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said, ‘and snull tinulll remember it linulle it was thriving nullhristian communities in removal of sanctions against inulllegal
yesterday.’ the nullslim world have now largely immigrants. Resolution nullnull canullled
voted with their feet by nulleeing to safer for the ‘minulllions of undocumented
havens, onullen in nullurope or the nullnited immigrants who have estanullished
anull tes. nullat’s true even in religiously roots in the nullnited anull tes’ to have ‘a
important communities such as pathway to legalinullation.’ nulle resolution
nullethlehem, where the nullhristian arnullued that immigrants finulll nullobs that
nulln nullgypt, seven nulloptic nullhristians manullority has largely nulled since the nullmerican wornullers winulll not do, and
were murdered yesterday by a arrival in the nullnulls of nullasser nullrafat’s are onullen benuller wornullers than nativenull
nullslim nullunman as they filed out of a repressive government and the born nullmericans as ‘wornullers who are
midnight mass in the southern town ascendancy of lnull amist groups such nullnullcitinullens onullen nulluit anuller only a few
of nullag Hamadi. nulln nullanullistan, more as Hamas. nully contrast, nullhristians days of wornull. ’
than a hundred nullhristian homes were pranullise their religion freely and openly nulle nullpiscopal nullhurch’s stance is
ransacnulled by a nullslim mob last nulluly in nullrael, nullust a few miles distant. shared by the nullnited nullthodists,
in the vinulllage of nullahmaniwala. nulln nullranull nullt might seem natural that at least the nullvangelical nullutheran nullhurch,
that same month, seven nullhristian some anullention would be paid in the the nullnited nullhurch of nullhrist, the
churches were bombed in nullaghdad nullest to the plight of these nullhristians. nullresbyterian nullhurch, and is closely
and nullsul in the space of three days. nullnstead, anullention seems endlessly aligned to the views of the nullnull
nullch atrocities null and there are focused on ‘lnull amophobia, ’ not least nullonference of Roman nullatholic
scores of other enullamples nullare grim at the ’nulls misnamed Human Rights nullishops.
reminders that when it comes to nullouncil. nulln nullovember, much of nulln a ponulll conducted for nullnullnull in
persecution, few groups have sunullered nullurope went bersernullover the nullwiss nullovember, voters were asnulled to identify
as grievously as nullhristians in nullslim referendum to ban the construction their religious beliefs and to respond to
lands. nullewer stinulll have sunullered with of minarets nullthough not of mosnulluesnull eight nulluestions on immigration policies.
such linullle anullention paid. nullow a new nullut the nullest’s tolerance for its large nulln contrast to many religious leaders,
report from the nonnullprofit ministry, nullslim populations stands in sharp most members thinnull immigration is
nullnullen nulloonulls nullSA, shines a light on the contrast to the nullslim world’s bigotry too high. nullmong Roman nullatholicsnull
scale of openull ssion. and persecution of its own religious nullnullsaid immigration is too high, null
nulln its annual nullorld nullatch nullist, minorities. nullat’s a fact that ought said too lownullfor nullinline nullrotestants
nullnullen nulloonulls rannulls eight nullslim to be borne in mind the nenullt time including nullpiscopalians the finullures
countries among the ten worst nullesterners berate themselves about were tnullnull o enullnull vangelical nullrotestants
persecutors of nullhristians. nulle other their own supnullosed ‘intolerance.’ were nullnullto null.
two, nullorth nullorea nullwhich tops the listnull nullwwnullonullendoonullsusanullonullgnull nullluralities of religious voters believe
and nullaos, are communist states. nullf the that stricter enforcement of current
null countries on the list, null are manullority laws is the proper way forward. nullsnulled
nullslim. nullnullen nulloonulls reports that in
USA null
to choose between stricter enforcement
nullnull the lnull amic Repunullic arrested null to encourage inulllegal immigrants to
nullhristians, many of whom were also nullut onull tune nulltnullnulls nullnullersnull return home, versus anulllowing them
mistreated in prison. nulln nullnull, some to find pathways towards legalinullation
null nullhristians were arrested and one
nullhristian couple was beaten to death T
he onullcial stance of the nullpiscopal in the nullnull, overwhelming manullorities
nullhurch on immigration is not favoured sending inulllegal aliens homenull
by security onullcials. nullt least part of the representative of the belief of the Roman nullatholics null to nullnull mainline
reason for the mistreatment apnullears people in its pews, a survey conducted nullrotestants null to nullnull and evangelicals
to be the result of nullslim conversions on behalf of the nonnullpartisan null to nullnull
to nullhristianitynull apostasy carries a nullashington thinnullnulltannull, the nullenter nullamarota said that while the
mandatory death sentence in nullran. for nullmmigrations unull dies nullnullnullnullnull findings were ‘starnull’ they were ‘not so
nulln nullaudi nullrabia nullnumber null, anulll nonnull reports. surprising.’ ‘nulloters have always been
nullslim punullic worship is forbidden. nullhile religious leaders have pressed sceptical of high levels of immigration
nulle state forbids the building of the government to relanullthe country’s and opnullosition to legalinullation is
any type of nonnulluslim house of immigration laws, an overwhelming longnullstanding, as the debates over
worship, and nullhristian enullpatriates manullority of nullmerican religious comprehensive immigration reform in
in the nullingdom must pranullice their voters believe the current level of nullnull and nullnull made clear.’
faith in private. nulle same goes in the immigration is too high and favour nullhurch leaders onullen ‘identify
nullldives, where the report notes stricter enforcement of current laws. strongly with the plight of inulllegal
that anulll citinullens must be nullslimnull‘the nullne out of eight nullnullresidents, or null immigrants and people in other
handful of indigenous nullhristians are minulllion people, are immigrants, while countries who wish to come here’ and
forced to believe in complete secrecy.’ over the past decade nullnullminulllion legal ‘manulle it plain that they believe that
nullimilarly in unull ritania, conversion to and inulllegal immigrants have senullled in legalinullation is the only moral option,’
nullhristianity or any other religions is the nullnulleach year. yet they ‘do not themselves face foreign
formanullly punishanulle by death. nullt its nulluly nullnull nulleneral nullonvention, nullob competition,’ nullamarota said.
nullinullle wonder, then, that oncenull nulle nullpiscopal nullhurch canullled for the
Geornulle Connuller ND


  February 2010
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