnullnull For
nullnull (Mothers onullPreschoolers) meeting, nullossroads nullptist nullnullch,
Police Departmentnull nullw voters may register
null yonulllike to nullh, come ennully nullnullanulls Third
more innullrmation, visit nullindham High
nullnull nullnullnullnullanullnull nullst and third nullhnullsdays onullmost monthsnull (nullnullnullnull
at this timenull null additions or corrections
Annual nullishing nullrby in Memory onullnullake
or enullail ckynullrnullhotmailnullom)nullwwwnullopsnullrgnull
School’s nullebsitenull
shall be made to the checklist anuller this
nullliberte (nullnullnullnullnull, which will be held on
nullanning Board , nullown Hall, nullnull pnullnull nullst and third Monday
session nulltil nullown Election Day on March null
nullbbetts Pond in nullindham, nullom nullanullnull
nulllnullt Rock nulldge Number nullnull , nullFM Meeting, every second Monday
Seminars & Courses
enullept as provided in nullnullnullnullnullnull nullnullnullnull
nullpnullnull nullll nullnullnullnull (Mo), nullnullnullnull
(enullept nullnully and nullnullnullt), nullnull pnullnull at the nulldgenull
null nullnull nullw voters may also register at the Tuesday, February null
(Mike), or nullnullnullnullnullnull (nulln) nullr nullestions
abonull prenullegistration and derby nullesnull Signnull
nulllnullt Rock nulldgenulls nullblic Breakfast , every third Snullday (enullept nullnully nullown nullerk’s onullce dnulling regnullar bnulliness Parkland Medical nullnter will sponsor free
and nullnullnullt) nullnullnull anullnull
honullsnull Pictnulle null and Proonullonullnullsidency are nullalth Screening Series with nullhick Chat
null and checknulln will be held at Pine nullerrace
vnull e at nullanullnull null derby nullhing prior to
Red nullt Society , nullnull, nullMain Street, nullnull pnullnull second nullnullsday
renullirednull nullChocolatesnull nullscussions on nullomennulls
nullanullnull nullme nullin in the nullnnull
Recreation nullnullrtment activities nullwwwnullelhamwebnullomnullecreationnull
nullalth nullsues and nullnonullusenull nullhe event
Wednesday, nullrnull null
will be held nullom nullnullpnullnullat the nullstleton
Tuesday, February null
Rockingham County nullomennulls Connection, nullckingham nullce nullrack, nullhe nulloter nullnullrmation Society invites yonullto
in nullindhamnull nullpanel onullnulle speakers
nulllmont nullom, nullnullnullanullnull third nullnullsday
a nullelham Candidatenulls Night, which will be
nulloin nullildlife Encounters nullr a great shownull
will each discnulls risk nullctors and health
nullhe nullnullnullo nulleeper show is enulliting,
Selectmen, Sherbnullne Hall, nullnull pnullnull nullnullsdays
held at Sherbnullne Hall in Pelham nullom
challenges nullcing women in the menopanullal
ednullational, and very handsnullnnull nullhere is
Single nullm Small Grounull , nullpnullnull Fridays, Mindy nullnullnullnull
nullnullpnullnull nulll candidates seeking onullce in the
years (ages null to null)null Presentations will be
March nullelection are invited to participatenull
a diverse selection onullnullommon species’
Stnullnullatrick School Board , School nullbrary, nullpnullnull second nullnullsday
nullllowed by a nullestionnullndnullnswer sessionnull
null yonullare interested in participating,
and one onulltheir nullreminull speciesnull’ nullhis is
nullnull , nullMain Street, Pelham, nullpnullnull nullst nullhnullsday
Free screenings and innullrmation will be
contact Mary nullllins at nullnullnullnull, or
pernullct nullr all kidsnull nullhe program will be held
available nullr bone density, cholesterol, body
at nullnull pnullnullat the nullindham nullown Hallnull
nullattannick Grange, Hnullson nullange Hall, nullnull pnullnull nullst and third onullnulloynullcomcastnullet prior to March null
nullt analysis, blood pressnulle, target heart rate,
nullhis event will be televised live on Pnullnull nullo
nullhe program is geared nullr ages nulland oldernull
nullot evalnulltions, annullety and depression, and
(nullonullger siblings are welcomenull nullhere is
nullning Board , nullown Hall, nullnull pnullnull second Monday
snullmit nullestions, come to Sherbnullne Hall
vascnullar screeningnull nullnulleshments, givenullway
or nulle the callnulln nnullber displayed on the
a small costnull Space is limitednull nullgister by
items, and ranulle prinulls are all inclnullednull
televisionnull Please remember to vote on
calling the nullindham nullcreation Department
nullnullsday, March null Friday, February null
at nullnullnullnull, or by enullail at
Allies in Substance Awareness nullevention
Pelham~Windham News
Saturday, nullrnull null
(nullnull) nullnullmmnullity nullllaborative Partners
nullhe nullindham nullmmnullity nullndsnullnullncert
nullnday nullFriday, February null nullnull
nullonull invites everyone in the region to get
nullnd, Swing nullnd, and Flnulle Ensemble
Pelham Parks and nullcreation will hold
involved and snullport the enullort onullhelping to
will hold their nullth annnulll nullvening of
nullelham nullinter Classic nullnull nullouth nullond
17 Executive Drive, Suite One, Hudson
raise awareness aronulld the issnull onullnullderage
nullsicnullfundraiser at nullstleton nullnnullet and
nullckey Tournament, a new nullonullh Hockey
drinkingnullnullhis regional enullort inclnullesnullDerry,
nullnnullrence nullnter in nullindhamnull nullhe pnulllic
nullonullnament that will be held at the Pelham
Editor in Chief Len Lathrop
is invited to attendnull nullhis y
Did you know this newspaper
nullester, Hampstead, nullindham, Salem,
ear’s mnullical
nulle nullnk, nullyons Park (behind the nullown
Pelham, and nullndonderrynull nullhe commnullity
theme is nullnullericananullnull nullickets may be
Hall), dnulling the week onullFebrnullry school
Advertising can be read online?
nullllaborative Partners nullonull meets monthly
pnullchased individnulllly or nullr a table onullnullnull
vacationnull nullhe tonullnament is nullr boys and
Michael Falzone • Brian Marrocco
nulll proceeds benenull the nonnullronull Order some of your favorite photos, and even* access
to discnulls the commnullity concerns, learn
girls (ages null and nullder, and nullnullnullnullEach
abonull the latest trends, and get the nullcts
Denise Dolloff • Cindy Hansberry
nullmmnullity nullnds and will help it meet our advertisers with a simple click of the mouse.
team will play two nullnullinnullgames, and then
abonull programs and methods that have
its nullnull operating enullensesnull For nullrther
be seeded nullr single eliminationnull Helmets
Errors: The liability of the publisher on account of errors in or omissions from
areanewsgrbronullht positioup.comve change to this issnullnull nullsit
innullrmation abonull the event, ordering tickets,
and skates are renullirednullmonullh gnullrds,
wwwnullsapnhnullrg nullr more innullrmationnull
*advertiser must have a web address
any advertisement will in no way exceed the amount of the charge for the space
or contribnulling, call David Howard at nullnull
elbow pads, shin pads, and gloves are all
occupied by the item in error, and then only for the first incorrect insertion.
nullnull or enullail to dhowardnullnullomcastnulletnull
strongly recommendednull nulleams can wear
Advertisers should notify management within three (3) business days if any error samenullolored nullrseys (players provide their
occurs. own), or we will snullply pinnies inullpossiblenull
Deadline for all materials is due Tuesday at noon, prior to Friday edition. nullgistration nullrms, schednulles, and a nullll
The Area News Group prints “Letters to the Editor” on a space available basis, list onullrnulles are available online at wwwnull
with preference to non-frequent writers. Requests to withhold a writer’s name will
Did you know?
pelhamwebnullomnullecreationnull Forms may be
be honored at the discretion of the editor. Letters more than 600 words will be mailed to nullnullllage nulleen with paymentnull
returned to sender.
Did you know this newspaper
nullhere is a cost per team to be paid by
Any article, “Letter to the Editor,” “Thumbs,” or advertisement appearing in
team captain, or register as an individnulll
Area News Group papers are the sole opinion of the writer(s) and does not
can be read online?
to be placed on a teamnull Placement is
necessarily reflect the opinion of the staff or ownership of the newspaper. We
The Pelham~Windham News
not gnullranteednull Program is snullnullct to
reserve the right to edit or refuse ads, articles, or letters deemed to be in bad taste.
can now be read in its entirety at
cancellation dnull to insnullnullient signnullpsnull
880-1516 • Fax: 879-9707
nullecks shonulld be made payable to nullown
onullPelhamnull Enullail recreationnullelhamwebnull
Order some of your favorite photos, com, or call nullnullnullnull with any nullestionsnull
and even *access our advertisers nullsit httpsnullnullebtracnullelhamwebnullom nullr
Published by Michael Elizabeth & Moore, Limited
with a simple click of the mouse.
online signnullps and credit card paymentnull
An Area News Group publication. *advertiser must have a web address
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