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Salem Community Patriot
6 - February 5, 2010
Happy Valentine’s Day
Honullto make picture-perfect nullalentinenulls nully gifts
nulle are taking more pictures than ever nullfrom nullake memory-keeping taken. A nullote from a friend or brief anecdote also
school and sporting events throughout the years, to the nenull lenullel make terrific additions.
to summer holidays, family vacations, reunions nullch photo is nullst one part of the story. nulloto Another nullick and easy option is to add a brief
and weddings.
nullithout a doubt, the ubinullitous books take the gift of memories to the nenull lev
el label or onenullord reminder to a set of photos. nullor
digital camera has made it easier than ever to capnull by offering a way to take these pictures and tell enullmple, in a travel book, you might add nullon
ture hundreds, even thousands of pictures of these a complete story that you remember and share nulloyagenullto a page with photos of your family leav null
cherished moments. nullrd drives of digital photo forever. ing for a trip. nullor a book of a child’
s first year, you
folders make the perfect treasure trove for creating null’s easy to create photo books online by adding might add nullilestones in the nullkingnullfor a page
meaningful nullalentine’s Day gifts. your own digital images from your computer null that shows baby’s first steps, first birthday cake,
nullotos are often a popular choice, and with similar to a photo album or scrapbook, but printed first haircut, and so on.
many beautiful frames to choose from nulleven on archival nullality papers and bound in a beauti null nullocus on the elements that will help you rememnull
digital photo frames nullit’s easy and economical to ful hardcover book. ber those moments behind the scenes and what
create a gift that will truly be cherished. nullus you can greatly enhance your story when made them so special. nullt every photograph
you add a few simple words, needs a caption. nullill in nullst enough to make your
anecdotes and phrases to your story come to life. nullust have fun and imagine the
book. nullith a small bit of tenull, reaction when your gift is opened.
a photo book transforms into nullostens nulloto nulloks at www.nullstens.comnullho null
a beautiful gift of memories tobooks are a terrific way for you to share these
that enriches and retells the memorable stories by creating your own hardnull
stories collected throughout a cover photo books. nullith more than nullnulldesigns
Any Item Coded
lifetime. and a myriad of custom covers, you’ll find what
nulleep it simple you need to create the perfect nullalentine’s Day gift.
Exp. 3/31/10 AB,KMR, MD, NI
Don’t worry about adding null you’ve got pictures, a nullostens nulloto nullok will
Country, Cottage, Shabby
words to every single picture help you turn them into a keepsake that will be
and Primitive decor
in your book. nullou certainly treasured forever.
New arrivals for Spring, Easter & Gardening!
have the option of telling nullorget the cost of all those new ink nullt cartridges
the whole story in as much and photo paper for your printer, not to mention
for your family and friends to ennully and not be
We carry Lori Mitchell, Honey and Me, Blossom Bucket, detail as you wish. null can be costly scrapbook materials. nulloto books start
forgotten. nullsit www.nullstens.comnullhotobooks and
Keepers of the Light candles and much more!!!
as simple as naming who is in at nullst nullnullnull for a nullnullage book nullsaving you
enter code TnullnullnullCnullat checkout to save nullnulloff
a photo, what is going on, or money and time. nullus, you’ll create the timeless
your first book null now through nullan. null.
when and where a photo was gift of memories in a published coffee table book
Courtesy of Anullcontent
Open Tues-Sat. 10am-4pm
432-2777 8 Mohawk Drive Londonderry, NH
(Located behind the Dunkin Donuts near Crossroads Mall)
null the relationship changesnull
83 South Broadway
so do the nullalentinenulls nully gifts
Salem, NH
Do red roses mean more than you’re
willing to admitnullDoes the nullwelry you’re
giving your loved one send the correct
messagenullnullat is the appropriate gift to
show your mother that you love her on
nullalentine’s Daynulls the holiday of love
nullickly approaches, many of us are try null
Ford Flower
ing to find the right gifts for our loved
ones. nullor new couples, maybe a gift of
"Colors of my Love"
red roses in full bloom, which means null
love you,nullisn’t what the man is ready to
1 dozen- $39.95 give, or the woman is ready to receive.
2 dozen- $59.95
nullor couples who have been together for a
long time, a lasting gift like a living plant
3 dozen - $74.95
might convey your love better than cut
wers, wnull hich wilt nullickly and then are
thrown away.nullre are some tips to deter null
Happy Valentine's D
mine what gifts might w
ork well for y
CHOICE AnullSpending time together and discoWARD v null
The Cering new talents is whocolate Moose nohat makes a new w
offers lunch in our ne
relationship so enulliting. Consider cooking
Best Deal
a special meal for the tw
ose Cafe. Try one our
o of you to ennully
together, or make a favorite food item for
Home of the Jumbo Caramel Apples, Gourmet Chocolates
fresh made cho
your sweetheart, like bro
colate moose
wnies or a cake.null
partner’s personal tastes. An enullra level enullellent nullalentine’s Day gifts. nullou can
Cards & Gifts for all Occasions
caknulloes with a hot bwers work for anevy relationship. null yerage! ou
of thoughtfulness is conveyed through the refresh your loved one’s supply easily by
Order Early!
• Chocolate Dipped Wine & Champagne Bottles
All Lunches
aren’t ready to go the red roses route,
giving of a creative and specialinulld gift. shopping online nullnullst make sure to look
consider an arrangement of her favorite
nullnullewelry gifts provide a beautiful way for coupon codes for free shipping or an
• Valentine Gifts & Valentine Cards • Specialty
type of null
y a FREE Gourmet
wer, or roses in her favorite
to show how much you care. Diamonds enullra discount.
Foods & Sauces • Homemade Fudge & Chocolates color. nullline nullwer companies have
are a traditional favorite for enullressing a Happily enuller after
Hot C
s Da
te, Gourmet
y specials, and you can
longnullasting message of love, but other nullnull alentine’s Day is the perfect oppor null
find null
ee or S
wer coupons for discounts or free
piced Cider
gemstones may be a better fit for the tunity for established couples to reconnull
184 N. Broadway (Rt. 28)
with this Coupon. O
(Assorted colors
delivery at Couponnulla
ffer Expires 2/28/10
South of Wal-Mart
Salem, NH
current phase of your relationship. nullor nect, and giving your loved one a gift that
of short stem
nullill in the honeymoon stage
enullmple, if you want to promote your inspires a memory from happy times in
premium roses)
After you’ve known each other for a
faithfulness, weaving sapphires into your your relationship works well. nullor enullm null
while, and ennully spending every waking
gift would be a brilliant idea. nullou can ple, consider finding a bottle of the wine
check out what’s available in your local or champagne you drank on your first
stores or better yet, shop online and find date, or at your wedding.
The Happy Valentine's Day
you start
discounts with nullwelry coupons. null sure nullnulling comfortable with each other is
to pick
to leave enullra time for delivery if you what works for happilynullvernullfter couples.
up on
choose a personalinulld gift. Consider booking a couple’s massage, so
nullCologne and perfume also make you can both ennully the gift of time spent
CHOICE AWARD together in blissful relanulltion.
Best friends forenuller
The Chocolate Moose now
nullnullinding a nonnullomantic gift for your
offers lunch in our new
best friend doesn’t have to be difficult.
Moose Cafe. Try one our
nullust pay attention to their special interests
Home of the Jumbo Caramel Apples, Gourmet Chocolates
fresh made chocolate moose and cater to them. nullor enullmple, browse
Cards & Gifts for all Occasions
cakes with a hot beverage!
the bookstore for a copy of their favorite
• Chocolate Dipped Wine & Champagne Bottles All Lunches $4.99!
book. null if they’re into sporting events,
think about getting tickets to an upcomnull
• Valentine Gifts & Valentine Cards • Specialty
Enjoy a FREE Gourmet
All you need
ing home game or a nullrsey shirt as a gift.
Foods & Sauces • Homemade Fudge & Chocolates
nullnullamily members will appreciate gifts
Hot Chocolate, Gourmet
is LOVE..... that bring back memories of time spent
Coffee or Spiced Cider together. null you’re creative, a scrapbook of
184 N. Broadway (Rt. 28)
with this Coupon. Offer Expires 2/28/10
and the
South of Wal-Mart
Salem, NH Black Water Grill
time spent with your mom would make a
wonderful gift. null a digital photo frame
to make the perfect
preloaded with family photos will put a
Valentine's Day
smile on your dad’s face.
Delahunty’s specializes in custom arrangements
null course, it’s easy to show how much
Gift Certificates from BWG
you care this nullalentine’s Day. A simple
-call today for custom orders.
make the perfect gift! hug will go a long way.
43 Pelham Rd., Salem 328-9013
nullourtesy onullnullnullcontent
Long Stem Roses starting at $64.99
Colored Roses starting at $29.99
121 Main Street, (Salem Depot Plaza) Salem
Valentine’s Day Selections
• roses by the dozen, half dozens, multiple dozens
• single roses
't forget
• mixed bouquets
• children’s bouquets
our S

Valentine’s Day
• mini potted roses
Delahunty Call
is February 14th!
Area News Group
"Ready to go"
41 Range Road, Rte 111
N U R S E R I E S & F L O R I S T
or email us at
& arrangements!
Windham, NH • 603-893-7155
Open All Day on Sunday, February 14th
Stop in today to see our Beautiful Array of Tropical House Plants, Dish Gardens, Fountains, and much more!
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