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Salem Community Patriot
8 - February 5, 2010
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Funeral Advice
by Richard C. Dewhirst
only thing to work out being the placement of the tollbooths.
The Salem selectmen and town staff had a handout about the tolls
vnull ailable at Town nullll and on the town’s nullebsitenull
null A very close nullcomes paramountnull nullt hanullng had an There may null many other reasonsnull nullt null
The message was very strong to the null people in attendance that
friend of mine’s open and honest discussion prior to a death think that you get the picturenull
the State of nullw nullmpshire needs revenue. nullpresentative nullger
mother passed away occurring simpnull muddies the nullaters anull the nullegardnullss of nully a faminull decides to
nullells from nullmpstead spoke about gambling and the positive
recently. The family morenull forgo a formanullfuneranullor sernullce optionnull
impact it has had in other states, which he personally witnessed as
has decided not to Another enullampnull may null that the faminull nullat can null do to henull our faminull and
he traveled to nullcino this racing season as a track veterinarian, and
have any formal funeral or calling hours. has gone through an enullended period of friends at this difnullunull timenull null’s important
with no adverse problems that he could see.
nullr mom was much loved and nullknow careginullng for this indinullduanulland they nullst to reanullnulle that these fonulls are grienullng nullst
The second nullestion of the
that many people would have wanted to don’t feenullas though they can go through as much as the faminulles that chose a more
meeting came from nullward David,
support them during this time. y do null a formanullfuneranullprocessnull nullhanulle nullen formanullfuneranullprocessnull They may enullen
a CnullA in Salem, about the nullC
families choose to have nothing at allnull innullonulled nullth faminulles that hanulle cared for null hanullng a much harder time coming to
tanullthat was passed in nullnull and
A: What a great nullestionnull This is a someone for so nullng that not onnull is death cnullsure nullcause they hanulle chosen not to
how it is not defined by the State.
dynamic that nullam faced nullth nonullmore a nullessing for the person nullo has diednull acknonulledge the death in some nullaynull
And with the filing deadline fast
than enuller nullforenull As society changes and nullt anullo a renullef for the peopnull nullo hanulle null’s important to rememnullr that nullst
approaching, he asked about what
the onull nullays of doing things either are cared for that indinullduanull There againnull if nullcause they are not hanullng structured
could he advise his clients to do.
outdatednull no nullnger usefunull or donullright fonulls don’t innullestigate their optionsnull the sernullcesnull you can stinull do so muchnull nullou
nullpresentative nullnullr addressed
inappropriatenull peopnull struggnull to try to perceinulled easiest and nullst sonulltion might may stinull send nullnullrsnull gift nullsketsnull or
the nullestion by stating that the nullC
come up nullth nenullnullays to handnull these seem to null one of denianulland anulloidancenull cards to the faminull memnullrsnull nullou may
tanullpassed the legislative review
types of situationsnull There may null senulleranull nulldnull for some faminullesnull the reanullty is make contrinulltions to a fund or charity
process and is anticipated to raise
reasons nully peopnull chose not to hanulle that the indinullduanullfaminull memnullrs are in memory of the person nullo has diednull
nullnullmillion in revenue for this
some type of funeranullsernullce or canulling not on good terms nullth one another and nullou can make a meanulland nullsit nullth the
year. David asked if there was any
hoursnull the perceinulled easiest and nullst nullay to faminull nullen appropriatenull nullou can null
possibility of it being suspended
State Senator
nulle reason is that they may nullnullenulle that get around a possinulle confrontation may there to nullsten and henullnull especianully in the
Michael nullnullDowning
an enullernull person may hanulle outnullnulled their seem to null one of anulloidancenull The stress nulleks and months fonullonullng the nullssnull null
circnull of friends and that no one nullunull of a formanullfuneranullprocessnull together nullth is my enullerience that fonulls receinulle a nullt
attendnull null a person is adnullanced in years or estranged faminull memnullrsnull often times of support at the time a death occursnull nullt
until nenull year when it
has nullen out of society nullnullnull in a nursing nullcomes intimidatingnull The reanullty in cases that support diminishes as time goes onnull
could be better defined.
homenull etcnull a faminull may mistakennull think such as these is that a time nullke this may Faminullesnull especianully ones nullo don’t hanulle
nullpresentative nullry nulliffin
that the need for a nulluneranull nullunull null null the nullst possinulle opportunity to mend strong connections to faith communities or
mentioned that she and
a nullaste of time and moneynull They don’t many a strained and nulloken renulltionshipnull support netnullrksnull generanully hanulle a harder
nullpresentative Charles
necessarinull consider that some form of nullng fonulls come together to sanull y goodnullye time nullrking through their griefnull
nullnullhon are working
recognition might not onnull honor the under the right circumstances has set many null nulling a concerned friendnull simpnull and
to get to an information
memory of the person nullo has passednull a damaged faminull renulltionship on the road honestnull nulling there for them in the days
hearing with the Department
nullt anullo henull the faminull say goodnullye in a to reconullerynull to fonullonullnullst may null the nullst gift that they
of nullvenue scheduled here
heanullhynull meaningfunullnullaynull And some faminulles simpnull don’t nullnullenulle nullnull receinullenull
by the end of the month.
Another scenario may null that mom or that they can afford a funeranullor don’t
nullher nullestions were
Richard null nullicknullDewhirst, is an advance
dad may hanulle made a simpnull statement nullant to spend the time or money that
relative to the nullute null
planning, fnulleral, and postnullervice follownullhronullh
such asnull null onnull nullant to null crematednull null they think it nullunull take to conduct some
impact and school funding
enullert who owns and operates the Gonulldrey null
don’t nullant a funeranull nulldon’t nullant to put form of formanullsernullcesnull There againnull
from the State.
Dewhirst Fnulleral nullnullremation Service in Salemnull
my faminull through anull that nullther and null the onnull reference a faminull has is the nullorking in the nullld for over null years, Rick is a
nullatch Salem Cable to see
enullensenullnull The sad reanullty is that mom or nullst enulleriencenull one that may hanulle nullen nullicensed Fnulleral Director in nullth Nnull and in
a review of this important
dad hanulle pronullnully nenuller researched nullat costnull and ineffectinullenull null can certainnull Massnullnulle is a nationally recogninulled nullertinulld
State Representative
types of funeranullsernullces might null anullainullnulle understand their thinkingnull The reanullty again
Fnulleral Service nullractitioner nullFSnull and a
nullarles EnullMcMahon
ornull for that matternull nullether the faminull nullunull is that many things can null suggested to
nullertinulld nullreplanning nullnsnulltant nullnullnull Rick
nullke to hanulle some type of sernullce or notnull null faminulles nullo are not onnull cost-consciousnull
has served as the president of the Massachnulletts
cases such as thisnull the pressure to nulldo nullat nullt anullo nulloking for something uninulle and
Fnulleral Directors nullssociation as well as a memnullr
Septic Systems • Sewer Hook-ups, etc.
mom or dad nullunull hanulle nullantednull nonull meaningfunull
of the policy nullard of National Fnulleral Directors
Gravel • Fill • Loam • Sand
2 Way Radios for Quick Service

& Son, Inc.
Residential & Commercial Excavating & Grading
258257 1-10-08.indd 1
New Year- New Insurance- New SMILE!
4/15/08 2:38:14 PM
nulloanne Pnullnullradanicknullnulldinoor
nullohn null nullnullata
Get the MOST out of your Insurance
nulloanne null. nullradanicknullAbdinoor, null, died
nullohn A. D’Agata, null, of Salem, died nullanuary null,
nullanuary null, nullnull, at the nullper Connecticut
nullnull, at home surrounded by family and friends.
Thinking of changing your insurance- This is the time of year when
nullalley nullspital in Colebrook from innullries
nullohn was born in nullwrence, null, the son of nullohn
dental insurance selections are made by many people. If your sustained in a snowmobile accident.
D’Agata and the late Adeline null D’Agata. null
confused or unsure what to do- please give us a call
She was born in Tewksbury, null, where she
graduated from nullverhill Trade School in nullnull.
null enlisted in the nullvy. A nulletnam veteran, nullohn
and we’ll be glad to help you understand your coverage options!
grew up and attended schools. She was a
resident of Salem for the past null years.
served on the nullS.S. nulltty wk null and was a member
Collins Dentistry
nulloanne was a criminal clerk for the Salem
of Attack Snulladron null. null earned the nulltional
District Court in Salem. She had previously worked for Attorney
Defense Service nulldal, nullesidential nullit Citation,
nullry nullwie in Salem.
nulletnam Service nulldal, and the nullpublic of nulletnam Campaign nulldal
for Children
nulloanne was an avid nullw nullgland nullatriots fan. She was an
with device. nullohn was honorably discharged in nullnull.
enullellent cook, loved her dogs nullady and nullnull, but most of all
null was a master plumber and member of nullcals nullnull nullnulland null.
she ennullyed spending time with her friends and family.
nullohn was recently honored with a nullnullear membership certificate
She is survived by her husband, nullchael Abdinoor, daughter
from the nullited Association of nullourneymen and Apprentices of the
Dendra Abdinoor, and son Caleb Abdinoor, all of Salemnull
nullumbing and nullpe nullitting nulldustry of the nullited States and Canada.
At Collins Dentistry
parents, nullatricia nullickeynulland nullchard nulladanick, Sr., of
null was the general foreman for nullrancis null nullroney, nullc. and nullerini
for Children we
nullmpsteadnullsisters, Cheryl nullouillette of Amherst, and nullrtha
nullilding Co., outside contractors, at nullcent Technologies for null years.
ant of null Tewksburynullbrother, nullchard nulladanick, null., of Salemnull
nullohn was a member of Salem nullnullnullost nullnullnull a member of the
believe in prevention one niece and four nephews. Sons of nullaly, and an attendant of nullry nulleen of nulleace Church.
and early treatment.
A graveside service will be held Saturday, nullebruary null at null
nullohn ennullyed motorcycling, boating, body surfing and deepnullea
a.m. at St. nullatrick’s Cemetery, nullwell, null.
fishing with his son. null freely gave of himself to family, friends, and
Preventive & Restorative Care • Orthodontics
null lieu of nullwers, memorial contributions may be made to the
neighbors, always willing to assist those in need. null was devoted and
Salem Animal nullscue nullague, nullSarl Dr., Salem, null nullnullnull
dedicated to his family.
• Emergency Appointments Available
Arrangements are under the care of the Douglas and nullohnson
nullohn was predeceased by his son, nullohn null.
• Hospital Dentistry Available • In House Nitrous Sedation nullneral nullme in Salem. To send a message of condolence to nullohn leaves his childhood sweetheart and beloved wife of null years,
• Computerized Digital X-Rays & Intra-Oral Cameras
the family, please view the obituary at www.douglasandnullhnson.
Donna nulle nullannininullD’Agatanullloving father nullohn D’Agata of nullwrence,
• Saturday Appointments (resuming in Fall) • Healthy Kids
nullnulldearly loved son nullohn D. D’Agata and his wife nulllanie of
nulllfordnulladored daughters, Dawn null D’Agata of Salem, and Shauna
Come visit our office at 100 Bridge Street, Pelham, NH
D. D’Agata, wife of nullack nulloodruff of nullinterport, nullnullcherished
grandsons nullchael nulloodruff, Alenullnulloodruff and nulloseph D’Agatanulland
darling granddaughter, nulldeline D’Agatanulldevoted sister, nullsalie, wife
of nulloseph nullrino of nulltchinson nullland, null. null is also survived by a
nephew, nieces, and cousins.
Special thanks to Dr. nullan Sullivan of nullth nullrael Deaconess
nulldical Center nullcology and Dr. nulloseph nullrka of Salem.
A funeral nullss was celebrated nullebruary nullat nullry nulleen of nulleace
& Cremation Services Church in Salem.
Contributions in nullohn’s memory may be made to nullry nulleen of
Do you feel separated from the Church by
214 Main Street, Salem, NH
nulleace Church, nullnullnullwrence null., Salem, null nullnullnull
Arrangements were under the care of the Douglas and nullohnson
nullneral nullme in Salem. To send a message of condolence to the
family, please visit the obituary at
J.Tyler Douglas James L. Johnson
Susan Douglas Hopkins Robert S. Carrier
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Invalid marriage?
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Doggie Daycare & Training Center
Doggie Daycare
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for onl
70 Range Rd, Windham
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