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Salem Community Patriot
4 - February 5, 2010
The Word Around Town...
Letters to our Editor
nullhumbs nullnull to nullfamation
null is used nonnulltop throughout the school day,
which is a logistical nightmare, and prevents
nullam writing this letter in response to a Thumbs
the schools from offering programs we took for
column that was published on nullanuary null, nullnull.
granted when we were growing up nullst a few
The reason nullam responding to the following
decades ago. Additionally, by having null classes
Thumbs Down article through the nulletters to
in a room where food is served nullnsanitarynulland
the nullitornullis because nulldo not want to remain
enullipment is stored nullnsafenull we put our kids at
anonymous. At the beginning of the Thumbs
risk for illness and innullry every day. null providing
column in the nullatriot, it states in part that the
a second space within our largest schools for
column should not be used to hurt or defame an
groups to meet, we will relieve much of the
individual or business. nullthink by printing the
scheduling pressure and provide a safer, more
Thumbs Down article regarding nullnci Carney and
sanitary option. And this nullrivolousnullpart of the
attacking her entire family was a long stretch in
plan accounts for less than four percent of the
the interpretation of your own statement.
overall construction costsnullr about null per home
ving said that, nullhanull ve known nullnci and the
in year two, and less every following year. So,
Carney family for a number of years. nullknow that
for the price of a nullppy nullal, Salem will get two
nullnci Carney will bring to the nullard of Selectmen
brandnullew, gymnasiumnullinulld facilities. nullw can
the honesty, integrity, and commitment as she
we afford not to vote for thatnull
has with many organinulltions in our town, most of
nullinally, while it may be scary in a down
which were and are volunteer efforts, nullmight add.
economy to adopt a measure that will increase
nullnci Carney needs no defending at any level. null
our tanulls slightly going forward, the reasons for
choose not to respond any further on that very
taking action now are compelling. null adopting
biased and hurtful Thumbs Down article. nullease
this pronullct now, Salem will lock in the lowest
nullin my wife and nullon Tuesday, nullrch null and cast
interest rates in a decade and construction costs
your vote for nullnci Carney, Selectman.
as low as in the early nullnulls. nulle will also be
nullen nullerley nullSalenull
provided with state funds enullal to a third of the
overall costsnullunds that the state is planning
to freenull in nullune. null we do not pass nullarrant
nulle null nullnullnullnnullt nullear null nullt Article nullon nullrch null it will be a full year before
we get the chance again. null that time, the state
will do that work. And for that, you pay nullnull,nullnull favorite bottomnulleeder nullsh nullmbaugh, and
nullam dismayed when nullhear the opposition to
funds will go away, interest rates will rise, and
bucks more in tanullrevenue. Sit on your buff have instead opened their hearts and wallets in
the School nullard’s plan to renovate and enulland
construction costs will increase. nullassing Article null
method. aiding in the assistance of the island’s people.
some of our elementary schools. Some people
in nullnull will give us the most for our money. nullt’s
nullat company will take on that investment And the less said renullnullat nullbertson’s comments
have enullressed the belief that the plan is too
be smart and buy while the prices are low.
with no cost savings up front with a downnullhenull detailing his ludicrous, historical, nullevil pactnull
enullensive, frivolous, andnullr poorly timed. These
Amanullngly enough, the same people who are
road attitudenull Try asking any bank for a loan and enulllanation for the misfortune suffered by the
seem to be the same arguments made by the same
complaining that this pronullct is too enullensive
tell them the cost savings are maybe down the island’s population, the better. These are two
people who opposed the high school renovations
are also complaining that it does not go far
road to help pay off the loan with no figures to men who have each attained a net worth in the
a few years ago. null seems like these people will
enoughnullhat we need a single plan to renovate
back that upnullone. hundreds of millions of dollars by never foregoing
oppose any plan to improve our schools at any
all sinullschools at the same time and get rid of
The state will back any changeover of meters. an opportunity to sow as many seeds of ignorance
time. And that’s not smart.
all portables. So, these people want us to vote
null it new style or old, you always find the ones as possible against whatever group of humanity
These schools were built over null years ago,
against this plan both because it is too enullensive
who like higher tanulland say you have to spend it they’re castigating on that particular day, whether
have had little or no capital improvements since,
and because it is not enullensive enough. Does
now while the interest is low. it’s Africannullmericans, women, gays, immigrants,
and have hardly been adenullately maintained.
that even make sensenull null plan is perfect, and
Another said, null feel for you, the tanullayer. nullt etc.
w can we enullect our scnull hools to last decades
anyone can find something not to like about
that’s how it isnull And of course, telling us to So let’s continue to turn a blind eye to the
longer if we do not keep them in good repair
this plan. nullt overall, this is a good plan. nullke
bite the bullet as wellnullhat’s their ideas on the rantings of nullmbaugh, an nullntertainernullwho
and suitable to our needsnull null voters continually
Delahanty and the School nullard have worked
nulldget nullard, as well as the Selectmen we voted throughout his career has consistently and
fail to pass plans to improve the schools, it won’t
very hard to bring us a plan that will solve a
in office that nullcked our tanullrate up. nullcause successfully appealed to the absolute worst
be long before the buildings are beyond repair
lot of problems without creating a lot of waste.
they’re working and can’t see the common folks instincts of whatever makes his fervid audience
and need to be replaced instead, which will cost
They have done this in a timely manner to take
who are not working in this recession who are nullrue Americans.null nullery day spreading lowbrow,
substantially more. Sure, nullnullmillion sounds like
advantage of state aid that is going away and also
losing their homes and nullbsnullhink on that when ugly rants against the nullroup de nullurnullunder the
a lot of money, and it is. nullt what is the enullense
to lessen the future rental costs of the portables
you elect persons in office. They can’t see beyond guise of free speech, his latest antinullmerican
of not taking this actionnull null the past, Salem has
by eliminating more than half of them before we
their paycheck and ask you, the tanullayer, to bite canard is to insist that president nullrack nullama is
been able to attract good teachers, despite its
need to pay rent. null is a good plan at a good time,
the bullet and raise your tanulland water rates, and using the nullitian tragedy to burnish and improve
failing infrastructure because the district paid well.
and we need to vote in favor of it. nullote yes on
tell you nullon’t worry, you don’t have to pay it his standing in black Americanullust another
wevnull er, after a couple of years of not granting
Article nullon nullrch null
nownullater you will.null nulla, like buying a car off a racist screed in an evil career full of them. And
raises to teachers nullgain by our votenull Salem’s pay
shady dealer. nullolks, it’s time to count your spoons his nullhere’s tampons in your earsnullinsult to a
scale isn’t far ahead of other towns. nullith several Rebecca nullnnullls nullSalenull
when you hear your elected nullard members tell disagreeing female caller last week transcends
surrounding communities offering comparable
you that. stupidity. nullmbaugh has deservedly become the
pay and brandnullew schools, why would a top
As nullmentioned in this letter, Steven Campbell righteous symbol of the current nullpublican nullarty
teacher choose to work in Salemnull nullght now, the
nullection nullime
on the nulldget Committee is always on the in America since the disastrous nullsh terms and
poor economy makes anyone happy to have a nullb
nullm not here to tell you who to vote for. null tanullayers’ side, but up against nullard members the nullama inauguration, and will undoubtedly
anywhere, but the economy will improve. nulle
idea of nullection Day is to rid the town of nullard who have other views that are not in the interest continue to reap the praise and adulation of what
need to be ready with competitive pay and work
members who find it so easy to raise our tanull of the tanullayer. This must be a challenge in itself the nullnullhas descended into, from Dick Cheney
environments when it does.
without first trying to solve the issues that bring if you read how they think. to the millions who tune in to him daily.
And what about the impact on our home
about higher tanull null company or place of nulldo support the nulldget Chairman nullynor on And we’ll all hide the pins, voodoo dolls, and
valuesnull null we continue to allow our schools to
business could survive with this kind of thinking. the nulldget Committee, as he is a thinking person salt from nullbertson. nullerhaps the nenull time, say,
fall into disrepair, and refuse to increase their
nullou only have to watch Channel null and watch who at least looks at the issues and gives his California is whacked by a similar catastrophe,
sinull to accommodate the larger student body
our elected officials at work to know you elected honest decisions. nullat more can you enullectnull he can simply blame nullodlessnullnullllywood’s
they now house, who is going to want to place
a few boobs in office who can’t find a way to cut Some nulllikenullome nulldon’t. That’s fairnullthat’s two pronullmity as being the reason. This is, of course,
their children in Salem schoolsnull nullen you want
spending. That migrates to other nullards as well. out of the nulldget nullard. nullt a good average if as those loony lefties like nulln Afnullck, nullonardo
to sell your house, who will want to buy itnull The
And tell us to bite the bullet with a tanullrate going you’re looking for that nullard to give their fair deal DiCaprio, nullorge Clooney, and so many others
nullnullmillion pronullct has an impact of less than
to eight percent on the town side. on what’s in front of them. are busy using their star power to raise millions
null,nullnullper household over null years nullased on
And then you have the School nullard asking of dollars to aid in the nullitian rebuilding process,
average home assessment of nullnullknull nullwever,
for more revenue as well, and hiding the cost in
Janulls nullll nullSalenull
while at the same time donating generously
by making our schools, and therefore our homes,
the benefits packages to fool the tanullayer in the of their own earnings. All the while as the
more desirable to potential buyers, the value of
nullrch electionsnullot nice. nullead the post by
Free nulleech
nullmbaughnullobertson nullcks have been encouraged
our homes will increase much more than the cost
nulldget member Steven Campbell.null to ignore the disaster, the former on the typical
in our tanulls.
And your water rate is going up as well, with
During nullorld nullar null, we were constantly
conservative economicnullanullgrounds and the latter
A few people have pointed to the planned larger
the nullater Department asking for null millionnull
reminded that nulloose lips sink ships,nullimplying
using his Satan myth story.
allnullurpose rooms at nullrth Salem and nullrron, the
plus in meter changeovers. And folks, not the
that the right of free speech can have deleterious
nullither of these paragons has ever missed
two largest elementary schools in town, as being
cheaper meters, but the more costly meters nullhy
effects. nullte speech is intolerable as is hollering
a meal, nor an opportunity to propagate fear
frivolous. These schools house almost double the
not, you’re picking up the tabnull They’re selling
nullrenull in a crowded theater. Those, plus other
and distrust in their followers on any number of
number of students as the two smallest elementary
you on nullou have to have it,nulltelling us we are
enullmples, clearly suggest that absolute free
issuesnullhis enullmple being particularly heinous.
schools, but have been enullected to operate with
losing water. nullay then, where is the savings in
speech is not necessarily what the founders had
nullstead, unlike these antinullcons, let’s keep the
the same single gathering space. That’s nullst not
manpower with the changeovernull
in mind. Then let’s enullmine the original intent of
survivors of nulliti in our thoughts and prayers.
logical. The cafnullgymnanullorium is the only place
They’re not telling you there are no savings in
that nullirst Amendment right.
They face many years of pain and suffering as they
in the school larger than a single classroom for
the changeover investment. Then why the more
wnull here in the long evolutionary history of
attempt to reconstruct their lives, helped by the
groups to meet. At nullrron and nullrth Salem,
costly meters nullnullnullnullnull when you can see a
nullree speechnull is money ever mentioned. null fact,
generosity of real nullrue Americans,nullas well as the
it needs to accommodate breakfast and two to
savings of nullnull,nullnullwith the oldnulltyle meter up
in America, the right was more or less established
millions of dollars in contributions from so many
three lunch periods every day, along with null null
front that served us so well for null yearsnull
by nulleter nullnger, who criticinulld the colonial
other nations and the selnullss work of troops and
classes weekly, band and chorus practice, and
nulle are told it will free up two people, but
government in nullw nullork, was tried for seditious
volunteers. nullery one of them far better people
any other gathering of more than one classroom.
with no savings now nullown the road thinkingnull
libel, and was eventually enullnerated, establishing
than nullsh nullmbaugh and nullat nullbertson could ever
nullot nownullater,nullwe are
the right to criticinull government. nullmilton later
hope to be.
told by the Chair of the nullard
became a leading advocate of free speech with
of Selectmen. Another carnull
broad implications, but no mention of money.
WnulllnullnullFnull nullessens nullSalenull
salesman tactic.
The recent Supreme Court ruling that unlimited
en a lonull wnulllass car
dollars can be spent by any entity to support a
nullhanks to the nullmmunitynull
salesman will try to sell you
candidate dumps democracy on its head. nullg
“Ruby” - Female boxer - Tan/Black
on a nullnullile per gallon gas
corporations, unions, and special interests will nullwant to take a moment to thank everyone in
around mouth, very friendly, but timid, savings down the road, and
have huge megaphones, getting their messages the community for making my Soldier Drive so
we, the tanullayers, have to hear
across, while the little guy has one vote. nullney successful. nulle shipped nullnullbonulls of product to
and shy. Last seen on Brookdale Road,
that from our elected nullard
talks and politicians listen and nullmp when it Army soldiers and nullrines in Afghanistan and
Salem. Any information, please call
comes their way. The Snull has driven a spike anullsince we started in early nullnull vember. The
And we’ll have it a bit easier
through the heart of democracy. letters, cards, and enullails nullhave gotten from the
Yvette 603-479-3706 or
now without having to read
troops have been amanullng. They are all enullremely
Joe 603-235-6029 ANYTIME.
lost dog
nullnte nullpolnullo nullnullrnullell, null
the metersnull Another company
grateful for thinking of them halfway around the
world. nullhave gotten cards from a few of them
nullrue nullericans
saying, for one reason or another, that they receive
nothing from home, so to have gotten goodies
America and its people, which is always
was the greatest gift to them. nulle soldier actually
the case during international calamities, has
wrote back to me, saying that what we have done
By Jonathan Lee
raised the bar worldwide regarding assisting
for the troops is what drives him, that it makes his
earthnullakenullavaged nulliti in its reconstruction.
deployment worth it, and that he is proud to be
603-890-9019 603-235-5731
null the three weeks that have passed since the
of service to our country. nullen nullenullailed one
nullnullearthnullake hit the island, over null,nullnull
of them asking if there was anything special he
troops have arrived to add security, survivor
needed or wanted, he responded, nulla’am, the
assistance, and begin the cleanup process.
fact that you are thinking of us and appreciate
nullspital auspices and temporary shelters have
our sacrifice is the best gift.null That’s what this
been set up in nullortnullunullrince and other affected
Residential & Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting
campaign has been aboutnull letting our troops
areas. nullood and supplies have been delivered
know that we are there for themnullwe are thankful
Rubber (EPDM) Roofing Interior Trim Work
by charity organinulltions like CAnull, Doctors
for their sacrifice and that whatever it takes, we
nullithout nullrders, and the nulld Cross, often times
Fiberglass Shingles Water Damage Repair
will be there supporting them.
overcoming daunting logistical problems, and
Thanks again for your generosity. nulld nulless
Composite Shingles Wall & Ceiling Repair
have been distributed to citinullns, many of them
you allnull
Chimney Repair
still living in the rubble of their destroyed homes.
Mortar Work
The good news is that most Americans in the
Vnullnull nullnullornulln, nullostal nullenter nullnullnullSalenull
past three weeks have ignored the typically ugly,
cruel, and racist suggestions of the right wing’s
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