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Pelham - Windham News
12 - February 12, 2010
Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?
Comments enullressed in this column are the sole nullenull of those callers and do not renullct the nullenull of the Pelhamnullindham nullnull or its adnullertisersnull Tonull and school ofnullials
encourage readers to seenullout assistance directly to resolnulle any pronullems or issuesnull The Pelhamnullindham nullnull editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed
humbs donull wnnull nullwonulld nullst like to know, why is in the direction onulllarger government and higher tanulls onull onullthe little gnulls nullst trying to get bynullnullhey are sitting told that inullwe don’t bnullld a new high school onull home
it that Mrydos is allonullnull wed to keep working anuller so nulldonulltedly it is going to be more enullensive to live in their warm onullces with nullt wallets stnullnulld with the prices will drop dramaticallynull nullhat also is not trnullnull null
being accnulled onulldomestic violencenull y is it that Mrnull null in the nulltnullenull nulle are in the midst onulla terrible recession money they rob onull onullthe hard working people who the past null years all the home prices have gone nullnull nullhe
ydos nulled a tonull wn employee who had a Dnull and nullemployment is over nullnullwith nullmilies strnullgling want to cash their PnullnullnullEnullSnull nullam sick onullthese only reason the prices have gone down now is becanulle
was immediately nullednull y is it that another tonull wn mightily nullst to stay above waternull nullve been voting to try banks getting away with the thievery they call nullees’nullnull people have overnullpent their moneynull nullerspending
employee had a smaller domestic issnull and was told that to bnullld a new HS nullr more than null yearsnull nulle need to nullat a way to thank all onullthe little people down here will drive onull tanulls nullnull nullt only new tanullayers who
he conulld not retnulln to work nulltil the conullt had settlednull nullce nullctsnullnull nullhis nullst isn’t the right time to increase the in the real world nullr bailing yonullonullnullnulliding money are looking to move into town look to see how schools
tanullbnulldennull nullat nulld like to see is a nullder my mattress sonullds better and better every daynull are bnulllt, they also look to see inullthey can anullord the
nullnullMnullcost nullr a new high schoolnull
humbs donull wn to every week, showing the heart
tanulls and their mortgagenull null other words, we’ll move to
nullhen take those nullnulles and show
breaking pictnulle, onulla magninullent bear, laying dead,
where we can anullord to livenull Don’t onullnullrice yonull selnull
nullnullnullnull null how mnullh it is going
with Mrnull nullarlie nullalk, trying to look like a macho
onull onullyonull homenullnull
to raise the tanullrate per thonullandnull
mannull nullant to impressnullnulltake a great animal like that, humbs donull wn to Pelham school administrator nulllnull
nullly then will nulldecide inullnullcan
onull, on a level hnullting enulleriencenullnullse yonull nullear’ in nullthy in her snullposed nullnull,nullnullelementary impact
anullord a new high schoolnull
handsnull Please stop rnullning that pictnullenullnull money enulllanationnull nullhat money was allocated nullr
humbs unullnull to Pelham resident
humbs donull wn nullthink it’s great that one onullthe school
repairs and work at the elementary not to pay the bonds
Madeline (Maddy) nullrrier nullr
board candidates has tried to sell his honulle twice this
paymentnull nullhose administrators have more in common
117a Main Street, Salem
rnullning nullr School nullardnull May yonull
year and now he’s rnullning nullr school board pnullhing
than the name nullthynull nullw Pelham’s tanullayers will still
(Salem Depot Plaza)
be the nullcott nullown’ onullPelhamnull
nullr a new school so he can try and sell his honulle againnull
have to replace that money nullr school repairs when
humbs donull wn to the nullandnull nulleat nullb Pelham school boardnullnull
needednull nullw who’s connullsed Miss nullannull Enulllain thatnull
aid’ null the Facilities nullmmittee null
humbs donull wnnull nullnull million dollar school pronullct
humbs donull wn to Pelham nullarter nullmmission article
New O
Buy 3 heel repairs get the 4th FREE
Pelham School nullard are trying to
will increase the tanullbill to the home owners by more
null to enullmine the town conullcil’s nullrm onullgovernmentnull null
With Coupon. Offer good thru 2/28/10
sell null as a nullomplete solnullionnull’ nullt
than nullnullnulla yearnull nullhink abonull it the tanullayers are
passed the conullcil can vote nullr any consensnull pronullcts
only are they talking abonull bnulllding
the ones who will be paying this bill nullr the nenull null
withonull yonull inpnull and pass tanullayers the billnull nullr
a nullh school, nullD a bnulllding to honulle the Snullnullbnull tanulls will be so enullensive no one will want to bnull
humbs donull wn to the argnullent that new schools yearsnull nulld Pelham’s operating bnullget will go null nullst
additions to PES, as wellnull nullhis will be a very enullensive honulles in Pelhamnullnull
raise property valnullsnull nullhey have nullite the opposite like nullindham’s school bnullget went nullnull nullhey are now
bandnullid, indeednull
enullectnull nullw schools raise property tanullsnull nullsnulle way to paying null million dollars a year
kill yonull property valnull is to have a high property tanull humbs donull wn to a nullw Pelham High Schoolnull nullr an operating bnullgetnull y so null
null my property tanulls take another manullr hike, and they nullasons to nullnullnull null nullr new landnullchoolnull null nulll mnullhnull nullcanulle they bnulllt a new null
quality secondhand clothing, toys, baby gear and more
will inullthis nullnullMnullnullnull new high school is approved, renullired linull sanullty issnulls have been resolved at the million dollar high school that was
nullwon’t be able to sell my honullenull null yonulldon’t believe cnullrent HSnull nullcreditation is not at risknull null nullanulls will snullposed to be only null millionnull null’s
me, nullst take a look at Derrynull Even a golnullpro shonulld be so high, no one will want to move herenull null nullhe too bad they didn’t hire Maranaise
Winter Clearance
nullderstand basic economicsnullnull School nullard is saying inullarticles nullnullnullnullpass, all issnulls he wonulld have made snulle that the
will be resolvednull Did yonullknow that they have been school was bnulllt nullr only null million
humbs donull wn to those Pelham progressives that
discnullsing a nullh school to accommodate preschool and becanulle that is what he doesnullnull
want to socialinull this great nationnull nulles nullmade a mistake
kindergartennull null nulltional nullid will not commit to the
and helped yonullelect nullama into onullce, bnull nullwas humbs donull wn to the Pelham
power lines being within a sanull pronullmitynull null nulltional
nullst canullht null in the historic moment onulla black man school boardnull nullw that the Pelham
nullid will not commit to never increasing the EMFs
becoming presidentnull null was a ceiling that needed to be bnulliness administrator is gone can
es 2/28/2010
radiating nullom the power linesnull null nullhere is a town in
brokennull nullw nullrealinull my linull has changednull nullve given we anullord to pay nullmillion nullnullnull
nullinullna that is actnulllly considering Mnullnullnull the power
the progressives the green light to spend, spend, spendnull dollars nullr land that is only worth
lines away nullom the school at a cost onullover null millionnull
null the national level the democrats are donullling and nullnull,nullnullnull
null nullhe Pelham School nullard plans on paying almost
603-952-4760 356 S. Broadway (Rte 28) Salem, NH
tripling the spending nullst then they will tanullnull laternull nullnull
nulltimes what the land was appraised nullrnull nullestion null humbs donull wn to snullerintendent
is nullst tanullng null higher and spending onull money on their
asks tanullayers to pay null million when the land was Frank nullss shonulldn’t he be held
vnull orite pronullctsnull Here in Pelham the progressives have
appraised nullr only nullnull,nullnullin nullnullnull null Eminent responsible nullr the wrongdoings onullPelham’s bnulliness humbs donull wn to the Pelham School nullard an it’s
to pnull their spending increases on the ballot and hope
domain will be very likely nullednull null Paying nullr additional administratornull He was her boss and went everywhere chairperson and Drnullnullssnull Eminent domain is eminent
we are dnullb enonullh to vote nullr their tanulland spend
principals, teachers, cnulltodians, heating nullel etcnulletc with hernull nullell me he didn’t know what was going onnull domain, the taking onullsomeone’s land andnullr bnullldingsnull
pronullctsnull nullhe progressive Pelham selectmen are now
will be added costs that are not inclnullednull nullnullnullhe new nullk Madame chair how she nulllt when they tried to take
working on the most invasive money grabbing stnullt yetnull
humbs unullnull to Pelham’s Peyton placenull First, school
nullindham HS ran nullnullnullover bnullgetnull nullo knows how her land by eminent domainnull How nullickly one nullrgetsnull
nullhey are trying to change Pelham’s method onullgoverningnull
administrator Sargeant, now town administrator nullydosnull
mnullh over we wonulld gonull Drnullnullss mnullt have nulliled math in schoolnull Every time he
Soon null hillbillies onullPelham will be asked to vote on
nullat’s nenull, a null million dollar high schoolnull nullg
talks abonull the proposed sight landowners he connullses
their new plan that will let the nullown leaders make all the humbs unullnull to voting nullr a School nullsonullce nullnuller
money, big headaches, very big mistakenullnull
his nnullbersnull null it null, null, null or nullnull
spending decisions nullr nullnull nullote nullnull in Pelhamnull nullt only will this onullcer keep the schools
humbs donull wn to Pelham’s hired pronullssionals who
sanullr bnull the town, as wellnull null things are addressed in
humbs unullnull , to over crowding classes at the PMS,
can’t and don’t handle their personal and pronullssional
humbs unullnull , two nullhnullbs null’ to the teens at
the schools, tronullle will be less likely to spill onull into
nullhnullbs null’ to not hiring more teachers to make these
capacities, never mind trnullting anyone with a null million
nullossroads nullptist nullnullchnull null was a tremendonull blessing
the townnull Please consider voting yes nullr this important
classes smaller, nullhnullbs null’ to the nulleshman class this
dollar plnull high school catastrophenull nullmember actions
to walk into chnullch Snullday morning to null teens in
year and nullr nullnullonullyonullnulliling a class last semester,
speak lonuller than wordsnull nullt this be a lesson Pelhamnull
prayernull null was nullst a wondernulll thing to see and nullhope
nullhnullbs null’ nullr all onullyonullwho help make this possible humbs donull wn to nullrsnull’ nullvernor nullohn nullynch nullr
Say no to new high schoolnullnull
nulld blesses each and every one onullthemnullnull
by voting null, nullhnullbs null’ to yonullnulleshman, give it a nullw snullporting the idiotic, dictatorial idea onullnullhildhood
humbs donull wn , way down to Miss nullan’s lonull
humbs donull wn to the Pelham school board nullr
months and yonullwon’t have to worry abonull it, yonullwill body nullt screeningnull’ How mnullh body nullt or nullnulla child
rnulle knownulltnullll innullonullnullace tirade once againnull nullonullre
believing their sonullalled land enullertsnull nullhave lived in
be part onulla nonnullccredited school, and there won’t be has is between that child and hisnuller parents and the
preaching solidarity and cooperation on nullonull board’
Pelham nullr nullnullyears and that back parcel has nulloded
a college aronulld who will want yonull nullhnullbs null’ all to nullmily physiciannullot governmentnull nullt yonull broom onull
here’s the problemnull yonull commnullity onulltanullayers have
every yearnullnull
onullyonullwho saved tanulldollars becanulle yonulldesperately and start cleaning that mnulltinullillionnullollar mansion yonull
voted down nulltimes yonull null million dollar new schoolnull humbs donull wn to the morons driving aronulld in
needed that moneynullnullm snulle yonullspent it nonnullrivolonullly and yonull hnullband had bnulllt nullr yonullselvesnull nullhat shonulld
So instead onullkicking that new horse again and again try Pelham on nullhnullsday, Febrnullry nullh benullre dnullknull nullt only
nullnullrightnull keep yonulloccnullied nullr a while, thnull keeping yonullnullom
and come null with a new solnullionnull So Miss nullan take are they driving aronulld with their lights on bnull their high
meddling in nullmily anullairsnullnull
humbs donull wn to the individnullls whose biggest
that ball and rnull with thatnull nullthonullh yonullsnulle were beams, blinding everybodynull nullthonullht the blnull lights that
achievement in linull is pnullchasing and bragging abonull humbs unullnull way null to onull danullhter, nullalerienull nullonull
colornulll with yonull red ronully cheeks and yonull green blind everybody were onullnull nullt they are still onull there,
their collection onulllive nullearmsnull nullhe nullild nullest is deadnull did so well in the spelling bee, we conulldn’t be pronullernull
shirtnull nullristmas has come and gone bnull the comedy we have to look into thatnullnull
null is gnull slinging trnullk driving hicks like yonullthat give nulld then yonullcome home with a Straight nullreport cardnull
connections are taking anullitionsnullnull
humbs unullnull null nullercrowding is a problem that all the
Pelham the repnullation onullbeing ignorant hillbilliesnull nullay to go, nullalnull nullonullnever cease to amanull nullnull nulle love
humbs donull wnnull nulle are going nowhere in this stalled nullw Hampshire towns have hadnull nullat we shonulld do
nullstead onulllambasting nullama and his administration yonull Mom and Dadnull
economy nulltil employment issnulls are solvednull Especially is look at onull neighboring towns and do what they donull
why don’t yonullpnull yonull energy into becoming more
humbs donull wn to the proposed school and nulle nullr the working classnull nullhe working class cannot anullord Hnullson, nullndonderry, Derry and Salem all have had the
opennullinded and less hostilenull nullreally don’t think a
station in Pelhamnull y do they hanull ve to be so elaboratenull to snullport a null million dollar school in this economynull same problemnull nullheir solnullionnull add on to their enullsting
terrorist gronull is going to march thronullh Pelham so
nullhe amenities in this nullnullmillion dollar school, the nullme this March yonullwill most likely see a lot onull high school bnullldingsnull nullindham, nulltchnullld and Pelham
pnull down yonull weaponsnull nulll onullnull have a right to onull
alleged corrnulltion with the land pnullchase and the no snullport nullr new tanullincreasesnull nullhe working class are all the newest high school bnullldingsnull nullne onullthem
opinions bnull conservative gnull nullnatics seem always to
mystery million, will never get my votenull nullhe nulle station represent nullnullonullthe voters and they are working hard have added on at this pointnull nulloking at this nullrmnulla,
take it to an enullremenullnull
needs separate bedrooms and a gymnullnull how abonull a to trying to balance their own operating bnullgets at their none onullthese high schools have shnull down to bnullld on
humbs donull wn to nullmcast nullble nullr continnulllly bnullk room, a kitchen, and a place to sit and eatnull null
own homesnull nulllike the school department they cannot to their enullsting bnullldingsnull Do yonullthink that Pelham is
increasing their prices every yearnull My bnulldle package lnullnullies nullst bare bones attached to an airport hanger
nullst go to their boss and nullst ask nullr a nullnullincrease in more anullnullnt than these townsnull nullhe null million dollar
went null over nullnullnull, resnullting in a bill onullover nullnull a style bnulllding to honulle the enullipmentnull nullagree it is
their paynull Some don’t even have nullbs to go tonull nullnullst nullestion shonulld be answered this Marchnull Please don’t
monthnull nullw cnulltomers can have a similar package nullr ridicnullonull to not pnull null a new station benullre the road
hope the nulle station passes nullr the nullnullnullmillion dollarsnull nullrget to votenullnull
nullnullbnull inullyonullare a longtime loyal cnulltomer yonullare work and the gnulls are great always involved in the
nullhat’s abonull the cost that the school board is asking nullr
renullired to pay MnullEnull nullen nullasked what they conulld commnullity, bnull cnull it back, nullnullgo nullom no to yes on the
their new high schoolnullnull
humbs donull wn to the nulldea’ onulla new Pelham Highnull
For my nullmily and myselnullwe live in reality, a reality that
do nullwas told that most people were HnullPnullto spend nulle stationnull nullen yonullcan’t anullord steak yonullgot to eat
humbs donull wn to Miss nullan’s ideas nullr a televised my nullmily can anullordnull So what does this grandiose null
and additional nullnull plnull dollars since they were staying snullirrelnull Hillbillies onullPelham nullnullEnull
telethon, book signing, nullg raising, barn bnullning, tree million dollar plnull dream do inullwe can’t anullord to pay nullr
home more dnull to cnullrent economic conditionsnull nulle
humbs donull wn to nullnk onullnullericanullnullShame on themnull planting and school innull that the voters have and will it or enullerience itnull So yes nullam thinking nullr the nullood
yonullnullDDnullnullMEnull nullmcast’s other solnullion to my
nullnk onullnullerica shonulld be ashamed onullthemselvesnull once again vote downnullnull onullthe children’ nullhe school bnulllding was designed to
problem was nullr me to give null more channels, settle
nullwitnessed (while standing in line) them charge a
nullr a lower speed on my internet and not make long
humbs donull wn to the person who had negative
be added onnull So stop kicking aronulld this same, voted
hardworking yonullg man null to cash his hard earned
distance callsnull nullhis nullwas told wonulld only resnullt in my
things to say abonull a math teacher at nullindham high
down issnullnull Say no to the null million plnull delnullional
paycheck that was drawn on that banknull Snull dollarsnull
paying an additional nullnullnull per monthnull nullat a nullEnullnull
schoolnull Shame on this person nullr the personal attacknull
pipe dream so my nullmily doesn’t have to be nullrced to
nullhat’s nullgallons onullmilk nullr this gnull’s nullmilynullnullnullhat’s
dealnull nullt’s wake null town onullnullindham and get rid onullthe
nullhe teachers at the school have gone onull onulltheir way
move onull onulltown to relocate where we can anullordnullnull
a little gas in his nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull hat’s nullnullnullnullr null
monopoly this cable company has over nullnull
to get the school onull to a great startnull nullhey all seem humbs unullnull to nullck nullarpey (nullrd and nullarpey) in
working people trying to keep onull heads above waternull
very dedicated to help the stnullents obtain a nullality Pelhamnull null one likes to come home to a cold home in
humbs donull wn to the school board member who nullhen they had the nerve to ask inullhe wanted to open
ednullationnullnull the dead onullwinternull nullchard came to the rescnull at the
posted in the thnullbs colnulln nulle need to do what’s an acconullt therenullnullto which he rightnulllly replied nullnulle
best nullr the nullownnull’ null actnulllly each nullmily needs to do yonullkiddingnullnull Some one needs to give these banks a
humbs donull wn to washing yonull vehicles in yonull
what’s best nullr themnull nullhe nullderal government is moving spankingnull nulll onullthose big bank enullcs are getting rich
drivewaynull null may be convenient to wash yonull null
8 THIN & T
dinner honull and we had heat within a nullw honulls onullonull
home temperALL filler (self promo)atnulle dropping to nullnull nullwo cold kids, a
commercial trnullks, sanders, and lawn enullipment, bnull
cold winull, and me in my nullnullhirt were savednull nulle share
snullely yonullrealinull that the salt, grease,
yonull blessings nullcknull nullhanks very mnullhnull
oil and chemicals are washing into humbs donull wn to the nullindham nullcrosse coach who
yonull neighbor’s yards and the lakenull parks his white Hnullmer in a handicap spot at each and
null that’s right, yonulldon’t carenullnull every sporting eventnull Handicap placards and parking
humbs donull wn null nulle all have
spots shonulld not be abnullednull nullhey are nullr those who
been told by a pronullssional that the
really need themnull nullt nullr those who are able to coach
elementary school has been paid nullrnull
yonullh sportsnullnull
nullhat was not trnullnull nulle have also been
continued to page 1null- Thumnull
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